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because im fickle like that.

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  • 04/01/15--16:00: Weight Loss after Pregnancy
  • This will be a very show off-y post but that's what i'm going to do because i never thought this day would come. After giving birth, i had a fat bulging tummy and the skin was very loose. My thighs touched for the first time and i never thought i'd ever see a thigh gap on me ever again as fats on my thighs were the hardest to lose. For 4 months i worked very hard to get rid of it and am glad it all paid off. I never thought i'd ever post a bikini picture after pregnancy but here it is and i am so happy i managed to lose weight a rather healthy way.

    So sad some people think I over photoshop the pic of my body but I swear I did not alter the picture i posted on Instagram as much as people assume i did. I did push a tiny little bit my waist (left side) in to make it more proportionate to the right waist. Why i see a need to clarify this is because this is a weight loss video and i do not want people assuming the results i got were unreal and heavily photoshopped.

    Here's the 100% original image straight from my camera with no edits (you can click to zoom in) V.S the image posted for the promo on IG.

     It's really not bullshit tips - I really am sharing everything I did which worked very well for me. I really worked very hard to get to where I am and there's no short cut. It's all the same, it's really no big secret or anything special!

    Like i said a lot of times, weight loss is simple and easy as long as you are disciplined and determined enough. 

    Hope the tips will work for all you new mummies out there! 

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  • 04/04/15--17:01: The Clan
  • I am super happy to blog about this restaurant i had dinner at yesterday. This is not a paid post! I have found a new favourite restaurant and i'm sooo going back there again! 

    Ok so, i've been looking for DOZO and wondering why they closed down their Valley Point restaurant and never returned despite the great review on the restaurant. Someone left me a comment letting me know about The Clan and recommended i try that so i told my friends who were DOZO fans to go check it out. Then after i took a picture at the place, another friend WA me and told me that The Clan was opened by the Head Chef of Dozo! Which then, everything made sense because the menu was kinda familiar and so was the food quality.

    Probably one of the most pocket friendly 6-course French-Japanese dinner you can find in Singapore.  Around $70/person for a 6-course meal. I have been to many restaurants which cost more than double the price however the experience can't beat the experience at The Clan. Food tastes AMAZING. I thought their service was good as well. BIG THUMBS UP!!! Thank you those who recommended me The Clan when i complaint about DOZO. I really had a wonderful experience!

    Some food pictures!

     Complimentary Starters

     King Crab w Salad

     Beef Carpaccio

     Cold Cuts

     Foie Gras

     Pork Belly

     Duck Confit 

    Lamb Shank

    My Recommendations from the Menu

    Cold Dish
    Alaskan King Crab w Salad
    Oyster in 3 Ways 

    Side Dish
    Pork Belly
    Foie Gras


    Main Course
    Beef Short Ribs
    Duck Confit

    Creme Bruless
    Chocolate Lava

    You must check out The Clan especially if you are looking to go for a nice dinner with your partner.

    The Clan
    20 Bukit Pasoh Road, 089834
    6222 2084

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  • 04/10/15--02:19: Short Update

  • Back from my short trip and am sick because i did not pack enough clothes for my 3 days in Tokyo.

    I didn't expect the weather to be SO COLD. Before i left, i saw that it's like around 16 degree which should be ok for me but when i reached and it was 3 degree i was speechless!!! What made it worse was that it just kept raining until the final day. Good thing was that at least i managed to see cherry blossoms on the last day and got some pretty pictures of it!

    Looking forward to sharing the pictures with you guys!

    Now that i'm back in Singapore, the real work starts on the new industry i'll be stepping into. I'll be going into the Interior Design and Carpentry industry which is something my mother has decades of experience in so i'm looking forward to learning from her. I am kinda excited! Especially to start on the crash course for Interior Design. Definitely gonna be an exciting journey ahead! If you are interested to renovate your home, feel free to contact me via email or check out the Facebook page on the new company, Imagine by SK66. A little bit on the company, my mother has been working for my grandpa in SK for a very very long time and only recently, because i wanted a change of environment, i decided to approach my mother to come out to do it on her own. Also because of some family issues, my grandparents rather my mom go out and do it on her own as they are old and don't really want to continue the business. As most of us know, older people have different mindsets and are more "traditional", they don't believe in a lot of stuff we believe in. My mother on the other hand is pretty "modern" so it's not easy working in a company when things can't be done the way you want it to be and it's difficult to grow the company that way if both parties don't see eye to eye too. So i'm hoping this will be a place she can propose more fresh ideas to clients! :) Also, maybe after everything is up and running, i can finally focus on a new career path and not blog for a living anymore. It's so stressful staying in this industry and with all that happened, i don't feel as happy blogging and being so active on social media anymore. Somehow i just hope for more peace in my life and not be so affected by drama that will never end in the blogging industry.

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  • 04/10/15--09:32: Ad: SmoochTheLabel

  • Some shots of me in SmoochTheLabel apparels :)

    So enjoyable working with SmoochTheLabel as i love their clothes so much - quality is fantastic and prices are so pocket friendly. As i get older, i look into the quality and material of clothing more and more. In the past, i am not so particular about the things i sell and buy but now i realised the importance of good quality apparels and how it can change how one looks on a whole.


    SMOOCH THE LABEL not only provides you with an unparalleled shopping universe, we provide inspiration as well. Inspiration for you to attain that timeless look and inspiration for you to maintain that fashion-forward image. Stock your closets with some of your favourite summer pieces for day, switching to occasion-wear when night falls. SMOOCH THE LABEL manufactures our own label, where we bring to you affordable and stylish pieces fresh from the runway.

    We hope you'll be able to achieve your very own personal style in our pieces. Get smooched today at!


    Here are my Top picks available on the webstore...

    Exclusive promotion for OSF readers
    For 10% off purchases, quote "Tammysmooch10"
    Valid until end April.

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  • 04/10/15--11:03: Feng Shui
  • I still believe in what I believe in but somehow ever since I got together with my current partner, I'm starting to get influenced by him slightly. I wouldn't say I have lost faith in my religion at all but I'm starting to open up to different beliefs and a little more willing to learn more about it. It's such a sensitive topic so I do not want to discuss about it too much and get into an argument with my boyfriend on our different faiths so I have to open up more. I guess it's an obstacle people will face when they have different beliefs and decide move on to the next level. Especially when you have a kid and have to discuss what religion he/she should follow. We have discussed and sorta decided to let our child decide on his own in the future however I think the tough part im facing is with our parents. How they want their grand child to believe in the same faith they grew up believing in and not think too much about the whole situation. Some times I really don't know how to say No without offending them when they pass me religious amulets and pendants. Or when they instruct my helper to bring it back home to place in my child's room without my knowledge. I choose to keep quiet despite feeling uneasy most of the time and have learnt to be more open minded and thankful for their thoughts of wanting to keep us "safe". Surely they only want to give us good things and not want to do harm to me. 

    Honestly, I used to think Fortune Telling and Feng Shui was complete bullshit as I have never done a reading before I met my partner. Because he is such an enthusiast at such stuff, everything he does he will ask for advice from a master. I don't want to say "no" because he will not be happy and he will not feel comfortable at home if things are not placed at the "right place". When I first met the master, I honestly did not expect much. He asked for the date and time of my birth and I had to give it so he would be able to instruct us what color scheme we should use and what we should place at certain areas in the house to "bring good fortune" and "ward off evil". I always thought readings would be like horoscope readings, very vague and general stuff that will convince you it's really how you are like. However, I was shocked when he told me how I lived my life the past 23 years, at what age I dropped out of school, and many stuff not many would know about. I thought, hmm...maybe cus he Google search lah? But then not everything can be found online and it can't be all wild guesses? So that really shocked me and made me more curious and more open to accepting stuff like that. If he says doing this and that will make my life go even more smoothly, should I listen since he already knows what has happened in my life? Does he really know everything? I then got into it more and met another master on my own (both masters are very popular and it's very difficult to get a reading from them if you don't have an appointment, even if you want to make an appointment, it has to be made months before). He gave me even more inside information about how my future will be like and I must say, I must be very lucky as there's nothing I can't handle. However, there were some major decisions to be made and that's when I wonder, should I trust their words and go ahead with what they recommend I do or listen to myself. Somehow I wish I didn't see the second one and didn't get into this thing but could it be a blessing in disguise to receive such advices. I am thankful and relieved at the same time after meeting them, to be born at the right date, right time and given the right name because according to both of them, I am extremely fortunate. It was nice and comforting to hear but then...maybe they also say that to most of their clients so people feel good about themselves and would want to go back to them. Then again, I was not sold any amulet and was given a choice to make a contribution of any amount I wanted. There was no fixed rate or an invoice given after (for master 2, for the 1st master we were sorta billed as we made him do a lot of different stuff like gg to our house etc) So then if I went back for advices again, what would they gain right? I've heard stories of masters telling people something bad will happen to them and make them buy amulets to protect themselves but not the case for me. How true and accurate are the things they predicted and are we able to really change things? This whole thing confuses me. I just wanted to share some thoughts here even though I know I won't get any answer but if you would like to share your experiences with such readings, feel free to drop me an email (if u want a reply) or a comment...

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  • 04/11/15--05:31: Ad: Cocolife

  • I have been addicted to Coconut Water ever since I started drinking lotsa it in my last trimester of pregnancy. During that time, my fridge is always loaded with coconut water because I loooove it and it was my most craved drink apparently!

    According to older people, it is advisable to drink coconut water in your last trimester to "clean your baby". Sounds crazy but when I gave birth to Elroy he didn't have white stuff stuck on him and he was very clean so maybe it was the coconut water? Haha.

    Let me introduce the newly shelved coconut water, CocoLife! I must say that this tastes almost like the real coconut water maybe because it is from 100% real coconut water!

    Having it packaged is so much more convenient and less bulky as compared to drinking from the actual coconut. During my pregnancy, I drank coconut water every day for 3 months and in the first week I bought actual coconut but it took up too much space in my fridge and I could only store a few at a go and I had to go to the supermarket to get more. It was very inconvenient and extremely troublesome! So a friend recommended I try coconut water which comes in packets and I’m so glad I did because I can stock up up to like 12 packets in my fridge at once hehe. Plus I could bring it out if I wanted to because the packaging is just so convenient! It's a bit inconvenient to bring an actual coconut right? Haha. 

    CocoLife has their coconut water packaged into very portable and handy cartons even when now that I have elroy, I can just grab one from my fridge and throw it into my bag and I am ready for the day! I will never need to spend so much time trying to open the real nut itself anymore.

    When I was pregnant I needed a lot of potassium, and coconut water was my main source of potassium I’m sure as I really drank so much of it! CocoLife has more potassium than 2 bananas! Not only is CocoLife nutrient rich and natural, it has no fat, no cholestrol, no artificial flavours.

    Especially after giving birth to Elroy, I was quite focused in losing the pregnancy weight that I gained! Breastfeeding and diet is not enough, I had to exercise as well! In the past, I used to drink isotonic drinks after my workouts and I decided to switch to coconut water because it too helps replenish the water and natural salt that I lose in the process. Moreover, it is so much less sugary which is good! For all the health junkies out there, CocoLife is also a HPB certified Healthier Choice Product!

    Whenever i need a drink to cool me down on hot days, I also drink coconut water to keep myself cool and also hydrate myself. CocoLife is extremely refreshing and yummy especially when it is chilled! It is a good alternative for a wake-me-up to coffee! I believe I do not need to elaborate more on the hydrating functions of coconut water as I think everyone knows and have experienced it before!

    For preggy mothers or anyone craving for coconut water, do give this a shot. I hope that you will like it as much as I liked it. Get one to try yourself at major selected supermarkets, 7-11 and cheers!

    For more information, check out their facebook page

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  • 04/11/15--23:05: Ad: Anticlockwise

    Longline Structured Vest in Camel Brown + Ripped Jeans in Black

    Anticlockwise has also launched a new line of ACW Thrift Deal Apparels where you will be able to grab fashionable apparels at pocket friendly prices! With nothing above $19.90, start thrifting and you wont have to break the bank to look good anymore!

    Backorders have also been opened for these items! 
    Limited slots so grab while you can!

    Quote TAMMY to get 10% OFF with minimum two items purchased! (Valid till 30th April 2015 – Not valid for sale/thrift deal items)


    LIKE THEIR Facebook Page:
    STALK & FOLLOW THEM ON Instagram:

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  • 04/12/15--17:00: Ad: Ninth Store
  • I really enjoy browsing through the stuff at Ninth Store because everything is so simple and great for everyday wear!

    Use code "osf" for 10% off!


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  • 04/12/15--18:00: Baby Goes Swimming

  • Enjoy the cute photos of Elroy at 6 months old swimming in a public pool for the first time! We usually bring him to BabySpa to swim but decided to buy floats and go to the pool downstairs so i can swim with him too hehe.

    Bought the floats from Kiddy Palace! I think it was less than $10.

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  • 04/13/15--05:45: On Being Slim

  • As you all know, I was VERY determined to slim down after giving birth so I could start work asap. As a full time blogger, most of my income is from doing advertorials, and most of my advertorials come from Local Blog Shops. Most blog shops don't carry a lot of sizes so in order for me to start wearing apparels to take pictures, I had to slim down. Because of how quickly I slimmed down, many women criticized me for it. Oh trust me, my friends have showed me and told me the mean things people have said online and offline. I'm used to it and it's ok if you think I'm that way but let me share my side of the story okie?

    I do not mean to pressurize women out there who have just given birth to slim down like how I did. YOU DONT HAVE TO IF YOU DONT WANT TO. Or if you can't because eating a lot makes you happy and you have no time to exercise. Now that I've lost all the weight, I've became super lazy and cannot stop binge eating junk food. But that's fine because I'm comfortable and happy doing that now! When I start to feel uncomfy and gross then that will be my motivation to go back to eating clean and exercising more. I did the Bump to Mum episode to share how I slimmed down because the producers think many would want to know how I did it. My tips aren't anything "special" but I didn't say it was going to be anything different from the usual ways people slim down. People ask how I slimmed down so I answer how I did it my way. If everyone knew the way i slimmed down already, then why do I keep getting asked the same questions right? 

    Pregnancy 8 months V.S Post-Pregnancy 6 months

    During pregnancy, I ate more than enough for my baby and I and therefore, gained a lot but I knew it would be good and it is because I wanted a big and healthy baby which I got! So one thing I always remind pregnant mum to be's, PLEASE EAT. Unless your doctor tells you to cut down on ice cream and junk food (like me) because I gained a lil too much at one point. It's not like I cared so much about how I look that I put myself and my baby at risk just so I can remain thin? I only started to slim down once I was done breast feeding. I had to stop because I had a growth in my neck and had to undergo an operation. The doc told me I can't wait any longer as the lymph node was almost 5cm big and my neck couldn't move because it was so so swollen. Plus, I was put on medications which were unsuitable for BFing (still am on it till July). If I could, I would've BF for 6-12 months and then the weight loss would come after. I did not purposely stop BFing just so I could diet and get back into shape fast.

    I am not saying Everyone has to be Skinny to b Beautiful. There are many plus-sized models and celebrities who are soooo gorgeous. Look at Adele! However, I personally feel more comfortable being slim because I have always been slim most of my life. I feel more Me. Yeah as superficial and vain as it sounds, it's true. I just can't see myself attractive if I do not feel good in my own body. I do not like flabs, I like being toned. I also still want to fit into all the pretty clothes I own pre-prego. If you grew up with me, you'd know how insecure I can be. If being slim makes me happy, let me be la? It doesn't make me a bad person or a bad mother? Does it? I mean, I'm vain, everyone knows that. Even after the baby, I still want to look good...for myself, for my partner. I wasn't born a very confident girl and I do have self-esteem issues all the time. When I don't feel good about myself, my partner suffers. I know I have some of the stupidest thoughts but I'm still going to say it...sometimes when I'm insecure I have this stupid fear of like what if he leaves me because he can't accept my new body transformation? It's damn lame but I really can't help it. Over the years I have slowly became more and more confident but seriously, pregnancy (and post) made me VERY paranoid about everything and I'm always over-thinking. 

    Actually, whatever I do also somehow someone will have something to say. Fat wrong, skinny also wrong. I even got hurtful comments telling me how bad I looked because I was super fat when I was pregnant. Even some of my friends made fun of me lor (because some are just that honest and real around me) and kept reminding me of my old body. 
    So ya...can't please everyone...the most important thing is that I'm happy with what I have now. The End.

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  • 04/13/15--23:07: On Traveling without Baby
  • I've went on a few trips without Baby E in the past few months. Most of the trips I go for, besides the Perth trip, was with my partner. Sometimes leisure, for work or praying in the temple (him). I don't even go on every trip with him and when he is away, I do miss him like every normal partner will. When I do travel with him, it's also a good time for us to bond and strengthen our relationship which is very important! Make up for the time he's gone. Imagine if I don't go on those trips with him, it's very very little time spent with him and that'll become a problem in the relationship which I do not want. I've ALWAYS asked if I could bring E along however his family does not want me to as they want a chance to look after him. They rarely get a chance to when I'm in Singapore as I rather live in my own place than to bring him over to their place. I feel safe leaving him there as I know he will be well taken care of as everyone in the house loves him so much. If letting them look after him makes them happy, why not right? Even my own mother fights to get a day to look after him. If say our families aren't even interested in looking after him, I'd definitely be more than glad to bring him along with me so I need not have to go through the "missing him when I'm away" part. I would say Baby E & I are very lucky everyone just fights to look after him. There's so many reasons behind it people don't know and to be judged as a bad person like that is sad. Everybody's life is different and just because I'm not like you doesn't mean everything I do is wrong. I want to work, I want to earn and save as much money for my future, for baby E's future. If I have to travel for work (you don't even know which trip is leisure or for work cus even if I have business meetings overseas I'm not going to share it online) and explore to learn at the same time, I will because it's good for me, good for Baby E's future. I'm not married so my partner's money is not my money. I don't know if I'll ever be. Right now he may be supporting us but should things fuck up, I don't want to crash and fall and have nothing at all. If I choose to be dependent on him, be a home maker and not think for the future, I'll be so lost if he suddenly decides to not look after Baby E & I. He doesn't have to if he doesn't want to, it is his choice. Who will know if he changes? If I'm married ok la, different story...but I am not. And neither do I want to force it to happen just so I can be "safe". If it happens, it happens.

    To have to give my side of the story is a must so people can stop spreading untrue stuff about how I only want to have fun and not give a f about my baby. It's hurtful because he is the most precious person to me and I love him so so much. And really, im not telling the world one everything I do, like for example all my future biz plans. I only mentioned helping my mom with the new interior design company but the rest I don't wish to share online, and never will. You can't see the full picture by just looking at the things I choose to display on social media.

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  • 04/14/15--21:00: Elroy 6 Months
  • Here's an update on Elroy at 6 months old! 

    His 2 bottom teeth are now out and omg SO CUTE! He seems to not want to let anyone see it but because he laughs so easily, we can all see his little white teeth. Hehe. Oh, recently his giggles like silent mode one! Damn weird? Haha. Please LOL again baby E!!! Mummy misses your loud laughter!

    At 6 months old, Elroy has been drinking lesser and lesser milk. He can only finish approx. 150ml x3 times a day now. Nothing like he used to be a month back! He used to drink like 150ml every 3 hours . We were instructed to start feeding him solids last month and this month we were told to feed him pork/chicken porridge every morning. He doesn't seem to like it, prefers cereal + milk. We feed him once in the morning and once at night because he drinks so little milk now. It could be that he doesn't like the new formula as now that he is 6 months old, I have to change to Stage 2. He is now drinking NAN instead of Similac. Many mummies I know feed NAN so I decided to switch brand. 

    He loves trying to walk! We would hold his arms and let him "walk" around and when we make him sit, he would cry Cus he is just so active he has to stand on his feet all the time but because he still can't do it on his own, we have to keep holding him. At this rate i think my helper and I are going to suffer from back problems cus we have to hunch to hold him. Haha. 

    By the way, he can sit up more stable on his own and play with his toys while seated without pillows around him already! Yay new milestone achieved.  We have a walker in the other house and the week I was away and when he was staying there with the other family, my helper told me he walked around the house so much! Hehe. Wish I could put it in my place but unfortunately, my house is way too tiny. 

    Now that he is going to be 7 months old, I'm looking forward to seeing him crawl! I think most babies start crawling at 7-9 months right?

    Here's a video of him wanting to take my ribena away. He wants everything i eat/drink! TAM CHIAK BABY! Haha.

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  • 04/15/15--01:55: Atlas Medical Clinic

  • For my recent Laser and Aesthetic Procedures, i go to Atlas Medical Clinic and look for Dr SM Yuen.

    Been quite a while since i last posted a bare face picture of myself, so here you go! 

    0% MAKE UP

    I always do their REVLITE Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser...

    Latest most advanced dual wavelength laser technology safely treats a large range of pigmentation problems including freckles, sun spots, café au lait spots, Hori’s nevus, PIH, Melasma & tattoos. Also used for laser toning / laser rejuvenation – reducing pores, stimulating collagen, reducing oil, and increasing radiance.

    I do it once a month to maintain my good skin and haven't had any huge break outs since i started back in the start of the year. Of course, it is also VERY IMPORTANT to have a good skin care routine at home for even better skin. A good routine helps prevent break outs but sometimes when we do face a bit of a problem due to our period (weather change, food...etc), laser treatments are best at tackling the problems. The laser treatment i do every month is not painful at all. It's really painless! Yes, not all laser treatments have to hurt. lasering is THE WORST KIND OF LASER EVER and i seriously have a slight phobia of the word until i did this laser treatment at Atlas and realised Laser can also be painless one. However, if you have problematic skin, you might have to go for other stronger laser treatments which might hurt...i don't know much about those but you can always contact them to ask for more!

     I won't say my skin is PERFECT but i am pretty happy with how it has improved so much with the help of Laser and a good skin care routine since last year.

    There are some red marks on my face as i just finished doing the laser treatment, not to worry, it'll disappear in a few minutes!

    Thing about this particular laser treatment is that the results cannot be seen immediately. For me, it took me 3 sessions to finally conclude that it really works and is doing good for my skin. Be patient! :)

    For more information, feel free to give them a call! 

    Mention "Tammy" to enjoy the treatments at a discounted rate. :)

    Atlas Medical Clinic
    391B Orchard Road Ngee Ann City Tower B #24-08/10
    Singapore 238874
    Tel. : (65) 6556 0829
    Fax : (65) 6734 9685

    General Enquiries:

    Opening Hours
    Mon - Tues: 10:00am to 6.30pm
    Wed: 10:00am to 8pm
    Thurs - Fri: 10:00am to 8:30pm
    Sat: 10:00am to 1.30pm
    Sun and Public Holidays: Closed

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  • 04/19/15--01:29: Sky

  • 0 0
  • 04/19/15--01:31: Ad: Fash Mob
  • Wearing Maxi Floral Skirt from Fash Mob

    Fash Mob is back in 2015 with their trademark versatility and timeless chic styles! Expect full manufactured designs to be launched in every collection very week under their in-house label!

    Enjoy free normal local postage for all regular priced clothing items when shopping online at Fash Mob or spend $100 to enjoy free registered postage! Otherwise, the brand is also housed at KissJane @ Bugis Junction & CityLink, The Showcase @ Raffles Xchange and Miyoc @ Orchard Gateway for your retail therapy needs! 

    Subscribe to their mailing list and follow their social media platforms to stay updated on their latest news and happenings! Share your outfits wearing Fash Mob and hashtag #iwearfashmob for a chance to get featured on their instagram and you may also stand a chance to win shopping e-vouchers!

    Instagram: @fashmob

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  • 04/19/15--18:00: Ad: Kloneworld
  • Instead of bring books everywhere, parents now choose to bring tablets/ipads out to keep our children entertained and occupied. However, is your child learning anything from it? Or is it just pure entertainment?

    Kids get bored very easily and to keep them occupied, it is good to have a few apps in your tablet/ipad/phone.

    Kloneworld is a Unique, Fun and Educational app for children of ages 0-5. I personally feel entertained hearing about the app so I think kids will love it! Elroy isn't old enough so I don't know if it will entertain him but I was definitely impressed with the app. Haha. The graphics are great and I can see a lot of effort was put into building this app for children.

    Children like to play "IMAGINE" and if you have been around children, you'd know that their imagination can run REALLY WILD. 

    Kloneworld puts your child in his/her imaginary world and that itself will retain their attention. After catching their attention, Kloneworld has stories and music that will help them learn a thing or 2! 0-5 years old is the age when kids learn the fastest and the most. They are also very playful and keeping them still to "study" won't be easy at all so I too believe that the best way is if they can Play and Learn at the same time!

    It is very important to read to your kid starting from a young age so he/she will be able to speak properly and articulate well as they grow up, It sure is fun watching the stories come to life and I can't wait to see Elroy's reaction when he notices himself in the videos!

    You can create your own stories or play the stories and songs that are readily available within the App. 

    The concept of this app is similar to flash card learning, however the plus point is that this app is much more interactive for the child. This is definitely a learning app for Elroy that I will let him play often! 

    Side note, the loading of music and stories take no more than 1 minute and you will be impressed just like how I was!

    It's not just your child's face on the character, but if you look carefully, the face is 3D and changes expressions as well! Isn’t that cute?

    So here’s how you can take a good picture for this app! Fit your child's face into the outline and snap away! It can be tough, as kids cannot stop moving so make sure you have a toy to make your child look into the camera! Also make sure u are at a bright place and there’s no shadow on your child's face! (oh and one thing is the app has the 6+1=7 thing which is annoying but I understand that it’s for parent’s own good, to avoid sharing private information about the child unknowingly or accidentally)

    So here are some tips to take the best fit picture for it:

    So what you waiting for? 
    Go download the app and try it now!

    For more information, you can visit


    Download the KLONEWORLD app on Playstore/App Store

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  • 04/20/15--12:57: Favourite Instant Noodles
  • I haven't done a post like this for awhile and well, this is gonna be a very unhealthy one. Haha.

    I stayed away from Instant Noodles during my pregnancy as I wanted to eat healthier for my baby and after giving birth too, as I wanted to eat clean to lose weight. However, now that I have given birth and lost the excess weight, my unhealthy diet is back. I can't resist my favourite instant noodles! I know it isn't doing my hair loss issues any good though. :( 

    Anyway, here is my list of my favourite instant noodles available in Singapore (although some are pretty hard to find and only available at specific supermarkets)! 

    Realised I've never share with you all before hehe. 

    1. Myojo Chicken Bee Hoon
    This one is the "healthiest" choice among all as it's "Bee Hoon". The packaging also looks very plain and boring. Some more it's chicken flavor, I never liked chicken flavored noodles as I prefer spicy stuff. But when I was very young and at my friend's house, her maid cooked this and it smelt AMAZING. Since then, i always have this in my kitchen to have on days I want something more "plain". It's really not that plain though, you have to try it yourself! The other flavors kinda suck though. The Tom Yum one not nice one...which is weird because to me Tom Yum is always nicer than the rest.

    2. Myojo Tom Yum 
    If I had to choose a favourite instant noodle brand in Singapore, it'll be Myojo! I don't really like the Tom Yum instant noodles in Singapore after trying those from Thailand but if I had to choose one easily available in Singapore, I'd pick this.

    3. Yum Yum Shrimp Tom Yum
    Now this is my all time favourite tom yum instant noodles!!! Can't find it in Singapore besides the thai supermarket at Golden Mile. Usually buy it from Bangkok's Big C or 7-11s. Everyone loves "mama" brand tom yum instant noodles one but I feel that mama isn't that tasty!! Once you try this you'd not like "mama"! I feel la.

    4. NongShim Mushroom Ramyun
    This one is probably the most popular one and most people's favourite! I loooove the springy noodles! I only like the bowl and packet one as the noodles are the thick kind...the cup one kinda sucks.

    5. Samyang Chicken Spicy Noodles aka Korean Fire Noodles
    My favourite at the moment!!!! I first tried it late last year as my friend who knows I love spicy stuff bought it for me to test my tolerance for spice. Little did I expect it to be no big challenge at all!! I was HOOKED instead and couldn't stop since then. I admit it was spicy when I first tried it but after having it 2 more times, it became a shiok kinda spicy to me. Like Nong Shim, I only like the bowl and packet one because the noodles are the springy kind! This is served dry so the texture of the noodles are even nicer and chewier!

    6. Indomie Mi Goreng
    Best served with a fried egg on top! Oh and more fried onions. The black sauce is sweet and when mixed with the salty seasoning, it's perfect! Only wish the noodles were like the Korean Fire Noodles. Maybe one day I should sacrifice one packet of fire noodles and use the noodles for this. 

    7. Cintan Mi Goreng Pedas
    A spicy Mee Goreng which again, isn't easily found in Singapore. Not many people I know have tried this before and I wish more people could Cus it's good man. In fact, I don't know where this is from! Indo or Malaysia? Anyway, this one smells AMAZING and has a very unique taste compared to most mi Goreng I've tried. I only see it in Mustafa in Singapore but if you know where else has it, let me know!

    I do have more but I think I'll stop here already hehe. That is my Top 7 Instant Noodles list and I hope I introduced you something nice to try! I think my list is quite unique and different lah. 

    What's your favourite instant noodles??? I have tried almost every instant noodle commonly found in Singapore but i'd like to know which is the most popular one! Oh, and if you have any "rare" brands, feel free to share it with me. I am looking high and low for a good Ma La instant noodles! Want it to curb my midnight Ma La cravings...on nights nobody is free to go have Haidilao with me. Haha.

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  • 04/20/15--23:14: Bioderma

  • Happy 20th Anniversary Bioderma!

    This morning I woke up to this lil gift from the team and it made my day as this is one product I use everyday! I looove the micelle solution so much and it's one skincare product I cannot live without. :) looking forward to trying the cleansing milk tonight!

    0 0

    Last week I made a short trip to Tokyo, I love Japan but was pretty excited for the trip because it was the season for Cherry Blossoms! 

    As with every trip overseas, I make sure I have a camera on me. For this trip, I collaborated with Canon to capture all my pictures for my Tokyo trip with the Canon PowerShot SX710 HS. I brought it along everywhere on this whole trip so all these photos you see below are taken with this camera! 

    After spending 4 days with this camera, these are some of my objective views on it. 

    When I first received the Canon PowerShot SX710 HS, I noticed its compact body which was a little flatter width-wise and longer length-wise. It was easy to grip with just one hand and fitted easily into my bag.

    Although I got it shortly before my trip, it didn't take long to get used to it. It was really pretty user-friendly. If you're familiar with Canon cameras, the mode wheel and controls will be what you're used to. If you're new to the brand, the good thing is that it is straightforward and very easy to use. Most of the main functions are all set on the mode wheel, making it easy to switch from mode to mode. If you are looking to buy a camera for yourself or your parents, this would be a good gift! Most of our parents or grandparents who aren't into professional photography take pictures to capture precious memories of the trip and I'm sure they would prefer to travel with a camera which is light and easy to use. 

    One of the biggest and most impressive functions of this camera was its zoom. For such a compact camera, it was quite shocking that this small camera had 30x Optical zoom. I don't usually use far zooms but having such functions for trips overseas is a good to have because you never know what you'll need it for. Played around with this quite a bit on the trip. You can see more on this zoom function below! 

    Another plus-point was that it had built-in Wi-Fi. For me, it's really important to be able to update on-the-go. If you followed me on Instagram, you would have noticed me posting about Tokyo regularly. Thankfully, that was made possible and easy-to-do with this function. 

    One thing I really wish it had though, was a flip screen. This is the first time in a long time that I used a camera without a flip screen and it did feel weird at first because I couldn't take my usual selfies haha. Personally, having a flip screen for me would be better.

    Overall, I won't lie and say this is the best camera I've used, for its price and functions, it was good enough for point-and-shoot images. What I like about this one is that it is so compact and light! It could fit into the pocket of my jeans and jacket easily. It was a great traveling companion! 

    Now finally, onto my trip! Definitely not the best Tokyo trip as it was raining so much I hardly went out but it still was a memorable one because of a few things!

    Firstly, I managed to secure a reservation at a Michelin star restaurant, Sushi Honten

    Address: 6-3-8 Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo 104-0061, Japan
    Phone: +81 3-3571-1968
    Hours: Open today · 11:30am - 9:45pm

    It's SOOOOO GOOD. I can just cry. LOL. It's really damn amazing!!! We had Omakase and it's about $300+/person exclusive of Sake. Not something you can eat everyday and definitely not everyone would want to spend that kind of money on food but i reeeeally love good food and I would definitely do it again!!! After that meal, my partner and I just couldn't stop smiling and it really made us so happy! We love Japanese food A LOT and this was definitely the best we've tried. I look forward to trying other Michelin Star Restaurants during the next trip!

    I wanted to try a few more Michelin Star Restaurants REALLY badly but since I didn't, here are some on my list which I hope you can secure a reservation and share your experiences with me hehe... 

    Sushi Saito 

    1F Nihon Jitensha Kaikan, 1-9-15 Akasaka, Minato, Tokyo 

    Sushi Mizutani 

    8-7-7 Ginza Juno Building 9F, Chuo 104-0061, Tokyo Prefecture 


    150-0001, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 3-39-9 First Floor, +81 3 3408 5056

    Sushi Kanesaka 

    8-10-3 Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan 

    From what I learnt, it's best to ask your hotel concierge to make the booking for you! :) Unfortunately, once I tried the food from the Michelin Star Restaurant, the food I tried at Tsukiji Fish Market was rather disappointing. I really am THAT in love with the food I had at Sushi Honten and I'm looking forward to trying those with more than 1 Michelin Star soon. Can't imagine food any better leh. 

    Well we woke up one day at 5am and queued for approx. 45 mins to eat at Sushi Daiwa at Tsukiji Fish Market. I wanted to try Sushi Dai but the queue was already insane at 5am.... I think we would have to wait 3-4 hours for a seat! So we settled for Sushi Daiwa. 

    6am breakfast at Sushi Zaiwa at Tsukiji Fish Market... 

    Used the macro function for all my food pictures in Japan. Love how it managed to capture the glistening effect on the fish and bringing out the texture and colours of the food so well. The macro mode made all the food so delicious!

    Moving on from the food, now on to the sights!

    Remember how I said the Canon PowerShot SX710 HS has such a powerful 30x Optical zoom? I stayed at the 43rd floor at Park Hyatt Hotel and decided to try how far the camera can zoom in...

    Look at how clear it is after snapping! So impressive right? I read up a little more on this feature since it seemed like the main feature. Basically, this camera has an advanced zoom framing assist feature that helps to evaluate camera movement, distance to subject and even the number of faces there are in the photo! Whatever it was, it just really seemed to help me get that clear picture! 

    I snapped a few pictures of Sakura flowers on a tree using the zoom as well....

    After zooming in, managed to get this bokeh effect!

    Other than getting to eat so much good Jap food, the other unforgettable thing from my trip is SEEING CHERRY BLOSSOMS IN REAL LIFE. 

    The season's almost over in Tokyo but we managed to see some at Shinjuku Gyoen. 

    It was so beautiful!

    Hope you enjoyed looking at the pretty images captured using the Canon PowerShot SX710 HS!

    If you feel tempted to get yourself a Canon PowerShot camera for your next few travels too, why not try and win yourself one!


    There are 3 Canon PowerShot cameras to be won and the steps are really simple!

    1. Follow @CanonSingapore on Instagram

    2. Instagram a picture of you on your travels and tell us why you want the Canon PowerShot as your travel companion 

    3. Hashtag #TravelWithPowerShot for us to be able to track your post. 

    Contest ends on 15 May. For more information and to check out the other PowerShot travelogues, go to

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  • 04/21/15--21:53: Carrislabelle

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