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because im fickle like that.

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  • 04/23/15--08:49: Black Tulle Skirt

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  • 04/24/15--18:00: Grid

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  • 04/25/15--07:44: Different Views
  • I am finding it hard to keep up nowadays, don't have anything exciting to share, been too busy to think of stuff to do to grow my followers too. Still have ads coming in though and thankful for it, really! Thank you :) Can try awesome stuff and get paid for sharing about it, ain't gonna complain and say no since bills still have to get paid. It's seriously the one of the best jobs a girl can have. But I guess my partner being much older than I am hopes I wake up and transition into a "woman" (more matured la) soon and not be into all of this "temporary" stuff. Because one day I might go down and if I don't have an alternate route, life won't be as easy for me. Some more I'm so vain, I love doing my hair, aesthetic and lasers, manicures, buying make up...etc...what if one day I lose sponsorships and not have the financial capabilities to afford it on my own. Oh the horror. But scaring me with that, guess it worked! Lol. There are more things to life for me now than being Internet Famous. Good thing I guess? But sad at the same time to fade, fade, fade away...slowly... :( I do hope to still maintain a good amount of followers for as long as possible but somehow do feel like having a different say in things have affected me as I am not on the same side as the majority. Some people aren't open minded enough to accept that I have a different view.

    Actually this post was longer...wrote it last night when I couldn't sleep because a lot went through my mind at night. I need to stop doing my word vomits! Haha. Most of the time it's written using my phone lying on bed and I hit publish without putting much thought into it. However I woke up to a friend saying putting it up was not the best idea because I should be protecting myself and staying away from drama. Then it hit me, yeah, maybe now isn't the right time too with so much stuff to do and so little time. But if u read it, u know what goes on in this head of mine...

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  • 04/26/15--10:03: Dubsmash
  • So i've been seeing a lot of people post hilarious Dubsmash videos on Facebook for months! Only recently, on a very boring day i had nothing better to do, i decided to download it to try it for myself. I was curious to know how it works and how people made their videos. I really did not expect myself to jump on to DubSmash bandwagon but i guess i did. Haha. It's super fun and definitely a great way to pass time.

    Here's a compilation of 5 of my Dubsmash videos i posted on my second IG ac, @ohsoficklex (because i'm trying to keep the feed on @ohsofickle as nice as possible).

    Download it and try it if you haven't already done so! Laugh at yourself and keep your friends entertained. Haha.

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  • 04/28/15--04:44: YouTubers V.S Bloggers
  • **Oh and one thing, everytime you read my blog and see that the font changes halfway, it isn't done deliberately hor! Everytime I edit something from my phone, it'll happen. Damn weird one.

    Been a huge fan of MANY YouTubers after so many years and have seen so many improve and grow so much over the years. It seems like for YouTubers, the more subscribers they have, the more motivated they are to work even harder. Some even create multiple channels. Oh and not forgetting that they also have to keep their social media accounts active. Many become better and better at what they're doin. Those at the top continue producing such amazing work one after another and hardly ever disappoint us subscribers.

    Here are some YouTube accounts worth checking out and why I love them!

    NigaHiga (14 Million Subscribers)

    Look at his first video, and his latest video. Look at how much it has improved over the years. The amount of effort he puts in his work AMAZES ME. He has been doing this since and just keeps getting better and better as the years pass. Also, seen him do collaborations with many MANY YouTubers. Even with local SG YouTubers!

    Here are some of his old videos and his new videos (from old to new), watch and be impressed at how much he has improved!

    MichellePhan (7 Million Subscribers)
    Known as the beauty guru of Youtube. You can tell her videos aren't as "personal" as before but she definitely improved the quality of her videos. Also, besides beauty stuff, she gives pretty great advices to her subscribers. She has been doing this since and till today, she is still pretty consistent.

    Some of her old videos to new videos...

    She even runs her own glambag business, Ipsy, a make up line em michelle phan and owns a really interesting blog!

    How does she even manage everything.....?!?!

    Zoella (8 Million Subscribers)
    Even with so many subscribers, she still remains so lovable and down to earth (as seen from her blogs). I wouldn't believe it's all an act because she updates so frequently and it's so consistent. If it's all an act then she has to be one hella good actress alright. She also has a separate channel updated frequently for her vlogs, MoreZoella.

    Zoella's old videos to new videos...

    itsJudysLife (1 Million Subscribers)
    She's a mother of 3 and still manages to post a new video almost every single day.

    Oh and one of her most popular uploads is of her baby and another vlogger's baby...

    This other baby is from the other vlogging family the SaconneJolys and if you look at both their videos, you'd realize it's pretty similar. In a way they are "competitors" but instead of not mentioning each other, they meet up and do a collaboration! Both of them post new videos daily of the lives of their families.

    Bubzbeauty  (2 Million Subscribers)
    I'm probably her biggest fan in Singapore and i am so happy to be able to go through my pregnancy together with her. (haha macham i know her) She has about 3-4 weeks ahead of me and so consistent in her postings. Definitely helped me prepare myself better for what's about to happen to me. She's also such a sweet girl and recently raised like Her main account is Bubzbeauty but i prefer her vlogs on Bubzvlogz la haha.

    grav3yardgirl (4 million Subscribers)

    She's really not your typical pretty girl. She's kinda loud and uhm...her actions are a bit too kua zhang haha. But definitely keeping it very real and not afraid to be ugly which is why many love her!

    I like her because she does a series of videos called "Does this thing really work?" where she buys random stuff as seen on TV/Magazines and gives a real review of it. Most of the time she's not being paid to buy the stuff or promote it.

    Lets not forget our local YouTubers...

    Take RyanSylvia (NOC) (300k subscribers) for example...

    Some really good videos they've produced...

    Whether it's for fun or ads, they put in a lot of efforts into their videos and are always collaborating with other YouTubers.

    I've watched how they feature and made other YouTubers for example CheokboardStudios grow so much!

    ALL of my favourite YouTubers are also very active on Social Media! Which means they really keep all their platforms updated and as active as possible.

    Ok i actually like a lot A LOT of YouTubers but i decided not to make this part of the post too long haha...

    Let me compare the Local Blogging Scene and the Local YouTube Scene....from my own observation. For both scenes, we have to create content to entertain and update our subscribers/readers. Both are pretty similar but the latter requires more work. However, if you take a look at the Top YouTubers and the Top Bloggers, you'd realize YouTubers post more frequently. The amount of work a Blogger has to put into doing up a Blog Post will never be as tedious and tiring as filming and editing a good video. I can't say the same for doing up exposes because i've never done one before so maybe only posts like those take up more time and effort. However, even with that "little effort" most bloggers still don't even post blog posts up that consistently. Which makes me wonder, is it true Bloggers get complacent after they've reached a certain "level"? I mean so far, those popular websites that are consistent and continue to produce good posts daily are news websites like Buzzfeed, Mothership, MustShareNews etc and definitely more entertaining than following blogs which are mostly dead half the time. If you do a SimilarWeb search on those websites and on most of us bloggers, you'd be surprised at how little engagement bloggers get compared to those sites. But most of us Bloggers earn even more than the writers inside earn...hmm.... :/

    I understand that news sites have a team of writers to contribute content and articles which is why their website is always updated with something new daily , whereas for blogging, there's only one person behind the website. Still, the amount of work we "bloggers" produce, cannot be compared to those writers. Those writers have written more articles than most of us top Bloggers man? AND....i think most of us Bloggers earn more than them. :X

    How many of us Bloggers are actually known for producing good and useful contents? I think most of us can't even find something to stick to so we call ourselves "Lifestyle" bloggers so we can blog about every single thing and maybe take up every single job given to us out there. Which means we should have more content right since our blogs are more diversified? In my opinion, the only "can make it" blogs in Singapore are the Food Bloggers. Those are the bloggers who go all the way out to hunt for good food to share with their readers. It's really not easy traveling the whole of Singapore finding the best Brunch place but they do it for their readers, they work hard to get a good post out which will help us narrow down the best place for Brunch. Food Blogging is something most of us Lifestyle bloggers can cover too because well, lifestyle blogging means everything happening in our lives right? But how many of us can produce a post as well as food bloggers?

    . So, for me, i am categorized as a "Lifestyle blogger", i am supposed to blog about my daily life...or the things happening in my life. I can blog about so many things, some life hacks, food to eat, beauty secrets...etc! But many of us Lifestyle bloggers hardly bother to update our blogs... how many of us still do with Instagram around? We think posting pictures on Instagram is enough. Most of us bloggers who have reached a certain level can't be bothered to brain storm and think of good stuff to blog about. That certain level I am referring to is when we are given "paid jobs". That is the day most of us get motivated by money. Most Bloggers, unlike YouTubers, don't have that "drive" to keep our followers entertained. We don't even feel that "guilt" they feel when they don't post a new video in time. Do we really think we deserve the money we're earning? Surely, we can learn a thing or 2 from the YouTubers around and be better Bloggers. Look at YouTubers, they promise us things like "hey guys, new video every Wednesday!", how many Bloggers can do that? How many bloggers even blog on a weekly basis now? BESIDES THE PAID JOBS. I've seen potential in a few "small" blogs which are written as a hobby by some people that are SO MUCH better than blogs owned by popular local bloggers but i really wonder if they will still continue producing good content once they have grown to a certain level.

    Hey look at those YouTubers, they do ALL of what we bloggers do, so much more. Yet, they still continue to produce good videos every week.

    Could blogging be dying....?

    Also, i don't know much about the YouTube scene and if this observation is accurate or not but YouTubers are willing to help each other grow. Unlike the local Blogging scene, if you are not from the same company, or not in a certain clique, you will never be seen in a picture together.. It is like Bloggers just hate seeing other Bloggers grow. Many just want to bring other people down. Something you don't really see in the YouTube scene. Even on their social media platforms. There's hardly a collaboration between bloggers of "different levels". Actually, then again, i've always been one who was willing to work with small bloggers whether or not people tell me so and so is only my friend to be popular, I never really cared. But only recently, some of those "small bloggers" have grown to be on the same level as me (and many surpassed me in fact) and ha, the way they look at me now is like as if i'm lousier than them and am a nobody. Uhm...when you were "down there" i never looked down or you nor saw you as a nobody so now that you are up there you shouldn't too? So yeah, even if you collaborate and make a certain someone "get noticed" in the local blogosphere, the person won't even help you when you're "not as popular" in future. Kinda sucks...

    I admire the YouTube scene so much because i've seen people with 100k Subscribers work and promote other YouTubers who only started with like 1k Subscribers. They let each other star in each others videos...and then also mention them in the description box. When those 1k Subs YouTubers grow to like 50k subs, they too start working with smaller YouTubers and helping other people grow. It's like happening in every single YouTube community all over the world...Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Hong Kong, Europe, America...Everywhere, they just seem to like helping one another. Look at it this way, YouTubers all come from "different" companies also right? So how come they can work together and how come bloggers can't and are not willing to? How come they can star in each others videos and make friends with each other so easily? Why are so many of them so helpful and willing to help each other get noticed? Unlike the Blogging scene, bloggers feel threatened people are going to "overtake" you. I always feel that if it happens, it just means you don't produce good enough content which is why you're overtaken. In the local blogging scene, you can see many "clique of bloggers". It's always the same ol' people on each others blogs. You will hardly ever see different cliques coming together working on something together...unless it's a company thing. Never really a collaboration or whatsoever. The only time someone mentions someone else is when the person is more influential. Nobody ever promotes someone "smaller" (unless they have been friends for a long time).

    AND...last but not least, why are most YouTubers way friendlier and more down to earth than most Bloggers and don't give off that "i'm a big shot" feel even with such great number of followers? I just think they are so much easier to like! Why do bloggers always have that holier-than-thou attitude...? With this attitude the industry becomes very uncomfortable to be in...and so fake. Everyone is out to kill you. Especially if you are from a rival company.

    Writing this post is actually really inspiring ...for me lah. Like suddenly i really feel like i want to work hard on blogging...but then i remember i'm gonna have to take it easy as i'm going into a new industry soon and might not have time for this. BUT REALLY, I am so inspired with all the YouTube community and how hard they work so very hard to get to where they are...and continue working hard even when they are on top.

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  • 04/30/15--03:55: Tattoo Removal 4
  • Today i went for my 7th session of tattoo laser removal. I started back in Feb 2013, and till today have only went for 7 sessions as i was pregnant in 2014 and it is not recommended to laser tattoos during pregnancy.

    I do my laser tattoo removal at 2 places, National Skin Centre and Trinity Medical Centre (Marine Parade).

    1st - 5th session were done at National Skin Centre. Est. $300-400/session.
    6th - 7th session were done at Trinity Medical Centre (Marine Parade) Est. $300-400/session

    Bear in mind that my tattoo area is big, but if yours is like say, less than palm size, it should cost $100-200/session.

    So at my 6th session, i switched from NSC to Trinity as i didn't see much difference in the colors of my tattoos, it was lightening very very slowly. Not much difference from the 4th and 5th session. The initial plan was to go to Trinity for aesthetic procedures but i spoke to the doctor about tattoo laser removal and he told me he could do it too.

    My most recent Tattoo Removal Process seems to be really effective after Dr Lim switched to another Laser Machine. According to him, this one is MUCH stronger.  I guess so too since it was EVEN MORE PAINFUL. Still, i think if i started on this machine from Day 1, i would require even lesser sessions to remove my tattoo.

    I wasn't too impressed at my previous session because it was more or less the same as NSC so i never blogged about it...until THIS RECENT SESSION. OMG. I really think this one will make a BIG DIFFERENCE.

    Oh wait, don't get me wrong, not saying the tattoo removal doesn't work at NSC but it just seems to be slow so I just wanted to try another clinic and see if I can see a bigger difference. I will still have to go back to NSC to remove certain colors (my tattoo is pretty darn colorful) if Trinity's machine can't do it.

    Previous sessions, the "piak" (when laser hits your skin) sounds were much softer, and not so frequent at but after switching to this stronger machine, the sound was much louder and just keeps happening all over, so i really felt like it could remove even more pigments than ever.

    It was damn painful though. Much more painful than all the 6 sessions i've done. NOT LIKE THOSE WERE NOT PAINFUL ENOUGH. Haha. But seriously, if it's going to make this process faster, I'LL GO THROUGH THE PAIN, GET IT OVER AND DONE WITH!!!

    You can read my previous posts here if you are keen...

    Here's my Progress update...

    It's much easier to cover with a tattoo concealer now!
    But i need another 5 more sessions i think....but i think after switching to this new machine, it should be even faster...we'll see!

    So well, here's a picture taken right after my 7th Session...

    I'll keep the pic small because it's SUPER GROSS. Never has my tattoo right after lasering looked THAT YUCKY. And it kept bleeding...and IT WAS REALLY SWOLLEN.


    Certain spots didn't form a white frosting previously!! Like the past 3-6 sessions, not much frosting formed only super duper red right after laser session. But this time after switching to this new machine, white frosting formed on almost the whole tattoo!!! Which is a damn good thing because i found this information online...

    What is White Frosting?

    The rapid local heating of skin pigment, which leads to gas or plasma forming, causes the white frosting you sometimes see during and after laser treatment. Carbon dioxide is released as a result of laser penetration and surfaces on the upper layer of the skin, which resembles a white frosting.

    In the vast majority of cases, this only lasts for 15-30 minutes after treatment. It is a temporary side effect, which is perfectly normal. White frosting is always evident during the first treatment, but once more ink gets remove from further sessions it won’t appear as much.

    Is white frosting a good or bad thing?

    It might not look very nice, but the white frosting you see during laser tattoo removal is very much a good thing. This reaction indicates the laser is penetrating the ink effectively. On top of that, it also shows that your body is reacting and healing quickly.

    As soon as the laser hits your skin, it can go in various different directions. Some paths of light will reflect off the skin, while others will penetrate into the epidermis and dermis. However, we are interested in the ones that reach the ink particles, are absorbed into the skin and cause white frosting to occur.

    Cr: x

    Looking forward to it healing so i can see how much it has lightened! But seriously, i think this recent treatment has to be one of the most effective one better be after going through even more pain. Haha.

    I need to wait about a month for it to fully recover then i can show ya'll the results so look forward to the next update alrighty! :)

    Details of the clinics i go to...

    National Skin Centre
    Address: 1 Mandalay Road Singapore 308205
    Phone: 6253 4455

    Trinity Medical Centre
    Address: 87, Marine Parade Central
    #02-500A, Singapore 440087

    p.s i'm not paid to write this post. i am a paying customer at NSC however at Trinity MC i get a huge discount but still, i don't have to write about the clinic if it doesn't work for me (which I didn't do for session 6, but am doing so now because I think this time it will work). Just here to share my tattoo removal experience.

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  • 04/30/15--22:08: Beautify Me (April)

  • What is Beautify Me?

    Beautify Me will be a post I'll share products and treatments that I have tried and tested which worked for me. It will be a post sharing my latest favourite skin care products, make up, hair products and maybe aesthetic procedures...well basically anything which has helped me "look better" and "feel better".

    I'll recommend 5 of my favourite products of the month (again, that is if I have enough)! Don't worry, most products would be bought using my own money in this post because I'm still quite a shopaholic and always on the hunt for good things! Of course I might also put in products I've been sponsored before but since I already have an advertorial post on it, I'll try not to include it in this post unless I REEEEALLY do love it that much I can't help myself but to recommend it in Beautify Me again haha. Still, this is NOT A PAID POST. MAJORITY of the items are bought using my own money and i am not paid to add any of the brands in my Beautify Me posts.

    I'm not sure if I'll do this Beauty Favourites Post monthly but I'll try to if I have enough products to recommend!

    I will try to do Beautify Me posts on the 1st Day of a New Month!

    Please bear with the low quality pictures...will improve on the photography once i get the lights from my other place! :)

    Here we go! 

    My 5 Favourite Beauty Products of the Month...

    1. Dermaroller 0.5mm

    Buy a 0.5mm needle one because that's one of the most gentle one and you can use it up to 3 times a week. No down time at all. 

    I bought this hand held needle roller online as I didn't have time to go to my facial place to do the needle rolling (which i've been doing for quite some time and love it). Thought since I could do it from my own home, why not! Plus it's only $20! No harm trying right? Not sure if it's the same...maybe doing it at the facial place is a bit "stronger" because of the stuff used?

    So basically u apply your favourite serum (it'll be good to invest in expensive ampoules on nights you want to use the needle roller), then roll it all over your face. Left-Right 4 times Up-Down 4 times Diagonal (do both directions) 4 times 

    After rolling, your skin might turn a little bit red. Apply your moisturizer and a sheet mask (preferably cold) and pat the goodness into your skin. 

    After using this at night, when I wake up the next morning. My skin feels like it really absorbed all the goodness very well! 

    Pain Level: 3/10 (don't roll too hard or too many times because you will damage your skin) 

    Where to get it?
    I bought mine from Flowertrade on Qoo10 (link here).
    Price: SGD$20 approx.

    2) Sleek Blusher in Rose Gold

    I bought this on Luxola. I have never heard of Sleek before this but I wanted to find a blush to replace my NARS Orgasm Blush. I saw the reviews that this was a very close color to that and decided to try it. Moreover, Sleek's one is a fraction of the price! I do love the color a lot and it's very pigmented which is what I look for in a blush. Just one sweep and the color is on.

    Where to get it?
    Price: SGD$15 approx.

    3. Tangle Teezer / Magic Comb

    I have used the Gold Tangle Teezer for quite a while now and only recently purchased another one (this one is half the price because it's chiong one haha but works as well) which has a handle. Both works super well de-tangling my very tangled hair. I just cut 5 inches of my hair a week ago and before I cut, my hair was in a pretty bad state (hmm i do a pretty good job blowdrying my hair and going for treatments but when i stop treatments it can be really bad). I refused to cut my long hair until I saw how much hair was breaking and dropping, leaving a scary amount of hair in my toilet every single day. It is a post-partum thing i believe. But well, it was also definitely pretty damaged from the years of bleaching and my hair is pretty porous so it gets tangled damn easily. The Tangle Teezer has saved me a lot of time de tangling my hair with a normal comb. I can't imagine life not having this brush anymore. A must have for girls with long hair! 

    Where to get it?

    Tangle Teezer
    Price: SGD$20 approx

    Pink With Handle aka The Chiong One
    Price: SGD$7 approx

    4. Two Faced Primed and Poreless Face Primer

    I only started using Primers religiously not too long ago as I realised how important it is to help make up stay and look good for many hours! I'm not sure if it is bad for your skin but with thorough cleansing it should be fine i think. I've tried a few which I love but this month I'll recommend you guys this!

    So after completing your morning skincare routine (wash, tone, serum, moisturize) I would apply this all over my face. Alone, this makes your face so smooth and helps minimize the look of large pores. This can also be used alone if you have very good skin and have nothing much to cover. It feels nice and silky on my skin. After primer is on, I apply my BB Cream and then set it with loose powder. The primer really helps the BB Cream last longer. In the past, after like 2 hours out without a primer, I'll see like random lines and crease on my face...then I'll pile more powder and it ends up looking worse - it'll look cakey and all. After using a primer, gone are the days I face those problems! I won't lie and say your make up is going to stay put and look good the WHOLE day (i have read that you will need a good setting spray but i've yet to purchase that, maybe i should and do a review on it if i find a good one), maybe 5-8 hours depending on your skin type and the weather. For me in Singapore's humid weather, i'd say it'll be good for say 6 hours then it will melt cus my skin tends to get oily easily and I perspire a lot (idk why...i would love to stop perspiring so help for that or not i wonder?).

    Where to get it?


    Price: SGD$40 approx.

    5. Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk Lipstick (PK005)

    This pink lippie is my favourite of the month! I've always liked bold lipsticks but decided to go light this month as I have a new hair color. I love the color of this as it's sweet and really great for day time wear. It's creamy and easy to apply. The finishing has a nice slight shine. Sad to say, it's not very long lasting though.

    I've just bought another light pink one and I love that a lot too but I'll leave it for the next Beautify Me post. Hehe. 

    Where to get it?

    Price: SGD$11 approx.


    I hope you girls enjoy my Beautify Me posts and it'll be helpful for yall! 

    Feel free to share what products you love that I should try too. :) 

    See you girls next month! 

    Stay Beautiful x

    "There Are No Ugly Women, Only Lazy Ones."

    P.S i'll add a column for my Beautify Me posts at the side so it'll be easy to find (on your right) :)

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  • 05/05/15--02:27: Ad: AntiClockwise

  • Wearing Boy Berms in Grey from


    Oversized Shirt Dress in Olive

    Asymmetrical Slit Flowy Tunic in Soft Grey

    Relaxed Fit Shirt in White + Classic Boy Berms in Black

    Relaxed Fit Shirt in White + Ripped Jeans in Stone Wash

    Backorders have also been opened for Denim Swing Tunic in Light Wash & many more items! Limited slots so grab while you can!

    PROMOTION: Quote TAMMY to get 10% OFF with minimum two items purchased! 
    (Valid till 31st May 2015 – Not valid for sale/thrift deal items)


    FOLLOW THEM ON Instagram:

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  • 05/06/15--07:01: Beauty in the Pot
  • A lot of my friends told me i had to try Beauty in the Pot since i'm such a huge fan of steamboat. And when asked if it's better than Hai Di Lao, they all said Yes!

    So most of my friends, like myself, are huge HDL fans and for a Hai Di Lao fan to say something like that, Beauty in the Pot HAD to be SOMETHING.

    So i finally got to try it myself and I AM SOOO HAPPY I DID. 

    I just got home from dinner and since i have a bit of time now (better do it now because this month is crazy busy with the opening of the imagine interior design showroom), i decided to do a blog post on it to share this good steamboat place with ya'll!

    And for the first time, there's another steamboat restaurant which can be compared to Hai Di Lao!

    The Beauty Collagen Broth is made by boiling Shark Cartilage for hours AND IT IS SO GOOD I HAD LIKE 8 BOWLS OF IT. NOT KIDDING.

    I wasn't a huge fan of the Spicy Pork Broth but it wasn't BAD. Just that the Beauty Collagen Broth was SO GOOD i just didn't want to waste space in my tummy on the Spicy Broth. For a person who has ALWAYS preferred a spicy soup base when having steamboat, THIS TIME WAS DIFFERENT FOR ME. And i think that itself tells how good the Collagen soup base is already. Haha.

    The must order items are the Crispy Beancurd Skin! I remember trying something similar before at Imperial Treasure Steamboat. So what you have to do is dip this into the boiling soup for about 3 seconds and eat it. It's chewy and absorbs the soup.

    This Prawn Paste with Fish Roe is also another Must-Try! I love the Prawn Paste at HDL but this...HAS EBIKO! Which gives it a really nice texture when you bite into it.

    So Beauty in the Pot V.S Hai Di Lao, which is better?

    I won't say Beauty in the Pot was's rather different!!! BOTH ARE EQUALLY SUPER GOOD AND I WOULD KEEP GOING BACK TO BOTH.

    I felt that the food at Beauty in the Pot was better but choices were pretty limited compared to HDL. The Beef and Pork at Beauty in the Pot were REALLY good!!! Not like HDL's one is bad, it's also good but i feel like the quality at BitP was better. Oh and not the mention, i love the crab sticks at Beauty in the Pot! It was the super sweet kind - like those japanese ones, not that rectangularish supermarket one. Oh please don't laugh at how i describe food. I not cut out to do food blogging because i just can't find the right words. Lol. The prawn paste at Beauty in the Pot was also better than HDL's squeezed out prawn paste. But one thing cannot win HDL, the "la mian"! The HDL la man is so QQ and yums. Oh and did you know HDL's hot dog is also damn good? It's like a bit crunchy one. Haha. But ya la, it's processed food. Everytime i eat at HDL with older friends, they'd be like "yeah i guess you're really still a kid" because i love fish balls, crab sticks and hot dogs. Haha.

    Well if you are a fan of spicy soup base, then HDL wins because their Ma La broth is THE BOMB. But if you prefer a non-spicy soup base, then Beauty in the Pot's Collagen soup takes the cake! Oh and well, i'm super Beauty in the Pot's soup is also much healthier....since the collagen soup has SO MANY health benefits.

    Dipping Sauce Station
    I preferred the choices of dipping sauces at Hai Di Lao as the choices at Beauty in the Pot was rather limited. Im a huge Hai Di Lao special sauce + extra soy bean chilli paste (if you haven't tried this, the next time you're at HDL, ask the waiter/waitress to prepare the special sauce for you!)! OHHHHH and at HDL, you can eat as much fruits as you want!! AND THE YUMMY SILKY BEAN CURD PUDDING....EAT ALL YOU WANT! That is probably something i wish Beauty in the Pot had...FREE FRUITS!!! Cus i always like to have something nice and sweet after a full meal, no matter how full i am. Such a sweet tooth...haiz.

    The service at HDL is much better though. People at HDL are just always SOOOO polite, attentive and smiley! I don't think there's a restaurant with such a huge number of happy working waiters and waitresses?! AT ALL THE OUTLETS (yeah, i've already been to all 3 HDL outlets in Singapore haha). I don't think the service at Beauty in the Pot was bad though but it was a little bit harder to get the attention of the staff...unlike HDL whereby there're SUPER quick to attend to you and start to refill your drinks when it's only about half-full.

    For 2 at HDL, i usually pay about $130 and i think i order more food at HDL. For 2 at Beauty in the Pot, i paid about $150. So i THINK HDL is a lil bit cheaper! But not a huge difference really. I heard if you go after 10pm, it's 20% off your bill!!!! Not sure if it's true but you can call to confirm? 

    So yup, that's my review on Beauty in the Pot, definitely a place i'd go back to over and over again. Like HDL. So it will depend if i wanted to go healthy or unhealthy that day. Haha.

    Oh and unlike HDL, it's possible to make a reservation at Beauty in the Pot, which means, NO LONG HOURS OF QUEUEING! 

    Must try!!!!

    Beauty in the Pot
    Address: 11 Tanjong Katong Road, OneKM #02-21
    Singapore 437157
    Contact: +65 67022542

    Mon - Thu: 11:00 - 01:00
    Fri - Sat: 11:00 - 03:00
    Sun: 11:00 - 01:00

    p.s majority of the food reviews on my blog aren't sponsored...i just like to share places i had a good dining experience at. :)

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  • 05/07/15--18:00: Fresh Oysters at Wharf
  • I remember i used to HATE oysters when i was younger. I'm the kind who says i love "orh lua" (fried oyster omelette) but don't eat the oysters in it. It has this weird smell and hum. Haha.

    But anyway, after i tried REALLY fresh oysters, i learnt to LOVE IT. I still think it's something not EVERYONE would like but if you like it, this is a place in Singapore to check out for yummy fresh oysters!

    I went to Oyster Bar and Grill Wharf at Chijmes. They have 3 outlets in Singapore!

    So i usually have fresh oysters at Buffets (The Line or Carousel) or Japanese restaurants. At buffets, it's much cheaper but it's really a gamble, sometimes you get fresh ones, sometimes you don't. At Japanese restaurants it was really really expensive so usually i limit myself to just 2 oysters. It was my first time trying oysters at an Oyster Bar and for $60 i can get a dozen.

    We were served oysters from different countries and my favourite has to be the ones from Aussie. I wonder if i can go and order a dozen from only one particular country? I'll try that the next time. Hehe. The rest weren't bad la, all also yummy and super fresh but i just prefer the ones from Aussie better even though i don't really know why haha.

    Still, it was definitely a pleasant experience and i sure satisfied my fresh oyster craving!

    We also had the beef steak - it was so-so, nothing amazing, and a caesar salad which was pretty good - hard to go wrong with caesar salad, if it's bad then something must be wrong with the restaurant liao haha. Didn't order much as i was still kinda full from my tea break and we were there around 6ish but i would love to go back there for more oysters and maybe try more of their other dishes. :)

    So yes, for Fresh Oysters in Singapore....check out Oyster Bar and Grill Wharf!

    Oyster Bar and Grill Wharf at Robertson Quay
    Address : 60 Robertson Quay #01-01 The Quayside Singapore 238252
    TEL :+65-6235-2466

    Oyster Bar and Grill Wharf at Clarke Quay
    Address : 30 Victoria Street #01-19 CHIJMES Singapore 187996
    TEL :+65-6332-6789

    p.s majority of the food reviews on my blog aren't sponsored...i just like to share places i had a good dining experience at. :)

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  • 05/10/15--00:38: Goodbye Pink Beetle

  • Saying Good Bye to you was hard. :(
    It's definitely a privilege and joy getting to own this cute car in such the perfect shade of pink. Everyday I look at it and sometimes cannot believe it's really MINE. Hehe. I love how it always stands out in most car parks because of the bright pink and that's makes spotting it from afar so easy - I'm always forgetting the exact spot I park my car at haha.

    When I was a little girl playing with Barbie, my Barbie had her own pink beetle and I always  told myself when I grow up, I would drive a real one! I was super motivated to pass my driving (after MANY attempts) because I really wanted to make that dream come true. And I really did! 

    But mama needs a 4 door car & a bigger boot now. The new car is definitely a better drive, much faster and smoother. Well the beetle moves rly slowly if you don't know haha. I was totally fine with it though because I don't drive fast to be safe as I'm not that excellent as a driver. At least I'm safe la so that has kept me away from getting into accidents. The only accidents I get into is with...WALLS. Because I'd rather go nearer to a wall than hit another car mah.

    Anyhow, I'm happy with the new 4 door car because putting baby into his baby seat will be no problem and the boot is big enough to fit his other stroller which was too big to fit into the beetle's boot. I also resisted spraying it pink this time round. However I still want a lil bit of pink because I have this undying love for pink it's going to be something subtle! Looking forward to sharing pictures once it's completed. :)

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  • 05/10/15--05:29: Ad: The Stage Walk

  • Wearing apparels from The Stage Walk
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  • 05/10/15--08:28: Blogger to Interior Designer
  • Growing up, I've always lived in a beautiful house designed by both my dad and mom. My dad was an architect and my mom was (in fact still is) an interior designer. I grew up watching my dad draw a lot as I spent a lot of time in the study room playing on the computer. I think that has to be one reason why I always had an interest in the industry however i never stepped into it because I preferred fashion and chose that path at first. My parents are now divorced but my step dad has took an interest in the industry and is now helping my mom with it which is truly a blessing because they make such a great team. And I am super happy to join the team now!

    Anyway, my mother was a fashion designer turned interior designer and I am sorta like her leh haha. When I was a little girl, I followed her to work everywhere, from the days she was in fashion till the day she stepped into a new industry. And today, I call her my inspiration. Everything I do, from stepping into fashion to now, switching into a new industry, have always been inspired by her. 

    When I was in my rebellious teenage days, I was never really close to her and and have done things which have upset her a lot and I absolutely regret it now when I look back. I never understood how difficult it was to raise a child on your own. I always compared myself to other families which were so wholesome and wealthy I always scolded her for making my life "tough". I have said so many mean things to her I just can't even believe those words could come out of my own mouth. Never did I expect the tough times to make me who I am today and have learnt to be more grateful and thankful for everything I have now. If I had to raise a daughter like myself, I wouldn't know how I'll be able to cope with the stress my daughter gives me all the time and calling me a bad mother even when I'm trying to desperately make ends meet. Still, she never gave up on a daughter like me and was always there when I needed her most. When I was struggling with managing my business, she took time off the interior design company and helped me with my fashion business. She did everything she could so I didn't have to suffer on my own. She was selfless, and so so kind. Even when I took her kindness for granted, she never stopped being the best mother she could be. When I look back, I am extremely thankful for her catching me whenever I fall. In every area of my life, even when I go through failed relationships, she was always there to help me pull through. She had so much confidence in me, in everything I do and want to do and was always encouraging me all the way. From doing business instead of studying, to giving birth to Elroy, I always had her full support in everything I do. Never once has she said anything mean to me even when I've said a thousand of mean things to her. I am spoilt to the max by her love! It's like I always get my way and never get scolded lor. Maybe that's why I expect my boyfriends to spoil me and give in to me all the But yes, she really loves me so so so much and I took like 20 years to finally realize that. I always assumed it's something ALL parents have to do...because after all we are their child. I don't even know if it's something all parents can deal with...I think many would've given up on a daughter like me. :( she's so selfless and patient I need to learn to be more like her.

    I cannot be more thankful for her and every Mother's Day (I do feel thankful for her everyday but if I dedicated one post for her everyday it'll be too mad haha), I want to remind her how much I love her! She's the most important person I have in my life and the greatest motivation to be a wonderful mom to Elroy. I have learnt SO MUCH from her on being a good mother. 

    I love u Mummy and I will always do.

    And I want to work hard on this company we've build together. With your guidance, I believe I'll make it and won't let you down. Hehe.

    P.s and since I'm starting in this new industry I decided to see if I can get any clients here! (Ya la opportunist mah haha) I've already have clients consulted me on their home renovation already when I briefly mentioned previously, thank u! If you are keen on meeting me, feel free to do so as I'm quite free now and am more than willing to help you build your dream home. You can drop me an email to arrange an appointment with me and I'll be more than glad to meet you for a discussion! I'm nice also la but if u don't trust me you can approach my mum hehe. Drop me an email at for appointments and quotations! 

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  • 05/10/15--21:00: Monday Blues

  • On Mondays i purposely wear blue so i can caption my pic Monday Blues. Hahaha.

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  • 05/12/15--20:00: Ad: FAUXFAYC

  • Remember my post on the FAUXFAYC mascara being one of the best lengthening and volumizing mascara?

    After their best-selling Fauxlash Mascara Duo, Faux Fayc has recently launched their new product, the Fauxstix Matte Liquid in 4 gorgeous shades!

    Fauxstix provides a velvety matte, smooth, rich, long-lasting and full coverage (exactly what I need!). Not only that, their lipsticks are different from the usual ones and comes in a fool-proof click-pen brush applicator that makes it easier for girls to apply at the outer line of the lips. The 4 shades are namely Vice, Kult, Wolf and Marx. (Wolf and Marx are collaboration colors with @girlwhocriedwolf and @marxmae!)


    Most matte lipsticks are usually drying to the lips and once I touch it up during intervals in the day, it will leave flakes of the lipstick color on my lips. 

    However, Fauxstix Matte Liquid really does live up to it’s name and is indeed, matte, smooth, long lasting, provides full coverage, and is not drying to the lips at all! I do not even need to touch them up extensively as it does not come off easily. It was also really easy to apply with their click-pen brush tip applicator as shown in the photos below and I was able to draw a very precise outer line for my lips.

    Some tips that I would recommend for this product would be to apply only 1 coat if you like a more natural look, and add 2 or more coats for a full coverage bold look. Also, to get fuller lips, apply and extend the Fauxstix to the outside of the lips by a little. Yours lips will look plumber and more luscious this way. Thumbs up to this amazing product from Faux Fayc after their god-sent Fauxlash Mascara!

    I would so wear Vice and Kult on a daily basis, Wolf for events and parties to achieve those killer lips and Marx on adventurous and fearless days for more character.
    Marx definitely brings out my ‘inner girl power!’ with those glittery gold tints on top of the rusty wine shade for accentuation to pump up those lips.

    They have a really cool video too for their collaboration with @girlwhocriefwolf (Wolf by Girlwhocriedwolf) and @marxmae (Marx by Marxmae). You can check out their behind the scenes video below and look out for the full video coming real soon by AMOK!

    Credits: Video by AMOK& Faux Fayc

    I would highly recommend all 4 colors from the Fauxstix Matte Liquid by Faux Fayc and you can purchase them at only $35 each at A girl can never have too many lipsticks! 

    Enter promo code: TAMMYWEARSFAUXSTIX  for a $2 off!

    Checkout their Instagram - @fauxfayc& hastag #fauxfayc and FB Page – for more photos of their Fauxlash Mascara Duo and Fauxstix Matte Liquid!

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  • 05/13/15--19:00: Cape Blazer

  • Cape Blazer from

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  • 05/16/15--07:48: Getting Priorities Right
  • After being a mother, I am no longer active in the nightlife and because of that, I haven't seen a lot of friends. I've said it before, I used to party a lot not so I can meet guys and do shit but it's usually to spend time with my friends because in the day time most of us have to work. I don't know why but most of my friends just happen to be party people and it's kinda difficult to meet them on weekend afternoons Cus they'd be nursing a hangover.

    However now that I no longer go out at night, most of my days are spent with my family since the birth of E and I haven't seen many friends for a long time. I do miss so many people and I miss the days I can go out without having anything to care about back at home. I do feel bad, like I'm neglecting everyone. And so many times I do feel left out as there are so many things nobody shares with me anymore. Some days I think about it and I honestly feel quite guilty for living in my own "world" and neglecting most people. But then it's a new life, with a new baby, and a new job...there's nothing I'm doing which is "wrong" so there's no need to feel guilty right? I guess we all have to grow up someday and many friendships can't stay the same anymore, even if we wished for it too, work and family commitments just won't allow it to stay the same. It's something so difficult to explain to people who don't have children. Now that work has sorta started, the free time I have off work, for myself is spent with baby E which leaves me even lesser time to meet up with friends. I guess I'll have to get used to this "outcasted" and "lonely" feeling I feel. 

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  • 05/21/15--21:29: Congrats GC!
  • I finally got my answer! And for those who wonder why Gushcloud didn't really stand up for themselves and did anything like file a lawsuit, because in the past few months they were busy with more important things.

    I never really knew what was planned but they told me not to worry so much and since my closest friend was part of the team, I decided to trust that they were really planning something good for us.  Many people have changed their impression on Gushcloud and now have a terrible view on the company but should a leading digital marketing group be keen on acquiring Gushcloud even with the blogpost by XX out there...hmm...weird right? And if you are wondering if they know about it....yes, i too asked and yes YDM knew what was going on. Still, the deal went on. Which means GC can't be that bad??? Come on, the company YDM is a billion dollar company, made out of many many smart people, the people inside know what to look out for and if GC is as horrible because of a picture someone painted, they'd know better not to put their money into the company with absolutely no potential.

    Everyone was hoping for the fall of GC but hey, they will grow instead with the help of its sister companies and the guidance from one of the best.  Yay to that! And yay to all the people inside!

    So yes, why no lawsuit? Because this was happening and it wasn't advisable to fight the case. It's no wonder why the people inside had such unwavering faith in the company despite all that was happening on social media. Even i was puzzled why nobody inside wanted to stand up for the company?! Like seriously, it was so puzzling i too had SO MUCH doubts i was close to leaving too cus nobody wanted to tell me what was in the plan...and hey, if i left it'll be made a big deal and that might just up my followers too? :X I guess it was a good thing i started being too busy with my new job i kinda forgot to kick a big fuss out of it and focused on my new job. Haha.

    So the news released today...

    Gushcloud group has been acquired by Korea’s leading digital marketing groupYello Digital Marketing (‘YDM’) that is the marketing arm of Korea’s billion dollar mobile media company Yello Mobile (‘YM’).  

    What is YM and YDM?

    Most of you have probably never heard of these names 'Yello Mobile’ and 'Yello Digital Marketing.’ It’s understandable because up till 2015, they’ve been big mainly within Korea. Our Korean friends tell us that 1 out of 2 Koreans use a YM app and YDM has the top 10 digital agencies in Korea within their family, including the lead digital creative agencies for Samsung and more. One of their apps even has more active users on it than there are on Facebook in Korea. Powerful, right?

    Congratulations Gushcloud and Yello Digital Marketing!

    It's going to be pretty exciting for all the influencers inside and hopefully we'll be able to work with some stars in Korea (*squeals).

    "Aim to exceed yourself and focus on things that matter."

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  • 05/21/15--21:31: Ad: Carrislabelle

  • Wearing White 2 PC set from
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  • 05/23/15--01:17: White Romper
  • Found my favourite new romper from! Big thank you for it!!! I'm in love. :)

    Get it from

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