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because im fickle like that.

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  • 07/24/13--22:28: Beauti Instinct
  • Do you have a lot of acne scars you wish to get rid of fast?

    If yes, do give the ROSE PEEL TREATMENT by Beauti Instinct a try!

    Contains premium quality of rose flower extract to address hormonal imbalances and inflammations in skin leading to a more revitalized and smoother looking complexion.

    Strengthens capillaries, eliminates toxins, reduces inflammation, improves circulation and diminishes existing discolorations to offer evenly toned and brighter skin.

    Provides resurfacing benefits to aged, uneven, combination and problem-prone skin.

    Its suitable for sensitive. Visible results in after one treatment.

    Usual Price
    Now: $99.00

    Beauti Instinct
    545 Orchard Rd #03-14
    Far East Shopping Centre (the one beside Hilton Hotel)

    Tel: 67339149
    ***Please mention that you're a reader of OHSOFICKLE to enjoy the above benefits.
    Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday 11am to 8pm

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  • 07/24/13--22:48: How's Life?
  • Lately, i haven't really been blogging because i am just not in the best state of mind right now. All i want to do is to distract myself, which also equates to partying, partying and more partying.

    Most days i come home at 7am and i tell myself i'm never doing this again. Then comes the next weekend, i do it all over again. It's so unhealthy, it's doing my skin bad, it's draining my $, but i still never stop.

    Some people ask me why do i party. Honestly, i have no agenda when i party. I would agree to do anything to take my mind off things because i just don't want to stay in bed crying my heart out and having sleepless nights. No, i certainly don't party to find someone to bring home. No matter how drunk i am, i always make sure i make it back home on my own. So whatever rumor you hear about me going home with someone is absolute bull. Ok but say if i'm dead drunk and lying in my own vomit, then i don't know lah because that hasn't happened, and hopefully never happens! Still, i think my subconscious mind will not allow anything to happen? So even if the person brings me home and when my eyes open, i know i'd run to the door and hop into the cab home. Lol. Major turn off cus imagine the guy's like "yes!!! score!!! i brought her home!" then the moment i wake up i run away. HAHA.

    Yesterday i went for a jog after such a long time. I did 6km and gave up (i usually do at least 7-8km). Dammit, i can't even do a run properly?! It's like this 3 weeks, i can't do anything well. Cant do anything right. It's terrible. My mind just can't focus. I always feel so lost. I need to find my way back to G*. I need to find myself again. Praying everything will get better. If this goes on i'd fail in life. If this goes on, everything i work so hard for the past few years would be taken away from me.

    I'm so disorientated! NEED TO GET MY S* TOGETHER.

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  • 07/25/13--13:33: Party Animal
  • Gwen finally uploaded the pictures of #thepartyinvaders from her camera - YAY!

    All party pictures which explains why i want to write this post.

    Going clubbing is not always a bad thing. Always loving the good music and good company! So what if i do it rather frequently? It doesn't make me a Bad Girl? At least to me it doesn't.

    There's just more to it than Alcohol & Sex. Partying is a way i get to unwind, relax and meet new people. When i'm intoxicated, it kinda brings out the silly and happy kid in me! I do the stupidest stuff (which can sometimes turn out to be kinda embarrassing stuff) and have a good laugh the next day. Or watch my friends do stupid stuff and laugh at them. Every week it's pretty unpredictable, which is exciting - all the funny things my friends say/do.

    It's also the only time of the week i get to dance for hours and well, i LOVE to dance - when i was young, dancing was pretty much my Life! Since i no longer attend dance classes and have performances to prepare for, i no longer get to dance on normal days. I love dancing the night away and forgetting all my troubles! Getting down on the dance floor is like an exercise too, way more fun than jumping on the treadmill. Haha.

    Also, i am pretty shy (i've said it before!) when sober but with the help of alcohol i actually become A LOT friendlier and that's also how i managed to meet many MANY great friends. I've met many great people through partying which is a great thing cus i was given opportunities to attend certain events and hang out with people i never thought i'd ever know personally. Plus, on normal days, i usually spend my days alone doing work/traveling to get ShopOhsofickle stocks so i never get to meet much people. In fact, i can't remember the last time i made friend with people on normal days? Cus ever since i stopped going to school, i'm pretty much alone on most days. Most of my friends went to school and had a new bunch of friends but i didn't. But i feel it's not the best place to find your life partner because everyone has their game faces on. Then again, if your job is like mine where you're alone most of the time, or if you work in a small company and all your colleagues are just not your type, then going clubbing would be a good way to meet more people and hopefully, if you're lucky, you get to meet The One.

    No, partying is not only for people who are desperate to find someone to sleep with. Why do people who do not party always have that mentality??? I mean honestly, i know so many people and still, i don't really have much friends who go out with the intention to bring home a guy/girl. Most of my friends party just for the fun of it. Okay, obviously there are people who go out with those intentions but come on, not everyone who parties is like that?!

    So yeah bottom-line, PARTYING DOES NOT MAKE ONE A DEVIL. Know what's right and wrong. If you're out and depressed, remember your values and all's good. Make sure your friends look after you and not let you go home with a stranger - which will be dangerous but it is easily preventable with good friends (you can also tell who are the protective friends - who are real keepers) around.

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  • 07/26/13--22:18: Twirling Pastels

  • Twirling Pastels - Where We Live, Love and Shop 

    Black XXX Dress from Twirling Pastels!

    Established in 2012, we absolutely have the hots and passion for fashion. We try our best to bring in fashionable clothes at absolutely affordable prices for all. We aim to share our love for fashion to all fashion lovers. In the near future, we would be manufacturing our own pieces for all. Besides manufacturing, we will be doing international shipping shortly :)
    With the love and support of our customers, we aim to go global in time to come. With items handpicked by us, we assure the quality of our items. We hope to bring the best to our customers and thus, quality control will not be compromise at all.
    We look forward to bringing a better and bigger Twirling Pastels (TWP) to all our beloved customers in the near future. We strive to make our website hassle-free and easy navigation for all customers 3>
    To better improve and serve our customers better, TWP has recently launch a rack of clothing at BlogShopping (Far East Plaza, #01-34). Self-collection has also been collaborated with staff there so customers can opt for self-collection at the store. Besides self-collection, we restock the rack every week to ensure that there is novelty in our products and to give customers a wider variety :) We would also be launching exclusive items there, so do keep a lookout ;) 

    In Collection 25, backorders are opened for several items, all items have limited slots and will arrive in mid-Aug: 
    1. Black XXX Dress2. Crochet Basic Tanks (All Colors)3. Eyelet Cropped Top 4. Mint and Black Basic Romper
    5. Cream Cut Out Romper

    Quote "TAMMYXTWP" for 10% off all purchases :) 

    In addition, don't forget to join our FaceBook giveaway valid til 31st July 2013 :) 

    Don't forget to join the mailing list!
    Twirling Pastels

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  • 07/27/13--12:02: Weekend Update
  • Yesterday night i attended the Maybelline Rock The Rocket launch and i finally got to meet Tosh. Honestly, i don't usually fan girl and get so excited when i meet celebrities but i think i was just being crazy yesterday. Lately, i just am not myself! I feel sooo embarrassed right now cus i think i made myself look like such a fool. Aiya but i guess everyone who fan girls behave that way and he should be used to it by now so ALL'S GOOD MAN. Telling myself that's the first and last time i'm gonna behave that stupidly. I'M NOT THAT YOUNG ANYMORE. MAINTAIN, MAINTAIN, MAINTAIN!!!!

    Today has to be the craziest day, woke up at 1pm, had my "breakfast" and then headed down to a Champagne Brunch at Red Dot Museum. Bottles of Moet and DOM kept coming and i just kept downing champagne. Not the best drinker so by 5pm i was drunk. Went to eat at Akashi - LIKE FINALLY, went to sing, went to Zouk and last stop, Mansion. It's 2AM now and i'm so glad i left early. The moment my body met the bed was such an amazing feeling - the bed sure feels like heaven. How crazy was my day?! My feet are so sore from walking around in my 5inch heels. However, i am amazed i can't fall asleep despite the long day. So here i am lying in bed with a million thoughts in my head about life. It's all fun when i'm intoxicated but when i sober up, that's when reality hits me. I feel empty...and lost.

    It's been awhile since i talked about my day like how i used to do so frequently.

    I'm excited for later. It's Sunday. Jo and H texted me today asking me to go to church. I hope i do wake up in time. I love my friends for reminding me and helping me get back on the right track.

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  • 07/28/13--10:30: Sunday

  • x Sunday Notes x

    The best day i had all month. As you all read from my previous posts, July hasn't been the best month for me. Since i came back from Paris, things went downhill. 

    However, i am thankful that God placed some people in my life to remind me to turn to Him when times are tough. Jo, C and H made my Sunday such a wonderful day - the most wonderful day i had this month. They are the 3 of my favorite people to talk to about God. We spent the entire afternoon/evening sharing testimonies and having fellowship together. It's when you can still give thanks during the bad days, that's when more good things will come your way. We are all so very blessed. Shared about our walk with God accompanied with good food at places i'll blog about VERY SOON. I won't preach here but i just want to share that i am a very happy girl today and i'm very thankful to be reminded about a lot of great things i have in life. :)

    Today i feel a 180degree change in the way i look at my life. I'm really getting on the right track faster than i thought i would. Thank You. 

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  • 07/28/13--11:05: HiHeels

  • From 26 July - 22 Aug, use code "OSFPROMO" during checkout to enjoy $2 off total bill.

    All  prices include free normal local postage!

    FREE shipping via registered postage for all local shoppers who spend above $150. 

    Instagram Giveaway!
    1. Like @hiheelshop Instagram !
    2. Repost this picture on Instagram (the one above!)
    3. Tag #hiheelshop, write your size and heels of your choice.
    4. Join hiheelshop mailing list and like hiheels facebook to double your chance of winning!
    5. One lucky winner will be announced on @hiheelshop on 9th aug 2013, 7pm

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  • 07/29/13--08:30: I Love Cupcakes

  • Wearing Silver Plate Necklace from

    I Love Cupcakes isn't a cupcake shop as the name suggests. I was surprised to see a website of clothes when i accepted this job! Haha.

    I Love Cupcakes is an online fashion store that sell a wide variety of items, such as apparels, jewellery, accessories, bags, shoes, iPhone cases, snapbacks and many more. 

    You can also let I Love Cupcakes know what you wish them to bring into the store, anything related to fashion!

    Quote T20PERCENT to enjoy 20% off all apparels, valid till 5 August 2013. 
    (Applicable for Apparels only)

    Follow I Love Cupcakes on Facebook and Instagram to receive latest updates!

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  • 07/30/13--18:00: Symmetry
  • On Sunday i checked out Symmetry at Jalan Kubor (near Arab Street). 

    It is a very nicely decorated bistro by day and bar at night!

    Strawberry Lemonade

    Squid Aioli - MUST MUST ORDER. The black sauce at the side's very peppery and tasty. I NEED TO KNOW HOW TO MAKE IT!!!

    We both ordered Big Breakfast to share, one scrambled, one poached. I liked the poached eggs better! I like how the poached eggs are very runny, almost like a half-boiled egg. Kinda different from most poached eggs i've had at other restaurants. Really nice!

    It's a pity we didn't order much because we were reserving our tummies for dinner but I AM DEFINITELY GOING BACK.

    The chef let us see the Lunch and Dinner menus and IT LOOKS DAMN PROMISING. I am like 90% sure it'll be good!!

    #01-01, 9 Jalan Kubor
    (nearest MRT - Bugis)


    Tue - Thu: 11:00 - 23:00
    Fri - Sat: 11:00 - 00:00
    Sun: 11:00 - 19:00


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  • 08/01/13--01:38: SHOPSKINNED

  • Floral dress from

    #shopskinned Behind the scenes! 

    Shopskinned is on a mission to bring style to you, wherever you are! 


    Instagram: @shopskinned

    Follow them to keep up to date with their latest collections and get set to fall in love with everything! 

    Like them on Facebook:

    Follow them on Twitter:

    Don't forget to join their mailing list for the latest scoops and promotions!

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  • 08/01/13--02:05: The Plaid Shirt
  •  photo OOTD1of9.jpg

     photo OOTD3of9.jpg

     photo OOTD4of9.jpg

     photo OOTD5of9.jpg

     photo OOTD7of9.jpg

     photo OOTD6of9.jpg

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  • 08/01/13--22:40: GAP Be Bright

  • I was recently given a chance to work with GAP and it's really an honour cus GAP is a really big brand in America.

    GAP is a classic and modern American brand which inspires individual style! I am pretty sure everyone, young and old, have visited GAP before!

    As you hold the new GAP fragrance, be reminded of your colorful jeans!

    The carton, like a billboard, playfully spells out the GAP Branding in bold white graphics.

    A burst of crisp fruits enveloped with lily, fresh muguet and fluorescent musks…vibrantly feminine.

    This is definitely my kind of smell! I like my perfume sweet as sweet scents instantly brighten my mood and make me feel happy. Plus the pink bottle is really pretty – my favourite color is Pink if you don't already know! The bottle is in a bright neon pink and definitely stands out from my other perfume bottles.

    A fresh aquatic signature scent infused with black pepper and blue cedar wood…spirited masculinity.

    Now if you can't think of anything to give a guy friend, perfumes make a GREAT GIFT! Be it your boyfriend or just a normal friend. I always liked guys who smell nice and well, i'm sure every girl wants their boy to smell nice!

    p.s if you're wondering what the 1969 stands for, is the year GAP was founded!


    If you're around Ngee Ann City between 1-7 August, go Watsons at the Basement and have some fun! The game requires 3-6 participants and everyone should be dressed in different colors!

    Take pictures of you and your friends with the board and upload it on Instagram with #BeBright #GAP #Watsons

    The top 2 photos with the most likes will win S$250 worth of GAP fragrances!

    Bonus of 25 likes (= 1+9+6+9 likes) will be included while tabulating the results if all 3 friends are in colored jeans!

    Rock the pictures in your colored jeans and have a crazy time!

    I will also be looking at the #BeBright #GAP hashtags and choosing 5 of my favorite pictures (most interesting poses/outfits) to give away a 50ML bottle of GAP BRIGHT (Pink one) perfume!

    FREE GAP BRIGHT FRAGRANCE GIVEAWAY at Watsons Ngee Ann City for first 50 customers dressed in coloured jeans on 3 August, Saturday, 1pm- 3pm!

    I will be there to giveaway to these first 50 customers too!

    GAP Fragrances an be purchased ONLY from Watsons throughout the month of August!

    During this period, the perfume is available at Watsons for only $34.90 (usual price $69)! It is SO AFFORDABLE!!! Maybe stock up and give them away as gifts since perfumes make great gifts and this promotional price is just TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE? Haha.

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  • 08/02/13--02:00: Tips to Remember
  • If you're facing a tough time after a failed relationship, this post would be useful!

    For my situation, right now i think time apart will be good for us to iron out our thoughts and become better people. No one is at fault in my situation, it's not ugly and no one did shit. It's just really tiring as the both of us keep arguing over the littlest things. If it's meant to be, it'll be right?

    Tips To Remember

    … When a relationship ends, We tend to over-complicate things and over-analyze every thought and emotion We have. 

    What you need to remember is that you don’t have to make yourself miserable when a situation doesn’t work the way you “expected” it to. 

     Here are some tips for getting over “the blues”:

    1. The question to ask first and foremost is, “How does what I’m doing right now serve Me?” Seriously, does sitting around sulking about a soured relationship actually do anything constructive for your happiness? Here’s where discipline is key: you can choose to be better. Develop skills and habits to support you Being Better.

    2. Self-Assessment. 
    Make a list of 
    1) the qualities that you like about yourself
    2) things you know that you are good at doing 
    3) skills/talents that you have 
    4) things that other people you respect appreciate about you 
    5) prove each of the things on your list with real-life situations that you have done/are doing 

    Read this list daily to boost your positive and powerful energies and to render criticism (especially ugly-break-up accusations) useless and unfounded. NEVER compare yourself to anyone else in her/his life. Seriously, why should you care? Why want to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with you? If someone compares you to a person in their past, they have not moved on from their “drama” and cannot fully be committed to you. If they compare you to a new lover, defuse their abuse by saying, “Sounds like you deserve each other. Good luck,” and get away from them. 

    Choose to have a better-for-you situation all the way around.

    3. Identify how the PERSON differs from the IDEAL you hold/held of her/him. Every time you begin torturing yourself with false visions of how you want to believe s/he is, remember how s/he REALLY is and notice how HUGE the difference is. 

    Most often, you will see that warning signs occurred in the relationship but Our commitment to Our fantasy ideals set us up for a“predictable disappointment.” 

    Next time, We can choose to commit to paying attention to the signs in order to make healthy relationship choices along the way.

    4. Don’t play the “make-wrong-game” on yourself or the other person. The reason you feel that the situation was “wrong” was because it did not meet your expectations. The make-wrong-game fosters negative, toxic energy that turns in on yourself. Your time could be better used on forgiveness and loving yourself more so that you will attract the person who can love you the way you want to be loved and who will deserve to love you.

    5. Forgiveness. When you break it down the to lowest level, you are forgiving yourself and the other(s) for NOT showing up to fit your expectations and/or fantasies. Repeat often: “It could NOT have been any other way than the way it was.” Wasting time on what coulda-woulda-shoulda-been is completely unproductive. You could be indulging in Love-Me-Time and committing to your Joy.

    Remember the good qualities that the person had which attracted you to her/him. This alleviates you from making yourself wrong for the fact that the person stopped displaying those qualities with you. It also validates the qualities that you like in a partner and frees you to continue to enjoy them in the NEXT person. Practicing this habit also allows you to smile and laugh at the good things, which is an exercise in positive energy generation for your success.Forgive yourself for any and all situations that you participated in and acknowledge yourself for your good contributions. You did what you did, s/he did what s/he did and that’s that. Nothing was ever all good or all bad. Let the good be valuable to your Life Lessons and let the bad be indications of what not to do next time.If the opportunity presents itself and is right, you can say you’re sorry that things didn’t work out and wish the other person well. You do this as part of evolving to the next level of forgiveness for yourself and for completion with the other person. Have NO attachment to their behavior or the outcome.

    Forgiveness is first and foremost for YOURSELF.

    6. Listen to your thoughts and actively choose to condition them to support your goals. Pay attention. Check in before you freak out. Don’t be afraid of what you will find inside yourself because your ultimate power for happiness is within you. By constantly dwelling on negative, self-defeating thoughts, you create a void within yourself. “Nature seeks to fill a void,” so if you are not careful of what you put in, the probability for all kinds of dreadful crap to fill your vessel (people, DIS-eases, misfortunes, etc.) is VERY realistic. Again, develop skills and habits to support you Being Better.

    7. Stop whining and move on. It seems that far too many of us are conditioned to be addicted to misery. Too many people spend an enormous amount of time and energy making themselves miserable and when they can’t do that adequately, they look to make others miserable. Misery is the comfort zone for people who fail to brave to Be Better. The best way to make yourself – and others who have to tolerate you miserable is to “beat a dead horse,” as the dreadful expression goes. It is valid to have your feelings, to grieve, and to have your process. However, it is not the goal to make the grieving process your new existence. On this occasion, a little tough love will get straight to the point: grow up, stop whining, take positive action, and move on. Many people are not aware that they are trapped in the misery-making-mode. So, a good way to check if you are is to look in the mirror. Can you smile at yourself and like what you see? If not, do whatever it takes to Be Better. “Take responsibility for the energy you bring.” ~ Dr. Jill Bolt Taylor

    8. Learn to enjoy your own company. This is the most important step of all. Without realizing it, many people jump into relationships to avoid feeling lonely and being alone. This fear is generated from a lack of self-validation and self-appreciation. If you don’t like your own company, why should anyone else? Make it a conscious habit to be good to yourself and with yourself.

    NOTE: As you Become Better, there is the strong probability that many of the people you thought were part of your support system become tacky in ways that appear to be jealousy. Don’t take this as a personal attack; they are feeling their comfort zones being shaken by you braving to Be Better. You may have to make some tough choices to let them go – which may only be for now. But as you commit to loving and caring for yourself, you will attract people of like minds, like energies, and the ability to love you the way you deserve to be loved! I am living proof that this IS true!

    And just in case you’re really dealing with some horrible creatures, being happy and looking fabulous are always the best … justice!

    Source: x

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  • 08/02/13--18:00: BlogShopping
  • I recently made my way to JEM to visit BlogShopping!

    It is truly a clothes paradise!

    The blogshops available at BlogShopping
    WonderStellar, ButteredGun, AshInCans, EllySage, DirtyBling, OhSummer, SassyDream, MissMonday2007, RoseArrk, MarchAries, InHouseFashion, JumpingAround, StyleXotic, WeAreRubbish, Dandzelia, MarchShop, FashMob, EatingZombie, FaireBelle, FashionHooks, LolliepopBestie, LastBusRide & TwistPolka.

    Here's an outfit i put together after shopping at BlogShopping...

    In addition to that, BlogShopping has their very own membership card program.

    Sign up at $10 for 1 year, and get 10% off your 1st purchase, 5% all year round and 10% off your entire birthday month.

    Membership card can be used at both Far East Plaza #01-34 as well as JEM #04-07.

    Like BlogShopping on Facebook to get first hand updates on new arrivals in store and join our giveaway to win sponsored apparels weekly !

    You can also shop online :

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  • 08/04/13--11:13: Humble Bones

  • Flatforms as seen above are from

    Follow us on Instagram(@humblebones) and like HumbleBones on Facebook to view sneak peeks, new arrivals in store and online and exclusive giveaways.

    Be in the loop, join our mailing list to receive the latest updates.

    Self-collection available for free!

    Be part of us! Spend a minimum amount of $50 to get a free lifetime membership card that entitles you to 5% off and 10% off for your birthday month, can be used online or at our physical store!

    For apparels and bags only:
    Purchase 2 items and get the 3rd item at 50% OFF (50% off for the middle priced item).

    For shoes:
    Purchase 2 or more shoes to get $2 off total bill.

    Quote ‘TAMMYT’ to get an additional $2 off total bill, valid till 10th August.

    Retail Store:
    2 Orchard Link, *SCAPE Underground, Level 1, Unit A8

    Instagram: @Humblebones

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  • 08/05/13--09:00: New Arrivals

  • Some new items up on my webstore

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  • 08/07/13--08:06: MIYOC X OSF WAREHOUSE SALE

  • The MIYOC Warehouse Sales II 
    8-10th Aug 
    Thursday-Saturday, 11am - 8pm
    Venue: Woodlands 11, #08-24 11 woodlands close, S737853

    Main highlight will be Ohsofickle clearance sales!

    Can find all brands from MIYOC OC, Jcube and many other new brands!
    - No trying for this sales period.
    - Cash & Nets payment only

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  • 08/07/13--18:30: Fairebelle

  • Rainbow Lace Top from FAIREBELLE

    FAIREBELLE turns 4 this August and we are celebrating with a smashing promotion!

    YES! We are giving away an iPad mini!!! How awesome is that? =D

    Checkout the details on our Facebook page!

    This August, expect to see many designs specially manufactured by Faire Belle !

    View their lookbook for more eye candies!

    Heres a good news for everyone! Loved what you saw in our lookbook?

    All the gorgeous pieces will be available at MIYOC JCUBE exclusively from 5th to 11th Aug!

    Dont miss your chance of getting these prelaunch items!

    We are also holding an instagram contest! Be one of the 10 lucky girls to win these beautiful charm bracelets!

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  • 08/10/13--07:59: Young Hungry Free

  • Wearing Black Cape from Young Hungry Free

    Young Hungry Free is now providing,

    And as always! Free local shipping for everyone!

    With even more shipping options, self collection + next day delivery!

    Check out our new arrivals this week!


    And our End of July MAJOR launch!


    FOLLOW us on Instagram!

     There is always something for everyone!

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  • 08/12/13--10:17: Back
  • I'm finally back in Singapore!

    Was on a work trip on Monday-Wednesday then on Thursday-Sunday I was in KL partying it up with #thepartyinvaders! 

    Around 20+ (i really cant remember how many people went lol) went to KL for the long Raya + National Day weekend. 

    Lotsa good food, booze and FUN! I feel super tired from all that craziness but so happy I managed to have so much fun! Food in KL is amazeballz man! I am back 2-3kg heavier. SAYS A LOT BOUT THE FOOD HUH!

    I'm intending to do a Vlog on the trip but I'm having a suuuuper bad sore throat and I sound terrible (my voice is needed for the voice overs I plan to include in the video). I hope I get my voice back so the vlog can be completed! :)

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