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because im fickle like that.

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    I hit 20 weeks this week! Which means I'm already halfway through my 2nd pregnancy.

    So I am now 5 months pregnant with a girl on the way and have a 10 month old baby boy. 

    I have realized many differences in my 1st and 2nd pregnancies so I shall share some with you!

    Let me share some similarities between my 1st and 2nd first!

    It's only 4 things haha...
    1. I did not have morning sickness at all!
    2. My appetite is crazy when pregnant and I just can't feel full for long so I'm always always eating.
    3. My hips and back hurt a lot...and it's only going to get worse. I dread going through the last few weeks with this pain in my hip again. During the last pregnancy it was so so bad.

    Now the differences...

    Nobody Cares 

    1st Pregnancy: Everyone is always concerned about you and asking about you. I get texts from close and not so close friends all the time asking how I'm coping with the pregnancy.

    2nd Pregnancy: Nobody cares. I'm serious! It's like as if I'm not pregnant at all? Haha. Even my partner and close friends sometimes forget that I am?! It's a bit sad but it's true. 


    Weight Gain and Food Choices

    1st Pregnancy: Eat EVERYTHING because I'm eating for two!!!! I usually limit myself to 1500 calories but since I can eat for 2, I can eat 3000 calories! Hungry at 3am, call mcdelivery and a mcspicy and filet O fish! Just eat because it means baby wants it! Give in to ALL my cravings because I can and deserve it and everyone feeds me all the time anyway. OMG, 10kg weight gain at halfway mark already?!

    2nd Pregnancy: Eat healthier! Craving macs at 3am? Nahhhh I'll just eat bread and an apple! Because eating healthy means you don't put on unnecessary weight and it's much healthier for both mummy and baby. Only 5kg weight gain at my halfway mark! Oh and uhhh nobody cares too so nobody feeds me and encourages me to eat more anymore haha. 


    Heavy Stuff

    1st Pregnancy: *out shopping with friends* *attempts to pick shopping bags from the counter* "eh I help you carry la! You pregnant cannot carry so many things one!"

    2nd Pregnancy: *carries 10kg+ baby boy* *picks up heavy shopping bags from grocery shopping* NOBODY CARES. 


    Always Updated

    1st Pregnancy: Remembering clearly what week + day I am. Getting updates on apps and constantly checking out Baby Center and What to a Expect. I can go into the app like 4 times in the same week reason it over and over again. Oh and wanting to know week by week what fruit size my baby is now. 

    2nd Pregnancy: "Eh, now what week already ah?" 


    Buying Baby Stuff

    1st Pregnancy: "He needs this! And this! And this!!!""Oh he is new born so I need to get NB clothes" I was buying things almost everyday??? Also I bought SO SO many things because I'm very kiasu which are pretty unnecessary and ended up not using because he grew so quickly too! 

    2nd Pregnancy: Everything can use Elroy's yay to saving money on that! Still buying though...BECAUSE FINALLY I CAN BUY PINK STUFF! Hehe. But I buy more practical clothes now and make sure I buy it bigger! Rather her be in oversized clothing so can wear the item longer haha.


    At Doctor's Appointment

    1st Pregnancy: "Oh no! I hit my belly ytd, is my baby alright?""Oh no! I accidentally ate a bit of my friend's egg Benedict is my baby gonna be ok?""I accidentally ate pineapple, is it ok?" Basically asking A LOT of questions and can spend almost 45min inside asking time I wrote down a list of things to ask my doc in case I forgot.

    2nd Pregnancy: *hears baby's heartbeat and sees baby on screen* "Your baby is growing well and right on track.""That's great! See you next month!" *out in 5min*


    Bonding with Bump

    1st Pregnancy: *plays classical music and place it near belly for baby* *read to the bump* I also cannot stop touching my ALL THE TIME. Whenever, wherever. Everyone wanted to touch it and talk to baby inside too.

    2nd Pregnancy: *sleeps on belly or back* *feels uncomfortable* "Oh ya... got baby inside that's why!" 


    I sound like I totally don't care about this pregnancy but I DO!!! Just that I'm not so paranoid and worried because I sorta know what to expect already and also...because people around me don't seem to care about me, I also end up not caring so much about me. Lol. Not to mention, my 10 month old baby is kinda too active already haha. Brought him to meet some baby friends and mummies told me my baby is much more active than their babies and they can't imagine how much more tiring it'll be for my helper and I when he starts walking. For now, he has to crawl EVERYWHERE so it's kinda bad alr. And he will keep trying to stand up. He doesn't sleep that much anymore so it's super tiring. Nothing can keep him still. Not even the iPad. I guess that's why I'm always so tired and tend to forget about my pregnancy. Lol. Not sure if it's a good thing or not because I'm not "enjoying" the process and remembering it at all. What if this is my last baby (I don't mind more but have to wait and see how things go)!! After all, having one boy and one girl is "perfect" alr right? After writing this, maybe I should try to start being more attentive to myself and enjoy being pregnant...haha.

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    A friend and i just started this little simple webstore selling cushion covers (and a few other stuff) called Imagine Inisde. We are just trying it out to see how it goes for now!

    Focusing on mostly Cushion Covers for now! I personally love changing out the cushion in my house as different prints and colors give a different feel! And i'm always on a hunt for nice printed ones. Hopefully this will progress so we can bring in more stuff in future! :)

    Check it out at


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  • 07/09/15--22:48: Week 21
  • Halfway there! 

    Another 20 more weeks or less to go~

    Just did my detailed scan and all looks great. So so happy and relieved! I don't know why but I was worrying so much because I couldn't feel my baby move at all. But soon! I'm guessing I should feel her by this week? 

    Finally have a visible baby bump that doesn't look like a food baby! Hehe. But still can hide under most of my clothes unless I wear like a body con...which I do if I am going to crowded places so I don't get pushed around and maybe, get priority...and bigger food portions LOL. Some perks of being preggers!

    Kinda hoping my bump doesn't grow too fast because I won't be able to carry Elroy anymore when that happens and I'm super scared he will distant himself from me and be much much closer to daddy and the helper. I'll feel so left out!!! :( I really feel very sad when I don't feel like Elroy's favourite person but many mummies tell me it's pretty normal for a period of time? Actually Elroy is so easy-going it's like anyone also can! So like I don't feel important? Kinda childish and stupid to feel sad about it but I think it's something you'll only understand when you're a mummy! Haha. 

    I am thankful for a super smooth 2nd pregnancy so far and a healthy baby growth!

    I'm still not sure if I can find the time to do a maternity photoshoot but I kinda wanna do one with baby girl in my belly holding Baby Elroy too, in case this is my last pregnancy! Any photographers wanna work together, lemme know! 

    Been pretty busy with work but happy to be occupied and learning something new everyday. I guess that's why time is passing so quickly too! Lately it feels like 24 hours a day just isn't enough. 

    Week 21 (2nd Pregnancy)
    Current Weight: 55kg
    Weight Gained: 6kg (starting weight 49kg)

    Till the next pregnancy update, xoxo.

    P.S thank you all who left comments/emails sharing with me how you cleared your skin and improved your skin! I personally have tried A LOT of products and it's like during pregnancy, many just don't work as well...some which were super effective for me before pregnancy like rosehip oil (in fact most face oils) broke me out during this current pregnancy :( it's damn sad because I do like facial oils and how I used to wake up with glowing skin the day after using it. Oh well, guess pregnancy hormones do mess things up.

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  • 07/10/15--08:42: :')
  • I have so so much to say and want to share but can't. But all I can say is I'm so truly blessed right now I cannot be any more thankful for the things happening to me and the people around me. 

    Thank God for putting his angels around me, all the people I love - the people who matter most. Life just keeps getting better and better and things just go so smoothly without to stress and much worries at all recently. Maybe because I have really been trying my best to always be positive that's why things are going in that direction! This little family I have has made me so much better in so many ways...and I'm way happier as compared to before this family came around! Gone are the days I feel "lonely". Even though Number 2 will tire me out, I look forward to more fun and joy she will bring to this Home. 

    It's been a good year so far and although I know how life is full of ups and downs and happiness can be quite short-lived (and there I have my pessimistic self speaking...still happens occasionally haha), I want to treasure every bit of the good happening in my life now. Nobody has a perfect life as much as they wish they had (and portray it to be) but if you tell yourself it's good enough for you, that is perfect already. I don't think my "happiness" can be shared with yall on my social media platforms for various reasons but it's ok, life can still go on and be wonderful keeping many things more "private". People will talk, people will gossip, but they don't know what is really going on and can only judge from the little things they assume to know.

    Tonight I just feel overwhelmed with happiness...and extremely grateful and I want to pen it down so when I'm down and not loving life as much, I'll look back and find this post to remind me of positive days and times which has happened to me. :')  

    "each day we get a chance to say ‘I love you’ to the ones we love is a blessing."

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  • 07/14/15--15:21: Happy Mookata at Serangoon
  • Visited Happy Mookata - Serangoon for the first time last week! I didn't really know they were THAT popular and had a total of 3 outlets until i googled for the when writing this post.

    I have drove past the restaurant a lot recently as i live around the area and have been visiting my friend's Teochew Porridge stall (Ah Seah) to eat (i love!). I always pack my food and go and haven't checked out most restaurants there.

    My friends and i decided to check it out one evening, since we were going to play MJ at a friend's place around the corner. When we were outside the restaurant, i actually didnt want to go in. The place looks SOOOO bare like it wasn't open....but there were people inside eating and another friends said she has heard good reviews on Happy Mookata so yeah, why not give it a shot. After all, it isnt good to judge a book by its cover right? Haha.

    Oh and wait, maybe i should type is as HaPpY MoOkAtA because that's what the sign shows....haha. I am puzzled and wonder why they choose that to be their logo. It just reminds me of "Twit" Days. DaYz PpL tYpEd LiKe DiZxZ. If you are born before '92, you'd know Twit isn't related to Twitter in any sorta means Ah Lian? Well it was the days where typing X and Zto the word would be a "cool" thing to do....which THANK GOD came and gone FAST.

    When we entered, we had to pay $25/ was EAT ALL YOU CAN! SO CHEAP!!!! Was what we all exclaimed. I don't think i've been to a Mookata restaurant that cheap....or in fact, a BBQ restaurant. Since the price was like that, i didnt expect much also lah. As long as it's fresh, doesn't smell and tastes ok, i would be contented! Oh and not forgetting good service and nice staff.

    We could order fried finger food from the menu and the rest of the raw food we have to take it ourselves from the refrigerator.

    Free flow drinks and ice cream!!!! Got Thai Milk Tea which was quite nice.

    I'm sorry to say this but the restaurant looks damn dodgy la...i just couldn't stop looking around thinking how i can improve the place. Haha. I guess it's all i think above ever since i started work at ImaginebySK66. Well, at least put up some pictures of food on the walls or something laaaaa. And the lights....omo the lights!!! It was so bright it just made me feel 10x more insecure about my bad skin im facing during pregnancy....haha.

    But food wise, not fantastic but not too bad either!!! I ate SOOOO much! Considering i had like 5 beef and 4 garlic chicken all by myself because i liked it most out of the many choices of meat. It wasn't THAAAAT yummy as compared to the garlic chicken at one of my fav mookata places but price so much cheaper so OK la, i understand. The chilli was not bad but for someone who loves spicy stuff, it wasn't spicy enough for me. Wish they had like options for the spice level...actually i could've asked for chilli padi to make it more spicy and maybe i'd like it better then...shall do that the next time round! One thing though, i dont know why but the soup was just very bland, even after 2 hours of eating. From what i remember, most of the time the soup would be super tasty and flavorful but not the case for us at Happy Mookata Serangoon. Still, i was happy with the BBQ!!! I also feel that the service was good...they were quick to serve us and attend to us. Thumbs up.

    Oh but i smelled SOOOO bad after the meal...SO SO SO bad. I guess it's expected since we were indoors so yeah.

    I would definitely go back there for supper because it opens till late! And yes, the attractive price.

    Overall a PlEaSaNt ExPeRiEnCe. :)

    HaPpY MoOkAtA

    Sunset Way
    106 Clementi Street 12

    Upper Serangoon
    21 Teck Chye Terrace
    Singapore 545726

    Golden Mile Tower
    6001 Beach Rd, #01-55D, Golden Mile Tower,

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  • 07/15/15--17:00: Baby Doesnt Look Like Me

  • So as the title says...and so does the picture above, MY BABY DOESN'T LOOK LIKE ME.

    I know...i've gotten this A LOT!!!

    Like when we are out...people would be like "oh this is YOUR baby?! but he doesn't look like you at all".


    And no it is not because i did soooo much to my face that he doesn't look like me...


    But recently, after 10 months....i have people tell me he has my lips. SO YAY! WE NOW HAVE SOMETHING IN COMMON. Besides liking to laugh a lot. Haha.

    You the beginning, honestly had a few bad days...when people say "don't look like you". Like i feel so left as if i'm some surrogate mother, baby sitter or nanny. But but but i've really came to accept it now lah and just laugh it off! After all, it is really a very cute sight when the man and little one get together!

    Now that i have number 2, i googled the weirdest thing..."is there anything i can do to make my child look like me?" HAHAHA. Like i actually hoped there would be something i could eat to make the baby inside my tumtum look more like me...LOL. I can't believe i'm admitting to it....oh if you could see what i google all the time you'd think i'm CRAY.

    Pretty interesting thing i've read though...

    "I have heard that babies tend look like their dads for a biological/evolutionary reason so the dads will know it’s their baby and want to take care of it. There can’t be any doubt who the mother is, so it doesn’t matter so much if the baby doesn’t look like her.

    A friend of mine has an explanation for this (unscientific, but smart nonetheless). She thinks that it goes back to our primal, caveman roots. Kids need to look like their fathers to facilitate bonding and to basically let the dad know that the kid REALLY does belong to them. Then maybe Dad will be more inclined to stick around to hunt and provide for his kids. We moms will love our kids no matter what they look like, but before the concept of monogamy and wedding bands, the dads needed a little extra reassurance that the kids are really theirs."
    source: x
    I must also remember physical resemblance can take years to develop and isn't the only thing that makes family members appear similar. For me, i grew up not looking like any of my parents. Even my mom admitted when i asked her...she said that when she looked at me when i was younger, she wondered why i didnt look like her or my biological dad at all? Hearing that I secretly wondered if i was adopted?! Moreover, my biological dad seemed to not love me and was not good to me at all. 

    But but now that i'm 24, MANY have said the resemblance to my mother is uncanny!!! My friends joke and call me by my mother's name because they say i look super like her now...haha. Like we have the same eyes and nose but that is damn weird because i got zhng my face here and there...i did not do silicon implants or anything too crazy so the result isn't like very drastic but still, i did make improvements to my face and end up looking more and more like her. Haha. They tell me the way we speak and behave is super similar. When i think about it, ya i really think we do have quite a lot in for example our career paths...and that we both love food a lot that the man living with us wonder how we can eat so much and be eating all the time. So ya, 20+ years of living and now my mom can put a finger as to who i look like. Haha.

    As kids grow, more physical attributes may come out, like the way he holds his mouth or the way his nose grows. Also, they begin to mimic your mannerisms, speech patterns, facial expressions. So it may not be the case now but in future!!! So ya, for me...20 over years lor. Haha.

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  • 07/24/15--08:21: Hiding my Bump
  • I'm now in Week 22 and haven't posted a "looking pregnant" picture yet because the past few weeks I just wanted to look as "unpregnant" as I could just so I can see the shocked faces of people when I tell them that I have a baby in my belly. Haha.

    But from next week onwards, imma start SHOWING OFF! EMBRACE THIS BUMP!!! It is a pretty good size now! By good size I mean it will no longer be mistaken as a food belly. Haha. 

    I look forward to sharing my #dressingthebump OOTDs on Instagram! 

    Now that it's my 2nd time being pregnant, I sorta have a better idea of how to dress. I don't want to go to work and meet people looking all sloppy and frumpy. Many have asked how I manage look the way I do while pregnant. Why thank you, that means I look good right? Haha. Well...I have my insecurities and have days I feel kinda shitty about the way I look but my partner reminds me I'm growing a life in me and i am loved the same so yay to comforting words. My way to feeling more confident and looking better while pregnant is to make an effort to put on make up because the clothes you can wear while pregnant are honestly pretty limited. Make up makes all the difference! Oh and yes, this time round my skin is SOOOO bad. I kinda fixed it but I guess I went a little overboard, dried it out and now it looks bad again. Damn...I've to spend another week trying to fix it again. Sigh. Good thing is a found a pretty good mask! Will share that with you guys after I test it out more times. Anyway, bad skin shall not stop me from going out and feeling confident because I've my make up! Hehe. Ya I know people would be like "oh but make up will make your bad skin worse blahblah"...well it won't if you use products your skin isn't sensitive to and most importantly cleanse the make up thoroughly after!!! I've gone through bad skin and it managed to get better even with the usage of make up throughout - I hardly go a day without make up especially when my skin doesn't look its best. Of course it is good to let it breathe but bad skin really kills one's confidence! 

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  • 07/26/15--22:21: Carrislabelle

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  • 07/28/15--05:12: Prenatal Massage

  • Pregnancy isn't the easiest thing to go through. Many pregnant women tend to suffer from back ache and swollen feet during pregnancy due to carrying the additional weight all around.

    Credit: x

    I have experienced times whereby I am so sore all over and so in need of a good massage but when I visit the massage palours I go to pre-pregnancy, they refuse to lay a finger on me as they say they are not certified pre-natal masseurs and afraid to harm my baby. So yes, you can't just walk into any random massage palour you see.

    How can prenatal massage help me?

    The therapeutic benefits of massage for pregnant women haven't been studied very much. There's some evidence that massage may help people who suffer from low back pain and possibly those with chronic headaches, but the studies weren't done with pregnant women. In any case, massage may decrease stress and promote relaxation, helping you cope with discomfort even if it doesn't specifically alleviate or prevent it.

    Carrying a baby inside you changes your center of gravity and puts a lot of stress on your back, neck, abdominal muscles, and shoulders. Pregnancy also relaxes your ligaments, so that your pelvic joints are less stable, and changes your posture, pulling your pelvis forward. Add to that the extra weight you're carrying and you may find you've got an aching lower back.

    Credit: x

    That is why I have prepared a list of places to check out should you be in need of a good prenatal massage in Singapore to relax because you deserve it, momma to be! 


    Tel: 92716091
    Add: 180 Joo Chiat Road #02-02 (Shophouse) Singapore 427451

    Java Spa
    Tel: 62451151
    Add:711 East Coast Road, Singapore 459065


    Tel: 64566556
    Add:1382 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, Bishan park 2, Singapore 569931


    Tel: +65 9655 6112
    Address: 46 Pandan Loop Singapore 119728 (appointment only)


    Phone: +65 6836 0676
    Add: 263 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058812

    Tel: 6356 6623
    Add: 10 Sinaran Drive #02-10 Square 2 Singapore 307506

    Tel: 6235 0688
    Add: 290 Orchard Road #14-11/12 Paragon Singapore 238859

    Credits: x

    Rather enjoy a massage in the comfort of your own home? 
    You can always arrange an appointment with masseurs who will travel to your place! The masseurs below specialize in pre and post-natal massage. All you need is a bed, 2 pillows and 2 towels. :)

    Oriental Jamu
    Phone: +65 8518 8726 (Jessica)

    Rahayu Homespa
    Phone: 9878 2394

    Madam Noura
    Phone: 94345343

    Mdm Masita
    Phone: 90510005

    I personally prefer the home massage option and also did home post-natal massage after the delivery of my baby as was having Chinese confinement and could not go out for a month. I like Jessica and Rahayu a lot and will be using them for my 2nd pregnancy. Have 2 in case one isn't free hehe. Usually the home massage masseurs are very busy and it can be a little bit difficult if you want to do it last minute which is why I decided to put in 4 options (first 2 I've personally had a good experience with and the other 2 were recommended by mummy friends).

    Pamper yourself with a good massage once a week if you can! It will really make your pregnancy more relaxing and hopefully, enjoyable. :) I personally do it every 2 weeks!

    Might do a post on post-natal massage when i've gathered enough places offering it (any mommas know of good post-natal masseurs, do feel free to e-mail me at

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  • 07/29/15--08:56: Single Parents in Singapore
  • "In an interview with government-controlled media Channel News Asia, Minister for Social and Family Development (MSF) Tan Chuan Jin said that the ruling PAP Government will still not support equal rights for single parents because it is not the “norm”"

    "Going by Minister Tan Chuan Jin’s logic, it appears giving these single parents equal rights will result in an increase in the number of single parents and that married couples become single parents out of choice and not circumstances."

    It's so stupid because not all Single Parents want to be Single Parents by choice. Yes, some people do choose to lead that lifestyle because going through an abortion does seem cruel and some women do feel strong and are capable enough to do so. But many don't...and many times it's because the Father of the child isn't a good person. So these women have to live with a cheating husband or an abusive guy for the rest of her life just so she can enjoy the benefits from the government? If father of the child has another woman outside, the mother has to marry him just so she can have a "normal" family? You'd say, then why they even had a child in the first place. Well, people can change overnight and ya, accidents do happen. Everyone wants a perfect family, who would choose not to have one if they could? Also, some guys just refuse to be responsible for the life they created, how about the government force these men to be responsible since they wanna "force" marriage like that? It's always the woman's fault but hey, it takes 2 hands to clap? Whether Single or Married, the responsibility to raise a child is the same...a parent is a parent. In fact, it is two times tougher on a single parent! Single parents aren't even asking for more benefits...just EQUAL benefits. After all, everyone is paying taxes too.

    For myself, thankfully I have great family support and because my partner and I have plans, this "status" won't be for long. So this complain post isn't about me but for those other mummies out there. It is not the same for everyone... I have met so many single moms who really struggle. They struggle to find time to look after their child because they have to work full time (some even work 2 Jobs) to pay the bills and also struggle to find a roof over their head because single parents cannot purchase a HDB (until they reach 35). Most of the time thanks to their irresponsible partners who abandoned them. Still, they chose to keep the child because they really cannot bear to go through an abortion. Especially those who discover their pregnancy at a later stage, when you see the ultrasound scan of a fully formed baby, you have the heart to abort meh?? Also met one whom partner passed away the week they were going to tie the knot and shortly after found out she was 5 weeks pregnant. Some things are really not by choice. Hopefully one day the government would be a little more sympathetic and give single parents the same benefits because it really isn't easy raising a child on their own at all. I'm not anti PAP and do wish they continue running the country as they've been doing a great job so far and am not sure if the opposition can do better but there are little things like that I wish would change. Why should the parent be punished for choosing the brave step to raise a child? It is just so sad these parents get condemned for their bravery.

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    People need to know that one's bump size does not determine the size of the baby. You can have a giant bump but still give birth to a small baby (because it could be you have more amniotic fluid). Also, even if you have gained a lot of weight, if does not mean your baby absorbed it all too. Some people can gain a lot but still have a normal average size baby. I even know of people who gained very little but their babies were considered bigger than average! 

    Im getting people asking me if I'm eating enough for my baby and why my bump is smaller this time round. I know you're worried but really, there's nothing to worry about and you cannot judge someone's pregnancy just by how much weight they have gained or how big their bump is.

    Knowing that I am not one who believes in starving myself to lose weight, it is highly unlikely I'll starve during pregnancy either. To me, eating is one of the things I enjoy most and I never deprive myself of food. Even when I'm trying to lose weight, I will still eat...just healthier choices and exercise more to be able to achieve my ideal goal. Because I am always eating, I have a really good metabolic rate and I am thankful for that that's why I always tell people to never go on crash diets because that's all temporary. So now that I'm pregnant, it's even crazier because I have every reason to eat and gain weight without feeling guilty! As someone who loves food so much, it is definitely one of my favourite perks of being preggers...haha.

    So why is your bump so small this time round? Shouldn't your bump be bigger during the 2nd pregnancy? 

    Well I personally don't think it's that small anymore and one shouldn't judge from pictures because many of the clothes I wear don't show the real size of it. And also, it didn't show earlier than the first because before I got pregnant with number 2, I had managed to train them muscles and got pretty toned tummy.  

    People who think I'm dieting and caring more about looks than my baby's health should think twice man. You have not seen how I eat...and merely judging from the pictures I post...which are from only one angle, and I'd try to post the most flattering one which makes me look slimmer as most of it are ads for clients selling non-maternity clothes. Btw I have gained a massive amount of weight, which shocked my doc as I only took a month to put on so much! Like my previous pregnancy with Elroy, I have already gained 10kg at Week 24. Which is considered a lot but well, I guess that's just me when pregnant!! My 1st pregnancy I gained 20kg in all so I'm expecting to gain around the same, or maybe 15kg since they say you gain lesser when you have a girl (aiya got many "they says" during pregnancy one haha)? 

    If I choose to have a baby, I want a healthy baby. I won't do anything to increase the risk of not having a healthy baby. 

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  • 08/04/15--06:21: Baby's First Fever

  • So at almost 11 months old, my baby Elroy finally got a fever...actually he got it once after a vaccination but it was only 37.7 and it went down immediately after paracetamol but this time round wasn't that simple.

    Yesterday afternoon before I left for work he was all well but when I came back, my helper told me he has a slight fever. Gave him paracetamol and hoped it'll be better the next day. I assumed it was just teething fever. In the morning it was 37.4 and that's pretty ok according to the pediatrician and google. He was also very active and being his usual self. Had a lot of errands to run so I decided to bring him along in case his fever comes back and I can rush him to see a doctor immediately.

    He was all good until 4ish pm, when my partner and I carried him and he felt very warm and was kinda cranky and didn't want to sleep. Our helper assumed and said he seemed fine and that it wasn't that warm but being the worried parents that we are we decided to make our way to the pediatric clinic. Which I am so glad we did!!! Thank goodness it closes at 5pm and we were in time! When we reached, his fever was 39.5 and after waiting for like 30min it rose to 40. We had to do a blood test immediately but it turned out to be fine so doctor said to give him meds and monitor him closely at home for the next 2 days and go back again. Oh man I can't imagine how he must feel! :( I'm so worried because even I as an adult have never had a 40 deg fever before. I've never felt this worried for anyone before and now I know exactly how parents feel when something unpleasant happens to their darling child.

    We are supposed to fly on Friday for our first family holiday and I was super looking forward to it but because of his fever, we might have to cancel it. Praying he will get better asap!!!

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  • 08/04/15--18:28: BlogShopping
  • BlogShopping would be celebrating SG50 with a sale event on the 7-9 August!

    Many items going at $5 and $10. Expect to see new designs going at $15 too!

    BlogShopping Members get additional 5% discount and new sign ups on the day itself will get even more discounts!

    Check out just a tiny fraction of what's going on sale at only $5, $10 & $15. Nothing above $15.

    See you at the BlogShopping SG50 Sale on the 7-9 August :)

    Far East Plaza #01-34
    Opening hours : 12pm - 9pm

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  • 08/11/15--02:04: Elroy 11 Months

  • So last week, Elroy had a fever for like 4 days. It was so high, one night it went up to 40.4 degree celsius. My helper and I spent those days with very little sleep taking turns to look after him and check on him constantly. He then broke out in a rash and the fever ended. Googled and they call this Roseola. Pretty sure it was that but didn't confirm it with the doctor because the rash went away pretty quickly.

    I am slowly going cray though :( and i think my helper too. He is sooooo fussy now. What happened to my easy happy baby?! It started last month, got worse during his 4 days fever. And now that the fever is gone...OMG the crying just won't stop it is really slowly driving me crazy. I'm so sorry I feel so bad saying this but it's really what i am feeling. Even when he has stopped for a little while and I want to sleep, the crying will be ringing in my head. Being pregnant is making my patience worse than ever too. I'm pretty tolerant to babies' cries leh but recently it's just tooooooo much to handle...

    Elroy cries over everything and it's so difficult to make him stop. It used to be super easy like all we had to do was to Carry him around but now he would stop awhile and start again while being carried. Everything makes him cry?! It is even worse than the newborn phase. When he wants milk, i give him milk and he will drink a few sips and throw the bottle away and start crying again. And then i'll try giving it to him again, and he will drink a few more sips and cry again. It's just non stop crying 24/7. He can't sleep for over 3 hours....he will confirm wake up to cry awhile then go back to sleep. I googled and many mommies experience this too and said it's teething. I believe so since the last check up with the doc, he doesn't have a ear infection and besides his fever there wasn't really anything alarming according to the blood and urine tests the doc did.

    Oh please please let this phase be over soon!!! :(

    Anyway, more updates on his growth. He is now a whopping 11kg! Pretty big for a 11 month old baby indeed. The doc said it's all good cus he is "tall" so yeah, not over weight! Plus he will lose it all when he starts to walk....which i'm quite sad about because i love fatty Elroy. Still a super fussy eater!!! But can eat A LOT if he likes a certain food. It's not easy though! It's like one day he might like it and the next day he doesn't. And like the previous update, he just wants to be fed by the hand and refuses to eat from spoon. Like if we feed by a spoon halfway and he stops, then no choice but to use hand otherwise he just want want to eat it anymore. He is getting pretty good at feeding himself now. Like he can hold his biscuit or fruit and finish it without creating a huge mess and dropping it all over. 

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    Snow Flower 눈꽃 (My Singapore 2015 National Day & Charity Project Theme Song)
    A Singapore collaboration with friends from Korea & Australia.

    Donate generously here at "Program: Snow Flower" in aid of Beyond Social Services:

    The objectives of My Singapore project is to:
    -promote kindness
    -remember the less fortunate as we celebrate National Day every year
    -music and charity education to the public
    -to raise funds and awareness for charity organisations
    -promote music and arts

    "Snowflower" is the theme song for this year's My Singapore project and it is filmed in Melbourne, Australia, to capture the real winter sceneries in the music video and the music production team is from South Korea. Lorraine hopes to describe the Singapore spirit of endurance through the song, encourage and motivate those who are suffering to stay strong. A tribute celebrating Singapore’s 50 yrs of resilience, dreams and aspirations, this year’s project also touches on friendship which was what inspired the overseas collaboration.

    This year's music video is in support of Beyond Social Services, whose mission is to curb delinquency among children and youths from less privileged backgrounds.

    Show your support!
    Donate generously here at "Program: Snow Flower" in aid of Beyond Social Services:

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  • 08/15/15--01:07: Complains
  • Sorry for the lack of updates but recently i've been really focused on work and i realized how difficult it is to manage a full time job and blog at the same time!

    My prego body ain't helping at all. I dont know why but lately i just keep over-sleeping. I used to be able to do with just 4 hours of sleep a day and will automatically wake up but now i NEED at least 10 hours or i'll be extremely cranky and lethargic the whole day. And then there's Elroy...who is extremely hyper active and clingy. I believe it is actually a good thing as it is one of the developmental stages kids face and i also think it'll get worse as time goes by...until he turns 3?

    I dont know how it is possible to do without a helper and i am thankful to have one but recently even she is getting a little bit out of hand. She was pretty responsible and been a happy go lucky person for many months but could this new change in her happen because i'm too nice to her? It's sad because i dont want to be the employer who's extremely strict but for the safety of my child and to be able to go to work feeling at ease leaving Elroy in her hands is a must. Last week, Elroy was sick and it must've taken a toll on her body because she fell sick too so i kinda let her rest for 2 days and took over. However...this week it seems like her attitude is getting a bit out of hand and where did all her manners go? Not to mention how she can continue lying in bed in the afternoons in my presence. Well previously, whenever i walk into the room where she's playing with Elroy or watching him nap, she would get up immediately and sit up. Now she just continues lying there in my presence which i feel is kinda in appropriate? Also, i give her the permission to go out to walk the dog and at the same time bring Elroy out for some fresh air in the mornings. I told her before that the max is 30 min but recently, i noticed it takes 1 hour for her to be home. I have actually secretly followed her once and seen where she brings Elroy and Hiro to...which is to the nearby playground to meet other helpers with kids which i think is not so bad because Elroy has "made friends" with many kids and enjoys himself a lot. However extending it to 1 hour out of a sudden without permission is a bit too much lor. Told her about it and she listened for like a week...then back to 1 hour outings again.

    Moreover, she has stopped greeting me in the morning and also stopped asking me what i'd like to eat. Every week, i do grocery shopping and usually all the meat in the fridge would be consumed in the same week because she would prepare lunch and dinner for me but now, if i don't ask, she won't cook nor ask me if i want anything so we're left with old meat which we have to throw. Plus, she's starting to get more and more rude. Like for example, whenever we correct her whenever she does something wrong, she would just listen while we talk and walk away. Totally no "YES MAM/SIR"... or even an "OK" to acknowledge. She will just walk away the moment we finish the sentence. Which is SERIOUSLY getting on my nerves because i cannot tolerate such rudeness in the house! I didnt say much though but this morning, i actually raised my voice at her for the first time asking her to have some manners and REPLY. My partner and i are very easy going people and i believe she knows that very well living with us for almost a year now and i think she's really starting to take advantage of us and changing for the worse. Which is extremely worrying for me because baby 2 is on the way and i definitely need a reliable helper around the house. I did try to talk to her nicely to change but it seems like it isn't happening so i think i should get someone like my mother to help me talk to her and maybe warn her that we will send her back should she continue being like that.

    Sounds damn bad already right? I hope she will change back to the person she was soon or else i'll have to go through the trouble of finding a new helper all over again and with so much to do and so little time, it's really gonna stress me out. :(

    Praying things get better soon.

    On a better note, work has been a really fun learning experience for me and i am kinda glad to have stepped into a new industry! I have learnt a lot about a lot of stuff in this short period of time! It's like going to school all over again...and i kinda missed that because the last time i was in school was when i was like 17 and didn't even complete it. Although the money doesn't come as easy as blogging. :( Like seriously, when i compare how quick and easy i earned money through blogging, i can now really say blogging as a full time job is damn easy! Oh how i wish i could juggle both but i've decided not to be greedy and take up social media jobs at the moment because of the fear i wont be able to deliver and give the clients good enough response from my posts.

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  • 08/15/15--02:09: Backwards
  • When it comes to the topic of marriage and having children, I may have done things backwards but I do not think it makes me nor my partner a bad person. We did not want the moment to not feel rushed or forced and we both knew what has to be done since Day 1.

    I call the father of child my husband, and vice versa, as it is easier that way and no, I am not a single mother at least not to us, not to our families because of the plans we have made. Since birth of Baby 1, we already knew we wanted to be together and raise him together. We saw ourselves as a family. We even discussed Baby 2 before I discovered I was pregnant because of some stuff our FS master had said when we went to him to choose a suitable name for Baby 1 back in Sep '14. Idk much about such stuff and how it really works but he was so accurate about our 2nd Baby it is hard to not be wowed. Like he told us about her before I even knew I was expecting, even mentioned it was a HER and the year we would expect her arrival which I honestly thought was bullshit but loooooook. Yeah, she came so soon, even with all the birth control pills and before we could get everything settled properly...the master said it's "fate". U know I really don't like to believe such things but ya, according to him our lives are already planned. Haha. I don't want to promote this readings though but...I can't deny it and call it absolute bs either. If I wanted to promote religious stuff online i'd first share the many miracles I had encountered in my walk with Jesus too yeah. Again, when u are with a partner with a different belief from you, this are some things you will face. Such a sensitive topic to talk about so I shan't elaborate further la.

    Anyhow, we are totally fine with having to push things back a little. Plus, I wouldn't want to be in a gown with a bloated face and a bulging tummy. I want to feel pretty and look pretty so the delay.

    It seems like we don't have much of an issue with the backwards thing but everyone around us seems to be bothered by it. Honestly, I don't blame them because we were brought up in a way that marriage has to come before babies and that is supposedly the right thing to do. However, in my opinion, that signed paper does not prove you're a better parent because even some married couples can't raise their children well. It is not about the paper but instead, it's how much you can provide for your child and do your best to give your child the best environment to grow up in. Should you have to rush into a marriage, and live with someone who is abusive or who cheats, will that environment your child grow up in be a happy one? It is just one of the many things I thought about before rushing to sign the paper. Not trying to convince anyone to agree with my views but wanted to share a little bit about my life choices and let you know and be assured my kids are well taken care of.

    Sometimes I question myself...why my life is like that and why can't i be one of those who takes a conventional path (oh the many things I do differently from eg. dropping out of sch etc). But If everyone has such easy and simple lives, wouldn't that make the world a boring place. Everyone is different. As I always say, Life is full of unexpected surprises.

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    One more month and my precious first child would be officially 1 years old! Oh how time flies~ 
    I have never had a problem planning birthday parties. I enjoy planning my own parties as well as my friends'. However, when planning for my child's first birthday party, it was not as easy as I thought it'll be. I have a month to get everything settled so I decided to speak to friends who have done it before to help me with it. After planning it once, and possibly failing at some areas, one would know better how to plan the next. However let's just skip that and make sure the first time is perfect!

    Most parents i have talked to said they spent between $1k-2k planning for their child's first birthday. It isn't a small sum considering that's probably half of an average Singaporean's monthly pay check but well, the oldies said celebrating "big birthdays" in one's life will bring lots of luck so most parents will plan a big one (even though our little one wouldn't remember much at 1 years old, sadly).

    Here is a check list of the things you will need to look for when planning your child's birthday party. I have also gathered recommendations from mummies who have successfully planned a good birthday party for their little one.

    1. The Venue

    This is the most important but toughest to find! Here we have a few suitable places to hold your child's birthday party and hopefully it's within your budget. 

    It'll be great if you can afford to book a whole restaurant, a hotel function room, maybe even a hotel suite because that way, you need not do all the cleaning on your own! However for the budget conscious...

    Condo Clubhouse
    At just $50/day, this is definitely one of the cheapest option in our list. If you do not live in a condo, maybe use a relative or a friend's place!

    East Coast Park/The Beach
    With lots of space for kids to run around and at under $100! You do need to get a permit to "rent" the area though! 


    2. Balloons/Party Decorators

    Decoration makes all the difference in how the place looks and sets the mood. Nobody wants to walk into a  party in a bare room with plain walls.

    You can DIY by buying balloons and decor items from Party Shops or engage a decorator to do up the place if you have the budget to! 

    You can buy party supplies online from...

    Or engage balloon specialists like...
    Little Red Balloon


    3. Birthday Cake
    Since this is a big party, we will need a big cake! In recent years, there has been a spike in home bakers in Singapore has many great home bakers on Instagram. When it comes to the look for it, most bakers do not have a problem achieving that however...I have tasted some of the prettiest but worst tasting cakes too many times.

    I hate fondant of cakes so much because I once accidentally ate fondant and it tasted so much like play doh so since then, I cannot get over how bad it tastes. A fondant cake definitely looks prettier though, as there can be a lot more details and colors on the cake design. ONE THING I MUST REMIND ALL, NEVER EAT THE FONDANT OF A CAKE. Or even have it together with your cake. It never tastes good. I will ALWAYS remove the fondant of the cake before serving it to guests. It's the inside of the cake which matters! If you have a phobia of fondant, the list below has a few which do not use fondant however, as I said above, fondant cakes look a lot nicer and more detailed so to each its own!

    I have narrowed the list down to a few whom have great reviews online (looks and taste!) to help you find the perfect baker to bake the perfect cake for your party!



    4. Food
    For the older folks attending a kid's birthday party, the food is probably one of things to look forward to. With that said, a good caterer is needed! You don't want to end up with too much leftovers because the food doesn't taste good! And one more thing, if you are inviting 40 people to the party, you should only order food for 30. Don't worry too much about it not being enough! All 40 people who attend the party will be able to walk out with their tummies filled AND you still might have a little bit to tapao back home to eat the following day. Been there, done that!

    So which caterers are good?

    Neo Garden
    Mum's Kitchen

    5. Activities/Entertainment

    This also depends on where the party is held it so not every activity in this list is suitable for you.

    Here are some ideas on what to engage to keep the kids (and the kid in you) entertained!


    Poof! the Magical Clown is famous for his entertaining shows that combine magic tricks with lots of clowning around. A real firecracker at any kids' party!
    Phone: 98421882 

    Sweetheart the Clown is Singapore's only female professional clown. Not only that, she's also an accomplished ventriloquist and is sure to entertain any kid with her trusty sidekick, baby Pinky.
    Phone: 94503910 

    Mascot/Costume Rental

    Balloon Sculpturing

    Bouncy Castle/Ball Pit/Play Pen


    Turn your backyard/void deck into a fun playground

    I do hope this post has helped you and your child will have a great party!
    This are all the stuff i have gathered while trying to plan for my son's first birthday and thought it'll be great to share it with all you other mummies. :)

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  • 08/21/15--00:40: Carrislabelle
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  • 08/22/15--22:25: Pregnancy Update
  • Oh my...this pregnancy, I AM RAVENOUS. I CANT STOP EATING CARBS. My everyday must have includes at least 2 slices of cake, muffins, bread w peanut's really crazy because I have so much carbs in a day and I'm kinda inactive. I've stopped exercising as it always hurts down below when I do. It's a weird feeling. I miss exercising though! I miss perspiring and having a good work out so much.

    At week 26 I've already gained 10kg! It's pretty similar to my previous pregnancy  which means I've to work super hard to lose all the excess weight after baby. Which I heard is more difficult after having number 2 but praying that those things I heard aren't true. 

    Well I am thankful that everything has been pretty great so far though! I do get days I feel very very worried as this baby isn't as active as Elroy. I hardly feel her kicking! And when I do, it's just for a little while and it's only when I lie down flat and really try to feel her. Most of the time I can't feel her. It's so weird right! So I bought myself a little Doppler so I can hear her heartbeat from time to time to assure myself she's alright. It's quite funny cus she moves the most when I'm using the Doppler!

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