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because im fickle like that.

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  • 12/25/14--03:30: Christmas '14

  • Hope your Christmas is well spent with your family and friends! 

    Wishing all of you a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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  • 12/25/14--06:27: Xiaxue V.S Gushcloud
  • The past 2 mornings, my Whatsapp was flooded with messages regarding the post on Xiaxue's Blog "The Big Gushcloud Exposé". I didn't fully agree with every point she posted but i was honestly shocked at some of her findings. I started having doubts about the company i was part of. As a Gushcloud influencer, i had to take their side on this and not just jump to the other side when shit hits the fan right? So despite it all, i chose to have #faithingushcloud and gave them the benefit of a doubt before any statement was released. Bearing in mind that XX took a year to gather evidences so i can't expect GC to churn out a rebuttal post in such a short period of time.

    So here's the official response from Gushcloud if you are keen (link).

    Here are some more articles to read on the whole saga...

    KayKay's Post
    Althea's Post
    LimpehFT's Post
    Lukeyishandome's Post
    Grace's Post

    One thing though, whichever side you are on is really up to you but if this doesn't involve you directly, don't need to have so much hate and be so mean? Chill....

    I like what @Darryl_Yong wrote

    (Read this from non-biased standpoint before commenting.) 
    When two worlds collide, you can expect mass destruction on both sides. As with Apple and Samsung, the saga between @gushcloud_sg and XX has already seen casualties all around; mostly innocent ones. I might be an influencer under GC but I have and will always stand on my own ground, with my own understandings, to evaluate anything; so you can be assured of an objective post. 
    Being very new to social media, I find that XX facts are spot-on with regards to research and background work. Though the tonality of the post seem very personal, it did create some questions in my head that I thought needed answers. Falsification of numbers, regardless of revenue or followers, and masking ads to deceive consumers are mitigating reasons to have this company closed for good. 
    Vincent (CEO of GC) replied in a blogpost that I feel is substantial in answering those questions. In a nutshell, no man on earth is perfect. Especially not so for a young start-up company that is venturing into a new market. You can expect accounting mistakes, mis-quotes and misinformation. Everyone who has tried setting up their own business knows how hard it is to take that first step and keep walking without falling once in a while. But I believe, at the core of their mistakes, is a genuine error and nothing malicious. Not to hurt, deceive or malign anyone. I will not say I see them as a family like some GC bloggers feel, but I know that they are good people, trying to make an honest living, to fulfil their dreams and wishes for both company and clients. It’s as simple as that. 
    When the dust settles and the truth comes clean, and should Gushcloud survive this ordeal, I’m sure they will not only gain back more trust from current supporters, but also rally and build new ones with their heightened credibility. Thus, this might actually be the best Christmas gift a company can have. 
    What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

    Oh and about Yilin's incident, oh gosh please stop bashing her! She's a really nice girl. It's not correct lah, maybe this is a punishment but a bit too severe, no? Think about it, if you were her, and told to share about something good to your readers which will only take a few seconds and also get paid for doing it I think many wouldn't mind leh? Say real one, so many people in Singapore are so money-minded. Just look at all the bo liao people posting on Stomp just for $50 vouchers. Don't get me wrong, I don't agree and i don't think it's right but i feel that some people are really being way too mean to the poor girl. People make mistakes, give her a break. XX already exposed her and that to me is something embarrassing and as a blogger, it's a big punishment. Don't need ya'll to scold her anymore lah.

    Now all bloggers can learn something from this, ALWAYS make sure you try the product first before doing ads and reviews. If it doesn't work for you, be honest and reject the job. I know it is difficult as a blogger to reject jobs from clients especially on months when you don't get a lot of assignments but you will lose credibility in time to come and nobody would trust the product you promote if you yourself don't believe in the product you advertise for.  

    Next, i was a bit disappointed to read that GC inflates our numbers but then when i read Kaykay's post, i understood it a little more.

    Honestly, i don't know my blog stats and when people ask me, i'll give them a rough estimate. But trust me when i say this, readership fluctuates like MAD all the time. Not everyone visits the same blog everyday. Unlike in the past, it was way more consistent as there was no Twitter and Instagram. But nowadays, people only go to the blog when the blogger mentions on Instagram/Twitter that they have a new post up.

    So example, on a normal day when i do not have any new post up, i only have 4k unique hits. (eh eh figures i anyhow one hor don't use it against me) But if i post something on Instagram/Twitter directing people to my blog, i know i can get 10k hits. When clients want to engage me, i would give the latter number (double the number i get on normal days), because i know it is the number of readers i can get to read the post. Every blog has good months and bad months. Gushcloud did not give updated figures for the month but GC did not make up the initial numbers for sure. If KK did direct people to her blog all the time and had a lot of interesting posts that month, i believe she can easily get 10k hits/day. The banner itself isn't enough to determine KK's potential to get people to read her blog post. Nowadays, many clients request for us bloggers to do an Instagram post directing people to our Blog so when clients do that, the hits on the blog will definitely increase...but when there isn't a post/tweet directing people to the blog, not many people will bo tai bo ji go see the blog for fun one lah?

    Remember i had a post on the announcement of my pregnancy which went viral? I think i had like over 30k unique hits on that one day. If a client wanted to engage me the following month and asked for my stats (and i'd give the stats of the month before), would i be lying if i sent a screenshot of the hits i had the month before? Then say if the client engages me and then that month we suddenly see a drop in the numbers, how leh? Considered cheating the client? Sometimes we have to be more understanding also la. As a blogger, we don't even know the things which are going to happen and what we are going to blog about. See ah, imagine a client placed a banner on my website on 1 Dec, and suddenly i blog about something like I GOT PREGNANT AGAIN and my blog hits sky rocketed, the client who has the banner up is damn lucky because more people would see the banner. Zhuan dao lor? I cannot possibly go tell the client "eh this month my post went viral and more people viewed my blog so i have to collect more money from you". Then those who placed a banner last month leh? Also paid the same amount but last month no viral news so lesser ppl saw the your banner. Not fair right...

    But ok la, bloggers can learn another thing from this. If you want to charge people for placing ads on your blog, try your very best to maintain your numbers and not let your blog go too dead for too long. As a blogger, it is our responsibility to keep the blog alive. If we can't do it, then we don't deserve to make money from it.

    If you look at things from both sides, it's really not so jialat la...

    The past few days were tough for the people working in GC as well as the influencers under GC. Majority of the people in GC are how sweet and lovable, walao, you really think everyone in GC is fucked up and cunning just because of that one post? You think we are all Devils meh? You really think every single review we have posted is falsified meh? I know there are a lot of XX's fans out there, yes go ahead, love her with all your might! Loving her doesn't mean you have to hate us GC influencers though?

    And seriously, think about it from a GC influencer's point of view. Especially bloggers who have been with GC for 3 years. In 3 years, we've build amazing friendships and great memories in the company. The people have taken really good care of us which is why we are still in the company. When shit hits the fan, and we walk away *just like that* after reading XX's post without hearing our company's explanation, wouldn't that make us shitty unappreciative people?

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  • 12/25/14--06:28: Stripes Espadrilles

  • Had to reject some Blogshop ads the past few months due to my busy schedule but am glad all the busy days are over!

    Open to taking ads for Blogshops now to fill my January schedule :) email if you are keen!

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  • 12/29/14--01:00: Culottes

  • Loving the culottes i got from Far East Plaza (shop name is Cherrie i think?)! Perfect fit and length. Think imma get em in all the colors soon hehe.

    The past days were really exhausting dealing and following all the "drama" on the internet man! I even DREAMT of it.

    Oh, went to the Jay Chou Opus 2 concert and i was sooo happy he sang sooo many songs that night. Wish the sounds system was better though. Oh but even though i bought pretty expensive tickets, felt that the seats were way too far from the stage lor! Totally not worth the amount i paid for....moreover i got em off a seller on Carousell whom i paid extra $200 to. Sian. Haha.

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  • 12/29/14--16:00: 2014 in a Post

  • This year has to be one of the biggest year for me, ever. I have always had a roller coaster kinda life but the things which have happened to me this year were things so huge i can't believe it's true.

    This year i didn't accomplish much with Shop OSF because of the pregnancy. Sadly. I couldn't do a lot of things i planned to do for the brand this year and that's probably the only thing which i wish i did. Pregnant women can work but not do the work i do because it is too tiring and everyone around me didnt think it was a good idea to continue working so hard. Also all the traveling and lugging of heavy stuff would be dangerous for me and the baby. There was a small team which took over for a few months but they didn't turn it into what i thought they would have but thankfully, in 2015, everything will change. I can't believe i really actually passed it to a company to run and it was a huge step to let someone else run the business but i know i can never do as well as before as i don't have as much time as before. I hope they'd do a good job and i am really looking forward to what they have in mind for Shop OSF in 2015. I look forward to wearing OSF again!!! Many have asked "not sad meh?", of course it is sad but it is going to be even more sad if i just leave it there hanging and going downhill. I am thankful for the big team who will be changing everything and growing it again. With more people in a team, there's so much which can be done efficiently. Under my management, i'm too lenient and "suay bian"....quite difficult to get things to go up. I wish i had the time and energy to continue doing it but all that traveling, photo shoots, logistics, marketing's too much for a new mummy. I am someone who wants to do everything on my own and it's difficult to just let someone do bits of it and i do the rest. So i'll just hand it over. Say goodbye to the life of an online store owner and hello to my new life.

    And no, in 2015, i'm not just going to bum around. I had to also give up Shop OSF to take on a new challenge. To go into an industry i'm totally unfamiliar with. It has always been something i had an interest in but never pursued due to my commitment to my online store. With that now being handed over to a great team, i can start learning and helping my mother grow the family business. 

    And besides that challenge, i also have another which is to be the best mother i can be for my boy.

    The whole year i didn't really blog much as i was pregnant. Which meant my blog was pretty stale and had not much content the entire year. I realized i have so much lesser blog posts this year as compared to last year. The contents in my blog have also changed entirely now as a new mummy.

    Baby Elroy has really changed my life so much. Never have i ever imagined myself as a mother so soon. The love a mother feels is so strong and powerful, it's scary. I have never been happier with my decision and choice though. He is an absolute blessing. My life has changed for the better. My partner and i have never been happier in our lives. I promised to keep his identity a secret from the social media because not everyone likes to be "known". It is annoying when people ask and ask and ask though but that still that won't change the decision i made because it's a promise. In the past relationships, i never really asked for their permission because i assumed everyone didnt mind the attention but when i saw how uncomfortable my ex felt when people talked about him at work, it made me wake up. Not everyone is the same. Not everyone wants to be "popular". Ok anyway back to my current partner, when i look at how he has changed since the birth of E, i am so glad it's for the better. He has taken up so much responsibilities, looking after his own family and of me and Baby. Definteily someone i will respect always. We may have our differences and may not be the most perfect couple but know we are both trying our best to be great parents. As long as love is present and none of us stop trying to make the relationship work, i believe great things await us. I look forward to an exciting road ahead. May things continue to go smoothly for us. I love my little family. :)

    I am also thankful for all my friends and family for being so supportive throughout. From the day i broke the news till today, thank you for not letting me walk alone. I will always hold all of you so close in my heart and treasure each and every one of you. I will be there to lend a helping hand and be the shoulder you cry on whenever you need.

    And to the new readers and old readers reading, THANK YOU. I am lucky to be able to blog and have a good amount of people following my space. I actually thought of giving up blogging entirely because my partner doesnt really like the attention i was getting from social media. I couldn't blog about a lot of stuff i wanted to and also couldn't share some parts of my life. Also had to keep my whereabouts hush hush cus he didn't like that i told everyone where i was and what i was doing. Lol. But maybe it's a good thing i still continued (although only sharing just a little) because i really enjoy it. From my own shameless selfies, cute pictures of my doggies and son, yummy food, awesome beauty secrets, expensive things i splurge on, pretty clothes on me...i really enjoy it haha. Some call me a show off and hate me for it but I've been doing this for soooo many years and i cannot stop without feeling empty and weird. Guess i like to be show off lor? Haha. I may not have the most interesting blog nor do i have the best content but still, i have you people coming to this space from time to time. If i feel too irrelevant in this industry and nobody cares about me, i think it'll be much easier to give up being a blogger guys. :) Thank you for the opportunities you have given me because of being a blogger. I am super happy to be able to work with so many big clients. I look forward to sharing more wonderful stuff with you all on this space in 2015. Also, really REALLY hoping to take nicer photos and always have pretty pictures to share. I guess one of my New Year Resolution would be to stop taking crappy pictures and take photography more seriously lor haha.


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  • 12/31/14--17:00: Pouffy Skirt

  • Got the Chain Boots from the Zara sale! Was such a steal. :) SOOOO happy with how it instantly adds "edge" to my look. Can't wait to create more looks in it. 

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  • 01/04/15--04:35: Reunion Steamboat
  • Planning a steamboat dinner with your friends and family?

    Well, you gotta check out Reunion Steamboat!


    Yes, it was my first time hearing of such a concept where you place your order online for steamboat stuff and get EVERYTHING delivered right at your door step. Even the Gas Stove is provided! When i heard about their company, i was SOOOO keen on taking up this ad because it's definitely something i'd like to share with all of ya'll.

    "Reunion Steamboat was founded by a group of steamboat enthusiasts who believe in the intimacy between good quality food, people and the home. The home is like a pot of hot soup and people in it are like the ingredients. Each ingredient enhances the flavor of another in the same way we become more jovial in the presence of good company. The soup tastes better and better with more ingredients the same way we bond and get to know each other more as we spend more time together. This is why we called ourselves Reunion

    Reunion Steamboat is the first home delivery service and gourmet grocer to provide a wide array of high quality, restaurant-grade sliced meats, seafood, vegetables, beverages and other steamboat products at affordable prices for you to enjoy in the comfort of your home.

    We spent countless hours sourcing for the best tasting steamboat ingredients and we only select high quality meats that not only retain its full flavor but also enhance the taste of the soup base. We handpick, wash and cut all our fresh seafood and vegetables so that you do not have to spend those long hours preparing for your steamboat

    We take pride in our soups

    Nothing represents HOME better than a flavourful bowl of soup so we crafted our soup the traditional way - spending long hours boiling and simmering meats, spices and vegetables so that you get to enjoy healthy, all natural and great tasting soup without having to lift a finger!

    Here at Reunion we aim to be a different kind of company - one that not only celebrates good food but also brings connection between people.

    Our mission is to be the preferred, one stop, hassle free steamboat delivery service and grocer in Singapore."

    What are the prices like?

    For the Basic Package (10-12 pax) it is $120 which i feel is pretty reasonable because that's like $12/person only!

    The Basic Package includes

    2 pkts of Swanson Clear Chicken Soup

    2 sets of Assorted Surimi & Balls Platter
    6 Eggs

    900g of Marinated Chicken Slices
    1kg of South American Pork Belly Shabu
    1kg of NZ Chuck Roll Shabu Shabu 1.5mm

    600g of Dory Fish Slice

    2 sets of Mixed Vegetables & Mushroom Platter 800g

    500g of Rice Vermicelli

    More info and packages available on website!

    Aiya...order online confirm not fresh!

    NOT TRUE! Everything was SO fresh and i was impressed with the quality of the meat. All the ingredients are hand picked and washed for you so you don't have to do all of that.

    You can also place an order online or drop them an email!

    Email –
    Phone – 62437243

    Reunion Steamboat is currently having a promo now till the end of Jan – Free 150g Pork Collar with every packaged order~

    Suggest this to your family for Reunion Dinner Steamboat, CNY is coming already! I'm sure your parents would think it's a great idea because it's SO CONVENIENT. Hehe.

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  • 01/05/15--02:43: Health Scare
  • Didn't have a great start to a brand new year. Have to schedule an operation for a 5cm lump and only then would I get a "proper" diagnosis. I'm praying its benign. Not looking forward to a scar across my neck though. Sigh. Why couldn't it happen on another part of my body?! Or better, not even happen at all. :( 

    So 2 health scares were enough to wake up and make me treasure my loved ones. Also helped me be more forgiving and not be so uptight about everything. Maybe it's a good thing that I can no longer stay angry or sad for over a day. Everything happens for a reason.

    Bad news aside, I'm sooooo looking forward to my London-Paris-Milan trip on the 8th! It's our holiday to celebrate the new year together. Also a good time to take my mind off the upcoming operation. Kinda sad though as I'll be away from Baby E for a pretty long time. The previous trip to bangkok was less than 4 days and felt like hell already! :( I will make sure my mommy and BF's sis flood my phone with Baby E's pictures and videos to keep me alive haha. Finally, a trip to somewhere far away after over a year?! Uhm but also slightly worried cus traveling with the bf means I might irritate him a bit with my constant wants to take OOTDs. Most impatient photographer I've ever met. He might just blow and throw my camera away because im a lil fussy. No perks being with someone who hates taking photos of people & being in photos. Lol. Anyhow, even if I can't be in those picx, I shall put my amateur skills to good use and take some pretty pictures of the cities I'll be visiting. Maybe do a pretty informative blog post if I actually remember the names of the places I visit :X 

    On the GC x XX drama, we're another step into finding out who the mole is and whatever your view on the whole saga is, up to you la I'm not interested in who you have faith in, all I wanna find out is who were the people who betrayed GC. Some people said not so nice stuff because they trusted all people inside the group chat because most of us have known each other for over a year. Who would've thought someone would just leak the entire chat. Looks like it's more than 1 person some more. Ya it's wrong to gossip but it's also wrong to be a traitor. She also made fun of my boobies thinking it'll humiliate me but im ok with it because my boobs don't look like that anymore. So ya, my boobs went from C to F/G (ya, siao!!!), which was why when I was Breastfeeding (which I've stopped due to health reasons) my boobs were soooo huge it was at my waist. Lol!!! Defo not a nice sight. Hated it and joked about it everyday till I found an underwire bra which I could actually fit in. So difficult to find the size I needed in SG. Ridiculously huge saggy boobies days are over. Thank God! It's now back to a C/D and still a lil saggy but nothing a push up bra can't fix. I am proud of my post prego figure now. Laugh all you want now cus once you get pregnant, give birth and breast feed, don't be too surprised at how your boobies can't defy gravity no more. Oh stupid wretch, caused way more drama than necessary. I know of many who can't wait to write a post on the person's evil deeds and as much as I want to, I promised someone I won't do such hateful posts directing at anyone. Gotta grow up and not be a bully. Not be mean and filled with hatred. But it sure is tempting lah...maybe just a tweet. Or 2. We'll see if I can handle it with GRACE and be CLASSY ya.

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  • 01/05/15--04:44: Fash Mob

  • Fash Mob is no stranger to the online shopping scene as they bring you exciting new designs every week! Their weekly collections consists of full fledged manufactured designs under their BRIDGE label which are all about the latest trends, timeless chic and versatility!

    Enjoy free normal local postage for all regular priced clothing items when shopping online at Fash mob or spend $100 to enjoy free registered postage! Otherwise, the brand is also housed at KissJane @ Bugis Junction & CityLink, The Showcase @ Raffles Xchange and Miyoc @ Orchard Gateway for your retail therapy needs!

    Subscribe to their mailing list and follow their social media platforms to stay updated on their latest news and happenings! Share your outfits wearing Fash Mob and hashtag #iwearfashmob for a chance to get featured on their instagram and you may also stand a chance to win shopping vouchers!

    Instagram: @fashmob

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  • 01/06/15--20:34: Ashincans

  • Ash In Cans has been launching weekly collections with very exciting photo shoots for this new collection!
    What’s more, if you’re always on the lookout for affordable clothes to wear to school, Ash In Cans is the store to shop at!

    My pick will be Lovers or nothing skorts in black:
    Also available in sunshine yellow!

    They are also available at brick and mortar if you'd like to try out their items before purchasing! Catch them at at KissJane @ Century Square, Blogshopping @ FEP and also Space Invasion @ Cathay!

    Their clothes are mainly priced below $30, which is super pocket friendly for students!
    Their collections are all massive so you don’t have to shuffle from collection to collection.

    Some of their self manufacture series!

    Tons of popular items restocked by demand too!

    Do check out their new arrivals weekly!

    Wanna be updated of the happenings and receive information about sales posts and more? Join their mailing list to be in the loop!

    Promotion valid till 31st January 2015

    For more information, visit

    Join their Mailing List for first hand updates!
    Remember to 'Like' their Facebook Page and follow them on Instagram for sneak peeks!!

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  • 01/07/15--06:00: Pixaroll

  • What is Pixaroll?

    PixaRoll is a company that prints your phone or Instagram photos into 4R/6R prints, magnets, stickers, wallposters and rubber stamps called ChopBlocks which then gets delivered straight to your doorstep. This process can easily be done through our mobile app that's available on any phone with Apple and Google Play stores.

    Our Iphone App has been ranked the #1 photo app on the IOS (*according to AppAnnie) thanks to many users who have started to appreciate the very much convenient service we provide of “having a printing kiosk in your palms”.

    Furthermore, we have recently roll out a new look for our app and improved on the user interface. A few more products have been added and there will be more to come. Not forgetting that users can check on their order status at the order page inside the app as well, change currencies and easily make payment through paypal by taking a snapshot of their credit card.

    Users can download our app by clicking on this link


    I've been using Pixaroll to print out pictures for a few years already as it is so convenient and easy. Even before I was paid to write for em. The thing I realised about a lot of people is that NO ONE EVER PRINTS PICTURES ANYMORE?! Most people just store it in a hard disk or their comps. Well I used to be like that until my laptop crashed and a lot of pictures were GONE FOREVER. So now I try my best to print pictures as often as possible and keep it in an album. It's much more fun going through a physical album no? And I can also change the pictures in my photo frames around the house whenever I feel like hehe.

    All you need to do is download the Pixaroll app, and select the images you'd like to print from your phone. Submit the images, make payment and wait for the pictures to be delivered to your letterbox. 

    It's also not expensive at all! Definitely way better and convenient than traveling to the photo printing shop to get pictures printed. They even have magnets! Which I've tried printing before and have it all over my refrigerator hehe. But not taking picx of it as it's of my bf and I and ya, he's a mystery man haha.

    This time, Pixaroll approached me to do an ad for their Wall Poster! Which I LOOOOOVE. This will go up on Elroy's room. Hehe. Loved that they framed it too.

    Someone's birthday is coming? Why don't you surprise him/her with a wall poster with his/her best moments captured in pictures? Would be a great decorative piece! That is, if you spend some time editing the pictures and using a nice filter lor haha. I would love to receive such a gift! Very thoughtful and sure would cheer me up whenever I look at it. :)

    Use "tammy20" for 20% off!!!
    (valid till end Jan)

    Hurry print picx, magnets, posters while this promo is valid! I'm looking forward to my upcoming trip and hopefully I can be on time to use my discount code to print those pretty pictures taken when I'm back haha. #savemoney

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  • 01/08/15--06:00: Atlas Medical Clinic

  • All Black

    Liquid Skirt from Motel


    Special Promotion from my Sponsor, Atlas Medical Clinic

    Did chin fillers with them and am pleased with it! Got a sharper face instantly with no down time. :)

    Fillers Promotion

    6556 0829
    Mention "TAMMY/OHSOFICKLE" for special rates on other services. :)

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  • 01/15/15--16:46: Sadness
  • I have such high hopes and expectations all the time which always end up leaving me devastated and in tears when things don't go the way I want it to go.

    Haven't felt this immense sadness in a long long time. Everything in my life is discolored. It's so dark. There's this huge void in my life. I feel so weak.

    I think I have to learn to not let people ruin how I feel about myself. 

    Never thought words could hurt me this bad. Everything in my life just came crashing down when the dearest person in my life still sees me as an "outsider". Maybe this life isn't going to go the way I hope it would go. Maybe God has a better plan. I got to start to Let Go, Let God. 

    Tomorrow will be a better day. I hope. 

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  • 01/19/15--04:01: London - Paris '15
  • It's been awhile since i last traveled out of Asia and am super happy i finally get to travel again. Although missing Elroy 80% of the time was not fun at all.

    So since i have visited the places before, i sorta knew the place well enough to plan something for my bf and the other couple with us and i think it wasn't too bad so imma share what i planned with ya'll, maybe ya'll can use this Itinerary.


     photo IMG_9758.jpg

     photo Photo10-1-1574703pm.jpg

     photo Photo11-1-15104327pm.jpg

    We checked in W London Hotel, located at Leicester Square. Why i picked W Hotel was because i liked that it was located at Chinatown, where there's a lot of good food!

     photo IMG_9746.jpg

     photo IMG_9747.jpg

     photo IMG_9753.jpg

    Here are some restaurants we checked out and liked at London's Chinatown. And best part, all on Wardour Street side by side at the entrance of our hotel!

    Jade Garden Restaurant
    For Dim Sum
    15 Wardour Street

    Cafe TPT
    For Char Siew
    21 Wardour Street

     photo Photo9-1-15100129am.jpg

     photo Photo9-1-15100138am.jpg
    Four Seasons Restaurant
    For the Duck
    23 Wardour Street

    I also like Leicester Square as it's the most happening street at night. There are also casinos and theaters around so you won't feel bored in the area.

    Have Breakfast at The Wolseley

     photo Photo9-1-15112803pm.jpg

     photo Photo10-1-15120334am.jpg

     photo Photo10-1-15120424am.jpg

    Take a romantic walk at Hyde Park

     photo Photo10-1-1514601am.jpg

     photo IMG_9831.jpg

     photo IMG_9769.jpg

    Make your way to the Buckingham Palace! A good time to go is at 11-12pm as you can watch the changing of the guards. Here's a useful website with information of the guard change (

     photo Photo10-1-1521348am.jpg

    Lunch at Burger and Lobster (Oxford Street branch)...
     photo Photo10-1-1550053am.jpg

     photo Photo10-1-1550109am.jpg

     photo Photo10-1-1550115am.jpg

    After that we did some shopping at Oxford Street. I went CRAZY at Primark again because everything is so so cheap. Everyone who visits London MUST visit Primark - there's something for everyone! I always buy a lot of underwear there too. I still have some unworn from 2 years ago. LOL. This time i also bought baby clothes for Elroy. So cheap!

    Primark Oxford St
    499 - 517 Oxford Street

    There's a lot of great shops at Oxford Street so be prepared to shop till you drop! I didn't spend a lot of time there though as my bf and his friends aren't the most active people lol. And they are the kind who would rather shop at Harrod's. But i guess it's good i'm with them or else i don't know how i would be able to fit all my shopping in my luggage haha. I would've spent the entire day there walking into shops like Topshop if i could!

     photo Photo9-1-15112025am.jpg

    So yes, Harrod's is a must go for branded shopping. It's MUCH cheaper than Singapore but not as cheap as Paris so if you're going to London then Paris, i suggest you don't buy too much in Harrod's as you might find it in Paris at a slightly cheaper price.

    Sight Seeing in London is pretty fun! You have to check out the Big Ben, London Eye (ok but Singapore Flyer is more impressive and bigger) and the Tower Bridge.

     photo IMG_0007.jpg

     photo IMG_0055.jpg

     photo Photo11-1-1563537am.jpg

     photo IMG_0062.jpg

     photo IMG_0075.jpg

     photo Photo11-1-1565512am.jpg

     photo IMG_0103.jpg

     photo IMG_0116.jpg

     photo IMG_0121.jpg

     photo IMG_0144.jpg

    Where to have Dinner in London (if you fancy something luxurious)?

    We had dinner at 2 really nice restaurants in London which were very difficult to book but thankfully we managed to get a reservation thanks to my bf's friend.

     photo Photo10-1-1594050am.jpg

     photo Photo10-1-1594119am.jpg

     photo Photo10-1-15122625pm.jpg

     photo Photo10-1-15115848am.jpg
    Hibiscus (2 Michelin Stars)
    Fine Dining - French Cuisine
    Add: 29 Maddox Street, London

     photo Photo11-1-15112440am.jpg

     photo Photo11-1-15123410pm.jpg

     photo Photo11-1-15125951pm.jpg

    Corrigan's (One Michelin Star)
    Recommended to choose the Wine Pairing. So how it works is they'd serve you a dish accompanied with a wine that will compliment the taste. I
    Add: 28 Upper Grosvenor Street

    Can't go wrong at restaurants which have been awarded Michelin Stars right? Haha

     photo IMG_9933.jpg

    Here are a few Michelin Star Restaurants you can try too (mostly recommended by friends who have tried)!

    Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester
    Add: 53 Park Lane

    Fera at Claridge's
    Claridge's, 49 Brook Street

    I'Atelier De Joel Robuchon
    13-15 West Street, Covent Garden

    French with Asian influences
    10 - 13 Grosvenor Square

    Restaurant Gordon Ramsay
    68 Royal Hospital Road, Chelsea

    Please take note that you have to book it before you travel (maybe even a month or 2 in advance).

     photo IMG_0163.jpg

    We took a train (booked via VirginTrains) from London to Manchester to watch a football match!

     photo Photo12-1-1551142am.jpg

     photo Photo12-1-1554647am.jpg

    Seriously every Man. United fan's dream come true to watch them play Live. I'm not like a soccer fanatic but it was a super good experience!

    What made it better was getting VIP Box Seats thanks to my friend! Thank you Kimmy!
     photo Photo12-1-1565639am.jpg

     photo Photo12-1-1555651am.jpg

     photo Photo12-1-1555920am.jpg

    Manchester lost to South Hampton though. It would've been so much more fun if they won cus we would be celebrating the night away in Machester, haha.

    The day after we left Manchester to Paris. Booked the flight via Air France. Only a short 2 hour flight. There's really nothing much to do in Paris but SHOP!! Food kinda sucked so i have no recommendation. My bf and i even got food poisoning this trip which made us waste 2 days in Paris and forced us to cancel our Milan trip :(

     photo Photo18-1-1550903am.jpg

     photo Photo18-1-1550915am1.jpg

    Arrived in Paris and checked into the La Maison Hotel which wasn't as impressive as i thought it would be but location was VERY good as it was near Avenue Montaigne.

     photo Photo13-1-1530711am.jpg

     photo Photo13-1-1533458am.jpg

     photo Photo13-1-1545826am.jpg

     photo Photo13-1-1580652am.jpg

     photo Photo13-1-15111339pm.jpg

     photo Photo15-1-1582805pm.jpg

     photo Photo16-1-1510424am.jpg

    Breakfast at Laduree Champs Elysees which was very near our hotel...
     photo Photo16-1-15120455am.jpg

    Avenue Montaigne has most of my favorite brands like Dior, Chanel, LV, YSL, Celine, Fendi, Valentino and even a Chrome Hearts store. Then just another street away is Rue Francois where you can find the big Balmain store.

     photo Photo16-1-15125818am.jpg

     photo Photo17-1-1510346am.jpg

    And the other favorite street is Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré BECAUSE HERMES!

    Ok let me share with you more on Hermes and what we have concluded.

    So everyone knows it's very difficult to get an Hermes Birkin/Kelly/Constance from the Paris boutique but if you do, you are damn lucky cus if you resell it you can make at least $7k from it. If you can something rare, you might be able to earn $10k! So yeah, it's HIGHLY SOUGHT AFTER.

     photo Photo14-1-1565403pm.jpg

    What we know is that you have to chalk up points so you get a bag. What we don't know is how much is enough? Since i wasn't very desperate for a bag, i didn't really want to spend so much on accessories i don't need. The bf and i decided to just try our luck and see if we go to the boutique everyday for 4 days, look for the same SA, would she offer us anything if she knows how hardworking we are to wake up early and travel there everyday? Haha. And well, we have concluded that, IT'S NO USE GOING EARLY. So many people tell us, you must go early or everything will be swept off the shelves. No matter how early we went and tried, the SA just said no Birkin/Kelly in boutique. She even typed some stuff on the computer and pretended to do a search so we'd be convinced there really isn't anything in the store. Oh, we did spend about $4k because i bought a waller but i guess $4k is not enough haha. Reason why i didn't want to spend just to get a bag is that i already know what color i want and it's nearly impossible to be offered that color at the boutique so i might as well get it from a reseller. If i were to buy $9k worth of accessories + $10k value of bag (that is if we're not getting exotic leather la), then my bag would be around $19k? Almost the same price of a resale Birkin mah. So ya, didn't want to chalk up points for a bag that won't even be in the color i want.

    Couple B (my bf's friends) spent around $9k (i think) on accessories and shoes at the boutique and guess what, when they asked the SA, the SA did offer them a Birkin 30cm! So it wasn't true there was "no bags in the boutique", it's just whether they want to sell it to you or not.

    My bf and i went for fun everyday, and if you don't spend, they just won't show you any bag. So in conclusion, if you want a bag, spend the price of a bag on accessories, only then will you be offered a bag. Otherwise, don't waste your time and even bother. Or maybe, my bf and i are unlucky lor? Haha. I don't know if i'll try going to the boutique to score a bag on my own ever again, unless someone introduces me to the manager or something. It's damn demoralizing in a way leh. We felt like a very desperate couple asking and asking lor haha.

    So anyway, ya, after trying at Hermes, you can walk the whole street where you will see Givenchy, Chanel, YSL, Christian Louboutin etc!

     photo Photo17-1-15123824am.jpg

     photo Photo17-1-15123956am.jpg

    We also went to the Love Bridge, Pont des Arts. A love lock or love padlock is a padlock which sweethearts lock to a bridge, fence, gate, or similar public fixture to symbolize their love.

     photo Photo17-1-15125549am.jpg

     photo Photo16-1-1585640pm.jpg

     photo Photo17-1-15124915am.jpg

    And of course in Paris, you cannot miss the Eiffel Tower.

     photo Photo17-1-1582716am.jpg

     photo Photo17-1-1583318am.jpg

     photo Photo17-1-1585422am.jpg

     photo Photo18-1-15100108am.jpg

    And maybe check out the Louvre museum too.
     photo Photo17-1-1511101am.jpg

     photo Photo17-1-1511124am.jpg

     photo Photo17-1-1511351am.jpg

     photo Photo17-1-1511631am.jpg

     photo Photo17-1-1511813am.jpg

     photo Photo17-1-1511821am.jpg

    You can check out my previous Paris posts here, here2, here3, here4 if you're keen to find out more about Paris.

    The End!!!!

     photo Photo19-1-1514238am.jpg

     photo Photo18-1-1571546pm1.jpg

    Good to be back in SG and feel the heat from the sun! Hehe.

    Hope this would be a useful post for your next London-Paris trip!

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  • 01/20/15--01:47: Denim and Fur

  • Loving my new balenciaga mini city loads! Super duper cute! I hope it doesn't become nua (soft) like my other balenciaga bags though. 

    Tomorrow i'm doing an operation to remove a cyst on my neck and praying all goes well. I dread spending my night in the hospital though :( I also hope it won't hurt much and my downtime won't be long because the doc said my cut will be huge. *praying*

    0 0

    Biolane will be the brand that I'll go back to all the time because of all the products! I haven't found a brand which has a nicer scent than most Biolane products! And of course, the products have been very effective in keeping Elroy's skin moisturized and soft.

    Here are more of my Biolane Favourites!!!

    The Diaper Rash Cream is awesome! Elroy has very clear bum bum with no rashes because every time we would wash his bum and apply this before wearing his pampers. This item helps prevent and heal nappy rash. Babies are very prone to it so it is a must-have item. I like that it's very thick as I feel that it gives more protection than a cream which is thinner and too light. Also, I feel that if you apply a thick layer over existing rash, it'll be more soothing and won't dissolve so quickly.

    I apply Biolane Liquid Talc on baby's bottom and skin folds to keep the area dry as it is prone to wetness. It is an emulsion which transforms into talc after application on the skin, leaving the skin feeling velvety smooth. This is way better than using a normal powder as there won't be any mess at all! Many times when I use normal powder, it gets all over Elroy's clothes and there would always be ugly white patches which becomes very obvious when he is in dark colored clothing.

    Finally, the sweet almond oil spray is great for very dry skin. I don't use this daily but whenever I feel his skin getting too dry, I spray a little bit of this on top of the moisturizer on his skin. Don't worry about it being oil based. It gets absorbed easily and won't leave a sticky feeling after application. 

    And once more, I must share this again. This product is my absolute favorite Biolane product! That is Biolane's Moisturizing and Nourishing cream. I even use it on my arms and hands occasionally because it not only keeps my skin moisturized, the smell is HEAVENLY. You must give it a sniff if you come across it.

    So this is the sequence of how I use Biolane's products every day!

    Bathe with Biolane 2in1 Body and Hair Cleanser

    Apply Moisturizing and Nourishing Cream all over his face, arms, legs and body. 

    Apply Diaper Rash Cream on his bum.

    Apply Liquid Talc on his neck, skin folds, back of knee, and bum.

    If needed, I'll apply Sweet Almond Oil on parts where I feel the skin is getting dry.

    And whenever I'm out, I'd bring the Pure H20 and cleansing wipes! H20 to "wash" his bum and cleansing wipes to make sure it is super clean. Keeping your baby clean is super important! This way, your baby will always smell super nice and not have rashes on his bum. 

    Visit Baby World at Suntec on 23 to 25 January if you can! Biolane will have 2 star buys that I am pretty sure you would like. The Biolane Dermo-Paediatrics Diaper Rash Cream which is selling at a 25% discounted rate of $14.20 from the usual $18.90! And the Biolane Thick H20 Baby Wipes which is selling at only $13.20 as compared to the usual price of $18.90. The rest of the Biolane products will be selling at special rates and every purchase comes along with a gift including my favourite moisturizing and nourishing cream and the hair and body bath gel.

    Biolane products would also be sold at Qoo10 at this link:

    For every purchase, you only need to quote “Tammy’s Reader” on the “memo to seller” and a travel size Biolane product would be included for free!

    Valid till End of Feb 2015

    Shop Biolane Products

    Biolane products can be purchase at selected Watsons, Robinsons and Kiddy Palace stores.

    Biolane Facebook:


    I really wish it'll be available at more places because I feel that more people should know about this awesome brand for baby products! Thankfully there is a Kiddy Palace near my place so I can always stock up on Biolane products when I'm there hehe.

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  • 01/22/15--12:29: Carrislabelle

  • Balloon Pom Pom Dress (White) - SGD$23.00

     Latest Swimwear Collection

    Wanna see more designs?

    Shop Swimwear: 

    Shop our Lunar New Year Collection

    Shop New Arrivals:

    Carrislabelle offers free normal mail within Singapore
    Ships to Malaysia at just SGD$3.00 (non-registered) and SGD$6.00 (registered)
    Ships to other countries starting from SGD$5.00

    Sign up for mailing list here to get the latest updates and promotions just for mailing listees:

    Like the Facebook Page at
    Follow us at Instagram Address

    Exclusive Discount Code for Tammy's Readers!
    Enter TAMMY5" during checkout to get 5% off your cart

    Shop at website 

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  • 01/23/15--05:00: Stuck in Bed

  • Did my operation, removed the huge growth and am glad I can finally turn my head to the right without difficulties. 

    Dr sent the specimen to the lab to do tests so I think I'll only hear from them next week? Kinda scared. :( please pray it's nothing big. Also not looking forward to seeing the 4cm scar across my neck. Sigh.

    Anyhows, I'll take this time to catch up on TV shows in bed. And spend more hours playing with Baby E! Although I was told to try to avoid close contact with my baby as my cough and runny nose is pretty bad. 

    Oh 4 months post-baby update, I AM DROPPING HAIR LIKE MAD. Seriously never thought I'd ever complain about bald spots but omg, it's getting worser and worser as days go by.

    How do I stop my hair from falling?! :( I really didn't expect it to be so so bad and obvious in pictures. Everytime I run my fingers through my hair, at least10 strands would fall to the ground or get stucked between my fingers. New mummy woes. 

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  • 01/25/15--07:00: I Woke Up Like This
  •  And these few days i'm like...

    Because i'm still recoving from surgery. Hehe. 

    I just changed my blood filled dressing. Was told not to do anything but the white portion of the plaster was all bloody and gross.

    While changing it, "juice" oozed out like there's no tomorrow?! It JUST WONT STOP! Yucks. It's Sunday and the clinic is closed so all i can do is pray the juice will run out and stop oozing out already man. I dont have that many big plasters left (which i have left from my c-section, thankfully).

    Anyway this health scare is a reminder to BUY YOUR HEALTH INSURANCE. Not an advertorial for insurance, don't worry. Haha but if someone wants me to do one, i'd gladly promote it because I AM SOOOOO FREAKING THANKFUL I BOUGHT MINE. I am lucky i have friends who are insurance agents and i bought it to "support" them, didn't expect myself to be claiming money and making use of it so fast. I am so happy i did so. I don't know how i can afford to pay my medical bills if not for health insurance. I had to pay $10k upfront for this recent surgery and should be able to claim it but like imagine if i didn't buy insurance? $10k fly away LIKE THAT. This isn't even like the WHOLE amount leh. It doesn't include the upcoming appointments etc. Imagine if i really kena cancer (choi choi but doc didnt rule that out), i will pay pay pay till my bank account is empty. At 23, I dont want an empty bank account due to health reasons man. So yes, BUY! BUY IT WHEN YOU'RE YOUNG.

    Upcoming posts will be advertorials and more advertorials for online store. On Instagram too. But i'm trying my very best to take nicer pictures so hopefully it won't be boring la ok? AND WHY SO MANY ADS?


    And also because a girl can never have too many clothes. 

    Looking forward to CNY because this CNY, i have my own apartment and maybe i can invite people over to bai nian hehe. ALSO BECAUSE WE HAVE A NEW MEMBER IN THE FAMILY, EVERYONE IS LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING MY BABY ELROY! Hehe.

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  • 01/25/15--14:08: LeChic
  • Banner
    IG: @LeChicSG

    LeChic also announces special discount codes in their weekly mailers so subscribe to their mailing list if you don't want to miss out!

    LeChic has launched their first Orient instalment for CNY, do check out the oriental themed pieces!

    It is best to start shopping for CNY early!

    The LeChic team is dedicated and committed to bringing an unparelleled shopping experience
    And aspiring to have their own label some day, they have since ventured out on custom made pieces in their own measurements in sizes S, M and L.  Do lend them your support for their first custom made pieces!

    cny series

    Here are a snippet of some of their latest launches:

    For the pre-cny peak period of 13 January - 15 February, LeChicSG is providing free courier shipping for all customers who spend $60 and above on a single order, one time free courier shipping.
    This is so that customers can get their parcels in time for CNY and to prevent delays of normal mails.
    Remember to elect the option 'Registered Postage' for your order to be mailed via courier.
    Offer only valid for members who sign up on their website and subscribe to their newsletter.
    During this period of time, all registered articles will also be upgraded to courier shipping for free.

    Shop risk free with LeChic as well, for they offer a very flexible and fuss free returns policy.
    Customers are welcome to return items bought in exchange for a credit note, for any reason they wish to, as long as item is in original condition. For regular-priced items only. You can read more about their exchange and returns policy here.

    They also ship worldwide to anywhere in the world, and international shipping starts from as low as SGD2.50!
    Simply select the country you're mailing to at checkout and shipping rates are automatically calculated!

    With so many offers and so many reasons to shop with them, why wait?  Go to their store now!

    Follow them on their social media platforms to be in the loop of sneak previews:
    FullSizeRender (4)
    IMG_5824FullSizeRender (5)

    Follow them on Instagram and hashtag #LECHICOOTD to win SGD10 vouchers!

    Quote 'OSFCNY' to get 10% off purchase

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