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because im fickle like that.

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  • 05/23/15--18:00: Ad: ShopSassyDream

  • Wearing Black and Pink Culottes from

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    Retail Store: FAR EAST PLAZA #01-80

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  • 05/26/15--17:56: Another Week
  • I'm so sorry for the lack of updates but there's really nothing much for me to blog about right now. :( anyhow, the showroom should be ready by next week so will have more info on that soon. I have already gotten quite a few emails and met with a few ppl already. And right now, i have a big job to work on my own!!! So blessed. :) Which I'm super excited to work on cus the client and I share such similar tastes. 

    Oh, oh, look forward to 1 June for my May beauty favourites post because I think many will find it useful! I didn't want to squeeze everything into May so I pushed some items to introduce to June. Heh heh. 

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  • 05/26/15--23:18: Elroy 8 Months
  • Here with a short update and some pictures of Baby E. 

    At his 8 months old appointment at the clinic, he is weighing 10.3kg now. Many think he is too heavy but doctor said he is at a very good weight according to her chart so nothing to worry about! :) He is pretty tall for now so i'm hoping he will grow up to be tall! Hehe.

    Baby Elroy LOVES FOOD. He wants to eat everything! Guess he got that from his mommy. Haha. He is getting a little bit picky though! He won't finish his food unless it's really REALLY yummy. Sometimes I assume he is full that's why but when we show him his crackers he gets really excited. He would rather eat his crackers than finish the bland food we cook for him. So now we have to add a lil but of salt to his porridge so it'll be tastier .

    He can crawl too! Still slow but getting there! He is also trying to stand on his own already so we recently lowered his crib. It's super tiring because he CANNOT STOP MOVING. He is seriously one of the most active baby I've ever seen and I've seen quite a lot of babies ever since I became a mother. I can't imagine how tiring it'll be when he starts to walk because it's super tiring holding onto him now Cus he struggles a lot and wants to touch and hold everything he sees. Haha.

    But I'm a proud mama because baby is growing so well! He can't talk yet but he blabbers A LOT. Oh and he tries to sing too?! It is super cute!!! When my helper or myself sings a song, he would "sing along". Haha. I will try to capture that on video one day. 

    Oh but recently he is EXTREMELY CLINGY.  He just cannot be left alone. Not even for like a few seconds. Even if he is in his crib playing and concentrating on his toys and not really interacting with me or the helper, the moment we leave his room, he would scream and cry. And it's getting really unbearably loud now! And he seems to start to feel scared of things now. He used to be super fearless, even loud lion dance drums can't scare him but now he would start crying. We bought a spinning ball toy which would make noises and when we let him play with it for the first time, he screamed when the ball moved and made noises! I don't think it looks scary at all leh...but he was sooooo scared of it we had to hide it. But yesterday i took it out and he touched it and seemed ok with it though...haha weird.

    Follow my other Instagram ac @ohsoficklex for more updates! There's a lot more of Baby E there hehe.

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  • 05/27/15--08:32: Ju Shin Jung

  • Went for Korean BBQ with Chevonne and Lionel at Ju Shin Jung Guillemard Road branch. I've been to the Katong one before and thought it was not bad!

    I've always passed by this one at Guilemmard whenever I went to and it was always pretty empty but since it was also Ju Shin Jung I decided to give it a try since I was craving KBBQ. Moreover I had baby E with me that day and most of the Korean BBQ restaurants I usually go to (besides Chang BBQ at Dempsey) is rather small and very packed. Not very baby friendly at all.

    Who is dis pwetty zeh zeh??

    Haha lio and his minions obsession.

    I was happy to find out they have an eat all the meat you can for around $40/pax with a soup each. Quite okay price. Well I actually know of a few good Korean BBQ buffets which are much cheaper but usually very packed so I dont really go often. Plus I prefer better quality meat so I rarely go for Korean BBQ buffets. 

    When I had Ju Shin Jung previously, I didn't have the buffet and had better meat. The marinated chicken and pork they offered for the eat all you can was not too bad. However the beef was SO DISAPPOINTING. I would definitely choose the ala carte option if I only ate beef.

    Gimme some of dat!

     Mmmm that looks good

    It's super children friendly though! Very spacious place and there's even a play area for kids! Baby E was a little cranky and screamed quite a bit towards the end cus he wanted to go home as it was his sleep time but thank goodness the place was big and I don't think his screaming was THAT deafening and distracting to other customers. Phew! Haha. Also, because Ju Shin Jung was a pretty big and spacious restuarant we didn't end up walking out smelling like BBQ. So yay to that!

    I would recommend it for dinner in big groups as they have quite a few private rooms available. And yes, if you are dining with a baby or children, this would be a good Korean BBQ place to go to compared to most places! However, i am not a huge fan as I feel there's better KBBQ restaurants in Singapore. But I think I would still go back though because not many KBBQ restaurants are as baby friendly and have so many private rooms. Afterall, the food isn't bad, it's so-so but not WOW.

    Ju Shin Jung
    102 Guillemard Road #01-01 Singapore 399719
    Tel: 6440 7707 

    Weekday Lunch: 11:30pm to 2.30pm (Last Order at 2pm)
    Weekday Dinner: 6pm to 11pm (Last Order at 10pm)
    Sat, Sun&P.H: 11:30am ~ 11pm (lastorder at10pm)

    Check out their other outlets here.

    *most of my food reviews are not sponsored unless stated*

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  • 05/31/15--18:00: Beautify Me (May)
  • Introducing 5 of my favourite beauty products of the month!

    (but in this post i'm including one product i was sponsored which i fell in love with, they didn't require me to do a blog post only IG postings so you can't find a blog post on my blog on it but since i love it so much, i decided to put it in here)

    My 5 Favourite Beauty Products of the Month...

    1. Paul Mitchel Platinum Blonde Hair Shampoo

    No I do not have platinum blonde hair. So why am I using this?

    This shampoo is PURPLE! So purple helps get rid of ugly brassy yellow color in my hair. I realised everytime I dye a color  I love, like ash brown...I'll end up with like super orangey color hair 2 weeks later. My hair stylist recommended I tone my hair with a purple shampoo so I won't have to live with a hair i don't like so I decided to hunt for this! If you have bleached blonde hair and don't have your hair turning orange/yellow so easily, this is the shampoo for you. Oh and it smells lovely! Something i like because i love smelling my own hair (weirdo alert).

    Where to get it?

    Price: SGD$28 approx.

    2. Model Co Pinking of You Lipstick

    In the previous post, I shared a pretty pink lippie and mentioned I've another fav right? This is the other fav pink lippie! 

    It's a cute bubblegum baby pink. Very pigmented and color looks super cute! I feel happy just looking at it how cute the color is. I would recommend to use this "gradient style" as applying it all over can be a bit "too much", to me lah. And again, I feel that light pink lippies just aren't as long lasting as red colored lippies so yes, have to reapply everytime u finish eating/drink.

    The problem with milky light pink lipsticks is that you can't hide chapped lips so this is only suitable if your lips are moisturized. There are days I can't use this because my lips tend to chap. Even Vaseline can't help it sometimes. This lipstick is pretty moisturizing though! Application is so easy as it's so pigmented. But like I said, can't hide already chapped lips.

    Where to get it?

    Price: SGD$20 approx.

    3. Heroine Make Liquid Eyeliner

    This one I did an ad for recently and IM A FAN!!! I used the one from Étude House for awhile which I thought was pretty good but this one I kinda like better because it's a little bit easier to get my stroke right. The brush is softer and the eyeliner glides on so smoothly and without much difficulty, i can get a nice very black and precise line. One of my new favourite eye liner now.

    Where to get it?


    Price: SGD$18 approx.

    4. Skin Carboxy CO2 Skin Carboxy

    CO2 masks are like super recommended everytime i do facial...but i don't know where to buy it in Singapore (if you know please share!) 

    This brand i specially got from Amazon comes in a syringe and a separate sheet mask. So what you do is apply the gel all over your face (i like to put it in the fridge but I'm not sure if that'll make any difference, just like it cold haha).  It's very sticky and gooey....kinda gross and doesn't smell nice. Lol. But anyway, after applying a THICK layer (i try to finish the entire syringe), put on the sheet mask. You'll hear some sizzling sounds and a tingling feeling on your skin. It can be a little stinging but that kinda makes me feel like the product is penetrating deep into my 

    It claims to...
    -Produces CO2 and delivers O2 deep into skin through red blood cells
    -Helps treat acne large pores dark patches and repair damaged skin
    -Boosts elasticity and radiance of skin
    -Provides nutrition to skin cells and  improves overall skin health
    -Breaks down subcutaneous fat for a thinner face
    -Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

    Well for me, i do feel like my pores do get smaller after applying it and my skin looks more radiant. It feels really nice and soft after. I don't know if it really breaks down fats for a thinner face face size like same. Lol. 

    I just recently purchased another brand of CO2 mask from a local seller and I'm not sure if it works as well so I'll try it first and reveal more info on it in Beautify Me June edition if it is as good!

    Where to buy it?

    Email: (local seller I've personally worked with before)

    Price: SGD$60 approx for 5 masks

    5. Crest Whitening Strips

    I honestly did not expect this to work as well as professional whitening at dental clinics but I was a convert after using it for 10 consecutive days! I would suggest to use it for 20 days straight to see a big difference in the color of your teeth.

    One sachet contains 2 strips, 1 for the upper and 1 for the lower teeth. You basically wrap it on your teeth and leave it on for about 30 minutes everyday before brushing your teeth. It's very much like how you apply your facial sheet masks, leave it on and then peel it off. After peeling it off, there'll be a bit of gel stuck, just brush your teeth normally with tooth paste after. I do this at night before I sleep for 10 consecutive nights and saw results! 

    It's so much cheaper than getting it done professionally! There are some cons though...your teeth might feel a bit sensitive after using it for 10 days. But it's really like professional whitening...Cus you'll also feel the sensitive pain when you do that. The pain isn't anything unbearable and the results sure make it worth it for me. If it hurts a lot, switch to using a sensitive tooth paste to make the pain go away.

    Try it to believe it! I would suggest to get 20 sachets since there'll be a discount for it. For me I will take a 1 week break after using it consecutively for 10 days to maintain white teeth.

    Where to buy it?

    Price: SGD$30 approx for 10 sachets


    I will try to do Beautify Me posts on the 1st Day of a New Month!

    What is Beautify Me?

    Beautify Me will be a post I'll share products and treatments that I have tried and tested which worked for me. It will be a post sharing my latest favourite skin care products, make up, hair products and maybe aesthetic procedures...well basically anything which has helped me "look better" and "feel better".

    I'll recommend 5 of my favourite products of the month (again, that is if I have enough)! Don't worry, most products would be bought using my own money in this post because I'm still quite a shopaholic and always on the hunt for good things! Of course I might also put in products I've been sponsored but since I already have an advertorial post on it, I'll try not to include it in this post unless I REEEEALLY do love it that much I can't help myself but to recommend it in Beautify Me again haha.


    I hope you girls enjoy my Beautify Me posts and it'll be helpful for yall! 

    Feel free to share what products you love that I should try too. :) 

    See you girls next month! 

    Stay Beautiful x

    "There Are No Ugly Women, Only Lazy Ones."

    P.S i'll add a column for my Beautify Me posts at the side so it'll be easy to find (on your right) :)

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  • 05/31/15--19:48: Ad: PeppyThread

  • Wearing pleated strapless top from
    Use code "TAMMY5" for 5% off!

    New Arrivals every Sunday at 8pm on!
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    Join the PeppyThread mailing list to receive exclusive updates and discounts! 

    Mention #peppythreadturns2 and @peppythread on IG when you wear apparels from PeppyThread and you stand a chance to win e-vouchers in the month of June!

    Use code "TAMMY5" for 5% off!

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  • 06/02/15--04:48: Number Two
  • Okay...

    Here goes...

    I am my 2nd trimester of my 2nd pregnancy!!!


    During the first pregnancy, we told ourselves, if we chose to have unprotected sex, we would have to be prepared to face anything which comes along with it. The birth of E changed EVERYTHING about us. We became a better version of ourselves and definitely much happier with a child around. I always saw myself with 2 children but never exactly planned when I wanted number 2. We chose not to have protected sex and were like if it happens, it happens! After all, we do want Elroy to have a was a sooner or later thing.

    However, due to starting work in a new industry this year, I kinda wanted to avoid getting pregnant till I got everything at work up and running properly so I decided to go on Birth Control pills not too long ago. When I discovered the pregnancy, it was really scary because i realized I have been on medication and on birth control pills! I took my pills every day and when i didn't get my period i assumed it was delayed because of the pills. In fact, I haven't gotten my period since the birth of Elroy but was told that BFing will delay it and so will Birth Control so missing my periods did not alarm me till recently. When tested positive i had the biggest shock because BC has a 99.9% of prevention of pregnancy if taken correctly. So how could i be that 0.1% to get pregnant on BC? :/ After realizing I have finished a few courses of BC Pills, WHILE PREGNANT, I was worried sick. :( I was supposed to start on BC when i got my first period but after giving birth to Elroy, i didn't bleed at all so i just started it the moment i stopped breastfeeding. Because when you breastfeed, that itself acts like a birth control too. The doc suspects I was pregnant in the first week of starting on BC or even before I started on the BC since I took my BC pills every day and never missed it, it should not be the BC's fault. Still, can't track what exactly happened because I can't remember anything.

    But that doesn't matter to us because we are so happy this happened and we wish for nothing but a safe and smooth pregnancy. We are monitoring the baby super closely to make sure he/she is healthy and growing well.

    Also because I found out about the pregnancy late, i've been training for my bikini body, while pregnant. WHAT THE SORCERY IS THIS?! What did i just put my baby into?! 

    I didn't even feel anything different. I didn't even feel "fat" until like maybe 4 days ago. Again, like my first pregnancy, i didn't experience morning sickness and all that. However one thing which was not so good about this 2nd pregnancy is that my complexion got really bad, I suddenly got a super bad break out and lotsa clogged pores. Shall put my anti acne stuff to good use now! 

    But anyway,such a smooth first trimester! Thank you baby for making it so so easy for mummy! This is really truly a miracle and a blessing to me. I went through the 1st Trimester JUST LIKE THAT. And even after all that hardcore exercising, my baby is alive and kicking! 

    YAY!!! BABY ELROY IS GOING TO BE A BIG BROTHER!!! Being a year + apart is awesome because they'd be able to grow up, learn and play together! To me, I feel that 1-2 years is a great age gap between siblings. The new baby can use many of the stuff Elroy has outgrown hehe. I always envied my friends who had siblings who were just a year older/younger! Now my children also can grow up together and be super close (hopefully). Hehe.

    What a great surprise!!! With the new biz up and running and a new baby arriving, 2015 is gonna be yet another crazy year! :) 

    A new baby is truly a blessing and seriously, Elroy brought so much good luck to our home. So much more joy and happiness to our families too. I can't imagine how much luckier and happier we'll be with number 2 hehe! 

    Do you think it's a boy or a girl?!
    I'll get a 100% confirmation from my doc in 2 weeks from the Harmony blood test I submitted. Hehe. 

    There's a lot of things people have been asking me and I believe more people will ask but like I said before, I want to keep my life "more private". My partner hates my life on social media so much he always wants me to stop sharing stuff about my life online (which explains why Ads appear so often). I think he also wanted to disallow me to share this big news online but how can I hide it knowing the bump will be visible VERY SOON. 

    Oh this I really want to share! So... my partner strongly believes in Feng Shui like i mentioned a month ago in my Feng Shui post, i just let him do his Feng Shui thing and sit back. I do not want to get into an argument over religious stuff etc. Recently we got the master to come over to the Interior Design showroom to see if it's a good place and if stepping into this new industry was good for me. He was like "hmm, it's great but you are going to be pregnant and i don't think you'll be as active in this business this year". My mom, partner and i just stood there with the "oh really?" face. Totally unconvinced. All of us. Now with this confirmation that i really am...i'm just speechless. Scary huh.

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  • 06/03/15--19:48: Ad: NinthStore
  • Today, I’m here to share with you what Ninth Store has in store for you this June and more! The Team behind Ninth Store has worked hard to bring you weekly good deals and New Arrivals Every Friday at 7PM. The best and favourite designs you’ll not want to miss every Season!

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    Here’s a sneak to their most recent New Stuff last Friday!

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    And if you’re not a fan of online shopping, fret not, because this June, you can visit them at their Mid Year Pop Up Store!

    Save the dates!

    And their ever growing Instagram page, now ft. Mid Week Wednesday Sale ONLY for their followers!

    And here’s also ft. their newly launched studio going at 50%OFF for a limited time!

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    I’ll also be working with them to bring you a different outfit every week so stay tuned to my Instagram and Ninth Store’s (@ninthstore) to see what I’ve picked!

    Shop Now at :

    Get 15% off when you quote "Tammy" at check out!

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  • 06/05/15--16:00: Bump to Mum - Baby Day Out

  • Spent a day out with Baby Elroy! Check out where we went and what we did! We might check out more malls soon so we can review how baby friendly the mall is for babies and children. :)

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  • 06/07/15--18:00: Ad: Soeurs

  • Wearing Mono Sporty Top & Pleather A-line Skirt from Soeurs.Co June II New Arrivals. 

    Wearing Long Crepe Button Down Top and the clutch's name us Call Me Acrylic clutch

    The new collection will be launched on...
    10 June, 9pm

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    Based in Singapore Soeurs.Co believes that a woman's wardrobe should be chic, fun and versatile and hope to become your clothing source and style inspiration for any occasions.

    Launched weekly on Wednesdays 9pm, the team brings fashion forward and classic clothing for the modern independent women.

    The new Soeurs collection will be launched on...
    10 June, 9pm
    Enter code "TAMMYXSOEURS" to receive 10% off on www.soeurs.coTo use it, just add your desired item(s) to the cart, click on the [Cart Icon] at the top right menu and enter the discount code at the Discount code area and the credit amount will be deducted from your total order.  Code is valid till 19 June 2015.

    Follow Soeurs Co on their social media accounts for more updates.

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  • 06/07/15--18:53: On FS
  • A lot of people have asked me for the contact of the Feng Shui master I went to and I did share his contact with some people. Bookings with him have to be made many many months in advance (some cases) so I don't want to put his contact on my blog.  

    I must say that he may be damn accurate with his "predictions" on me and did know a lot of things about me no one else knew about. However, a few friends went to him and said he is so-so, like some things he said are accurate and some are not. So they were telling me it's really "fate" kinda thing and different masters are good for different people. What was good for me might not good for you.

    Again, I'm still quite skeptical about everything! This kinda thing don't get too into it better as it will really mess up your mind. 

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  • 06/08/15--12:36: Week 14-16 (2nd Pregnancy)
  • I fit into my UK6 high waisted bottoms just fine until the end of week 14. Suddenly I gained 2kg in that week as my appetite became so huge! Is it because I know I have another inside me that's why I'm eating so much again or am I REALLY having a crazy huge appetite because of the baby? Haha. 

    I am now at 16 weeks already and starting my pregnancy diary now because....

    So super happy to receive a phone call from the doc that my baby is healthy and everything is good for now!

    That was seriously a relief to hear because of all the things I've done in the first trimester, of not knowing I was pregnant. I really wanted another baby and for he/she to be healthy after finding out I was preggers. Should the baby not develop properly and would have to suffer with deformations and stuff like that, I don't know what I'll do. Terminating the pregnancy may be cruel to some, but letting the child be born with defects and suffering from serious health issues may be a torture too. 

    I was so worried, there were so many things to consider and think about. I exercised excessively, did not eat healthily at all, downed a few glasses alcoholic drinks, took birth control pills daily, was on super strong antibiotics and anti-depressants, did many more stuff I can't remember exactly but basically most of the big no-nos during pregnancy - which I ended up doing in the first 12 weeks I did not know I was pregnant. Definitely felt damn shitty about myself. Should anything happen to my baby, I can only blame myself for not choosing to lead a healthier lifestyle. My partner and I think this baby is really really meant to be because even after everything, he/she is well. Some people do everything right but still end up having a miscarriage. Some do everything wrong but get to keep their child. I always believe that things which happen in our lives are written and they all happen for a reason.

    At Week 16, I am 3kg away from my "normal weight". After giving birth to my first son, Elroy, I lost all the weight gained and a little more and was 49kg. Which means I started this 2nd pregnancy at 49kg. During my first pregnancy, I started at 51kg. Many think I look "smaller" this pregnancy but I beg to differ. I feel that I look the same as my 1st one but this time I hide it better. To me that is. My bump is actually visible already. Many people have said that i will start showing much much earlier with my second pregnancy but it doesn't seem to apply to me...I feel that it's the same as the 1st. Maybe a little bit slower than the first! Bouncing back to my pre-pregnancy weight before starting on my 2nd one was good actually! I won't call it a waste! It's much healthier and losing weight will not be tough after giving birth! Plus my abs were tighter from my excessive exercising which prolly explains why I didn't show sooner.

    With this huge appetite I believe I'll gain even more in the weeks to come though haha. But I do want to be much healthier and hope I don't gain as much as my first baby moreover, luckily I've no major daily unhealthy cravings so far! Just feel that I dont get full I tend to eat a lot a lot more nowadays.

    Week 16 (2nd Pregnancy)
    Current Weight: 52kg
    Weight Gained: 3kg (starting weight 49kg)

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    I revealed the gender of my 2nd child last night on Instagram!



    IT'S A GIRL!

    I would be lying if i said i didn't have any preference on gender this time round. Already have a boy and really hoped my number 2 would be a girl!

    So i got my Harmony blood not too long ago and it's 99% A GIRL! 
    The test can detect gender as soon as 10 weeks! :)

    I was soon happy to receive the phone call!!! LIKE SUUUUPER!!! I immediately went CRAZY buying baby girl stuff. I've always envied those who could because girls stuff are WAY cuter and have more variety. Hehe. 

    Yay yay yay!

    Thank you My Sister Bakes for the pretty Gender Reveal cake!

    OH and yes, IT IS YUMMY. I hardly say pretty cakes are very yummy but this one really is because they don't use fondant. PLUS THERE'S M&Ms! YUM!

    Check them out here

    Email them at to make an order or enquiry!

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    Yay! The new showroom is finally ready for visitors! Which means, ALL OF YOU are welcome to visit :)

    It's been an exciting month learning about this new industry I'm stepping into and I'm loving what I'm doing so far. This also means i'll be making my exit from the blogosphere soon to focus on this new biz (and my family of course!) once it's running smoothly and also for personal reasons - want a more private life. When i told myself i wanted to switch to a new industry, i really meant a complete enjoy my posts while it lasts okie...haha.

    All the carpentry seen in our showroom is done by us in our own factory.

    If you are interested in renovating your home, you should come visit us at Imagine by SK66! We specialize in Carpentry as we have our own local factory to do it, we've (SK) done so many kitchen cabinets and walk in wardrobes I think we can call ourselves kitchen and closet specialists! We set up imagine by SK66 to do full home renovation (hacking, tiling, carpentry etc...) as previously in SK it was mostly carpentry work only.

    Even though this company is new, my mother and our team of carpenters have many many years of experience in the industry. Quality has been something the carpenters and my mom focus on the most. So I won't say we have the cheapest price. We won't even agree to using "cheaper" materials and compromise on quality which is why we can offer you a warranty. With the many years of experience in SK, they know better to not use bad quality stuff. 

    My mother has been working in my grandpa's company SK (which stands for Seng Kwong) for over a decade and watched him build up the company since 1966. She is super experienced in this industry and I'm very very happy she finally can do this on her own. Also to be able to learn so much from her myself. I think finally having her own company means she can execute plans she has to grow the company without having to go through approval from the head now that she is right on top. Which means she can grow it the way she wants to and hopefully I can help her with that. My mom is also probably one of the nicest woman I know of. Ya probably saying it because she's my own mother but really, when it comes to customer service she really aces it. And we hope to build a team who will provide great customer services. Something the previous company didn't really focus on and I think it's actually super important to do so. 

    There's so much I can say to try to win you over but ultimately, it's your choice who you want to trust to design your home! But I do hope you'll drop by and check us out :) looking forward to serving you hehe.

    Visit the showroom at...

    81 UBI AVENUE 4 
    #01-22 UB ONE
    SINGAPORE 408830

    For more info feel free to visit

    Contact No.

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  • 06/12/15--18:06: Ad: LOVET

    Available in White / Grey / Black :

    Shop LOVET Collections and LOVETHRIFT at!

    Quote 'tammyxlovet' for 5% off all orders!

    Get spoilt for choices with our LOVET Collections that place a great emphasis on quality and versatility.

    LOVETHRIFT features affordable yet timeless basics with a modern twist!
    Apparels range not more than S$20!




    Quote 'tammyxlovet' for 5% off all orders!!

    instagram @shoplovet

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  • 06/14/15--06:40: Ad: RAVE by YoungHungryFree

  • RAVE by Young Hungry Free

    Young Hungry free’s chic-minimalist fashion is an element that strikes every shopper, perfect for the risk-takers who seek for apparels that have that extra edge. Be it a casual night-out with your BFF after work or an important appointment to attend to, you can be sure to find clothes that will suit the occasion that you're going for.

    Gotta love this white lace dress which hid my baby bump so well :) Impressed with the quality and fit. The lace details are too pretty~

    What's more? They recently released a Lookbook - #TennisTuesday - featuring more bomb-ass apparels from their latest launch! You can view the entire collection here –

    Now, everything that was mentioned above was just appetizers for you ladies. Here comes the main course!

    Almost every wild child’s favourite online store is about to drop its sickest event to date! Keep your eyes peeled as Young Hungry Free's highly anticipated first annual warehouse sale would finally be in action.

    RAVE by Young Hungry Free will be taking place this coming weekend at their main office, from 11am to 9pm on both days.

    Details are as follow:
    Venue: 61 Bukit Batok Crescent 04-05, Singapore 658078
    Date: Saturday and Sunday, 20th - 21st June
    Time: 11am - 9pm

    Aside from jaw dropping discounted prices from their current and new collections that will leave your closet packed and ready for this summer, here are some of RAVE's event highlights to go along with your shopping this weekend.

    Rave along with house music with food and drinks and experience the ultimate lounge shopping experience. They also got your travel needs covered. YHF girls deserves to be treated like a queen. Uber your way to the event with a $20 discount code and dive right into the shopping without even breaking a sweat! 

    Other highlights include our favourite DJ Getto from Zouk Singapore, free flow drinks from StrongBow Cider and Gorilla Press Co all day and enjoy unlimited churros from the Churros factory.

    Not to mention our interative Photobooth with AwwSnap and of course, amazing shopping – heavily discounted prices from $5-$20.

    Join us as we celebrate YHF not just as a label but as a lifestyle.

    We will be giving away 10 x VIP passes for my followers, check out the details and join the giveaway on my Instagram!

    Stay in touch with Young Hungry Free





    Wait no more! Mark the dates on your calendars now!

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  • 06/14/15--20:11: Ad: Wonderstellar

  • Weaing Enigma Leather x Quilt Jacket from Wonderstellar!

    It's currently my new favourite leather jacket and i can't believe it is under $100! For the quality and details, it surely looks way more expensive i feel!

    Enter 'Tammy10' for 10% off all orders, 
    valid till 15th July at WWW.WONDERSTELLAR.COM!

    Join their mailing list for first hand exclusive updates of their latest in-store happenings!
    They offer regular generous discount codes with every launch just for their mailing listees.

    Some of their bestselling items now back in stock:
    Top - Sunshine Avenue Basic Knit Top
    Bottom - Santorini Floral Slit Maxi Skirt

    More of their popular items as seen on several bloggers on Instagram!

    They're pretty active on Instagram so do follow them @wonderstellar closely
    for more exciting daily style updates!

    Shop fuss free with Wonderstellar with these delivery modes they offer -

    Here's a special discount just for my readers:
    Enter 'tammy10' for 10% off all orders,
    valid till 15th July at WWW.WONDERSTELLAR.COM!


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  • 06/16/15--02:33: Elroy 9 Months

  • Had a splashing good time with Elroy this afternoon!

    My baby boy turns 9 months old this week. :)

    Some updates on Elroy...

    He has 4 teeth now (2 on top and 2 at the bottom). He LOVES sweet potatoes and carrots only  when we feed him using our hand. So we boil it till it's rather soft, then cut it into cubes and feed him using our hand sometimes. He can finish a lot of it when we do so! Oh and weird thing is, when we put the cube on a spoon, he refused to eat it....only wants to eat if we feed using our hand. SO WEIRD RIGHT? Haha. We used to mash up ALL his food so it's easier but he doesn't like it like that anymore, he likes more "solid" food recently so he can bite. I dont know why but since he learnt to bite food, he hates mashed up food and it's damn sian to feed him porridge (or anything that has to be fed using a spoon). But still, we have to force him because that's the only way we can get him to eat all the "good stuff" in a meal. It can take up to 45 min for him to finish his food because he moves around SO SO much. Oh and he always uses his hand to push the spoon away. Feeding time with Elroy gets super messy. 
    Elroy can crawl super fast now and steadily. He also learnt to hold onto things and stand up on his own now. It's super funny because in the middle of the night, he would stand up in his crib alone! And in the morning when he wakes up, the first thing he does is to stand up and scream for someone to let us know he is awake.

    So i mentioned that Elroy is super clingy and bratty in the previous update on him and many have told me the change in behavior could be because he sensed anoter baby coming? I dont know how true is's like some kinda old wives tale. Haha. Quite funny lor but if that's really the reason for the sudden change in his character. I kinda dread the day my belly gets big because then i wont be able to carry him so much. :( It's kinda "dangerous" to lie with him in bed though. He tends to press my belly down and try to stand or like crawl over my belly....and he is HEAVY. Currently weighing 10.5kg so wow, a 10.5kg on my pregnant belly....not good.

    He is still super cheerful and always laughing so it's a joy being around him. He sure makes all my worries go away. Oh and one more thing, sometimes he would wave at people and say "AH!!!" when people wave at him and say hello! I guess "AH!!!" is his way of saying hello. It's a 50-50 thing though...sometimes he does it and sometimes he doesn't. But when he does, he sure makes people smile (and make me proud) haha.

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  • 06/17/15--06:00: Sp: Tarte Blush
  • Thank you Tarte for being so super generous and sending me so many Arzonian Clay 12 Hour Blush!

    Tarte has recently been added to my list of favourite make up brands because of their Mascara, i actually bought so many and gave them out as X'mas gifts last year! Hehe. So when Tarte told me they want to send me stuff, i was soooo happy and excited.

    When i opened the package, i found 12 beautiful shades of Tarte's Arzonian Clay 12 Hour Blush!

    What i love about this is that i blends very well and easily. It goes on easy and looks beautiful. It also claims to last 12 hours but i don't usually go out that long (that is because i'm preggers now and i get tired easily haha) so i can't assure you that's true but for the 6 hours i was out, it was great! I have oily/combination skin at the moment due to pregnancy hormones and this kept my oily skin matt. Price wise, not the cheapest blush but if you do not want to risk getting a blush which sucks, this is definitely worth giving a shot. All that money i spent on crappy blushers could've gotten me so many of this.

    There's also a HUGE range of colors so there's something for everyone - from fair skinned to dark skinned!

    My favourite colors that go well with my skin (and make up style) are...

    1. Tipsy
    2. Fearless
    3. Flush

    I am wearing Tipsy below...


    Credits: x
    You can find Tarte at our local Sephora outlets all over Singapore. :)

    I wanted to do my own swatch of it however if i do so, i'd kinda have to "use the product" but since i want to do a give away, i shall not touch it and ruin it. Hehe.

    I'm giving away 6 blushers because i do not need to keep that many. Since i don't know which color will suit you, i'll give 3 different colors to each person so that means there will be 2 winners giveaway! 

    Simply follow me on @ohsofickle on Instagram, "Like" the picture and follow the giveaway details there!

    Thank you Tarte for this!

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  • 06/18/15--16:00: Floral Romper

  • Romper: Treslovechic
    Shoes: Converse

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