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because im fickle like that.

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  • 11/20/14--01:23: Ninth Store
  • Ninth Store is a Singapore based fashion label that brings you the latest trends and comfiest basics. 
    They cater to girls all over the world with their astounding New Arrivals Every Friday at 7PM.
    Hop over now to join their mailing list and receive weekly goodness and first hand Sales Event 

    At Ninth Store, Shop with ease when you check out with Paypal! 
    GET FREE SHIPPING when you spend S$20.00 and above (For Locals) & S$200 and above! (For International Customers)



    Tons of New Arrivals together with Restocked items your wardrobe needs! 

    Visit them now at 

    Also, follow them on Instagram for Daily updates and weekly giveaways >> 

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  • 11/21/14--17:33: Reducing Supply
  • Not like a lot of ya'll need this tip but i'm just sharing my Breastfeeding/Pumping journey.

    All my plans after I found out I was preggers had to be postponed and now that bb is here and I feel well, I can resume my travel plans. The dearie said we're going to Japan first to check something out probably next week and when I was told that, first thing which came to my mind was...THEN MY BREASTFEEDING HOW?!

    If you don't already know, I am an exclusive pumping mum. It sure is WAY more troublesome because the pump and bottles have to be washed and sterilized everytime it's used. So in the beginning, that's like every 2-3 hours round the clock. It made no sense to everyone why I'm an exclusive pumping mum because I'm with baby all the time!

    When I was in the hospital, I had way more milk than most people can produce. He could latch on one boob but the other boob just wasn't made for breastfeeding??? No matter how hard I tried, even with the help of the LC, the nipple just won't come out. Lol. I had soooo much milk and was seriously engorged on both sides by day 2. The engorgement was so bad it went up to my armpits I found it hard to put down my arms cus there was like a huge clogged duct as big as an egg in my arm pit. Thinking about it still scares me till today. My case was so so rare the hospital staff were all shocked. My baby was always choking when I latched him on. So in the hospital they would ask me to latch on one side and after that pump the balance milk out. And for the other boob which he can't latch on, pump the milk out. I was pumping 2-3 hours round the clock since his birth and hardly slept. I did it for almost 2 months and I am now finally glad to be able to get sleep. 

    My milk is regulated now, and I have managed to successfully reduced my pumping sessions after my dearie informed me of our upcoming travel plans.

    How did I reduce it?
    Every 3 days I stretch from pumping every 3 hours to 4 hours. I felt horrible in the process! The last hour feels like 28472012 hours...the time would pass soooo slowly and i'd be in so much pain. I did suffer from fever from the engorgement too! :( Panadol was on standby all the time. There was this day it was sooo bad my fever went up to 39.5! I was so so cold despite not turning the aircon on and shivering under the sheets. But but good news is now I can go 7-8 hours not pumping! Woohoo! ALL THAT SUFFERING....NO MORE! Happy! Which means, I can sleep in peace and also I can travel now! 

    So little sessions means my baby won't have enough milk? Not at all!! 

    Slightly thankful for an oversupply because I have a deep freezer with over 150 packets of milk I stored. When I'm away, my baby can still be exclusively fed breast milk. The lack of sleep and hard work pumping were worth it. In the 2 months I was storing 5-6 packets of 160ml milk everyday. That's on top of the milk Elroy is being fed so can you imagine how much I produced in a day? Haha. Let me calculate that for you. Elroy 100ml-120ml/session so say 100ml + 160ml = 260ml I pump 8x so almost 2litres a day! Still no fight with Singapore's Human Cow (article here) but hey, way more than the average for sure! I'm really like the Human Cow leh. Pump pump pump 24/7 until my dearie and friends always complain hahaha  

    So when I'm away, you'd think I would no longer be breastfeeding. Not true! I don't intend to completely stop so I am still going to pump my boobies 2-3 times a day so my boobies won't stop milk production! I guess I'll be pumping and dumping when I'm away. Probably use the milk to bathe in. Haha. But ya, that's my plan! I don't want to stop expressing milk because if I don't express milk, then my body will not produce milk forever. Until the next baby. But if I reduce the supply and express a lil, increasing the supply when I'm back will still be possible! 

    It is possible to increase your supply with Power Pumping!

    What is Power Pumping?

    Looking forward to traveling to another country but also dreading because i am gonna miss baby E SO SO MUCH. Everytime when i am out for say, 2-3 hours, i'd miss him like crazy already. CANT IMAGINE NOT SEEING HIM FOR DAYS. The travel plans are mostly for businesses i might be venturing into! Exciting! 2015 looking SO bright already. Also looking foward to lotsa shopping and good food too. Hehe. I wish Baby E could go too but as mentioned, it's not for play so better not. He'll be in good hands with my helper, parents and dearie's family. Thankful everyone is so willing to look after him, they all sayang and love him sooooo much. Lucky E. :)

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  • 11/22/14--17:49: Carrislabelle

  • Carrislabelle is a young, cheerful and sophisticated brand that caters to young ladies and adults. The idea of the brand Carrislabelle came from it's owner named "Carris" and a French word La Belle, which means "beautiful or lovely woman" in English. Every woman deserves clothing that best represent their style, and we hope you will find yours in Carrislabelle.

    Grey Floral Wrap Skirt (Blue/Purple)

    Carrislabelle has also launched it's 3rd Swimwear Collection

    Shop Swimwear: 

    Previous Swimwear Collections

    Shop New Arrivals:

    Besides apparels, Carrislabelle also offers bags and accessories at affordable prices! 
    Statement necklaces starting from just SGD$14.00

    Accessories can be found here:

    Carrislabelle offers free normal mail within Singapore
    Ships to Malaysia at just SGD$3.00 (non-registered) and SGD$6.00 (registered)
    Ships to other countries starting from SGD$5.00

    Sign up for mailing list here to get the latest updates and promotions just for mailing listees:

    Besides that, my readers get exclusive discounts!
    Enter "TAMMY5" during checkout to get 5% off your cart

    Like the Facebook Page at
    Follow us at Instagram Address

    Shop at website 

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    Even with so many new and different places offering to sponsor to do my facial treatments, i am still going to Beauti Instinct! It's been over 4 years already and so many people are shocked to know i'm still doing my facials there. I still go to the same place because the treatments work for my skin and i am comfortable. Won't make a switch unless i have to. Say, if the treatments no longer work for me or if i don't like the people...etc. For me, i don't really like jumping here and there for my sponsored services. It's sponsored and i can always try different places if i want to but i choose not to. Like my hair, i've been with Bugis Essensuals for years too and also have been approached by lotsa different salons but still not making the switch because i'm happy doing my hair at the same ol' place. I have read good reviews and bad reviews about BI before and despite the bad reviews, i am still sticking to them because they have saved my skin countless of times and i cannot thank them more. I understand some people didnt see results from the treatments but everyone's skin works differently so yup, what works for me may not work for you which explains why they offer "Trial Price". I know there are so many places offering really "advanced" stuff and i wont deny i am tempted to try whenever i see bloggers advertising for them but why take the risk right?

    During my pregnancy, i was fortunate that i hardly had any break outs and on top of that, had very glowy skin! After giving birth, my skin didn't look as good anymore so i took some time off to pamper my skin with a facial treatment from Beauti Instinct.

    Did some extraction to clear the congestion i had and got rid of all the bumps. There are a lot of products in the market which can help with clearing congestion but to me, the fastest way is doing extraction. Love how smooth my skin is after an extraction. It kinda hurts and i hate the redness after but it's much faster than waiting for products to slowly clear the bumps. Why i'd rather extract it is because the redness can be covered by make up but bumpy skin can't. Even with a lot of foundation, the bumps can be felt and seen.

    This week i did the...
    8 in 1 State of the Art Acne Treatment

    An advanced scientific and natural ingredients combined to work together to significantly kills bacteria without over drying the skin.

    -Heals active acne quickly-Removes excessive sebum comfortably
    -Reduce inflammation
    -Diminish acne scarring
    -Reduce hyperpigmentation
    -Prevents future budding acne before it appears

    8 in 1 State of the Art Acne Treatment
    PROMOTION PRICE @ $ 139.00
    USUAL PRICE @ $ 289.00

    Alternatively you will be entitled to a 30% discount for any of Beauti Instinct's In-house Facial Treatment.

    Please call +65 6733 9149 for further enquiries.

    545, Orchard Road, #03-14, Far East Shopping Center, 238882
    6733 9149

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  • 11/29/14--01:24: Yoomi

  • This bottle is great for breastfeeding mommies. I love how I need not have to have look for hot water to warm expressed breastmilk when I'm out with baby. Just press one button and wait 60seconds and the milk will be warmed and ready to be consumed by baby! No more frantically searching high and low for a nursing room for hot water and then wait another 3-5 min for the milk to warm up. That 3-5min can be a headache especially if baby is super hungry and nothing you do can stop his crying.

    The award-winning self-warming baby bottle!

    Yoomi, UK’s first self-warming baby bottle has been on the shelves since 2009. Yoomi provides an ideal solution to quickly warming baby’s milk to the perfect temperature whether it be in the car, on a plane, out for lunch.. or on holiday! This is a truly innovative feeding system which can be used quite literally anytime, anyplace, anywhere!

    The best bits about yoomi...

    * easi-latch™ teat: thanks to its natural breast-shaped and super-soft silicone teat which allows for a breast-from-breast experience

    *transition sorted: thanks to the consistent breast-milk temperature feed provided by yoomi, babies have the familiarity they need to support weaning from breast to bottle

    *reduced likelihood of colic: with its 6 anti-colic vents (most bottles have 4) yoomi allows for a more comfortable feeding experience for babies

    *easy pouring and mixing: yoomi’s unique, wide-necked bottle makes pouring and mixing simple – as well as clean and tidy!

    * convenience, always: being suitable for both expressed breast-milk and formula, and ideal for either combination or bottle feeding means yoomi supports all parents baby feeding needs

    *safe: yoomi only warms milk as your baby drinks, giving bacteria less time to breed. And of course, the yoomi range is 100% BPA free meeting the highest safety standards

    * all you need: the yoomi bottle can be used on its own or with a yoomi warmer and all yoomi bottles, teats and warmers are interchangeable across the range

    Yoomi Warmer:

    • Flexible – the yoomi bottle can be used on its own or with a yoomi warmer. Combined with a warmer, it warms feed to the natural temperature of breast milk in 60 seconds.

    • Quick – when babies get hungry, there’s no time to waste. yoomi warms feed to the perfect temperature in 60 seconds, which is great for the baby… and mums & dads too

    • Convenient – wherever they may be, yoomi enables parents to provide warm feed to their babies, at the correct temperature, without delay or additional equipment

    • Safe – The warmer has been specially designed so that it cannot overheat the feed,

    How to use Yoomi warmer?

    Simply pop the warmer into the teat. Close the bottle. Don’t over tighten the collar or the anti-colic vents won’t work. Press the orange button and wait for a total of 60seconds. Your feed is now ready.

    How to recharge the warmer?

    There are 2 methods to recharge the warmer. Boiling method or Microwave method.

    Users’ preferred method is boiling. You may boil multiple warmers and it sterilizes at the same time. You have to constant boil your warmers for 30mins.

    For microwave method, it takes approx. 2.5mins, HOWEVER, if you do not follow the instructions correctly, you may permanently damage your warmer.

    After which, please REMEMBER to allow your warmer to COOL down COMPLETELY to room temperature before using.

    For me, i personally prefer to use the boiling method as i feel it's less troublesome.

    Product range:

    o yoomi bottle (with slow flow teat) – 5oz / 8oz (Single & Twin pack available)
    o yoomi bottle, warmer & pod (with slow flow teat) – 5oz / 8oz
    o yoomi warmer and pod
    o yoomi teats (pack of 2) in medium or fast flow

    For more information, please visit our website and facebook page.

    Find Yoomi at the upcoming fair happening on 5-7 Dec expo hall 6A booth E15
    Up to 15% off!

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    Mummy Post-Partum Week 10

    Not much to say about myself except my last stubborn 6kg. Everything else is pretty much normal already! It's just the last 6kg but it just won't go away so it looks like I've to start exercising if I want it off. Maybe I've to also eat lesser and stop eating like I've a baby in me. Haha.

    Now about Baby! 

    Baby Elroy is growing really fast and smiling more as the days go by. He is such a strong baby! He has pretty good head control, holds his head up really well. At just 2 months I feel that his neck is as strong as my friend's baby who is 4 months? Looking forward to him being more steady so he can sit in his jumperoo! My friend suggested I put him in the sitting position at the corner of the sofa for a few minutes everyday to train his neck muscle and I think that really helped. I think he might be able to sit in the jumperoo at 3 months +? It says for babies above 4 months but i will have to ask the pediatrician at his next visit first as she'll know better if he is steady enough or not. 

    Also gonna buy a high chair soon! Don't know which is a good brand though, would appreciate some suggestions? :)

    I read him a story everyday and even though he doesn't understand, he seems to enjoy hearing me read! So yeah, everyday at around noon when he is super awake, I'd read him a story. Then I'd turn on some baby music to keep him entertained. Some popular YouTube channels for baby songs I like are "LiftleBabyBum", "Hooplakidz"& "KidsCamp".

    We haven't gotten an iPad for him yet. Soon, soon!
    Here are some vids I always play for him...

    I'm also very happy he sleeps well at night and everyday has a schedule to follow. At home we make it a routine and it's so much easier to manage. His sleeping & feeding are more consistent and predictable now. He follows a timetable - when to eat, sleep, play, and so on, and we stick to the pattern every day.

    2 month old 
    Baby Schedule

    7am Wake up and feed

    730am Take a bath

    8am Bring him to the living room where there is sunlight so he'll know it's Daytime! Turn on the TV or Video and let him play on his Playmat

    9-930am He will make noise and this would mean he wants to sleep so we will put him in his small bed in the living room where there's light so he knows it's still daytime. Don't want to put him in his room as it's dark and he might be confused between Day & Night.

    10am Feeding time! He will auto wake up and cry for milk. And change diaper! We always change his diaper after he finishes his milk. He always poops while drinking haha.

    1030am He will fall back asleep after drinking his milk. If he doesn't, we'd turn on some music for him to keep him entertained.

    12noon He would be very awake so either the helper or I would take him out to the mall or garden to walk. If we are home, we put him on his Playmat or I'll read to him.

    1pm Feeding Time and Diaper Change

    130pm If we aren't out, he would be in his rocker, we would rock him till he falls asleep

    4pm Feeding Time and Diaper Change

    430pm Playtime!

    6pm Take a bath and change into his PJs

    630pm Feeding Time & Diaper Change

    7pm He would fall asleep in his small bed in the living room

    8pm I would watch TV and put him on my lap if he isn't asleep

    930pm Feeding Time & Diaper Change

    10pm Bed Time! Rock him till he is sleepy and put him back in his room where it's dark

    1am Last feeding (feed more) and he can usually sleep till 7am! If he doesn't wake up till 7am, then 7am feeding we also increase the milk.

    So yup, that's how Elroy's days are like!

    It really isn't as tiring once everything is a routine. But of course you have to be very strict at first to get this going and my nanny was the once who helped me with it. I also made sure my helper stick to this routine closely too so when I'm not home, she plays with Elroy, turns on the music/TV for him etc.

    If you need more help on Baby Schedules, check out this link.

    Hope you enjoyed the update about me! See you soon!

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  • 12/02/14--03:00: Biolane Dermo Paediatrics

  • On my previous post on Biolane, I introduced the Normal Range from Biolane!

    Finally got to try them on Baby Elroy. 
    Short follow-up of my thoughts from using the Normal Range:
    I can say that I love it and the products have helped so much in improving the condition of Baby Elroy’s skin. And a bonus point, it smells SO good.

    I must say Biolane products smells THE BEST among all the other baby products I've tried before. I AM NOT KIDDING. The shower gel, the moisturizer and the cleansing water are my favourite products.

    However, the moisturizer is my absolute favourite because it makes Baby Elroy smell AMAZING! Babies naturally smell good but this on top of his natural baby smell is heavenly.

    I am such a fan of the scent of the cleansing water too! Some days when I'm out all day with Baby Elroy, the water is super useful because all I need is to clean him with a cotton pad. He smells so good after like he just took a bath and I bet he feels super fresh too :)

    For the rest of this post, let me introduce you to the Biolane Dermo-Paediatric Range.

    If your baby has more sensitive skin, you have to be very careful what you use on him/her. The BIOLANE DERMO-PAEDIATRICS range is suitable for babies with more sensitive skin. I am such a huge fan of Biolane's products now! I am so thankful to be given the opportunity to try all the products.

    If you are afraid your baby's skin is too sensitive for Biolane's normal range, then I suggest you try out the Dermo-Pediatric range for super sensitive skin. It is much lighter but works as good on baby's skin. Won't irritate his skin at all.

    Honestly, it doesn't smell as good as the normal range but the stuff in this range are still excellent products. Of course I still prefer the normal range because of the smell but some babies do have more sensitive skin so if that's the case for your baby, the products in the Dermo Pediatric range will work better then.

    I love the diaper cream a lot as it really helps prevent diaper rash, which is very common in babies. Elroy gets rashes around the diaper region, but it heals very quickly. Thanks to the diaper cream J

    I am such a fan of Biolane now and I would recommend it to all mummies!


    * This product is very suitable for babies with dry and sensitive skin as it does not require any rinsing. This formula in the product, galenic formula prevents dryness caused by cleansing with water. How good is that?
    * Not only that, you can even wipe your baby’s face and body with this solution as it is very mild, therefore it will not sting the eyes.
    * Hypoallergenic and fragrance-free, it gently cleanses without irritating dry, sensitive or atopy-prone skin in babies and young children.
    * Non-greasy on the skin
    * PARABEN-FREE (no chemicals) 

    Directions for use
    1. Apply to baby's face, body and bottom with a cotton pad for a daily hygiene routine.
    2. Use a clean cotton pad for each application.
    3. No need to rinse
    When I apply a solution on Elroy, I would have to rinse him with water later on. Sometimes he cries when I do that. However, this product is very helpful in helping me tackle Elroy’s sensitive skin, as I do not have to go through the hassle of rinsing. Therefore, this product is a win-win solution for both him and I!

    Price: $28.90 

    * This hair and body gel is perfect to be used before applying the miscellar solution and it does not dehydrate the baby or child’s dry or atopic tendency skin.
    * Hypoallergenic and fragrance-free
    * With the help of its high levels of superfatting and lipid-restorative agents, it nourishes and protects sensitive skin.
    * Does not sting the eyes and gently cleans the hair.
    * Formulated to minimize risks of allergy. 

    Directions for use
    1. Use with the daily bath.
    2. Apply a small amount to wet skin and hair, rub to foam, rinse abundantly, and then dry carefully by lightly patting all skin folds.
    3. Do not bathe for more than 2 or 3 minutes for newborn infants, to prevent skin dryness.
    Just a small tip: Use warm water (not more than 35°C)
    Overall, I feel that this product is a stepping-stone to achieving hydrated skin for your babies. Its formula is so mild and so gentle on the skin.

    Price: $18.90 

    You know how sometimes babies have rashes due to the irritation from the diapers? This product will save all your troubles thanks to its innovative high tolerance formula.
    * Helps to actively regenerate damaged skin by promoting cell renewal.
    * Sweet almond oil included to soothe irritation and softens the skin.
    * Hydra-bléïne® combined with additional insulating and nourishing active ingredients helps to protect baby's skin from the harsh exposure from urine, stools and rubbing of the diaper.
    * Its high tolerance formula is also suitable for atopy-prone skin.
    Directions for use
    * At every diaper change, after thorough cleansing and on perfectly dry skin, apply a thick layer to baby's bottom and the folds of the groin; pay extra attention to red and irritated areas.
    Just a small tip: Use warm water to bathe (not more than 35-36°C) 

    This product is such a useful product for Elroy as he gets rashes a lot around the diaper region and it is a common issue for a lot of babies out there also. So mummies out there, I highly recommend this product 

    As I mentioned above, my top 3 favorite products are moisturizing cream, bath gel and the pure H2o.

    GOOD NEWS! Biolane will be giving away 1 of my favourite products to you. All you have to do is:

    1. Like Biolane Facebook Page

    2. Like and share your favourite products out of the 3 products mentioned

    The product with the highest likes and shares will be given away. Only 5 winners will be selected so hurry!

    Winners will be announced on Biolane Facebook page.

    Shop Biolane Products

    Biolane products can be purchase at selected Watsons, Robinsons and Kiddy Palace stores.

    Look forward to my next BIOLANE post to find out more about using these different ranges for your baby!

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    I was soooo happy to find out about this new make up store Inglot!

    Sometimes it’s really tiring being a girl. You have to spend so much time getting ready, making sure you look good before you go out. This of course includes picking the right clothes (that fits your body’s mood that day) and not to forget, spending hours on make-up! Now make-up…I have a love-hate relationship with it; it gets really tiresome to go through all those steps but it’s also really fun to play around with it. And honestly, I just can’t live without it! When I go out, I have a few key products I need to throw into my bag for regular touch-ups (e.g. . I’ve even had to choose certain bags just to fit in all my products!! So my poor clutches get left behind sometimes. Do you get that too?!

    Well.. today I’m gonna share with you something I’ve learnt about recently that has really made my life so much easier!! I’m IN LOVE with it!

    Any of you heard of the relatively new make-up store in town called, INGLOT? There are many make-up stores in town so what is so special about this store you may ask? Well, it’s their Freedom System. It’s GENIUS. I love the concept of it soooo much.

    So, what is the INGLOT Freedom System? 

    Basically, it’s you having the total freedom to customize your very own ALL-IN -ONE palette. There are different magnetic palette sizes that can accommodate up to 40 shades and products in it. Each palette is wholly customizable to your own needs and fancy – if you just want a palette for eyeshadows, fill it up accordingly. If you want a palette to include all your daily necessities like concealer, brow wax and powder, lipstick, foundation, powder, bronzer and blusher, you can have that too! 

    Each little square is refillable so if you’re done with that or if it cracks by accident, you can replace it easily with a new one!

    Crazy choices of eyeshadows with more than 200 shades from pearl sparkling and shine to matte, more than 40 shades of blush and all kinds of powders you can imagine from cream powder, bronzing, sculpting to HD. Also lipstick and gloss with more than 200 shades. Don't forget about brow wax, brow powders and concealers! The choices are limitless! Just use your imagination to create your own palette! 

    Take a look at their wide range of eyeshadow shades that you can choose from...definitely spoilt for choice here!

    There’s the choice of different eyeshadows, concealers, blushers, brow wax, brow powder, lipsticks as well.

    For me, I chose the palette size of 10! It’s small, compact and able to fit into most of my bags!
    The process of choosing what I want in my palette was really really fun. Albeit it a little tough too though cause there was so many colours and tones to choose from but the assistance of very kind and professional INGLOT makeup artists was very helpful to choose my perfect palette!

    Before being introduced to INGLOT Freedom System, all those products on the right were a good example of what I used to bring out with me just for touch-ups. All of them came in different shapes, weights and sizes and assembling them into my bag was also another problem.
    It felt like a game of Tetris!

    The INGLOT Freedom System Palette really provided me the solution to that problem!

    It’s compact, versatile, convenient and stylish. As though that isn’t enough, it’s also paraben and cruelty free. 

    So for those of you who shared similar make-up woes as me, I hope sharing this would help you too!
    If you’re in town, do drop by and check them out! What more, X’mas is around the corner and this will really make a super good Christmas prezzie for your girlfriend! 

    Below are their details:
    435 Orchard Road, Wisma Atria #B1-14 ,
    Singapore 238877
    Tel.: +65 6887 3128 

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  • 12/07/14--11:50: Mummy's Love
  •  2 Months 18 Days

    I love you, Elroy. 

    It's more than anything I ever imagined. Before I had him in my life, I said I can't imagine loving anyone/thing more than I love hiro. I had boyfriends I thought I loved so much but after E, that love can't even compare.

    The day i first looked into Elroy's eyes, I felt love so strong words cannot express it. As days go by, i got more and more attached to him. It's more than the love I have for anyone in my life, ever. It is so unselfish. I would do anything for him and will never let anyone harm him. I will never give him up for anything. When i'm stressed up and frustrated, his smile just brightens my day and make all the worries disappear. I appreciate my life so much more with him around.

    There's no greater love than the love a mother has for her child. I now know how much my mum loves me. In the past it was like "ya...I know my parents love me so?" But really understanding and believing it now made me wanna love her more.

    You are very precious to your mummy so please love her. Remember your mummy and don't break her heart.

    "I promise to always be there to scoop you up and place you right back on your feet if you fall."

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  • 12/07/14--14:12: St Regis Bangkok
  • Had a wonderful short trip to Bangkok and am super looking forward to going back there again for more shopping soon!

    This time round we stayed at St Regis and of course it was wonderful. It has to be lah since it's a 5 star luxury hotel. I've always stayed at more simple and cheap hotels in Bangkok and am very pleased with it already! The boy couldn't tahan staying in the hotel i booked (which wasn't even bad....)so we had to move. Which was a good move anyway because i definitely loved my stay at St Regis. At least I experienced something different from my previous BKK trips. 


    Deluxe Room was pretty. Love love love the decor and little details.

     The golf course view from the room

     Love all the croc stuff! Everything from the tissue box, remote holder, umbrella stand, notepad....omg. Wanted to bring it home soooo bad.

     Got to pamper myself at the spa which was very pricey but super awesome experience! Although I could've gotten a 20 hour massage if I went to the usual massage place I go to when I'm in BKK. :/


    Staff were very friendly. Service was soooo good. Breakfast spread was good too! I have seen the pictures of the other rooms and maybe the next time we're there i'd try to convince him to book it because omg it looks soooo nice.
    Wanted to have dinner at the lobby of St Regis at Zuma, a japanese restaurant. However, since the boy has already tried it i decided to google and find somewhere else with good japanese food.

    So we ended up at Yamazato at The Okura Prestige Hotel...

     Managed to get sits by the window so we had a nice view

    Not much pictures of the food (only took my own dishes) as i was too busy enjoying my food. I had sashimi and soba and the boy had the Kaiseki. Basically you just let the chef decide. The dinner wasn't up to his standard though...he said we shouldve just went to Zuma so i assume the best japanese restaurant in Bangkok has to be Zuma? Since Yamazato didnt meet his expectations.

    The Okura Prestige hotel was pretty though! I like the decor as much as i liked St Regis's so maybe the next time we're there we can stay there hehe.

    Ok and ya, nothing much to blog about Bangkok because i've been there like a gazillion times and have blogged about it so many times. I didn't do much anyway because it was such a short trip. Just did what the boy and i went there to do, enjoyed the hotel facilities, did some shopping at platinum mall and yeah.

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  • 12/07/14--14:12: Ellysage


    December is the month of giving! Hurray!!!

    The Ellysage team has been working hard to bring you an amazing month of giveaways, sign up for our MAILING LIST to receive first hand news! Watch out for our upcoming 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway, there'll be tons of amazing goodies!

    Anddddd... for the month of December, receive Browhaus $10 Treatment Vouchers with every order made at! Sign up for our MAILING LIST because we have an exclusive Browhaus promotion only for our subscribers!

    New arrivals are launched every Sunday at 8pm! 

    Quote OHSOFICKLE for 10% off your order, valid till 31 December 2014! 

    Last but not least, follow them closely on Instagram and Facebook for daily inspiration! @ellysage

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  • 12/11/14--21:26: Denim Leather
  • Thank you Kikikeli for sending me this jacket!

    When it comes to leather and denim, we're addicted. This Leather Denim Jacket has button at sleeves, front and pockets. Fully lined. Throw it on over vintage tees, your favorite dresses, or jumpsuits--this baby goes with literally everything. 

    Will be launching new arrivals 11/12 6pm.
    Quote "Tammy" for 5% off total bill! 

    Shop now

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  • 12/15/14--02:45: Moony Diapers

  • I just tried a new brand of diapers called Moony and I love it! I do hope it'll be easy to find it because it's a really good brand. 

    Since baby Elroy was born, I have been sent samples of diapers all the time and even though Moony is relatively new, it is as good as those popular brands among parents in the market. In fact, it is better than a lot of the brands. I have experienced leakage with one very popular diaper brand and was so disappointed because it's one brand which is easily available everywhere! 

    For Moony diapers, it feels pretty thin and doesn't give Elroy a big bulge down there. Feels very soft and comfortable too! As a mummy, I'm sure you'd want the best for your baby. Even though I won't really know how Elroy feels in his diapers, whether or not it really makes a difference comfort wise, I assume it will be more comfortable wearing thinner diapers as when I get my period, those ultra thin pads are more comfy than the thick maxi pads for sure.

    I put it to the test and used it for a week to test how absorbent it was and wow, really no leakage at all. Elroy poops quite a lot and some days when we go out and don't change his diapers in time, it will leak all over his clothes when I use a brand super popular in the market. However, with Moony it didn't happen within the week I tried it out.

    Am a satisfied Moony diaper user!

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  • 12/15/14--04:54: G Spa
  • Non-sponsored post! 
    Just recommending an affordable spa in Singapore.:)

    I was preggers and pregnant woman can't be in places with too high temperatures I haven't been to a spa for over a year. The joy i felt when I could enter the hot pool again omgggg!

    Today I paid gspa a visit after so long. It's not my favourite spa place but it's the most worth it one for sure!
    I'm one who looooves taking baths in super hot water. It's like everytime I finish showering/bathing, the toilet would be full of steam haha. So yeah, I love hot pools & steam baths soooo much. I always feel very "clean" when I sweat it out in the hot pool or steam bath. It is said it is the best way to detoxify. I have realized that whenever i have a hangover, all I have to do is go into the hot pool or steam bath to sweat it out! Works better than any hangover cure drinks/medicines I've tried. And I feel that my skin feels much softer too.

    After enjoying the hot pool I did the Gateway To Vitality massage. Best massage I had in a long time man. Everytime she pressed and everywhere just kept "cracking", she would be like, "wah girl, so young only leh you work very very hard ah so tired?" Haha. Needed it so badly after the long and tiring weekend (Zoukout, Baby Shower, Wedding...).

    I don't really blog about spa places because everytime I go to such places, I'd put my phone in the locker to be "away from work" and relax but today I was waiting for an urgent call so I held it and thought it'll be a good idea to share this place too!

    There are tons of other great spa places in Sg but I think gspa is one of the cheapest. Not the best because there are many other spas which look much much nicer. G Spa got a bit of those
    "atas china KTV place" vibes cus of the lights and all. Don't ask me how i know how those places look like and why i go there. Haha. I googled and found this video, watch it and you will sorta get what i mean la haha.

    However when it comes to the price, gspa is the most affordable and worth it one. Plus it has all the facilities that makes a good spa and massage is very good too. Or maybe cus i'm very lucky that everytime i go i get all those ladies with very power hands.

    What made it even cheaper is I signed up for a package so everytime I'm there they'd deduct from the package. When you do so they'd also give you extra credits. All the services are cheaper for members too so yeah, save more and sign up for their membership.

    Oh and why it's so worth it too is because they have a dining area where there's a buffet so you can eat all you want after your massage. It's like local food like kuay teow all that. You can have your breakfast, lunch & dinner there, nobody would care also. Haha.

    Also it opens till late. So you can go after work, unlike most spas I know of which closes pretty early.

    Prices on website if you're curious:

    102 Guillemard Road
    #02-02 Singapore 399719
    Contact: (65) 6280 8988

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  • 12/16/14--17:00: AntiClockwise


    High Neck Flare Dress in Black (Also comes in Emerald)

    Oversized Coat in Army Green (Also comes in Sand & Blue)

    Backorders have also been opened for Embellished Shoulder Dress & Abstract Prism Printed Shift Dress. All of these backorders will be arriving on 20th December, so rest assured that you will receive them before Christmas!


    Rushing to get your festive apparels? 
    Anticlockwise is now offerring self collection from 16th December – 23rd December 2014!

    NEW TO ACW? Well, don’t worry! Subscribe to their mailing list & get 10% off your FIRST ORDER WITH THEM!

    Already a subscriber? 
    Quote TAMMYTAY to get 5% OFF ALL ORDERS! 
    (Valid till 31st December 2014)

    LIKE THEIR Facebook Page: 
    STALK and FOLLOW THEM ON Instagram: 

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  • 12/18/14--00:34: Infinity Bracelet
  • This Christmas, it would be awesome to get your best friend an Infinity bracelet to show that your friendship is forever! Just is having a special set of 2 bracelets at a special price as well! 

    Only 10 Sets available so hurry head down to their website to get it – Link HERE :

    I loved the Horseshoe so much, and am so glad that I have a new infinity to wear it with all my other bracelets! Worn alone or with any other leather bracelets especially my Hermes ones! They pair so well together, how are you going to pair yours?

    They are 9k real Gold, and comes in White Gold or Rose Gold, and does not tarnish when you wear it everyday! I can wear it daily, to shower and everything else, even to light jogging! Its so easy, don’t even have to take it out at all.

    Gift yourself one anyway this Christmas at JUST TANGY.COM

    They are the exclusive retailer in Singapore, so you will be one of the few having it only -

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  • 12/18/14--17:00: SHOPSASSYDREAM

  • Latest Lookbook featuring SSD Ruffles Romper and SSD Veronica Cut Dress

    New arrivals

    There will be a storewide 15% discount off all regular-priced items at their retail store from 19th Dec to 21st Dec.

    Retail Store Location: 
    Operating Hours: 12pm - 9pm daily

    Simply subscribe to their mailing list and enjoy members' exclusive discounts/privileges!

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  • 12/19/14--08:50: Boy Shorts

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  • 12/22/14--07:50: Chain Head Piece

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  • 12/23/14--16:00: Carrislabelle

  • Strappy Cutout Slit Maxi - SGD$24.00

    It's Carrislabelle's first birthday this month!

     Latest Swimwear Collection

    Wanna see more designs?

    Shop Swimwear: 

    Shop New Arrivals:

    Carrislabelle offers free normal mail within Singapore
    Ships to Malaysia at just SGD$3.00 (non-registered) and SGD$6.00 (registered)
    Ships to other countries starting from SGD$5.00

    Sign up for mailing list here to get the latest updates and promotions just for mailing listees:

    Birthday Discount for December 2014
    Enter "HAPPYBIRTHDAY" during checkout to get 15% off your cart

    Like the Facebook Page at
    Follow us at Instagram Address

    Shop at website 

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