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because im fickle like that.

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  • 06/02/13--18:00: FaireBelle

  • FAIREBELLE is pleased to announce that they are stocked in at Blogshopping @ JEM starting from 11th June. Expect to find our stylish casual apparels for the weekends and special girly frocks for your special dates!

    New launch on 2nd June at 11am!

    Check out the full preview on their Facebook page:

    A beauty that you must not miss from their latest collection is this beautifully made, self manufactured dress by FAIRE BELLE:

    A Sabo skirt inspired dress perfect for Summer!

    Specially for my readers!

    For the month of June,
    Key in "OSFJUNE" during checkout to enjoy $3 off total bill!
    Plus! For first time customers - receive a $5 shopping voucher from FaireBelle when you sign up a new account with us at !*

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    It's June, which means the Great Singapore Sale is happening!

    Launching a new collection at on 5 June (Wednesday) and in conjunction of the GSS, all items will be priced at $21 and under! There will be around 50 designs!!!

    However, items will only be shipped out on 11 June (Tue) due to a delay in shipment. I gotta launch the collection first as i'll be doing a few events next week and am afraid i'd have too much to manage.

    Here are some stuff which are going up on the webstore...

    Photography by Fiona (Smittenpixels)
    Big thank you to Linna, Dingxuan and Donna for braving the hot weather during the shoot and being such great models! :D

    See you tomorrow at 7pm at

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  • 06/05/13--04:00: Dungarees

  • If you follow my webstore you'd realize i've been bringing in a lot of dungarees!

    Evelyn Birch wrote an article on Dungarees for Ohsofickle to share it with ya'll! :)

    Bet on Retro – The Return of the 90s
    For many fashionistas, photos from the final pre-noughties decade are either cut up and flushed away or hidden in a shoebox at the back of the wardrobe. From the top of our scrunchie and butterfly-clipped heads to the tips of our jelly shoe covered toes, we can all agree that the 90s were a fashion disaster – in fact, the sole redeeming feature was the absence of the perm.

    Yet one trend managed to divide opinions for the ten year period, with preppies and jocks alike clamouring for a piece of the action. Dungarees were for those who wished to add a little je ne sais quoi to their regular jeans and were incredibly versatile, being stylish enough for a night on the tiles whilst doubling up as kicking back leisure wear for a picnic in the park.

    Unfortunately, without paying a great deal of attention to accessories there was a very real chance of the denim jumpsuit looking a little, well, lumpy and shapeless. It is hardly surprising that for any one person who remembers the piece fondly, five more will shudder and hide their yearbooks under the mattress.
    Now, in the year 2013, the humble dungaree has made its comeback. While many will hear echoes of Come on Eileen and cower in fear, some of fashion’s first ladies have dared to bring back the two strapped jumpsuit with surprisingly pleasing results.

    Don’t Look Back in Anger…
    There is some debate regarding the origins of the dungaree – some claim that African land workers used them as a lightweight alternative to traditional overalls, while others believe that it was in fact India which pioneered the idea. Regardless, they were first mentioned in the history books in the 18th century and were made of a rough calico material in order to make them durable and easy to repair.

    Once they made their way to Britain, they were adopted as the uniform of miners, agricultural workers and slaves – essentially becoming a symbol of the poorer workers in society. Yet when the First World War arrived they gained a boost in status, with the United States Navy adapting them to become a utility uniform and female factory workers styling theirs with scarves and patches.

    It was not until the 1960s that dungarees began their flirtation with the fashion industry, yet since then they have appeared frequently – and not simply on reruns of the Rednex rendition of Cotton Eye Joe.

    Come on, Vogue!
    Now that dungarees have one more returned to grace the catwalk, fashion-conscious women everywhere face the challenge of accessorising in a way which does not hark back to the 90s – so teaming with shoes which light up or crimping your hair is a big no-no. Instead, try emulating fashion’s darling Alexa Chung, who wears her dungarees baggy with a Shakespearian ruffled blouse and silver peep-toe platforms.

    Alternatively, take inspiration from the playsuit craze and buy cut-off dungarees to show off your legs. After all, it is summer! Accessorise with a slim jewelled belt to accentuate your waist, switching between flip flops and strappy sandals as the scorching afternoon makes way for a balmy evening. If you dare to bear, a simple bright coloured bikini top underneath will suffice, but for those who prefer to cover up a blouse or short sleeved shirt in your pick of the season’s colours will round off the look nicely. The return of the dungaree to magazine covers may be a bit of a shock to some, but like any item of clothing it has largely been sinned against rather than being a sinner in its own right. 

    Grab your credit card, shop for your favourite style and accessories and give the controversial look a chance! In paying by card you can always return the item easily if you decide the look is not for you or purchase a few different styles to try when you get home with the rest of your wardrobe. Paying by card gives you a little more flexibility when out shopping to be a bit creative with your choices.

    Spice Up Your Life.
    OK, yes, many of you reading this will still be very dubious about making dungarees look good. It is natural to feel an element of trepidation about a fashion trend which has received so much bad press and yo-yoed in and out of style for half a century now. Yet this has happened to many styles – the mini-skirt, platform shoes, leather trousers… I could go on. 

    Essentially, the key to making any look work on you is customisation, and denim is one of the easiest fabrics to dress up (or down).

    Distressing fabric is quick, easy and relatively pain free – simply place the area you wish to customise over a sharp point such as the corner of a table and go crazy with the sandpaper. Lashings of bleach to fade out certain areas will also add a unique look to your dungarees, while adding patches ensures that with a little unpicking your customisation can be an ongoing project.

    Embracing new trends is all part of the rollercoaster that is fashion, and giving trends a chance to redeem themselves can often leave you with a whole new favourite outfit. However, if the worst comes to the worst, perhaps more room can be made in that 90s shoebox of horror…

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  • 06/06/13--04:46: Life as a Blogger
  • Being a blogger is one job i can't be anymore thankful for. The freebies, the invites, the love from one can say they hate that - i certainly don't! :) I've been blogging since 14 years old and my blog slowly grew from there. Did i put in a lot of hard work? Honestly, not really, i just wrote about how my day went and took a lot of pictures. I didn't expect my blog to be read by thousands.

    In the beginning, my blog was only read by people from my secondary school who then talked about me to their friends from other schools and then those friends talked about me to other friends and blahblah. Why people read my blog was probably because i posted pictures all the time and wrote about my day (consisted of lotsa complains about school and etc) - which was relatable! 

    Back then, there wasn't Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so people read blogs to read people's rants and look at their pictures. It wasn't cus i was pretty that's why people followed my blog, i looked mediocre - like a regular secondary school girl. I also didn't think i was pretty enough back then but i loved taking pictures of places and people to remember the moment. I had albums and albums of pictures which were created so my friends could look at the album but slowly, more and more people clicked and so my blog readership grew!

    It also grew a lot when i joined designing blogskins for people's blogs. Honestly, my blogskin designs were nothing fantastic lah....but all self-taught - which i'm extremely proud of! I also learnt HTML and etc on my own. Guess i had too much time to spare back then but it's really helpful now when i edit my blog template and webstore so YAY! I wouldn't say it was handwork, more like i spent my time doing stuff i liked which was useful instead of sleeping and watching TV. I didn't do it for "fame" or "money", it was all my own personal interest!

    As my blog grew more and more popular, i was approached by people to do advertorials - something i only saw Xiaxue doing. Which made me realize that i could make a bit of money from it - my parents separated when i was in Secondary School and since then, my mom didn't really give me much pocket money so to be able to earn some money from blogging was awesome.

    Despite the popularity, i never forget the people who were my friends when i was a nobody. Classmates, schoolmates...etc. Everyone thought i would, until they finally met me years later. Everyone said the same thing when we met, "Wah?! You remember me meh?!". Which then i would reply "Why would i forget you?!". Being popular doesn't change who i am what? I'm still ME? My brain is still the same brain?

    Then as time passed, i learnt more about life and this industry and realized something! As I looked around at a lot of people who were getting more and more popular and realized a lot of them change group of friends and completely neglect the people they hung out with when they weren't popular - it's no surprise why my secondary school friends would think so. I really don't blame them for automatically assuming someone would change once they become popular. The popular people stopped mentioning their old friends on Twitter/Instag and only tag the popular people. It was like popular people had to only hang out with popular people. 

    It does look like that but honestly, not every popular blogger/actor/actress/singer is like that. I know i'm not like that, and i never allowed fame to get to my head. 

    It may look like they neglected their old friends but that's not always the case. Here's my reason why that happens for me! It is simply because my friend (who isn't popular) feels uncomfortable being "known". It might sound weird but it's true, not everyone wants to be famous. A lot of people like being "under the radar". 

    Sometimes when i @mention a friend, they'd be like "shit tammy, a lot of weirdos are following me/adding me of Facebook!". Then they ask me not to do so, so i stop. But that certainly isn't a reason for me to stop hanging out with them. Most days i don't take pictures with my friends not because i don't want them to be popular but because they just don't feel comfortable with it. Take for instance, my boyfriend. He hates it when i post pictures of him, or mention him on Twitter/Instag. In the beginning, we had tons of quarrels about it. I thought he was embarrassed to me seen as my boyfriend. But then as time passed, i realized he just hates being made fun of, by his friends and colleagues. They'd say things like "wahhhh....somebody dating Tammy ah!!!!" and he'd feel so uncomfortable with it. He also hates being recognized in public and people going " are tammy's bf right?". He feels like he is only known for being "Tammy's boyfriend", not as him. 

    Then i also have friends, who also complain when i post a picture with them in it that they have people trying to get close to them so they can get to know me - which they find super annoying.

    So yeah, if sometimes you wonder why i only tag bloggers in most of my pictures, now you know! It really isn't because i only hang out with bloggers, i've tons of friends who aren't bloggers and who are not active on social media!

    Then again, that's not the case for EVERY BLOGGER. There are many out there who let fame get into their head and completely cut off all ties with their old friends. Those people who start unfollowing their old friends on Twitter/Instagram and only follow popular people. I feel sad for them, really. Because the friends you get because you're famous might not always be true. There's a chance they are friends with you because you're good-looking, or maybe they want to get more popular. It takes a longer time for you to find out how true they are. It's the friends you make when you are a nobody who are the keepers - the people who know, accept and love you inside out. 

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    I mentioned that in June, i've a lot planned out and in this post, i'm posting 2 events i'll be participating in!

    Here's an event you won't want to miss!

    Happening 10-16 June at JCUBE LEVEL 1!

    Some of the participating blogshops...

    For more details, visit...



    Every Mid and End of the Year, Ohsofickle would organize a clothes buffet to clear our stuff. EVERYONE LOVES CLOTHES BUFFETS!!!

    The previous clothes buffet was quite a mess as we didn't really have proper crowd control and a lot of girls waited a long time under the sun for nothing - we didn't have enough stocks for over 300 people. We have learnt our lesson (this is gonna be the 3rd OSF clothes buffet!) and we also promised to make the next clothes buffet better and so this time, we are doing a pre-sale for tickets to our clothes buffet. 

    Only 100 tickets available!!!

    Not just apparels! Bags and shoes are up for grab as well!!! It's a fit all you can event so if you pick shoes, you might only be able to stuff another 2 apparels in the bag.

    Friday, 13th June

     JCUBE Atrium L1
    2 Jurong East Central 1
    Singapore 609731

    Nearest MRT Station:
    Jurong East MRT Station

    Bus Services:
    51, 52, 66, 78, 79, 97, 97e, 98, 98M, 105, 143, 160, 183, 197, 333, 334, 335, 506


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  • 06/09/13--21:00: Fashmob

  • I am not blessed with skinny legs but LOOK HOW SKINNY THIS PAIR OF JEANS MAKE MY LEGS LOOK?! I've never seen such skinny looking legs on myself...SURE FEELS GOOD HAHA! No liquifying or whatsoever, it's really all thanks to the jeans! I've found the perfect jeans for me thanks to FashMob. I am going to wear this SOOOO OFTEN. Maybe even get all the colors available. :)

    Fash Mob is constantly on the lookout for the latest fashion trends and bringing them to you girls! Check out their website for their latest collections which comprises of exclusively manufactured designs under their Bridge by Fashmob label!

    Not only do you get the latest styles and clothes, you also get to enjoy free local normal postage for all regular priced clothing items! In addition, spend $100 in a single invoice to be entitled to free registered postage!

    Fash Mob is also housed at KissJane @ Bugis Junction #03-13A and FirstDay @ Plaza Singapura #B1-19 with a retail rack full of weekly new designs for your retail shopping needs! Browse their manufactured label designs, bestselling items and also designs exclusive at rack! In addition, Fash Mob's products will also be available for your online purchase at!

    From 11th June, join Fash Mob at their new retail rack at BlogShopping @ JEM #04-07, next to Jurong East MRT! Enjoy 5% off your purchases from 11th to 30th June or 10% for members at BlogShopping! It's more of Fash Mob for everybody!

    Subscribe to their mailing list to stay updated with their latest news and collections! Like their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter/Instagram or read their Blog for more behind-the-scenes!

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  • 06/10/13--23:14: Random

  • My bf and i were shocked at our bill at Crystal Jade Kitchen - Tampines.

    No it was not expensive, in fact, it was cheap!!

    We ordered...
    Soya Milk
    Duck Noodles
    Congee with Sliced Chicken
    Salted Egg Yolk Custard Bun
    Chicken Feet
    Beancurd Skin Prawn
    Rice Rolls with Pork Rib
    (oh and yeah, this is usually how our standard meals are like...LOL! my bf and i are such gluttons it's terrible - thank god on weekdays we've work or else we'd be so fat together!)

    AND THE BILL WAS ONLY....$29?!

    So shocked we actually went to ask and found out that between 2pm-5pm at Tampines Mall (not sure if the other outlets have the same promo), they have a Hi-Tea promo consisting of dim sum and roasted meat dishes! SO WORTH IT! :D

    Enjoying my salted egg custard bun!

    ZI CHAR PARTY after our full lunch at Crystal Jade. ZI CHAR ROCKSSSSSSS!!!! 


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  • 06/10/13--23:15: STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar

  • On Friday, i was invited to a food tasting at STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar!

    Oh man, i ate SOOOO much that night! It was so gooooood!

    For Starters, we had the Hazelnut Escargots...

    Escargots stuffed with hazelnut butter and flambéd with brandy.

    Main courses...


    Spaghetti, crayfish, mussels, squids, thai herbs and wine in a mild tom yum cream. If you love seafood and tom yum, this is a must have! Such a unique dish combining Thai & Italian cuisine.


    This dish is usually done using beef but at Street 50, they want to stand out from the crowd! Served with duck in rich wine sauce with vegetables and spices.

    Expected to see cubes of lamb meat but no, it's a whole lamb shank with rending paste!

    We also had the HOT POT

    This is not the usual hot pot where you have a huge pot in front of you! What i love most is that we all got our own pot!!!

    Super cute and nice pots...


    Everyone was so full but i insisted we order desserts and i am soooo glad i did because the desserts were awesome!

    Durian Pengat
    Luscious durian pulp cocooned in crepe

    Banana Fritters

    Deep fried banana fritters with vanilla ice cream.


    We had such an enjoyable time at STREET 50 and i highly recommend this place if you want a unique dining experience.

    ABOUT STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar
    STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar is Bay Hotel Singapore’s good global flavours restaurant that brings you the best from around the world, offering diverse flavours from Italian, French and American to Vietnamese, Indonesian and Singaporean with interesting twists. Some exciting options include the Lamb Rendang, Roulade of Porkloin Stuffed with Wild Rice and also hotpot. At the foyer, the bar offers a good selection of champagnes, wines, whiskies and other premium spirits in a charming outdoor setting. The drinks are accompanied by a live grill station that makes satay à la minute with a choice of chicken, mutton and beef.

    STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar
    at Bay Hotel Singapore (opposite VivoCity)
    50 Telok Blangah Road Singapore 098828
    Tel: +656818 6681

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  • 06/15/13--03:52: ESSENSUALS PROMO

  • Essensuals Bugis Hairdressing

    241-A Victoria Street
    Bugis Village
    Singapore 188030

    Tel: 6333 0039

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  • 06/15/13--22:16: Readers
  • It has been an enjoyable Saturday being able to meet and greet so many of y'all! :D

    Thank you for dropping by Topshop Knightsbridge and Miyoc JCube! :) I am always happy and thankful to meet those who made OSF possible and made me who I am today. Even though i ain't that big in SG, i really feel super happy when you girls get excited when you see me and say Hi! I FEEL SO LOVED :) 

    X O X O

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  • 06/15/13--22:28: Update
  • Been a busy week with the MIYOC Event at JCube! It's the last day today so drop by if you're around the corner!

    I cant believe it is mid June already. SO SCARY HOW QUICKLY TIME PASSED. HALF A YEAR IN 2013 ALREADY?! I remember 2012 so well....sometimes i still make the mistake of writing the date as 2012. Soon....i will officially turn 22?! Omg i was 18 just yesterday....hahaha. GROWING UP IS SO SCARY. Months and years just passed by LIKE THAT. I really miss being in Secondary School. If you still are, please treasure and enjoy those days k?

    So my upcoming week, i'll be off for my buying trip. What do you girls want me to bring in for OSF? You can drop me suggestions in the comment box below or via email! I have some pretty awesome dresses by OSF coming up! :D Was supposed to update the webstore on Monday but my flight is on Tue and i wont be back till Fri so i'm delaying the launch by another week.

    I cant wait to do proper posts! No food post this week cus well, Mcdonalds has been a good friend this week. I swore never to have Mcdonalds but EVERYONE AROUND ME JUST WANTS HELLO KITTY. Have you gotten your Hello Kitty? I got the Lion and Witch! A friend is gonna give me the Red Riding Hood one, THANK GOODNESS, because i was so worried i'd never get a complete collection. Still waiting for Mcdonalds to restock the Frog!! I need to start getting serious with my diet. Back to eating clean and exercising because i saw a huge improvement in my health and skin when i was eating clean!

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  • 06/16/13--04:30: Rarity

  • Twitter/Instagram: @therarityshop

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  • 06/16/13--23:20: OSF at JCUBE
  • Thank you girls for visiting the JCUBE atrium for OSF stuff! Can't wait for the next event. 

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  • 06/17/13--01:18: Bag Of Bones

  • Bag of Bones, literally interpreted, would suggest that we cater to bags of bones. But we don’t just. Bag of Bones doesn't have a body type. We have apparel and accessories designed to suit all shapes, sizes and styles. Based in Singapore, Bag of Bones is your quintessential online clothing store, with an edge.

    Quote "ohsofickle" to get $1 off your total bill!

    Instagram & Twitter: @bagofbonessg

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  • 06/17/13--06:12: What R U Watching?
  • I usually have a thumb drive with lotsa shows to keep me company during budget flights (if there's no SQ promo, i usually take a budget flight for work) and when i'm in the hotel.

    Here are my current favorite American TV Series (hope my top 5 list will help say goodbye to bored days, especially if you're on school holiday)!

    1. Modern Family
    Three different, but related families face trials and tribulations in their own uniquely comedic ways.

    2. 2 Broke Girls
    Two young women waitressing at a greasy spoon diner strike up an unlikely friendship in the hopes of launching a successful business - if only they can raise the cash.

    3. Don't Trust The B* in Apartment 23
    Chloe is a New York party girl with the morals of a pirate who bullies and causes trouble for her naive small town roommate June.

    4. How I Met Your Mother
    Ted searches for the woman of his dreams in New York City with the help of his four best friends.

    5. Big Bang Theory
    A woman who moves into an apartment across the hall from two brilliant but socially awkward physicists shows them how little they know about life outside of the laboratory.

    All listed are really good and funny! A good way to take my mind off a stressful work.

    What are your favorite American TV Series? :) 

    I'd love to know!

    p.s by the way, Gossip Girl is my all-time favorite but sadly, it has ended. :( but those above are still on-going so yay!

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  • 06/20/13--17:36: Sghaze
  • Didn't expect the haze to get so bad! Last night on the airplane back to Singapore, the view was sooo bad. Imagine if I were a tourist traveling to Singapore for the first time?! Man, my impression of SG would be so bad. Imagine those from the US, who paid like over a thousand to visit Singapore. Oh man...

    Woke up to the smell of burnt ashes & a terrible view. Not so great way to wake up. :( 

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  • 06/21/13--00:01: Instagram Secrets
  • I'm an Instagram Addict and because i'm on Instagram so much, i learnt A LOT a bout Instagram.

    Do you think your pictures are nice and you wish to get more Likes/Followers?

    In this post i'm gonna share with ya'll HOW TO GET MORE FOLLOWERS?

    As a Blogger, i've to always look for ways to grow! The more followers, the better for my blogging career! AND ONE THING I WILL NEVER DO IS...C H E A T. By cheating, i mean, buying followers.

    Here's an example of a website which you can buy Instagram followers from...

    I've seen SO MANY bloggers buying followers on Instagram and am so disappointed! It's unfair because clients choose bloggers based on the number of followers on their profile page. Clients wouldn't go investigate and find out if it's real or not.

    In this post, i'm going to teach you how to gain more followers the "right way"!


    Here are some of the top hashtags on Instagram...


    This depends on which country you're in. In Singapore, from experience, the best timing to post pictures is between 5pm-9pm. I don't know if it applies to everyone or only me but i assume it is because it's the time people end school/work and are on the bus/train on their way home. If you post your pictures at 2-6am in the morning, don't expect to get that many likes/new followers cus most people in in Singapore are asleep!


    Don't post just ANYTHING. Make sure it's a "beautiful" picture, what i would call, "Instagram Worthy".

    "When I first started using Instagram I tried to use it as a sort of photo diary: updating pictures of drinks, my dog, or a fun evening out," "I soon realized that Instagram is better served as a place to surface artistic, beautiful photos. Maybe it's the filters, or the community, but people tend to really enjoy and respond to beauty on the service."


    Know what you are best at. Some people are good at posting food pictures, some of their faces, some of their OOTDs, some only post Black & White pictures....know what works for you best and stick to that if you can. Not EVERYONE can post nice food pictures, or nice OOTDs.


    Be friendly, comment on people's pictures to get noticed! Of course, don't get all obsessed and comment on EVERYONE'S picture. You'll just look like you're "trying too hard" - which will turn people off.


    If you're at Marina Bay Sands, GEOTAG IT! People who are in the area will see your picture if they tap the location's name and if they view your profile and like your pictures, you just gained a new follower!


    I also recently tried something out to see if it'll work cus i saw a few people doing it. Especially bloggers but not sure if it's cus they want to make their name look more interesting or if they want to get "noticed". It is VERY popular among overseas Nail Art/Beauty/Food/Fashion Instagram accounts with over 100k followers.

    Trick is to add a symbol in front of my name,

    eg. * TAMMY TAY *

    (This is an example of my friend's Following List, where i appear 1st due to the symbol in front)

    You can try the following too if you don't like the * , !Tammy! or ~Tammy~ or (Tammy)

    DO NOT put a Emoji, the emoji will only put you at the back of the list if sorted alphabetically. 

    This will help you appear the First on your follower's Following List if the list is sorted alphabetically. I realized this pattern, it's only sorted out alphabetically if your follower follows less than 100 people. I'm not sure about you guys but i like to look at who people are following so i click on people's Following List pretty often! If there are many who are like me out there and your name appears first on the list, i'm sure it'll help in getting noticed! 

    Still unsure about the results so i'm trying it out for a few days to see if my followers grow faster or not.

    Hope this post helps you gain more followers if you've been wondering how! GOOD LUCK!

    Oh and lastly, remember to LINK your FACEBOOK/TWITTER account to your Instagram account. That will help!

    If you wanna follow me, it's @ohsofickle
    THANK YOU! Hehe.

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  • 06/22/13--04:00: New Arrivals
  • Ohsofickle will be launching a new collection on Tuesday, 25 June 7PM at

    The recent shoot was done at Zouk (Thank you Sofie!). Was supposed to be an indoor shoot because of the bad haze situation but Donna the Photographer said the indoor shots weren't flattering and the outdoor shots were so much better. So for better pictures, the photographer and models braved the haze and ended up doing shots at Zouk's carpark and running in and out of Zouk to change. The shoot lasted around 30-40 min outdoor! It was crazy brave of them! I really would've made do with the indoor shots cus the haze was so bad and i was feeling extremely guilty for putting the models and my photographer through however they all were so willing and helpful and there was not a word of complain. Thankfully Donna (Follow @Shootingponies on Instagram) is extremely quick and so were the models. I am super thankful for Francesca (@itsxfrancesca) and Felecia (@feleciasterlina). Can't ask for better models that day AND OF COURSE, THE BEST PHOTOGRAPHER EVERRR, DONSIE. I LOVE YOU! I'm gonna settle with studio shoots if the haze doesn't go down next week. It was torturous seeing them work in such conditions and i feel so guilty till now! I just want to apologize and thank them non-stop!!!

    Here are the some of the stuff coming up in the next collection...

    Launching on...
    Tuesday, 25 June // 7PM 


    More Preview Available at

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  • 06/24/13--12:05: TagStyle
  • It started with two sisters who shared a strong belief in cultivating individualism with fashion. The apparent boldness of an entirely unique outfit was what struck their fancy. Having been inspired by spontaneous designs and vibrant colours, the sisters had a personal urge to create interesting fashion styles for discerning individuals.

    There and then, TagStyle was envisioned.
    With the TagStyle concept in mind, the sisters have come forth with an assortment of vintage-inspired and trendy clothing – all with an individualistic and quirky bent. Combining eclectic styles with great quality and affordability, TagStyle has tugged the heart strings among ladies who have the passion to dress well for the occasion and stand out.
    The artist, the creative, the romantic, the adventurer, the visionary, the free-spirited – it’s all about being true to one’s self and expressing individualism.



    Like and Share to win our 'Limited Edition Skull Studs Wallet' (picture below) worth $49.90!

    Step 1: Like our Facebook Page:
    Step 2: Like & Share the picture of Tammy wearing TagStyle's Monochrome Horse Cardigan!

    Step 3: Comment on the picture: "I Love TagStyle"> 

    Step 4: Send in your snapshot of the shared album to “” with subject header “Tammy-Skull Studs Wallet"

    *Do include shared snapshots of the picture to increase your chance of winning! Winners will be notified via email! 


    Sign up for exclusive updates, new arrivals, events, contest, promotions & more!

    SHOP LOCATION: Orchard Central, #05-K3,181 Orchard Road, Singapore 238896 (Look out for a British Telephone Booth!)

    Enter Discount Code: "TAMMYGSS" to get $2 off your total purchase during this GSS period (Valid till 28 July 2013)

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  • 06/25/13--07:34: Blue Floral Blazer

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