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because im fickle like that.

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  • 06/19/15--17:00: Official Opening: imagine
  • imagine by SK66 - kitchen and closet specialist & interior design

    Had the official opening yesterday :) good food, booze, and great company! 


    Thank you all who came and sent flowers to the showroom too! Appreciate it loads. :) There were so many hehe!

    If you wish to renovate your home, or change out your closet or kitchen cabinets, feel free to visit us at our new showroom!

    Showroom Address
    imagine by SK66
    81 Ubi Ave 4 UB One #01-22
    Singapore 408830

    Also, feel free to drop us a call or an e-mail for a quotation or to book an appointment with us. :)


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  • 06/10/15--05:50: Baby Girl = Bad Skin?
  • Yippee! So yes, baby girl gave me BAD BAD BAD SKIN. I don't think I've found a solution yet because my skin is STILL breaking out. It's better Everytime after a facial but goes back to being clogged and bumpy a few days later. Everyone says there's nothing much I can do because it's the hormones. :( 

    What was recommended by mummy friends who went through the same thing is to go for regular facials to extract professionally and do some light therapy thing, eat healthier (more veg, less sugar!) and drink more water. Also not to use too many different products on my face as what worked before pregnancy might not work during pregnancy due to the hormonal changes? And some ingredients are not suitable so only go for products which are made out of natural ingredients! If I find any solution which works for me I'd share it here :)

    I don't know why but when I complaint about bad skin, people told me "you must be having a girl". Is it true that you will have bad skin when you are pregnant with a girl and good skin with a boy? For me it seems to be true because with Elroy, I did not have problematic skin and had very glowy complexion. There were a few beak outs here and there in the first trimester but nothing I couldn't manage and resolve within a few days. However this time round, nothing seems to work for me :( my skin is so rough it's damn sad whenever I touch it. I miss clear skin!!!

    I can't be happier though! It's always been a dream to have a girl of my own! I love boys but I also always wanted a girl to play dress up with! Also, I think girls tend to stay closer to parents till their old, unlike boys. Haha. 

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  • 06/17/15--06:07: Week 17 (2nd Pregnancy)
  • Omg what a horribly sinful thing I did last night...

    Someone brought 4 durians over and I ate 2 whole durians ALL BY MYSELF. I had like 14 seeds in all I think?? It's a ridiculous amount but I tried and couldn't stop! I was like "ok, maybe one last one..." Then started pinching the meat slowly and bit by bit and before I know it, THE WHOLE THING WAS WIPED OUT BY ME. I think I'll stay away from it till my last trimester and if my baby happens to be small, I'll go on a spree but for now, better stay away as I don't want gestational diabetes and an overly large baby.

    Other than the durian episode, I have been pretty healthy I guess! Don't really over eat like I did during my first pregnancy but who knows, things might change but I hope it doesn't as it's pretty good the way it is now. Don't have any unhealthy cravings like ice cream and chocolates, unlike my first pregnancy. Have been OD-ing on fruits though! But that isn't a bad thing right? Haven't done much prenatal work outs this time round as I've been so busy at work and also I think carrying a 10kg+ Elroy daily is quite a work out already? Haha. I do hope to start exercising a bit and being a lil more active as i was in my first pregnancy as it really benefit me! I felt more energetic and stronger when I exercised. 

    This week I visited the ob/gyn and found out I gained 1kg. Doc said it's all good and baby looks healthy and is growing well so I have nothing to worry about! Looking forward to a more full and thorough scan at 20 weeks! Might only do a pregnancy update again at 20 weeks well, unless anything interesting happens in this upcoming weeks hehe.

    Week 17 (2nd Pregnancy)
    Current Weight: 53kg
    Weight Gained: 4kg (starting weight 49kg)

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  • 06/20/15--21:34: Ad: Carrislabelle

  • Line Out Ribbed Top

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    Shop at website 

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  • 06/22/15--20:00: Ad: Anticlockwise

  • Quote "tammy" for 10% off*
    (Valid till 30th June 2015 – Not valid for all sale/style deal items)


    Starting from June, Anticlockwises will be launching twice a week (Monday & Thursday). Catch their #MadebyACW Apparels every Monday!

    *Exclusively Made by ACW* - Embroidery Embellished Flowy Dress in Blue & White

    *Exclusively Made by ACW* - Clover Embellished High Neck Top in White

    For their second launch of the week - Every Thursday, Anticlockwise will be introducing a BRAND NEW CONCEPT – Style Deal Section where you can find trendy apparels ranging FROM JUST $14.90 - $19.90. Remember to catch their weekly Style Deal Launches every THURSDAY 8PM!

    Quote TAMMY to get 10% OFF with *minimum two regular priced items purchased! 

    (Valid till 30th June 2015 – Not valid for all sale/style deal items)

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  • 06/23/15--18:00: Steps

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  • 06/24/15--03:40: Furniture Clearance
  • I'm clearing away some furniture in my home! 

    Selling this space egg chair + coffee table (will not sell seperately) for $400 excluding delivery. Egg chair used for about a year, not in super excellent condition as I didn't receive it in great condition to start with (space chair was a display piece). Coffee table still in pretty good condition! Definitely a steal!

    Im unsure how much delivery would cost by professionals, I think maybe $100 as it is kinda huge but if you can find your own movers it'll save you more money!

    Email if you are keen! :) 

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    Wearing White Off Shoulder Top from

    Wearing Blue Oversized Shirt from

    Established since 2009, FYN is now an international label for female apparels based in Singapore. They provide wholesale distribution and manufacture services, mainly to Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia markets. 

    In 2010, FYN began to manufacture their own designs to ensure customers' design exclusivity. The response from the launch was overwhelmed, to date all the chic and fashionable apparels that they carry are curated by their design team. 

    FYN strives to provide the best for workmanship, quality and to the finest details. From sourcing of fabric, sampling, to end of production are all personalized. 

    As part of the continuous effort to provide better services and close contact with their customers, FYN has created a website specially to allow both overseas and local reseller customers to purchase online. 

    For a quick view on their style, you may visit their website and take a sneak peek on their LOOKBOOK at 
    Reseller customers will need to register an account online and wait for the admin approval before being able to view the catalogue products in details. 
    Customers who wish to make personal retail purchase, do drop by their brick and mortar stores in City Plaza, Singapore. 

    City Plaza, 810 Geylang Road, 
    #03-90, #04-35A, Singapore 409286 

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  • 06/24/15--21:27: TV Series Marathon
  • The past month has been like this...go to work in the afternoon (usually for 3 hours for meetings), TV Time + a whole lotta Snacking and Sleep. It's like good bye to my happening life...and friends? I am officially a loner. I don't know how I did this all the way but I did and am enjoying the lonliness?? Oh dear what's happening to meeeee. Maybe a few date nights here and there with the boy and that's about it. All by myself most of the time. Everyday it's just me, the TV with Elroy climbing all over me, crazy crazy loads of food, and sleep. I can't say I'm a bum either because I do meet clients and do up quotations whenever requested but since I'm pregnant, it's not recommended I go to the site so my work is pretty simple! 

    Ok anyhooows, the past month I've been hooked on Orange in The New Black. I've heard of it but never bothered because I didnt think a show about women in prison was all that great but now I love it and I love it even more because I'm at Season 3 now and RUBY ROSE! When I started on my marathon a month back, I did not know who Ruby Rose was, I just decided to watch the show because I didn't know what to watch. Then came a super hot girl trending all over and when I did a wiki search, she's in the show I was watching which got me super excited to watch it till season 3 & I did! Hehe. She's so so hot?! 

    Besides OITNB I am also watching Melissa and Joey now. A bit more light hearted and not so intense hehe.

    So this month is kinda different from other months as it is my American TV shows month! Been so long since I last followed US shows because I've been following Korean shows! Oh, one of my favourite K Drama I finished not too long ago is Birth of a Beauty. Can I say how gorgeous the lead actress is?! Plus she definitely does not look her age at all!! 

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  • 05/27/15--08:32: Ju Shin Jung

  • Went for Korean BBQ with Chevonne and Lionel at Ju Shin Jung Guillemard Road branch. I've been to the Katong one before and thought it was not bad!

    I've always passed by this one at Guilemmard whenever I went to and it was always pretty empty but since it was also Ju Shin Jung I decided to give it a try since I was craving KBBQ. Moreover I had baby E with me that day and most of the Korean BBQ restaurants I usually go to (besides Chang BBQ at Dempsey) is rather small and very packed. Not very baby friendly at all.

    Who is dis pwetty zeh zeh??

    Haha lio and his minions obsession.

    I was happy to find out they have an eat all the meat you can for around $40/pax with a soup each. Quite okay price. Well I actually know of a few good Korean BBQ buffets which are much cheaper but usually very packed so I dont really go often. Plus I prefer better quality meat so I rarely go for Korean BBQ buffets. 

    When I had Ju Shin Jung previously, I didn't have the buffet and had better meat. The marinated chicken and pork they offered for the eat all you can was not too bad. However the beef was SO DISAPPOINTING. I would definitely choose the ala carte option if I only ate beef.

    Gimme some of dat!

     Mmmm that looks good

    It's super children friendly though! Very spacious place and there's even a play area for kids! Baby E was a little cranky and screamed quite a bit towards the end cus he wanted to go home as it was his sleep time but thank goodness the place was big and I don't think his screaming was THAT deafening and distracting to other customers. Phew! Haha. Also, because Ju Shin Jung was a pretty big and spacious restuarant we didn't end up walking out smelling like BBQ. So yay to that!

    I would recommend it for dinner in big groups as they have quite a few private rooms available. And yes, if you are dining with a baby or children, this would be a good Korean BBQ place to go to compared to most places! However, i am not a huge fan as I feel there's better KBBQ restaurants in Singapore. But I think I would still go back though because not many KBBQ restaurants are as baby friendly and have so many private rooms. Afterall, the food isn't bad, it's so-so but not WOW.

    Ju Shin Jung
    102 Guillemard Road #01-01 Singapore 399719
    Tel: 6440 7707 

    Weekday Lunch: 11:30pm to 2.30pm (Last Order at 2pm)
    Weekday Dinner: 6pm to 11pm (Last Order at 10pm)
    Sat, Sun&P.H: 11:30am ~ 11pm (lastorder at10pm)

    Check out their other outlets here.

    *most of my food reviews are not sponsored unless stated*

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  • 06/27/15--19:00: Ad: Montifs

  • Wearing grey greek goddess maxi dress from
    Enter "TAMMY15" for 15% off all orders, valid till 28th July

    Wearing gold pleated skirt from
    Enter "TAMMY15" for 15% off all orders, valid till 28th July

    Montifs is a fast fashion brand that brings in new arrivals weekly to keep up the excitement each time our customers visit Keeping style and updated trends in mind, we carefully hand select each items with care, knowing it’ll bring out the best in you!

    STAND A CHANCE TO GET E-VOUCHERS worth $8 - $88 for every purchase!
    Enter "TAMMY15" for 15% off all orders, valid till 28th July at WWW.MONTIFS.COM

    Instagram: @montifs

    *Free registered applies only to total price of $50 and above after discount

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  • 06/28/15--07:28: No Beautify Me
  • Not doing a Beautify Me post this month because MY SKIN SUCKS. I'm sorry girls if you were looking forward to that.

    I feel so ugly and horrible about myself :'( R U STEALING MY BEAUTY AWAY BABY GIRL?! I really feel so so so horrible the past week. Been kinda emotional too. And all I wanna do is be alone at home...with Elroy. Pls let me feel like myself again!

    I also realize that rashes and mozzie bites seem to be taking a longer time to heal while I'm pregnant? It's so weird. Oh and the stretchmarks from my last pregnancy are super visible again! Quite sad but hoping I don't get more from this pregnancy. I'm so prone to stretchmarks even after applying bio oil religiously! I seriously don't know why :( some ppl said it's genetics but my mom had NONE from 2 pregnancies. Maybe Bio Oil and Clarins ain't working for me. 

    Anyway! Hoping to fix my skin asap so I'll wanna apply make up and look pretty again to share beauty secrets with yall. 

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  • 06/28/15--18:24: Sigh
  • Sometimes there are SO many things I wish I could explain and share but I can't. And because I can't, people can't stop spreading untrue stuff which hurts. All I can say is whether I'm married or not, nobody (who isn't my/our friend) would know because we have came to a decision to not share anything about our personal lives/rship on social media to keep things private. Whether I have/had a big ceremony or just a small one, you guys will not know anything. We have a beautiful boy and another coming our way and that's major life events I had to go through a lot of quarrels and fifths just so I can share. IDK why but some people just hate social media and he is one of those that cannot stand it. For me I have seen the pros and cons and I love it but I respect him so I decided to compromise. After all, him wanting to lead a life which doesn't have to be all about sharing on social media is safer and there's nothing wrong with it. I don't need you or anyone to tell me, or even FORCE me to share anything with the world. 

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  • 06/28/15--19:00: Ad: ShopSassyDream

  • White Top and Stripey Skirt from
    Quote "tammy5" upon checkout to enjoy 5% off total bill. Promotion is valid till 30th July

    White Top from
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    Quote "tammy5" upon checkout to enjoy 5% off total bill. 
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    Retail Store: FAR EAST PLAZA #01-80

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  • 06/29/15--18:00: Ad: WildPeonies

  • Wearing Pin Striped Boyfriend Shirt in both Pink and Blue from

    Quote TAMMY10% when you check out to enjoy 10% off apparels (not including BO/sale items)!

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    Apart from weekly apparel launches, Wild Peonies also has an Intimates category and that makes them dressing you up inside-out, literally!
    They constantly restock on their lingerie items, so there’s no need to be afraid of your favourite bra/undies going out of stock!!

    Check out a few of their best selling items below:

    Do keep a lookout this July as they come up with a brand new range of intimate products for you ladies!
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    Instagram: @shopwildpeonies

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  • 06/30/15--00:41: V Neck Sweater

  • Pullover: MDSCollections
    Dress: Anticlockwise
    Shoes: Chanel

    This is my 19 Weeks Preggo OOTD! Bump is out but still managed to hide it in this outfit hehe. 

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    I have finally decided on the preschool for Elroy and have registered and secured a place for him already. Yes, he is only 9 months old but being a typical kiasu Singaporean, i decided to do the registration ASAP so i won't have to be placed on Waiting List. Due to privacy, i am not going to reveal the school i chose but it is one of the schools listed in this post.

    I had a hard time narrowing down the preschools to visit and had to do some research on the many schools friends and readers suggested. I think my list had like 30 schools in total! Feel that most mummies might also have a hard time so here is my narrowed down list of the preschools worth considering. I visited 7 preschools in total on one week i was surprisingly really free. 4 of them in this list (EtonHouse, Brighton, Pat's, Mindchamps), and another 3 others i visited which i didn't like therefore won't be sharing.

    When choosing the school, it is best you make an appointment beforehand so you can do a school tour and know more about the schools.

    Decide what kind of curriculum you think is better for your child. Different preschools offer different curriculums, read up on it and decide what you feel is the best (here).

    International Baccalaureate/Primary Years Program – Featuring six transdisciplinary themes to encourage confidence and identity, the IB PYP programs adds an additional dimension to traditional curriculum. 
    Play-based learning. Although most preschools offer a version of play-based learning, here are a few of our picks.
    Mandarin Language Immersion
    Montessori – A school of thought that recognizes the uniqueness of the child, rewarding their individuality in learning. You can find Montessori-based schools throughout Singapore. Just to name a few specialty picks around town:
    Waldorf Steiner
    Reggio Emilia – A philosophy of self guided curriculum where children learn in a supportive environment that enhances exploration and discovery.
    (Credits x)

    I also considered the child to teacher ratio – how many kids to 1 teacher. Because my son will only be 19 months old when he enters school, i did not want a too "crowded" classroom and preferred schools which have like a 1:7 ratio so my child gets more attention. A friend of mine told me the school she sent her child to has a ration of like 1:10? Don't know how the teachers can manage! Also, it is best to choose one which is nearest to your place, but even if it isn't, most preschools will recommend you an external school bus service to pick your child from home to school and back. And of course, last but not least, the cost of the school fees. Most of the schools in this list cost around $1300-$2000/month for full day pre-nursery (after deduction of working mom subsidy). Most parents usually put their child half day though so price is lower. For me, i enrolled my son for Full Day course but am going for "Flexi-Hours", as the school i chose doesn't offer "Flexi-Hours". Was told it isn't "good" to do Full Day when he is so young so i think i'll alternate some days full day, some days i'll pick him up half-day.

    Here is the list of the preschools i considered enrolling Elroy to and have visited and liked it...

    Chiltern House

    Chiltern House Enrolment
    Address : 902 East Coast Parkway
    Block C #01-09/10
    Playground@Big Splash
    Singapore 449874
    Tel : (+65) 6346 6130

    Chiltern House East Coast
    Address : 902 East Coast Parkway
    Block C, #02-17/18
    Playground @ Big Splash
    Singapore 449874
    Tel : (+65) 6345 9912

    Chiltern House Forum
    Address : #04-01 Forum
    583 Orchard Road
    Singapore 238884
    Tel : (+65) 6737 1966

    Chiltern House Thomson
    Address : 510 Thomson Road, #04-01A
    SLF Building Singapore 298135
    Tel : (+65) 6299 5161

    They have a more centres, you can find the full list on their website.

    Cherie Hearts

    Cherie Hearts @ Upper Thomson (NEW!)
    6 Tagore Drive
    Tagore Building #B1-05/06, Singapore 787623
    Phone: 6456 3802

    Cherie Hearts Little Play House (Tai Seng)
    30 Tai Seng Street
    BreadTalk IHQ #02-12/13, Singapore 534013
    Phone: 6288 8261

    Cherie Hearts Holdings @ Kim Keat
    60 Kim Keat Rd, Kim Keat House
    #01-01/03, Singapore 328827
    Phone: 6252 6228

    Cherie Hearts Holdings @ Tampines St 42
    Blk 460 Tampines St 42
    #01-312, Singapore 520460
    Phone: 6788 0603

    Cherie Hearts @ Gombak (Upper Bukit Timah)
    Blk 307 Gombak Recreation Centre
    Bukit Panjang Camp, Bukit Panjang Loop, Singapore 669638
    Phone: 6768 3259

    Cherie Hearts Holdings @ Jurong East
    Blk 248 Jurong East St 24
    #01-72, Singapore 600248
    Phone: 6560 8786

    They have a more centres, you can find the full list on their website.

    Pat's Schoolhouse

    Pat's Schoolhouse Claymore
    11 Claymore Road, Singapore 229541
    Hotline: +65 6781 2288

    Pat's Schoolhouse Raffles
    11 Beach Road #03-01 Singapore 189675
    Hotline: +65 6781 2288

    Pat's Schoolhouse GrassRoots
    190 Ang Mo Kio, Ave 8, #01-04 The Grassroots' Club, Singapore 568046
    Hotline: +65 6781 2288+65 6781 2288

    Pat's Schoolhouse Kovan
    755 Upper Serangoon Road
    Singapore 534625
    Hotline: 6781 2288

    Pat's Schoolhouse Lakeside
    5 Kang Ching Road, Singapore 619061
    Hotline: +65 6781 2288

    They have a more centres, you can find the full list on their website.

    LEAP Schoolhouse

    LEAP Schoolhouse City Square
    180 Kitchener Road
    #09-09/10, City Square Mall
    Singapore 208539
    BRN: 200913496R

    Tel: 6634 0828

    LEAP Schoolhouse Pasir Ris
    443 Pasir Ris Drive 6
    Singapore 510443
    We are located above the Pasir Ris HDB branch office,
    and we are right beside Nissi childcare centre.

    Tel: 6581 2271 / 9230 5117

    LEAP Schoolhouse
    5 Jalan Lana
    Singapore 419037

    Tel: 6449 0306 / 6246 3695


    MindChamps PreSchool @ Yio Chu Kang
    202 Ang Mo Kio Ave 9, #01-204
    Yio Chu Kang Swimming Complex
    Singapore 569771 (Yio Chu Kang MRT)

    Tel: +65 6481 6626 / +65 8492 7888

    MindChamps PreSchool @ Woodlands
    11 Woodlands Close, #01-38/39 Woodlands 11
    Singapore 737853 (near Admiralty MRT)

    Tel: +65 6339 3296

    MindChamps PreSchool @ Toa Payoh
    #05-12 HDB Hub Biz 3, Lift Lobby 2,
    490 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh,
    Singapore 310490 (Toa Payoh MRT)

    Tel: +65 6828 2648

    MindChamps PreSchool @ Bishan
    Midview City, 18 Sin Ming Lane, #01-18
    Singapore 573960 (near Marymount & Bishan MRT)

    Tel: +65 6734 8400

    MindChamps PreSchool @ 143 East Coast Road
    143 East Coast Road,
    Singapore 428833 (Opp. 112 Katong)

    Tel: +65 9681 4481 / +65 6440 0859

    MindChamps PreSchool @ Bedok
    750C Chai Chee Rd,
    #01-01 Technopark @ Chai Chee (near Bedok MRT)

    Tel: +65 9833 4567

    They have a more centres, you can find the full list on their website.


    EtonHouse Newton
    Address: 39 Newton Road Singapore 307966
    Tel: 6352 3322

    EtonHouse Bilingual Bukit Timah
    215 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 588 184

    EtonHouse Mountbatten 223
    Address: 223 Mountbatten Road , #01-18 , Singapore 398008
    Tel: (65) 6440 5100

    Brighton Montessori

    Brighton Montessori Fort Road
    16 Fort Road
    Singapore 439077

    Brighton Montessori Frankel Avenue
    125 Frankel Avenue
    Singapore 458235

    Brighton Montessori River Valley
    370 River Valley Road
    Singapore 248279

    Brighton Montessori Sunset Way
    41 Sunset Way, #02-01/02 Clementi Arcade
    Singapore 597071

    Brighton Montessori The Grassroots' Club *New*
    190 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, #02-01 The Grassroots Club
    Singapore 568046

    You can contact us at our hotline +65 6588 3883 to find out more.

    Hopefully this list would be helpful in helping you find the best preschool for your child!

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  • 07/04/15--02:28: Ad: HollyHoque

  • The piece i'm wearing is available here
    Available online and at Orchard Gateway B2-02
    Use discount code "Ohsofickle" at the HollyHoque store (Orchard Gateway B2-02) for a 10% discount!
    (Discount is not applicable with other promotions and is valid until end July)

    About Hollyhoque

    The name Hollyhoque is derived from the flower, Hollyhock, and is also pronounced as such. Sheila, the brainchild behind the brand, chose it because it signifies both fruitfulness and luxuriance.

    At first glance, Hollyhoque’s logo may look like a normal “H”; upon closer scrutiny, perhaps, one will then come to realize there are 2 H’s, one capital and the other small. However, not many are aware just how much more there is to it! Beautifully written and lovingly created, the design actually includes Sheila’s initial (S) and her boyfriend’s (J), of whom co-manages the blogshop. On top of that, the numerals 4 and 2008 are also very subtly and ingeniously incorporated into the logo, as Hollyhoque launched its very first collection sometime in April 2008.

    The letters are written in a straight stroke to symbolize Hollyhoque’s smooth-sailing journey, and are also purple in color to represents fulfillment and inspiration.

    The duo’s ideals for Hollyhoque remains steadfast since its humble beginnings: Hollyhoque will and shall be every girl’s dream wardrobe updater with weekly themed launches at wallet-friendly prices. Carrying an extensive range of today’s fashion with uniquely manufactured items attached with our very own in-house label as well as an array of apparel sourced from all over the world, Hollyhoque aims to cater to the fashion savvy.

    After having relinquished the livejournal platform, Hollyhoque has been ever growing and expanding – it not only nestles happily in the era of the with pride and joy, it also has a flagship store in Singapore’s most bustling shopping area, Orchard. You may locate it at Orchard Gateway #B2-02, and can arrive there through Somerset’s MRT station.

    Hollyhoque is having a SALE up to 60% off!!! 

    Do check out both their online store and their retail store at Orchard Gateway B2-02.

    Use discount code "Ohsofickle" at the HollyHoque store (Orchard Gateway B2-02) for a 10% discount!
    (Discount is not applicable with other promotions and is valid until end July) 

    Shop Now

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  • 07/04/15--04:27: Pregnancy Acne Cleared!
  • Oh my goodness! I finally cleared my skin and i am super duper happy!!! It's been a horrible 2 months for me suffering from acne and blemishes like never before. Ok, i'm's been probably 2 years since i last face such severe skin issues. Haha. 

    Anyway, i REALLY give thanks to this 4 products!

    1. Belli Anti-Blemish Facial Wash
    (can also be left on your skin for like 10 min as a wash-off mask)
    2. Belli Acne Control Spot Treatment
    3. La-Roche Posay Effaclar Facial Wash
    Available at most Guardians and Watsons in Singapore.
    4. Albion Skin Conditioner
    You can get this from Takashimaya Albion Counter in Singapore.

    This 4 products have turned my skin around and have gained my confidence back (well sorta....).

    Also, i have to thank Atlas Medical Clinic for being ever so patient with me and helping me do extraction on my skin when it was super congested! That must've helped clear up my skin too.

    I'm sorry but i did not take any pictures of my skin due to self-esteem issues i've been facing (sigh i really think it's the pregnancy hormones making me feel so horrible about myself). But i really swear by this 4 products which has saved my skin.

    If you are pregnant and facing acne problems, please try the 4 items out! I hope it will work as well on you as it worked for me.

    It was super difficult to find a good product. I've tried SO MANY in the past few months and most made my skin worse. Many products which worked for me in the past were unsuitable for pregnancy due to the ingredients it contained so i did some research and found Belli. Delivery took like a week, which was totally ok with me because i saw improvement in 3 days after using the products!

    So my routine is super simple during the period i was trying to resolve my horrible skin.

    In the morning, i wash my face with La-Roche Posay Effaclar and Pat Albion Skin Conditioner before putting my usual make up (primer, concealer, foundation blah). 
    At night, i use my Shu Uemura Oil Cleanser to remove my make up, then use Belli Facial Wash and Apply the Spot Control Treatment. On some nights, i leave the facial wash on for about 5-10 min before washing it off. I don't really know if it's working well but since they claim it's a versatile product and can be used as i wash off mask i decided to do that haha.

    Belli does feel drying on my skin and my skin is really pretty dry now but it's so SOOOO much better than congested and pimply skin for sure. 

    I will start to slap on a good moisturizer now and hope i don't start breaking out again. It's like during pregnancy, my skin is SO DIFFERENT! Super sensitive and acne prone :( Hoping it'll go back to normal after i give birth man.

    Now i need not pile on so much make up to cover up my bad skin because my skin is CLEARED! FINALLY. Ya...i know i shouldnt even have piled on make up on my bad skin because that will just make it worse but i really feel very crappy if i do not cover up the pimples and blemishes and i'd not want to see anyone or go out.

    This is not a paid ad.

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  • 07/05/15--18:00: Carpentry Package Price
  • Opening Promotion!

    Here's a package price of the carpentry we do for BTO HDB! 

    First 20 Customers...
    (Valid only from July-August 2015)
    What you see on the left of this image is an idea of what you will be getting.

    No gimmicks, no gst, no hidden costs! 

    A few clients have also told me about coming across many packages which are super duper attractive but when they get down for a discussion, they end up having to pay a lot more. We assure you will get everything stated, quality will not be compromised (there's no way we'd want to jeopardize our reputation) and there are no hidden costs.  

    At Imagine by SK66, we focus very much on the workmanship and quality of our carpentry and with over 40 years of experience in Carpentry, we can assure you we are one of the best in this field. Our products come with warranty.



    Showroom Address
    81 Ubi Ave 4 UB One #01-22
    Singapore 408830
    Opening Hours: 11am – 8pm daily (Closed on Public Holidays)

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