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because im fickle like that.

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  • 01/28/15--16:33: Mikuni

  • Some food pictures because i had a good experience at Mikuni! It's been awhile since i stepped out of my comfort zone to try a new japanese restaurant in Singapore. I am always going back to the same ol' places namely, Tatsuya and Akashi (actually my ultimate favourite is Shinji but can't always eat there cus too expensive). I decided not to be boring and dine at Mikuni yesterday night after seeing the good reviews on HGW. 

    It'll be great to go for the Dinner Set with Sake Pairing because that's what most people go there for din but i am still recovering from my surgery and alcohol is not advisable as i'm still on anti-biotics so i just had the other dinner set which was really not bad! Didn't finish everything because the boyf and i were having a very intense conversation and we decided to stop at the truffle beef bowl and left. A pity i didnt get to finish the whole set and end off with dessert :( but anyhow, food quality was good and service was impeccable. It still can't beat my 2 top fav jap restaurants but it's really not bad!

    I look forward to trying the Teppanyaki soon after seeing that they have 3 live stations in the restaurant. Miss Teppanyaki much! Haven't had it in awhile.

    Anyhooooows, this is prolly the worse food review post because it's damn half-f but like i said before, if it's not good, i wont even bother posting so it's gotta be good la! I'll usually take pictures during meal time and if it's not so impressive, i will delete the pictures after my meal and not dedicate a post for it so yeah. Please please let me be in a better mood the next time i'm there so i can do a proper post. Haha.

    If you're looking for a change and want to try a new japanese restaurant,

    Address: 80 Bras Basah Road, Level 3 Fairmont Singapore
    Tel: +65 6431 6156

    p.s this is out of point but the waiter and waitress serving me were too good-looking!!! look like korean superstars lor? how can? haha

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    When i saw this year's Miss Universe and saw Singapore's representative, i was really happy! Honestly, it's been awhile since i was really impressed with Miss Singapore Universe. I used to like following it but it just kept going downhill. Every year i'll be all like "uh, seriously why her ah?". But i never dared to say it out loud because then people would be like "if you think you're so good then you join lor!". Which i know i also cannot la, so i'm like really "say people say myself" haha. I really am not cut out for this sort of things, i just don't have the brains for it. So... i just kept comments to myself and not post 'em online but this year, I NEED TO SAY SOMETHING ABOUT THE PAGEANT. I love and respect girls who are smart and pretty because i'm not like that at all and oh how i wish i could be like them.

    This year's representative for Singapore is Rathi Menon. She really changed EVERYTHING. Like i've sorta "gave up" rooting for Singapore when i watch the pageant but this girl has showed that she can compete on an International level and do our country proud.

    She did not win the big title but at least she won Miss Brilliance and Miss Personality. Which is something BIG for Singapore because i can't remember the last time Singapore won something on Miss Universe.

    She's smart, pretty and whoa, that body.

    And this year, i really liked our National Costume. Got the VS Vibe no? Haha.

    Those who think it's really bad...

    It's SOOOO much better than the past few years lor...

    See what i mean? Now you know why i love this year's one so much?
    More Fail National Costumes here

    And i thought the evening gown was really pretty too. :)

    A great year for Singapore indeed. #SG50 eh! Haha :)

    She really set a very high standard for the next Singapore representative. Hopefully we have more girls who are as smart and pretty representing our country and Singapore will start broadcasting the Miss Singapore Universe pageant on Channel 5 again. I wonder if they stopped doing that because people stopped watching it?

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  • 01/30/15--10:06: Fights
  • It's just so so tiring to always be in a heated argument. I guess once people get too comfortable with each other we tend to be more insensitive and not so careful with our words so the fights get more and more severe. Many times we think we've forgotten certain things but when a new problem arises, those things in the previous arguments get brought up again so we can "prove a point" and have more things to say to strengthen our argument. Even when the new problem has nothing to do with the previous one. So the fights will keep escalating and we start throwing hurtful words around. I want to stop doing that. I want to truly forgive and mean it. It's really REALLY hard cus I always wanna win and guilt trip the other party so I become the victim at the end of it. Manipulating. What a total monster I can become when I'm pissed. I don't like how I handle my fights and I need to start taking the blame and change. I don't realize all of that when I'm quarreling and it really took me a LONG time and many self reflections later to admit my faults. Have to be more patient and understanding or things will always remain this way.

    I've been through this so many times in many relationships and this time it's really very different from the rest of the relationships I've ever been in because of my baby boy. I'm really trying to keep us together so he won't grow up in a broken family. I really do hope things get better because I do not want him growing up in a home where his has to witness his parents quarrel all the time. I've been through it myself and it sure is traumatizing for me. I will never want to put my son through the same thing I went through, ever. I need to constanly remind myself that. Some days I do self reflect and realize I'm still kinda immature at times which is why is we end up in a fight. If only I realized that before arguing so it won't even turn into a fight. I need learn to accept the fact I'm at fault at times because not everyone is going to always give in to me cus I'm a "princess" unlike in the past. That's just childish thinking. Also in this recent months, I have finally learnt to use the word "Sorry" without bothering about what "Pride" I have. I'm so annoyed with my mentality sometimes! I tend to say so much and not even give the other party a chance to express his opinions. Selfish is the word. I always want him to put himself in MY shoes but have I ever put myself in his shoes and understood things from his point of view? Everytime he does it I shoot him back cus of my think-I'm-always-right character. 

    I hope I'll be able to grow the f up already and that things will get better once really do. Start giving in and not being the prideful girl I once was which made many relationships fail. 

    I'm so tired of this emotional rollercoaster I put the both of us on. 

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  • 01/31/15--14:02: Ninth Store

  • Ninth Store is offering Self Collection at the following places
    - Space Invasion
    - Their office located in Woodlands

    So you can collect your item instead if you are worried about not receiving it in time for Valentines Day or CNY :)

    Ninth Store has a huge batch of Dresses and Jumpsuits you can get for the upcoming Valentine's Day & CNY over at their website so do check them out!

    Free Shipping option for orders above S$20!

    Do check out their Pop Up Store at Miyoc JCube from 9th - 15th February!

    10% OFF when you quote "TAMMY" upon check out!
    Twitter :

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  • 01/31/15--23:55: Joie By Dozo
  • I used to go to DOZO (at Valley Point) quite frequently as i like the food there a lot and feel that it's super worth it. 

    When i found out Valley Point was undergoing a revamp i was so sad because it means Dozo is GONEEEE. Been waiting for them to reopen somewhere else for such a long time! Then, my friend told me they reopened under a different name now so i decided to give it a try.

    When i entered the restaurant, i was really shocked that there were soooo many available seats on a Saturday night, unlike the DOZO i used to go to at Valley Point. Well maybe because they're still new and not many people know about it since it's located on the 12 floor.

    The staff were really nice and friendly and i was really looking forward to a good dinner! It was so empty so they gave us a private room. The whole restaurant looks really nice. Very romantic setting, would make a great restaurant to bring your date to (but then, please read on).

    Walked in and the room was really nicely designed!

    Was served this cold ice blended sour plum drink which was very good! 

    Expected a very promising dinner but...

    The Gratinated Champignon (mushroom) was pretty ok. I kinda liked this cus it reminded me of DOZO's escargot. BUTTTT still cannot fight la, the DOZO escargot is MUCH yummier.

    The truffle mushroom soup tastes as good as the previous DOZO so i was pleased with this.


    This is the white asparagus dish. WHICH WAS SOOOO BAD. Spot the 2 tiny white asparagus. I hated that cranberry puree thing at the side. Was so sweet and made me cringe when i put in my my mouth.


    The one on the left is a fried mozzarella cheese ball, the one in the middle is a mushroom puff and the one on the right i can't rmb but not nice one.

    I WAS SO SHOCKED LEH. This shouldn't even be on the menu under Main Course i feel.

    Truffle Risotto - this was Lionel and Chevonne's main course which looks more like a main course compared to mine. Tasted so-so, pretty acceptable.

    Dessert Table
    Was pretty cool we managed to choose what we wanted BUTTTTT....the macarons were WAY TOO SWEET and also very hard. Not like how macarons should be - crispy on the outside, soft in the inside.

    PLEASE BRING BACK THE OLD DOZO! :( Somebody, anybody, HEAR MY CRIES! (hahaha drama much) Even the rating on HungryGoWhere is so good! I'm sure a lot of people would visit.

    My experience at JOIE was not good and i will not go back there until the menu changes. Maybe Meatless French/Japanese restaurant ain't my thing. I was surprised their reviews on HGW is still pretty okay though. Good thing is that the service was REALLY good so yeah.

    Well at least Bibi cheered me up at the end of the night. :)

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  • 02/01/15--18:00: Rae Rum

  • I am wearing MESH PANEL MINI DRESS from RaeRum

    Rae & Rum has just launched their 'Spring I' collection today, and RR will be updating the shop with more new arrivals over the next few weeks.

    On top of that, RR will be having an ongoing promotion where all newly joined mailing list members will get to enjoy a 20% discount their first purchase. All YOU have to do is join the Rae Rum mailing list through the website and RR will send you a unique discount code to apply upon checking out.

    Enter 'TAMMYxRR' after checking out for $3 off your purchase.
    Valid till 31 March 2015.
    *Please note that these discount codes are not valid with other promotions or offers.

    Like & Follow...

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  • 02/02/15--17:03: 2 Houses
  • The partner and I still live separately so I have to bring baby E over sometimes but everytime he goes over he cries like CRAZY. It's like at home, he doesn't even cry that loudly. It's so loud and very difficult to calm him down. At home, I just carry him upright and pat his back to calm him down. He would stop in like seconds. But when we are there he just won't stop. I know it's normal for a baby to cry but it really breaks my heart and now I dread bringing him there because of the way he cries. But it's something I can escape either because it's the partner's family and they want to spend time with him too. Sigh. Hate being in such a position. If I refuse to bring him over, they'd see me as selfish. But if I bring him over, he never ever has a good sleep. Will babies be able to adjust to 2 homes? 

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  • 02/03/15--17:00: YoungHungryFree

  • Harness is from Young Hungry Free

    Like no other, Young Hungry Free is the go-to shop for your addiction. Its all about the lifestyle - being forever, Young, Hungry, Free. For all the rad kids - it doesn't matter what your style is, Young Hungry Free is made for you.

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    5. And of course, our By Young Hungry Free Label

    With brand new Made by YHF items twice a week - we promise its gonna be good!

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  • 02/03/15--22:06: The Haute Theory

  • White Dress from The Haute Theory
    Superb quality! Not sheer at all as it is lined. :)
    This dropwaist dress is designed with a slight twist where there is an irregular lace hem at the bottom of the dress. Start twirling around when taking your #ootd.

    The Haute Theory : not just a brand, it’s a lifestyle.
    Its a creation and rebirth of the inner you.

    A Haute Theory girl is exuberant and confident, a chameleon that expresses her moods through fashion. With an insatiable appetite for fun, she loves the beautiful and quirky things in life. She has an undeniable passion for love, life and her friends which radiate through her composition and charm.

    The Haute Theory is on a never-ending journey and we’d love you to join us afterall, the world is ready for this much of hotness...!

    TheHauteTheory caters to girls and women of all styles, be it the edgy individual, girly girl or working classy OL, you are safely covered. One stop online store which you can find anything and everything!
    This LNY - SEASON IN RED Capsule Collection consist of exclusively designed and manufactured apparels that are not only for the Chinese New Year season. You can find yourself wearing these items for dinners, work and special occasions. Best fitted for girls between UK 6- small UK10.

    This dropwaist dress is designed with a slight twist where there is an irregular lace hem at the bottom of the dress. Start twirling around when taking your #ootd.

    Quote "Tammy" to enjoy 5% off all items and simply spend $60 and above to get normal postage upgrade to Next day courier service. Discount Code is valid till 31st December 2015

    *Discount exclude postage charges.*

    Like their Facebook Page and follow them on instagram to stay updated with their latest collections and previews.

    Instagram : @thehautetheory

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  • 02/05/15--22:10: Fash Mob

  • Embellished Dress from Fash Mob

    Prep your wardrobes for the upcoming Chinese New Year with a whole new range of series of new arrivals from Fash Mob this season!

    Fash Mob has got you girls covered with their versatility and timeless chic styles! Expect new collections to be in twice a week this festive season and be awed by their full fledged manufactured designs!

    Enjoy free normal local postage for all regular priced clothing items when shopping online at Fash Mob or spend $100 to enjoy free registered postage! Otherwise, the brand is also housed at KissJane @ Bugis Junction & CityLink, The Showcase @ Raffles Xchange and Miyoc @ Orchard Gateway for your retail therapy needs!

    Subscribe to their mailing list and follow their social media platforms to stay updated on their latest news and happenings! Share your outfits wearing Fash Mob and hashtag #iwearfashmob for a chance to get featured on their instagram and you may also stand a chance to win shopping vouchers!

    Instagram: @fashmob

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  • 02/11/15--03:32: Perth
  • Have an upcoming trip to Perth Australia and would love to hear from yall suggestions on places to check out and things to do.

    Do leave comments or drop me an email so I can plan my trip and then share it later hehe. Thank u in advance! 

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  • 02/11/15--18:22: Anticlockwise

  • Quote TAMMY to get 10% OFF with minimum two items purchased! (Valid till 15th February 2015)


    Straight Cut Pants in White & Drape Back Top in Wine

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    Curved Slit Skorts in Cotton Candy Pink

    Backorders have also been opened for Scallop Hem Skorts in White & Dusty Grey. Backorders will be arriving on 13th February, so rest assured that you will receive them before CNY!

    Rushing to get your Valentine’s & CNY apparels? Anticlockwise is now offerring self collection from 2nd February – 17th February 2015!

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  • 02/11/15--20:37: Baby Daddy
  • From the day Elroy was born, he got daddy's face already. I was a little bit sad cus like I gave birth to him one and nobody thinks he looks like me. Then some people told me "oh his face will change over time! Maybe next time look like you!" But time went by...HE STARTED TO LOOK EVEN MORE LIKE DADDY?!

    Now the resemblance is CRAZY leh. I finally accepted that he doesn't look anything like me and will never :(. Eh really quite sad sometimes cus it's like I look at him and I'm like WHICH PART IS ME LEHHHH?!?! Then people will try to make me feel better and be like hmm, maybe skin, hair or like height. UHMZ. OKAYZ. Everytime I send my friends Elroy's pictures they would be like "Eh hello mini XXX (bf name)!!" Even my mother is like "OMG when I carry him I feel weird sometimes cus looks like I'm carrying a mini XXX (bf name)". Nooooot fair. Haha.

    But it's so crazily cute when they are together! Looking at daddy kiss baby is like daddy kissing a mirror...which minimized his face hahaha #cutemoments Got really curious one day so I asked my bf mom to show me my bf baby picx and OMG...really DAMN ALIKE?!?! Like a replica except Elroy has SLIGHTLY bigger eyes (which is still considered small so can you imagine his) Lol. But ok la small eyes look like Korean boys right? Everytime I bring Elroy out people assume we are a korean family so ok mah...since I love everything Korean haha. 

    But this is making me REALLY wish I would be blessed with a daughter in future and that she will look more like me cus I feel like damn unfair if my children all look like daddy! #childishthought hahaha Do other mummies have the same thoughts as me or am I just freaking lame ah? Haha. 

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  • 02/12/15--01:48: Topazette

  • Use discount code TAMXTPZ for 10% off!

    Featured outfits:

    TOPAZETTE (pronounced as “Toh-pear-zert”) was founded in 2009 by Josefyn and revamped in 2013 to provide a more professional and fuss-free online shopping experience. To date, they have launched more than 1000 designs! Their site is updated weekly with fresh new arrivals and they aim to provide shoppers with the best online shopping experience by offering quality apparels at affordable prices and great customer service.

    Choose from a variety of dresses, tops, bottoms, rompers and more when you browse through their online catalogue. With items delivered in a matter of days, keeping up with the trends has never been more effortless.

    If you have yet to get your CNY fix, TOPAZETTE has just launched a brand new collection with more than 15 designs so hop over to their webstore and check them out. The designs are all wearable even after CNY! Don't worry about not getting the item(s) in time for CNY because you can opt for Self-collection at MIYOC Orchard Gateway which is really convenient! The committed team will continue to deposit parcels over there up till Chinese New Year Eve! :)

    They have also brought in a special slack pants collection and this is the second round back by popular demand so don't miss it again. 

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    use discount code TAMXTPZ for 10% off!

    INSTAGRAM: @topazette |

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  • 02/12/15--20:41: Elroy 4 Months
  • In only 6 more days, Elroy would be 5 months old! Can't believe how huge he is now! When we bring him out, people always think he is 6-7 months and we say he is only 4 months old, they'd be like omg he is BIG! Haha. He is 10kg already?! Are you growing too fast my love?! Haha. Even the doctor was shocked to see him at our last appointment. 

    We aren't overfeeding at all! We feed 150ml every 3 hours in the day and at night he can go 6-7 hours without milk. Totally normal for babies his age so i guess he is just absorbing REALLY well. Which is good i guess! Oh my fatty! I can't even carry him for long without hurting my arms. Haha. 

    The other day I was bouncing up and down and jumping around carrying him. The next day I woke up with legs so so sore! Like after running 20km kinda sore?! But I guess it's good exercise for my helper and I to keep ourselves slim! Hehe.

    He has been SO ACTIVE. He doesn't even sleep in the afternoons anymore. Even I sleep more than him haha. He takes maybe 1-2 naps for 30-45min a day. At night he sleeps for 7 hours. I sleep way more! Haha. Most days he is on his bouncer which they said he shouldn't be on till 6 months but my doc said elroy is growing damn fast and he is very strong so we got the green light. He doesn't even want to lie down in the afternoons anymore so if not for the bouncer, he would be crying away!

    Here are some pictures of him! I'll try to post more pictures of him here from now on so we can all watch him grow up together! Hehe.


    And more posts to keep this space more interesting instead of ads and more ads...i know, i know, i heard ya!

    Actually this post can be very long but i decided not to squeeze everything in one post hehehe

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  • 02/17/15--07:33: Tie My Hair :(
  • Never thought i'd feel sad over such a simple thing as tying my hair! I miss going out with my hair tied up so much. Well in some pictures i tied but that's just for that few minutes. Can't tie my hair due to a removal of a huge lymph node on my neck which left a huge hole and the doctor can't even tell me how long it'll take to recover. Almost 3 weeks already but the hole is still leaking and looking very disgusting. What's worse is i always let down my hair and hair gets stuck to the wound all the time making it even harding to heal. Zzz. But if i air it then the wound is so huge it'll freak everyone out so....

    Hmm, so Valentines Day i got roses from Mr Unromantic which was pretty romantic surprise.

    Well that is until i asked him "B wow so nice leh you why you buy leh?" hoping he'll be romantic and be like " Cus i love you" but instead his answer...

    "Because i scared you kaopei if you see other people have"



    I'm never going for whatever Valentine's Day dinner package EVER.

    Our dinner set at Halia was SOOOOO disappointing. SERIOUSLY. I feel bad for surprising the bf with such a dinner! Not cheap at all also. 

    Oh and i also finally played bowling. Decided to spend Valentine's Day with the bf at the bowling alley because he used to love bowling a lot when he was younger and it's been almost a decade since he last played. Eh he damn good leh. I thought it was all talk when he told me about his days as a bowler. Lol. Actually i thought i was damn sweet lor bring him there to revive those days. But then he unromantic kind....don't feel anything one. No Thank You at the end of the day for a fun night out...just a lot of complains about how sore his hands were. Walao...PFFT.

    Freds came let me feel better about being a noob at bowling hahaha.

    This is how big Baby E is at almost 5 months old now. 2 more days to 19th! Hehe.

     Giant ball of happiness!

    Thank you Dove for sending over this sweet package after they read that i was suffering from hair loss!!! Hopefully it'll help hehehe.

     With ma girlfriends who make me feel all young again every friday. Haha

    Gonna have the best home steamboat with meat we bought at Mediya just now! Spent $300 on beef alone! Sooo excited!

    Anyhow, can't believe CNY is here already. Gonna be so different this year as i'll be rejecting ang baos and a way "acting" like a married couple so the old people would "Approve". Still have our reasons for not hurrying into marriage but that's for us to know and it's not up for discussion here. Sick and tired those who know shit who can't stop spreading nonsense. Annoying but well, haters gonna hate. It's gonna be real tiring addressing the issue and talking about it openly because even after doing so, at the end of the day there would still be people who disagree with my views and spread even more nonsense. There's bound to be people who dislike me for god knows what reason and no explanation can change their opinions so the best way to get people to shut up is to just let them talk shit and keep quiet. If i choose to defend myself and all, it'll just go on and on. Aiya, i also know how it's like to dislike someone. Not like i'm some angel who loves everyone.
    I know it how it's like when one dislikes another. I know it so well because my friends and I dislike this one person and everything she says just makes us roll our eyes. Every photo she posts would be scrutinized for flaws, every word she says would be bullshit. So yeah, haters are gonna hate~ LIFE GOES ON :)

    CNY TIME~~~

    Hope we all will HUAT! 

    I'm so confused leh all the different feng shui masters all say different things. Some said Goat's lucky color this 2015 is Orange...some said Red...some said what is the lucky color ah? Haha. I wanna try try and see if really will Goat Luck if i follow or not. Haha.

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  • 02/23/15--04:19: Why not Married?
  • This year CNY was BORING. I hardly did anything. JUST A LOT OF SLEEPING. Haha.

    The big change was that I actually gave out ang paos this year. I decided to just share a lil bit on this topic cus I just feel like it today haha. Many of you must be wondering why since I'm not married yet. Well, because I have a kid, many of my friends and family members treat us like we're a married couple. They call us husband and wife....even our parents? People outside who see Baby E & I together automatically assume I already am so since everyone is like that, I'll just play along lah. Haha. Honestly I see us as a family already so marriage is really just a piece of paper to confirm it...and I suppose to give me more "security". But still, not exactly secured since I witnessed my parents getting divorced after being together for over a decade. So nothing is Forever la...we all just pray for the best but no matter what, we can't control everything. Even the nicest people can kena cheated on leh. Your relationship doesn't have to be failing for your man to cheat...some guys just can't help it. Guys can be so unpredictable. Actually girls too la but more guys do it than girls.... #sexism haha

    I have married friends whom lives have changed for the worse after getting married and divorced couples telling me time and again not to rush into it and wait a few more years. With so many "warnings" from them, why would I want to not listen to their advices right. After all they are "experienced". Of course I get a lil bit jealous when I see couples getting proposed to and all their sweet wedding photo shoots la but it's better to not rush into this kinda stuff. Divorce also have to waste money one, it is long and the process can be emotionally draining. Divorced couples tell me it all looked like a fairytale at first but many fairytales turn into a nightmare after a year or so. Even when they least expect it to. For my own parents it took over a decade. Whatever it is, it's life. Most people will go through it. I believe everything is already written so whatever happens, happens for a reason. As much as we want to prevent certain things from happening, sometimes people make mistakes. Either we forgive or let go lor.

    "Then wait until when then you want to finally get married?" Hmm, when the time is right I think we both would know? Most probably when I can stop my nonsensical thoughts and stop getting on his nerves (vice versa). Sometimes I still act like a kid. Much better now but still happens. Once we get married means to tolerate each other's shit for life. We can both try to change for the better before getting married. Not so easy to change each other's personality even though we really want to though. Might take years of understanding each other. Like his bad temper and my paranoia. Say and say and promised we will change soooo many times but sometimes suddenly *BAM* it's back. If we really try to and REALLY succeed in either changing ourselves or accepting each other's flaws fo real, IT'S TIME LIAO!!! Some married couples I spoke to said it's really Give and Take. All about compromising. So we need to practice this longer. Act like we are married first lor? Think like a married couple and try our very best to be better people for each other. If really can And we last maybe say another 1-2 years then sign the papers! If not, then bye bye! Sometimes I sound like I'm all strong but if I really go through a break up (choi choi!) I don't know how the heck ill actually handle it also leh. In the past I didn't have a huge responsibility so it's easier to walk away from relationships. I know I'm not ugly and if it really doesn't work out can go out to find new partners. But this is so much more complicated man. I honestly don't even think I'll get into another serious relationship ever (ok la but if next time it happens don't blame me cus I'm OHSOFICKLE after all haha) should my current one fail because if the guy decides to be with me he would feel like he has given up so much for me? Then maybe he will be less tolerant and I think if we quarrel he'd confirm guilt trip me with the whole "I accepted you even though you have a child you should be grateful" all the time. I'd also feel like he won't be able to love E as much as E's real daddy does and I want E to be showered with love equally much if I ever have a new partner. But love cannot be forced one right? So ya lor. This are just like the negative thoughts la, I have heard of different cases but I'm always like that even though I always tell myself to ONLY THINK HAPPY THOUGHTS AND BE POSITIVE ALL THE TIME. Easier said than done.

    Still, with all that said, IT IS STILL A DREAM TO WEAR A CHIO WEDDING GOWN! I do hope it happens to me one day. :) like I said, if it's meant to be it'll be.

    Oh and one more thing ah, a lot of people think I gave myself the label Single Mother to look powerful and independent. I said I was not getting married but that doesn't mean I don't have a partner. I don't see myself as Single for sure (if not why I still give ang bao and not insist on receiving right?). I have a boyfriend and I do hope we will work out and progress. Then again i also cannot control what they want to write, the media chooses to portray me as a Single Mother which isn't exactly wrong because I am still single in the eyes of the law. So ya Lor...

    Anyway reason why I didn't really want post such a post for such a long time (but today feel like because this blog lacks my personal life stories liao...BLAME THE BF who hates that I blog about my life all the time cus I share so much online he thinks it's lame lol and he reeeeally can't wait for the day i retire and shut down all my social media platforms! Another disagreement we have which we always argue about haha) is because a lot of people would disagree with me on this topic but this is just a short update about my life on my blog where I write my thoughts. Maybe only 20% or lesser people would see eye to eye with me on this. There's this image in our minds of how things should be but well, not everything goes the way you want it to go. There are so many different cases in the world and you can't say who's right and who's wrong. Come on, people who take the "right" road and get married once they are knocked up don't all have happily ever after a with the father of their child. Some people who dated for 10 over years don't even end up getting married to that same partner. And another one, some people date for a few months and get married do have a happy marriage and are not on the verge of divorce even after many many years. Not everyone makes the same decisions. What's right for me will not be right for you and what worked for you might not work for me.

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  • 02/24/15--05:55: Elroy and The Flower


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  • 02/24/15--19:00: White and Yellow

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