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because im fickle like that.

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  • 06/28/13--01:09: Double Eyelid
  • I am born with naturally double eyelids which are quite obvious but i feel it's not high enough. Whenever i apply eyeliner, i can no longer see the line anymore? So with the help of double eyelid stickers, i managed to move my double eyelids higher by pasting it everyday for a long time! It makes my eyes look SO MUCH BIGGER! :)

    Here are the stickers i use...

    However, despite it being skin color and transparent, it is still quite obvious and quite ugly when i look down.

    I know i can use the Eyelid Glue but i find it messy and uncomfortable. I tried it so many times but never got the results i wanted so i only use tape!

    Yesterday, a friend taught me how to make my own double eyelid tape with band-aid and I LOVED IT! It was not that obvious as compared to the usual double eyelid tape i use and it lasts longer. So here i am sharing it with ya'll. :)

    I love the band-aid eyelid tape so much more because even despite washing my face and removing my make up, it was still stuck to my eyelids this morning because band-aids are waterproof and super sticky! I think it can last at least 3 days on my eyelids which would save me some money (then again, it's not like the normal double eyelid tapes are expensive BUT STILL!). 

    What you need:

    1. Small Scissors (very sharp tip)
    2. Transparent Band-Aids (Hansaplast is good cus it's really sticky)

     It is so easy to make your own double eyelid tape!

    Cut the transparent part into the shape above, do not remove the backing of the band-aid.
    Make sure your scissors is clean and sharp! This is not easy but practice makes perfect! One band-aid can help you get around 10 stickers - which will last you 5 days (or 10 days, if you only change the tape every 2 days)! 

    Because it will be quite difficult to remove the sticker from the backing after you have cut it, follow this tip!

    Paste the sticker on a backing and you start using it! :D

     Here's me using double eyelid tape bought form the store....
    It doesn't look that obvious in the picture but it actually is quite obvious cus it's quite yellowish.

    Here's me using the DIY tape...
     You can barely see it right?? PLUS IT LASTS SO MUCH LONGER! 

    So excited to put make up and head out tonight. Will definitely take lotsa picx!

    Hope you found this post helpful! :)

     Can't wait to update this space again!

    I am so thankful for Karei who taught me this! 

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  • 06/30/13--10:35: Woohoo
  • In less than 24 hours time, i'd be on the Air France plane to Paris!

    It is my 2nd trip to Europe this year! Previously i went to Amsterdam and was supposed to head to Paris but due to work commitments i didn't. Did not expect myself to be flying to Europe again so soon!

    Really excited to go to Paris because it's one place i've been dreaming to go to for the longest time. The 4 countries i've always wanted to visit since young are Tokyo, London, Paris and New York! Now the only place left in that list which i haven't been to is New York and i think i'd be going there at the end of the year/beginning of next year! :)

    Any place to recommend for good food? Feel free to share it with me in the comment box below!

    I look forward to blogging and sharing pictures with ya'll!

    Big thank you to Gushcloud and Air France for the wonderful opportunity.

    p.s btw do check out the new banners on your right!!!

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  • 07/03/13--15:29: Paris Day 1
  • Hello from Paris!

    Flew to Paris yesterday by Air France!

    Our seats were Premium Economy seats and i was really very pleased with it as it was comfy! It was almost like business class seats and i am surprised i managed to get some good sleep during the long flight (about 12 hours if i'm not wrong?).

    7 of us (Mae, Kaykay, Boy Thunder, JianHao & our managers, Sheena and Freda) from Gushcloud are on this sponsored trip by Air France to Paris!

    I watched Side Effects on the plane. 2nd time watching it because THE SHOW IS SO GOOD. The storyline is amazing and pretty mind-fxcking. Go get the DVD if you haven't watched it!

    We checked into Hotel Ibis - Eiffel Tower

     Room is simple and clean. It's kinda small though but who cares! You'd be out most of the time anyway. Most importantly it's clean and safe!

    Walked around the area and had lunch.

    We checked out Champs Elysees - a shopping street.

     We met THE WANTED in Paris!

     Why do they make a dog make money for them :(

    The A&F is HUGE?! The entrance is whoaaaa.

    Mussels at Léon de Bruxelles, Paris are a MUST TRY! I don't think i'll ever taste mussels that good EVER.

    I got a pot and finished it all by myself + the fries were free flow. I hope we go back on the 5th day cus I CANNOT STOP THINKING ABOUT IT.

    At night we went to watch Moulin Rouge. No pictures allowed, sadly.

    The amount of dancers, the stunning costumes and the props were amazing! The show is quite long but it's all good! It is a must see if you are in Paris not because it is the best show on ever but because you are in PARIS!

    Done with Day 1's post. :) Can't wait to share Day 2 with ya'll. :)

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  • 07/04/13--05:00: Paris Day 2
  • Gushcloud goes to Paris (thanks to Air France) - DAY TWO!

    Spent most of the day at Galleries Lafeyette. It's a branded shopping paradise - if you don't already know, branded stuff in Paris are cheaper than most places, especially brands like Chanel, Balenciaga, YSL....etc!

    We were given the opportunity to learn how the rich and famous people shop! Am pretty sure you have ever wondered how your favorite movie star shops! Now you get to read and learn more about it and also see the room they go to!

    Most of them would come into this VIP room - WHICH LOOKS DAMN DOPE! It has a kitchen, a walk-in wardrobe, a living room, and a balcony with a sick view - too beautiful for words man. They'd get the sales assistants to come up to present them with the latest arrivals. Then they would do their fitting and all in the room. There's a walk-in wardrobe where they can use to mix & match their outfits etc. TOO COOOOOOOL. We were really lucky to be able to hang out in that room cus we were told by our tour guide that only the rich and famous people hang out there!





    Macaroons from Pierre Herme - I FINALLY TRIED IT! YES I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

    After a long day of shopping, we had dinner on the cruise, which took us around Paris. Super romantic setting! Great for couples who are on honeymoon.

    Yummiest Veal i've had!! Love love it.

    The cruise dinner is pretty pricey but definitely a great experience! Good food accompanied with a beautiful ambience. Really nice place for a nice dinner date. If Singapore had something like this, it is like a sure SCORE. Hahaha. 


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  • 07/07/13--10:48: Paris Day 3
  • Fall in Love, Go Shopping, Drink Coffee, Get Lost, Have Fun!

    Paris Visuals 
    Day 3

    Went to Rue Cambon - the first Chanel Boutique to get myself a Chanel Boy! I got the small one cus they only had one medium and Gwen reeeeally wanted me to get her the medium so i sacrificed. The small looks really good anyway~ :) The difference between shopping at the Rue Cambon boutique and the other Chanel boutiques is that at the Rue Cambon outlet, they give you a white box and paper bag instead of the usual black one!

     Call me a weirdo but i like Laduree more than Pierre Herme. EVERYONE i asked liked Pierre Herme more. I like Laduree more cus there are more flavors and NOTHING BEATS THE PISTACHIO FLAVOURED ONE. I think i had like 6 of it already (they have the giant macaroon the size of my palm - probably bigger and i had 2 of it! SO YUMS), another 4 waiting for me in my refrigerator as i type this out and i think i'm going to run to the kitchen to get a piece now. 

    After all the shopping and food around the area, we walked around the area and hopped on a city tour bus for some sightseeing!

    After the tour we went to walk around Avenue Montaigne, where we witness a couple on a horse carriage. The guy had a bouquet of roses and a ring. It was so touching and romantic!! Now that's Paris. A pity i didn't manage to capture it on my camera but it was the most beautiful thing.

    Back at the hotel, we saw 3 cute vintage Chevys waiting for us - it brought us around Paris for more sightseeing at night.

     Saw the eiffel tower light up and close up. So glad that is now off my bucket list.

    p.s i'm thinking of doing a Question and Answer video! So feel free to tweet me @ohsofickle and #askohsofickle on Twitter! If i get enough questions i'll do the video! :)

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  • 07/08/13--04:00: Paris Day 4 & 5
  • Paris Visuals

    Day 4
    The Happiest Place on Earth

    "Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world."

    We took a subway to Disneyland! Taking a subway to Disneyland is much faster than getting on a coach so we decided not to waste time!

    I love theme parks!! The rides were all quite mild - except the Tower of Terror!

    Disneyland is a must-go every time i travel to places like Hong Kong and Japan! Am glad i have finally visited Paris's Disneyland!

    After Disneyland, we decided to go to La Vallee Village

    Branded goods going at over 50% cheaper!!!

    How to go to La Vallee Village from Paris?

    From Station Chatellet-Les Halles, Choose RER A with the terminus Marne La Valle/Parc Disneyland. Stop at the station Val D’Europe (one station before Parc Disneyland), in a very short walking distance you will find a new building ‘Centre Commercial Val D’Europe’. Walk through this building, and at the end you will find a complex full of branded factory outlet stores.

    Known for their effortless elegance, Parisians are also respected for their savoir faire. It’s no surprise, therefore, that La Vallée Village has become a “must see” shopping destination in a city where visitors can have their pick of all things très chic.The Village has over 90 luxury outlet boutiques offering significant reductions on the recommended retail price, all year round. Here visitors are rewarded with extraordinary savings from revered French brands that include Bonpoint, Celine, Givenchy, Lancel, and the only outlet stores worldwide of Antik Batik, Agnès b. and Lalique. Among the legendary international brands represented are: Armani, Diane von Furstenberg, Jimmy Choo, Joseph, Marni, Moncler, Paul Smith, Polo Ralph Lauren, Valentino, Salvatore Ferragamo and Staff International, Dsquared² and Maison Martin Margiela. Set in the historic Île-de-France, the design of the Village echoes the human scale of the local villages, resulting in an intimate and relaxing shopping experience. The daily Cityrama Shopping Express whisks shoppers from the centre of Paris to the Village and other nice touches include a personal shopper service and Espace La Vallée, an art gallery of changing exhibitions, featuring work by international artists such as Erró, or Richard Texier. Visitors arriving with children will appreciate the children’s play area and the fact that the Village is only five minutes from the myriad attractions of Disneyland® Paris and is connected to many Disney® hotels by a dedicated shuttle service.

    We reached too late though! :( Only managed to get one item and all the shops closed. Kay and Mae managed to get really nice stuff from Givenchy though! Jealousssss.

    Day 5
    Our Last Day in Paris

    The last day of Paris was a lazy day for all of us. Most of them slept in but Sheena (our manager from Gushcloud) and I woke up to go do some last minute shopping~

    No it's not escargots, it's mussels and IT'S SUPER AWESOME!!!!!

    I just have to end this post with this funny car plate number.  LOL!

    Now after all the Paris Visuals, the next post is going to be more informative - which means it'll be wordy but it'll be worth the read! More details on Paris and the sponsor, Air France! Also going to do a short paragraph about the bloggers/vloggers so you know how they're like off-screen - heh heh heh.

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  • 07/08/13--19:47: Failed Again
  • Today has to be one of the worst day ever.

    Took my driving test for the 3rd time and FAILED. My reaction when the tester came out with the results? I CRIED. Cus I couldn't believe it?!

    The first 2 times I took the test, I knew I was gonna fail cus I mounted a kerb and that's an immediate failure. I blame myself for being so nervous. I'm taking Private lessons so I didn't have much lessons in the circuit as those in School. However, this time round, I made sure I was good and I didn't make mistakes in the circuit at all! I also kept counting to 10 & taking deep breaths to calm my nerves.

    HOWEVER, according to the tester, I was not careful on the road. This surprised me because I was?! His exact words "you can drive but you don't check mirrors and confirm safety". But I am so sure I checked the mirrors and blind spots, drove at the speed limit...etc. Ok I made one mistake, which was to cross the line by a bit at the pedestrian crossing but still, I thought everything else was good and I'd pass. SADLY, that was not what I saw on the results. I was sooooo sad! Even my instructor told me he felt sad for me. My instructor was as confident as I was. Yesterday he told me to bring a passport photo cus he said "you are sure gonna pass". :(

    WHY?!?! :( 

    The next time (4th TP) I take the test in October, I GOT TO PASS MAN! I'd totally give up getting my license if i dont. Everyone around me has their license already....why they can pass and I can't?! I mean if I'm really bad my instructor would tell me right? He wouldn't tell me I'm really good and ill surely pass. 

    Sad, sad day.

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  • 07/11/13--05:00: LastBusRide
  • Check out this online store called Lastbusride

    Many of you girls should have heard of them by now! Check out the awesome deals they're having right now!


    In conjunction with GSS, they're having a promotion of $18 - $22 for the new arrivals for the whole month!

    Plus, LBR is an online store not to be missed! Why? Because they've almost everything you need here!

    Such as, party dresses, formal dresses, casual wear, feminine dresses, sweet floral dresses, and items for the louder style girls!

    IMG_8833 copy


    At the same time, they do have a weekly giveaway for every collection! Wanna win your favourite apparels from here?

    Check out their facebook page for more!

    At the same time, they're now offering self collection for customers to pick up their items!
    And if you're a fan of them, their items are now stocked up at,


    New arrivals + Exclusive items!


    And a good news! They ship internationally now! You can make payments via paypal :)

    IMG_4748 copy

    So what cha waiting for?

    Start shopping now!

    Quote tammytayxlbr for free normal postage!


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  • 07/11/13--10:21: BlogShopping SALE

  • BlogShopping
    Far East Plaza #01-34

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    It's been around 36 hours since i last had proper rest. Touched down at 6:45am this morning (went to settle some work stuff overseas), went home to drop off my stuff and by 8:30am i was out doing the Shop Ohsofickle shoot. I have just finished editing the pictures~~~ Oh, I feel like Superwoman.

    Today's shoot was done at Penny University.

    Address: 402 East Coast Road (near Beach Road prawn mee, opposite Carltex)
    Phone: 90213959
    Opening Hours
    Tue - Thu: 08:30 - 18:00
    Fri: 08:30 - 21:30
    Sat - Sun: 08:30 - 22:30

    For a weekday morning, i was surprised there were quite a bit of people there! Until i tried their coffee & cake....totally understood why. I had one of the most amazing cupcakes there - it was a Red Velvet Cupcake with a Nutella surprise inside! I look forward to visiting Penny University soon for a proper brunch and share my experience there. :)

    Photography by Donna - Shooting Ponies Studio (Email:

    *Not all items will be launched tomorrow as some items will only arrive next week.

    Collection going up on TOMORROW.
    Friday, 12 July at 6PM

    Superwoman needs to sleep too. TIME TO K.O! BE GONE EYE BAGS!

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  • 07/12/13--17:29: Short Guide to Paris
  • In the springtime, the autumn, the winter (when it drizzles) or the summer (when it sizzles!), this romantic city seduces every moment of the year.

    This post is gonna be wordy - for pictures, check out the four Paris Visuals blogposts i have below!

    This trip was sponsored by Air France!

    Shopping Spree Specials now on! 
    Fly to Europe from S$1198. 
    Book by 31st July. Travel from 1st Sept to 30th Nov. 

    A reader (Shin) shared this list of things to do/places to go in Paris! It'll be useful if you're going to Paris so bookmark it!


    l'ile Maurice (French Cuisine)
    61, rue des Dames, 75017 Paris

    L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon (for the Best French Cuisine)
    5,rue de Montalembert, 75007 Paris

    Les Cocottes (French Cuisine)
    135 rue Saint Dominique 75007 Paris

    Frenchie (French Cuisine)
    5 rue du Nil, 75002 Paris

    La Creperie de Josselin (for the Best Crepes)
    67, rue du Montparnasse, Paris

    Berthillon (for the Best Ice Cream)
    31 Rue St.-Louis-en-l'Ile, Paris (Hôtel-de-Ville)

    Leon de Bruxelles (for Mussels)
    63 avenue des Champs-Elysees, 75008 Paris

    Le Relais de l'Entrecote (French/Steakhouse)
    101, boulevard du Montparnasse, Paris

    -Jacques Genin for the Tarte au Citron, Mille Feuille, Éclair

    -Sadaharu Aoki (it’s a really good fusion jap patisserie!) for the Earl grey and green tea macaron, black sesame éclair, bamboo cake, green
    tea mille feuille

    -La Patisserie des Reves for the Saint Honore, Paris Brest, millefeuille, pear tart and tiramisu

    -Des gâteaux et du pain

    -Un dimanche a Paris

    -Pain de Sucre

    -Jean Paul Hevin for chocolates

    -Hugo &Victor

    Markets and Others
    -Sunday food market at Bastille

    -Shakespeare and Company (which sells really lovely books!)


    -Moulin Rouge (at night)

    -Champs Elysees (for brands)

    -Latin Quarter (Student area so loads of funky stuff)

    -Galleries Lafayette (for brands - all under one building so it's easy to find the brands you want but the price is a little bit more expensive than shopping at the boutiques outside)

    -Rue du Rivoli/St Honore (for brands)

    Getting around Paris was not as simple as i thought. The road names were difficult to read and pronounce cus i don't know how to speak french. Most of the time we just took a taxi. Yes, the taxis are expensive but we didn't want to waste time getting lost. We wanted to get a van to bring us around but it was too expensive. All of us werent fantastic with directions so taking the subway would mean we'd keep getting lost. In fact, everything in Paris is expensive to me. A cup of coke in a restaurant is around EUR$6 = SGD$10. A simple meal costed us at least EUR$30 = SGD$50. Make sure you are prepared with lotsa cash when you come to Paris! But of course, the branded shopping is much cheaper than the rest of the world. Then again, it's branded shopping, you're paying thousands for a bag - but you also save thousands if you get it from Paris, haha.

    One thing which made us not so happy was the service. It was like everyone was rude to us and it was really disappointing in such a beautiful city. 8/10 of the sales assistants in the shops we went to were not very friendly. But of course we met the 2/10 of them, who were extremely nice especially the guy in the Christian Louboutin - Saint Honore boutique. :)

    Still, i would go back to Paris again for the shopping. IT WAS SOOOO GOOD. I am going to stop buying stuff i don't need, save up lotsa money and go crazy in Paris again. Oh and the next time i go, i'm going to do more stuff like visiting the museums and markets. We spent too much time in the city shopping during this trip!

    Here's how you can make your shopping even more worth it!

    How to claim Tax Refund in Paris!

    Sadly, for Chanel (and i think Hermes too), everyone is limited to 1 bag and 4 accessories so people don't buy and sell in SG. :(

    This trip i am so happy to get to know the bloggers/vloggers better! Let me share with you a little bit on them.

    Like what a Tom Boy Mae is. I've known Mae for a pretty long time and she's not your usual girly-girl BUT I DIDN'T EXPECT HER TO BE SUCH A TOM BOY. LOL! It was like hanging out with a boy but except, she's really pretty so no one would think of her as a boy. It was so fun because she's the most tom boy girl EVER AND SO REAL AND I LOVE IT.

    This trip i also realized Kay Kay is super petite, skinny AND SHE HAS THE MOST PERFECT FOREHEAD. I wish i had a high forehead too! When she buns up her hair, IT'S JUST PERFECT. I felt super inferior beside her?! I also felt like a big fat giant cus she's so small and cute - i cannot believe i didn't know that till this trip. I've been to Bali with her and the words in my mind when someone says her name is "hot" and "pretty" but then now i have to add in "cute" too.  How can a girl be everything?! Lol.

    Also, i have never met a guy more excited in Disneyland than Boy Thunder?! Learnt that he is a huge fan of Disney, specifically, Stitch and those who have seen his car are like "omg it's a Stitch shrine man!". He sure doesn't look or act like his age! It's great cus most people his age are all stressed up and uptight but he seems so happy-go-lucky and relaxed! #foreveryoung

    There was this thing Jian Hao said which made Mae and I go "(O.O)". JH is a proud fan of Justin Bieber! Not that i hate Biebs or anything (i used to be such a fan but he's getting more and more arrogant and full of himself so.....yeah), but it's shocking cus i don't know any guy in SG who's a fan of JB? That boy is also pretty witty and can do a very good HongKong accent! Right after this imma go check out his vlogs on Youtube! I am not very updated when it comes to the Youtube scene in Singapore despite being on Youtube so much. But after the conversation with him in the subway, i learnt that Singapore actually has pretty good vloggers who should get noticed! 

    Thank you for the awesome trip to Paris, Air France.

    Check out their Facebook Page HERE.

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  • 07/13/13--09:00: Life is a Battle
  • Whatever your sex or position, life is a battle in which you are to show your pluck (courage and daring in the face of difficulties; spirit.), and woe be to the coward.

    Whether passed on a bed of sickness or a tented field, it is ever the same fair play and admits no foolish distinction.

    Despair and postponement are cowardice and defeat.

    Men were born to succeed, not to fail.

    Henry David Thoreau

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    I love that they have a snacks bar!!

    Checked into the Naumi Liora - Porch Room!

    It was not as big as i thought it would be but it was pretty nice and clean! Plus the toilet looks really beautiful. I was slightly disappointed there wasn't a bath tub. :(

    Did a ShopOhsofickle shoot at the Porch! :)

    The porch was way bigger than i expected though! I think it's a great place for birthday gatherings with less than 12 people - but of course, it's a hotel so the noise level has to be kept low. Plus the price you pay for the space is actually quite low since it's not some 5-star hotel.

    Naumi Liora is a cultural hotel (not a luxury hotel as what Naumi Hotel is) housed in an artfully restored heritage townhouse. The internal structure of the hotel is constructed to preserve elements of its heritage, whilst still offering modern design comfort. You can expect to hear footsteps on our wood-timbered floors, and that is all part of the cultural experience here at Naumi Liora. There is also a complimentary “Nibbles” corner at the lobby that serves up an assortment of old school sweets, biscuits, and ice cream. You may, too, visit the famed Keong Saik Snacks next door which is opened by a one-star Michelin chef, Jason Antherton, who has once worked for Gordon Ramsay. Their international breakfast buffet will only set you back by S$10/pax.

    My favorite part of the hotel was THE BED. I had the most amazing afternoon cat nap before heading out at night to party.

    What i like a lot about this place is the location! It is near town and also around the area, there are lotsa great places to eat at! For dinner, i went to MooJaa for Mookata! Which was only a few units away. :)

    I personally prefer staycations at hotels which are more quirky and fun instead of Cultural hotels - maybe cus i'm still young! :D But i'm sure there are many out there who like Cultural hotels!

    Naumi Liora Facebook page:

    For Reservations, go to

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  • 07/15/13--17:33: Clothes Buffet 2

    I have 50 VIP passes to give away for the event above!
    5 blogshops will be doing a clothes buffet!
    These passes will entitle you entry to the event from 12-2pm. 
    Event will only be opened to non-VIP holders after 2pm.
    Please leave your email address in the comment box below and i will choose 25 people (giving each person a pair of passes) to give the VIP passes to!

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  • 07/16/13--02:47: Prada Saffiano Lux

    I love my new Saffiano Lux in Yellow (Girasole) but i've the same in Pink and i asked my friends and they think i should only keep one?

    Anyone keen on either one? Both bags have a detachable sling! More pictures will be provided if you're VERY interested.

    Yellow one is 100% Brand New, not used before (only used to take the picx above), comes with dust bag, authenticity cards and box. 

    Pink one is used but i really love it so i wouldn't take offers lower than $2000. Which isn't very worth it for a 2nd hand Prada bag but like i said, i love it a lot so yeah :P

    Make me an offer!

    If no good deals by the end of the week it means i'm keeping both~~~

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  • 07/16/13--22:00: New Arrivals

  • New Arrivals 
    (30+ new designs!)
    18 July (Thur)

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  • 07/20/13--20:27: SHOPDIYGALORE

  • Shopdiygalore is slowly moving towards more designed and exclusively co-manufactured collections with ASHINCANS ( this year. 

    No girls like the sight of someone else wearing the same dress that she is wearing. It's a huge turn off. They would like to come out with designs that are trendy and brightens your day when you wear them. Putting a smile on every girl’s face is their priority!

    Many customers were raving about the fit of the Rebel Cut Out Romper! This exclusive design is available in 3 colors andis currently under backorder! 

    Backorder opens for 2 sizes: UK 4-6 and UK 8 respectively. Don't miss it again!

    Another item that is selling like hot cakes will be the Dreamcatcher Crochet Mint Dress. We have remade it in another pretty lavender shade which will be up in the next collection.

    Love how the maxi dress it fits me sooo perfectly. Wasn't too tight and did not show unwanted bulge.

    Material is soft and comfortable. Also, you can wear it without a bra because there's a thick inner layer in front. But of course if you want to be safe you can just wear it with a nipple sticker!

    Quote "Tammy" to enjoy 5% off the Oasis Maxi Dress

    Like their Facebook Page to stay updated with their latest collections and previews. 

    Instagram: @shopdiygalore

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  • 07/21/13--10:20: Dim Sum at Wah Lok

  • Dim Sum Sunday at Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant, Carlton Hotel.

    Very happy i woke up in time to have Dim Sum with 1/3 of #thepartyinvaders (a group consisting of over 30 people?! hahaha. it is awesome to be part of this group - the crazy fun people i've been partying with at Zouk every week for almost 3 months already!). 

    According to W, out of all the Dim Sum restaurants he has been to (which i assume is a lot of restaurants cus i think he is a Foodie), Wah Lok serves the best dim sum!

    And my verdict after trying so many dishes at Wah Lok?

    IT IS INDEED VERY GOOD. I still don't think it's THE BEST though? Cus i am still a really huge fan of the dim sum at Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck and East Ocean Restaurant. But i will definitely go back to Wah Lok for some dishes (scroll down to see what they are).


    Asian taking a picture of asians taking pictures of food.


    There were about 10 of us, we each paid around $40ish? It is actually quite pricey compared to most dim sum places, or maybe it's because we ordered a lot.

    Reservation for a table is recommended because it's always full during weekends.

    Wah Lok Restaurant, Carlton Hotel
    76 Bras Basah Road, Singapore
    (beside CHIJMES)
    +65 6311 8188

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  • 07/22/13--21:05: WIN A TRIP TO PARIS

  • When i met my friends after my Paris trip, everyone went like "you're so lucky! i really want to go too!". So i assume, most of ya'll who read the post would have that same reaction too right??? :)

    Well, here's your chance to win a trip to Paris thanks to Air France!

    Let Air France take you away on a VIP trip for two to The City of Love by participating in the Paris, Je T'aime challenge.

    The game is pretty challenging but nothing you can't answer with the help of Google! :X 
    Played and was googling the answers i do not know.

    You stand to win a VIP trip just by playing the Paris, Je T'aime challenge!
    - 2 return Economy class tickets to Paris on Air France
    - 3 nights accommodation by Accor Hotels
    - VIP shopping experience at Galeries Lafayette (& 100€ shopping voucher)
    - 2 Disneyland Paris passes
    2 tickets to Moulin Rouge cabaret show

    Just go play, you wouldn't know if you're the lucky winner!!!

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  • 07/23/13--23:00: Minions
  • Donna's 21st Birthday Surprise!  Minion Theme Party at her rooftop.

    So glad her surprise went well! She is so lucky to have such a spontaneous and fun family (oh and not to mention, friends HEHE)!

    Happy Birthday, Princess Pony! I don't think i'll ever find anyone more suitable to call my sister. Haha. Please always stay this bubbly and thank you for coming into my life! I can never be bored with you around, oh the crazy things we do and talk about! I promise to always look after you like a big sister. Always here for you. I love You. :)


    Ly's Belated Birthday Dinner at Timbre

     I really like their 4 Cheese Pizza!

    Timbre is a really nice place to chill out at night. Food was so-so. Liked the pizza the most. I love thin crust pizzas! The non alcoholic drinks were quite pricey though? $8 for a cup of coke i think? Maybe it applies only to the non-alcoholic drinks. I'm not sure about the beer and all, didn't look at the price list of the alcoholic drinks. Hopefully it's reasonable. I'd be a lil happier if the drinks prices were lowered but still, i'd go back there for the live band, Goodfellas. Be very impressed with the local talents playing because I SURE WAS and i hope one day those locals bands make it big and go international! :)

    Timbre @ The Substation
    45 Armenian Street
    Singapore 179936
    +65 6338 8030 (Call after 5pm)

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