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because im fickle like that.

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  • 07/31/14--21:46: Being Happy
  • My friend showed me a post on an app (where people get to post stuff about other people anonymously) about someone having issues with me calling myself a "single mom". 

    I am certainly not trying to gain any sympathy from anyone by calling myself a single mom. Thing is, I'm rly happy with my life and don't need the "pity" you guys think I need. I only call myself that because it is a fact I am not married yet. Right now I love that I have my own space and so does he...we are happy like that and see no reason to rush into marriage until we are both ready. I have always enjoyed living alone and I am not ready to move in with someone because to me, it takes years to really see someone's true colors and know if he/she is the right one. Why tie yourself down to someone so quickly only to realise you guys can't get along and everyday you have to wake up in a depressing environment? I don't want to rush into it after seeing how many marriages fall apart when they rush things. 

    Why is your definition of a Single Mom someone who is struggling to survive and depressed? Why can't there be Single Moms who are happy and blessed? I am truly blessed and thankful. For all my friends, my family and most importantly my bf. All the people who have showered me with so much love and support. :') 

    Calling me names and insulting me...what do you get from that? Assuming things about what is happening in my life is useless and will not benefit you in any way. Mind your own business, get your life together and stop being bitter about someone's life. Stop trying to bring people down. I'm sure if you are someone who is contented and love your life, you won't bother to make up shit and talk shit about other ppl. Only unhappy and jealous people do that.

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    "Must I really do confinement?"

    Is something I've been asking a lot of people. Most of my friends don't have kids so I can't ask a lot of people. I read online and some people think it's all myths but then why do a lot of people still do it?

    I have already hired a confinement nanny. She will be doing the cooking (I do believe the food I eat to recover is super important because I'm putting it into my body) and helping me look after my baby.

    However I am still deciding if I should follow the traditional confinement rules. It will be such a torture?! Thinking about it makes me feel like I'd have the worst month ever. I have to recondition my body after giving birth but are the rules really really that important? How to not wash my hair?! And not sleep in an air conditioned room?

    Here's the list of things you cannot do during confinement:









    The traditional Chinese confinement period lasts 30-40 Days. Means you can't do all of the above for 30-40 days. 

    I am curious about you! Did you follow the rules closely? Which did you follow and break? Do email me if you wanna share tips or drop me a comment below. 

    Only 1 more month to meeting the boy and starting on confinement so I have to decide if I should follow or not.

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    Credits: Fiona @smittenpixels

    So happy with the shoot. She did a super good job right??? Check out my Instagram for the other sneak peeks. Will definitely share the rest of the maternity shoot pictures on my blog when i've received the CD of all the pictures. Oh i got the dress from Forever21 if you're wondering! Super happy with it! Got a size L and fits so comfortably. :)

    Week 34
    Current Weight: 66.5kg
    Started At: 51kg
    Total Weight Gained: 15.5kg

    No change in weight this week! It is so weird. I was actually surprised to see no change in the digits because i didnt even control my diet this week and have been eating so much. It seems like i'm gaining slower in my 3rd trimester? Maybe it's all going to baby! :) or maybe my body has already stored enough fats it decided not to store anymore haha. It is kinda sad to be so much chubbier but I have never been happier, more excited, and more fulfilled in my life. I can't wait to hold my baby in my arms. Most women who have gone through pregnancy say that the last few weeks really passes super slowly though. The updates in the next few weeks will be the same thing over and over again I suppose.

    In my previous post i asked about the traditional confinement rules and received quite a few emails (thank you girls) from experience mommies who went through it. Most mommies did follow the rules because of their in-laws. A lot of people said they didnt think it was necessary at all though because those people in say US don't follow such rules at all and they're fine?

    After reading all the emails, i've decided to alter it to make it more comfortable and more achievable since experienced mommies have done it before. I think i better be safe than sorry? Follow a bit better than don't even follow at all...right? Haha.

    I will wash my hands with normal tap water. I will bathe everyday, but i will fill a bath tub with warm water and put in the herbs (like a giant tea bag) bought at chinese medical halls.

    I will try not to wash my hair for a week (a month is kinda impossible because my hair is so long). When i start washing my hair after that 1 week, i have to blow dry it immediately and it has to be completely dry. Meaning i have to wash my hair and body separately. Wash my body first, dry up and wear clothes then wash my hair.

    I will still sleep in an air conditioned room because i don't think i can survive the heat plus mommies have mentioned that they perspire a lot easier and more during confinement.

    I will still drink normal water. Makes no sense to drink only tea - u need normal water to brew it?

    I dont mind having my close friends and family members over!

    They say you can't do that cus during confinement, a woman is considered "dirty"? A lot of people don't follow this rule though so i won't follow.

    I will wear long sleeves, long pants and socks because i already like to wear long sleeve pyjamas at home.

    I will have to bring baby out for his appointments and do my body check ups so confirm have to go out. I also have to walk Hiro daily for at least 10 min so i definitely have to get out of the house for awhile everyday.

    So yup, my plans for my 1 month confinement! :)

    Did another photoshoot with Melvin @multifolds today! Today's one is super cute because i had my belly painted! Can't wait for the pictures. :) 

    p.s and if u think I'm exaggerating when I say I'm super huge...once u see the picx of me in shorts you'd understand (I have doubled in size top to toe lol).'s ok as long as baby is growing well. I'm comforting myself and telling myself this is only temporary, 1 more month to go then I can start to lose it! :)

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    A few days ago, i did another super creative and cute maternity photoshoot.

    Thinking of a way to announce your pregnancy or baby's gender? Try doing it with Belly Painting!

    Many pregnant women feel insecure about their growing and changing body and the stretchmarks, so many end up not doing a maternity shoot. However, belly painting can hide all of that and make it all better! :)

    And a few posts back i mentioned my baby's name starts with the letter E right?

    Are you ready for my baby's name reveal???



    I really liked the name Ethan too but it's pretty common cus i know quite a number of Ethans. I think the name Elroy aint as common so yup! :) Yay my baby can have an alliterative name too hehe.

    This shoot wouldnt have been possible without Melvin and Amanda! THANK YOU AWESOME PEOPLE!!!

    Melvin is the man behind Multifolds, am sure many of you have seen his impressive Lovescapade pictures everywhere! He is really funny and down to earth. Super easy to work with!

    View his amazing works at

    Photographer Contact:

    Belly Painting done by Amanda. She also specialises in face painting, full body fashion painting and UV neon body/face painting for events and parties! Do make reservations early due to many bookings on weekends.

    Check out her works on Instagram at

    Belly Painter Contact:
    Amanda 8189 8938

    Ending this post with some pictures of Hiro hehe

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  • 08/07/14--10:39: CarrisLabelle

  •  Carrislabelle

    Carrislabelle is a young, cheerful and sophisticated brand that caters to young ladies and adults. The idea of the brand Carrislabelle came from it's owner named "Carris" and a French word La Belle, which means "beautiful or lovely woman" in English. Every woman deserves clothing that best represent their style, and we hope you will find yours in Carrislabelle.

    Besides apparels, Carrislabelle also offers bags and accessories at affordable prices! 
    Statement necklaces starting from just SGD$14.00

    Picked out the Majestic Gem Necklace from Carrislabelle:

    Shop more statement necklaces here:

    Bags are available at:

    Shop New Arrivals:

    Carrislabelle offers free normal mail within Singapore
    Ships to Malaysia at just SGD$3.00 (non-registered) and SGD$6.00 (registered)
    Ships to other countries starting from SGD$5.00

    Sign up for mailing list here to get the latest updates and promotions just for mailing listees:

    Besides that, my readers get exclusive discounts!
    Enter "TAMMY5" during checkout to get 5% off your cart

    Like the Facebook Page at
    Follow us at Instagram Address

    Shop at website 

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  • 08/12/14--04:50: New In
  • New arrivals available at

    Shop away!

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  • 08/12/14--05:04: Week #35

  • So...Fann Wong has already given birth! I was scrolling through Instagram on National Day and when I saw the post I jumped because it was a big reminder that it is gonna be my turn soon. I remember the day the couple made the announcement of their pregnancy and I was so happy because wow, my fav local actress and I are preggers at the same time! Haha. And since then, I rly looked forward to her updates cus our dates are pretty close.

    Week 35
    Current Weight: 66.5kg
    Started At: 51kg
    Total Weight Gained: 15.5kg

    Only 2 more weeks to a full term baby! My baby measured around 2.8kg last week and this week I'm guessing he is 3kg already since babies gain 1lb a week in the last few weeks! My gynae said he is growing well and he is quite big for an asian baby! I'm curious, what's the average weight of babies born in Singapore?

    This week my fridge is loaded with tons of fruits and milk! Greenfields milk to be exact. The chocolate malt milk is super Yums! My whole kitchen is filled with food! Super happy because everytime I wake up there's a variety of food to choose from hehe. Thank you baby girl, Freda for surprising me one day with so much groceries! Super duper thoughtful and caring of her, can't find words to describe how happy I feel to have her in my life. :')

    I really don't know what to do the next few weeks. I have finished 3 books in a week. I don't even read books in the past....this shows I really have nothing to do. Got outdoor furniture for the balcony so i usually sit in the balcony to read (from my ebook) and get some fresh air. I'm so huge I don't wanna go out. My down there hurts a lot when I walk. Can't walk more than 15 min without hurting. :( Backaches are terrible!!! Sitting, standing or walking for around 10 min will trigger it. My doc said my bump looks kinda small even though my baby is huge. That's weird? Haha. I can't imagine a bigger bump on me....wait, imagine if i had twins?! O m g.

    My sleeps at night are terrible because every night I sleep for 2 hours only. I sleep at 12am, wake up at 2am and have difficulty falling back to sleep till 7am. My body clock is super duper screwed. I don't know when I can ever get a good sleep because after giving birth, it's not possible anymore, I gotta wake up at weird timings to feed my baby. :( I've tried so many different ways to get myself to sleep at night, like not taking afternoon naps and going for walks to make myself tired but none seems to work. Did you experience the same thing during pregnancy? What helped you sleep better?

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  • 08/12/14--07:47: Grab Bag
    The response was so overwhelming!
    Thank you all for helping me clear all my pre pregnancy clothes and old osf stocks!! :)

    My mom was asking me what i wanna do with my 10 boxes of stuff at my parent's home which are filled with my pre-pregnancy clothes and some old ohsofickle stuff (management team has changed so i still have leftovers from boutique, old office, studio...etc). I don't think i'll actually open them up and shift it over because there's just tooooooo much! Most of my stuff are worn only once, or brand new. Stuff i always wear are my staple pieces/basics so i wont clear those. Most only worn once for a few hours to snap picx for advertorials. I'm quite a hoarder and a shopaholic and I find it hard to throw stuff away even if i no longer like it.

    I finally decided to do a GRAB BAG SALE.

    For $12, i'll throw in 2 items (2 apparels)! I promise you'll receive only clothes in brand new/super good condition. 

    (Edited due to overwhelming response! Was not easy packing 3 items into 1 bag and postage was pretty expensive so I have to decrease number of pieces in a grab bag now to cover postage, sorry! Only grab bags paid for before 13 aug, 9am have 3 items.)

    My clothes mostly fit UK6-8 so do let me know your UK size.

    If you wish to surprise yourself, place an order now! 

    Do email in the following format:
    Mailing Add:
    UK Size: 6 or 8
    Number of Grab Bags: 1/2

    I will drop you an email on how to proceed with the transaction. :)

    No pictures of what i have because it's all boxed up but you can just scroll through my entire blog/instagram and see what kinda clothes i've worn before etc. Won't send ya'll hideous stuff, don't worry!

    I hope to clear as much as possible otherwise it's all going to the salvation army as my mother can't stand the sight of the boxes at home any longer.

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  • 08/12/14--10:44: Expired - Time is Up!
  • Update:
    So heartwarming to read all the comments below :') super touched!!! Thank you thank you thank you! I am super happy you girls have enjoyed my posts. FOR YEARS. Damn amazed at how quickly time has passed and how much I've grown. Thanks for growing up and walking through this journey w me. :) I wanna reply to each and every comment but my phone is wonky and my laptop is at my other house lol but anyohow, Thank YOU! I hope u read this.

    I was reading Eunice's post and it prompted me to write about this topic which I've been wanting to write about for quite awhile!

    Now that I am a mummy to be, I have faced a lot of Change in the past few months!

    But first, let me share with you about the changes I faced in the past few years before I talk about what has changed in the last few months.

    I look back at how I started my journey as a blogger and my online store and honestly, am proud of what I have achieved. But I get embarassed when I look at the old pictures of myself which got me "popular". Like WHY AND HOW THE HELL DID IT HAPPEN?! LET ME SHOW YOU WHAT I MEAN...



    And it is amazing how my blog shop grew so much with images like that...

    When I look at it now I'm all like...ewwwww!?!?! Yucks lehhhhhh really! Haha.

    Yes the times have changed! Lol. Back then i could get noticed with such terrible make up skill, weird poses, and horrible image quality and editing skills...oh the horror!!! I don't even like my "style"?! Like what was I wearing? IM DAMN "FEELING" LEH. HAHAHA. Totally thought i was the coolest chick in town...the IT girl. LOL. Thanks to you all who made me feel that way la! Hahaha. Why last time y'all like ah??? Now you feel embarassed you were once a "fan" right hahaha :X

    I hope I don't come across as arrogant saying this but most people my age who were shopping online at that point of time knew who I was/knew ohsofickle. I was the face of my own brand. I had a different style from most people and because of that I kinda stood out and got noticed more. There were so many good girl bloggers out there and I guess I stood out as I was like the only bad ass one with tattoos and all. There were girls who actually looked up to me to a point some even got the same tattoos as me.

    There was no Instagram in those days and nobody really knew how many "followers" someone has to judge their popularity however i knew that was definitely my peak period. I have a lot of people come up to me and they'd tell me about how their poly mates and them followed my life damn closely. So many people were bitching about me, and hey I'll take that as a good thing cus that only happens when you are "relevant". I loved the attention I'll get when I walk into places with people my age.  Haha. Shit I can't believe I'm saying all this but anyway, ya that was back then so now I tell y'all how I felt back then it's ok right? Heh. Of course back then, Xiaxue was still the queen of social media and I was nowhere near her numbers but I have never compared myself to her because we are just too damn different and the only crowd who look up to me are mostly very young girls who were around my age ( the only range I could cater to were only the 14-18 year older than that cus well, just look at the pictures again will you? haha).

    As I grew older and more people stepped into the same scene, it got more and more competitive. If you are curious, well let me let you in on this, I was earning so much more money at 17-19 and running an online store was so much easier for me last time compared to now because of the influence i had. I think i was the only blogger who also owned an online store at the same time? The influence I had back then was sooo much stronger and there was not much competition too. It was easy to stand out in both the blogging industry as well as the blogshop industry. Post anything online can get sold out in a jiffy one! When i think about some of the stuff i sold, i'm like "how did i sell 100 of that in the past?!" haha. The more influential you are, the easier to sell things. We all know that! Everything i said was good, people would believe. My pictures and poses were considered the "nicer" than most shops too because well, there were not many "blog shop models". Most of the models were owners of the shop. And most shops choose to cut off the heads to protect their identity. It was soooo different last time man!

     I wished all the competition I faced didn't intimidate me and made me feel like I was not good enough. I wished pretty faces didn't make me feel so ugly I started to feel like I have to do so much self improvement to feel happy and satisfied. Last time I could look "that bad" and felt pretty! The more I changed to "fit in" the worse it got. Despite being better looking as I grew older (I'm being honest, have u seen how I looked back then?!), I lost the influence and the "popularity". The more mature I got, the more boring I was. I started to feel inferior and irrelevant in the scene. I also knew this when more and more people tell me things like "hey I used to follow ur blog!"...key word "used to". It was no longer the "OMG I love ur blog so much!". My readers grew up with me. When people grow up they no longer "idolize" people.

    With Instagram around, it was also much easier to get noticed. There were so many good looking girls to follow and one by one, they all started upping their game and going into this full time. More and more people started becoming "influencers" aka "bloggers". Their numbers were growing and catching up with mine super fast. Everytime someone surpassed me in numbers id feel that it's "unfair" cus I've been in this longer than them. I really felt like I was lacking behind and I had to upgrade or be completely irrelevant but the more I tried, the harder I tried, I just couldn't grow anymore. It has been pretty stagnant for me for quite some time already. Sure, blogging and take pictures was something I loved to do but there was also another reason I continued, it was to stay relevant in this industry. Even when I felt tired and sian, and didn't feel like taking pictures, id force myself to because I have to keep updating my social media platforms so I would still be in the scene and be relevant. Other girls were putting in so much effort and had their numbers growing at a super rapid pace, if I stopped posting then I won't grow and soon I'll be way behind. It was a huge fear to no longer be well known.

    Then it hit me one day.
    (And my pregnancy too made me wake up.)

    I decided this is not going to affect me and make me sad anymore. I want to love doing the things I do. I don't want to do it for a stupid reason. I have to change a lot of my priorities. Made me a happier person after doing so too.

    I don't want to feel the pressure of staying "up there" anymore. I have reached my Expiry Date. Time is up for me! Got to stop trying to pursue this whole fame thing cus it aint getting anywhere. Time to grow up and get serious with life. FAME IS NOT FOREVER. Blogging is not going to pay the bills till I'm 50? Not for me. I dont think i can earn more $ from it and increase my advertorial fees. If i don't see myself growing anymore as a blogger, it means i am not as influential. How dare i charge higher fees if i cant produce results as good as before right? I was wrong to think the older i get, the more $ i'll earn from blogging. True for a few years. Then it'll be stagnant.

    It is time to invest my time and money into better things. Maybe find a proper job. I have enjoyed my peak and now, I will learn to accept that people are going to take my place! The younger generation has so much more potential and they all look 10x better?! Just take a look at the younger generation bloggers like Naomi Neo, PeiShi, Eunice, Mae...the kind of works they produce for their age is amazing. Impressive make up skills, photo editing skills, photography skills, fashion sense, they have everything to make it and they are so much better at it than I am. They also can connect with their readers better because there ain't no age gap. I'm getting "old" and there's no going back in time. I can't connect with the younger generation anymore. I'm going to have to change my priorities and it's not possible to keep up with the youngsters and be as carefree anymore. It was nonetheless, a super good experience I must add! I love my life. I love the ups and downs I've been through. So exciting, so thrilling.

    The numbers shouldn't matter to me and affect me as much anymore. I still need my numbers because I blog full time and it makes up 50% of my income but I can't be greedy and I've to accept it and be contented. Of course, i still want to earn $ from blogging for as long as I can but i am mentally prepared for the day nobody wants to engage me anymore. I also am prepared to lower my rates if i ever get so irrelevant and feel like i cannot produce results as good. I am also starting to get out to do more businesses and earn $ elsewhere instead of relying so much on blogging.

    I am truly happy for all the bloggers who are getting noticed for their hard work and I hope it pays off for them and they'd enjoy what i enjoyed! With this mentality, I don't feel sad and bitter that they are getting more attention! In the past, I don't think i'd follow and comment on/like people's social media posts in case I gave them "fame". Now, it's totally different! If I like their personality, their pictures, whatever their numbers, I'd be more than glad to shower them with compliments? I feel like a much better person too! Haha.

    Not all bloggers will "expire" at the same age though. It depends how long they've been "relevant" and how well they engage with their readers. Some bloggers may be older and still relevant (like Qiu Qiu) but then again, she stepped into the blogging scene and got fame later too. And of course in this industry, there's the reigning queen XX who will always be up there even if age catches up but not everyone can be her. I've seen SO SO SOOOO many people come out of the blogging scene already. Most of those bloggers I followed back then have stopped blogging...or maybe they do blog but I'm honestly not interested in them as I'm more interested in the younger bloggers. Bloggers get outdated one. I am one of them. Haha. But I accept it! I realised the reason why I'm "overtaken" by others and I no longer want to try to change that cus it is too damn tiring, me has better things to work hard for than Instagram followers. If I continue to grow in numbers, good for me! If I don't, I'll swallow the fact and still be happy with my life. Honestly I do know people will still follow me and read my blog. I'm not totally out of the scene yet but i know things will never be like in the past. I no longer aim to be a "top blogger". Months ago, I assumed I could be like XX, blogging for the rest of my life and staying relevant even when I'm in my late Twenties. But I'm only 23 and I already feel like cannot alr! I started at like 15? That's 8 years in the scene already. Doubt I can grow much. I feel that those who used to follow my life closely in the past and have stopped, they won't go back to being interested in "old news". 

    I really really am very happy and touched for all the love and support a lot of y'all have showered me with over the years though. Thank you if you've been following me for years and watched me grow up!  :)

    I have retired from trying to be a "Scene Kid". Top of my list now is to be a good mummy to Baby Elroy! Also, because of my baby, I have to change my blogging style. Which means I'll have a different crowd following me in future. The topics I discuss about etc. Gone are the days I talk about cheating exes and trashing others! Haha.


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  • 08/13/14--08:22: SingTel

  • Are you looking to get a new phone?

    READ ON!

    First, let me share with you a phone i just got...

    THE LG G3!

    I was initially contemplating between the note or G3 and I am so glad that I made the right choice!

    Here are some reasons why:

    The Resolution

    There are a number of key features that LG is touting as new and improved this year with the G3, but none sticks out more prominently than the quality HD screen! Some might think that this is four times the pixel count of an HD screen, and you'd be right to a certain extent.
    But only if you're talking about 720p screens – if you're comparing the G3 to something like the Galaxy S5, which packs in two million pixels to the G3's 3.6 million, which in simpler terms, it also means you never have to worry about poor video quality on the LG G3. And now you can take videos or watch videos at a superb quality!

    The Interface

    The new interface on the LG G3 is a big improvement! The icons are redesigned and the whole outlook looks sleek and what I really like about this phone is that it is extremely lightweight and thin and I can just fit it into my clutch. The different applications have their own colour scheme for easy recognition and the colour palette is more muted than before.
    It's a much more fluid system that shows LG has grown up, taking the problems of before and making it into a more intuitive way of navigating through the handset which I love.

    It’s so convenient to navigate through pages of apps and the new dual screen functions allow us to do two things at one go which really helps saves time because now you don’t have to navigate from one app to another.

    The Camera

    The G3 is indeed all about simplification! The 13-megapixel camera is located right above the rear buttons, and on the left is the laser autofocus feature, which uses an infrared laser beam to measure the distance between the camera and the subject of your picture.

    The front 2.1MP camera is also known as the 'selfie' camera – it seems that the selfie word is really here to stay. The lens is made at wider angle, so you can get more friends into the photo and it has a in-built clever gesture recognition to take the photo!
    Hold your hand out, make a fist and it'll start the G3 self-portrait timer. It's a clever system and it works, which is great for those moments when you can't use both hands and don't want to tap the screen. Smart phone keeps getting smarter these days!

    Another cool feature is the ability to have a front-facing flash, although it's not an LED light. Instead, part of the screen goes white, which illuminates faces and takes better pictures. LG has even white balanced this screen to correct skin tone imperfections – and it really gives some nice front facing snaps! You no longer have to worry about using flash to take pictures in the clubs anymore it’s so convenient!

    On a completely different note, I believe that you all have seen ads and heard over the radio about the latest youth plan promotion and I thought I should share it with those that are currently still schooling or in the army which might come in handy for you all!

    Was just talking to my super good friend Freda one day about my monthly expenses and she was shocked to hear how much i'm paying for my phone bills monthly.

    I've been so comfortable with my previous Telco i didn't bother checking out SingTel. However after making the decision to switch over, I really wish i did so years ago because i could've saved SOOOOO MUCH! I never knew how much my monthly bill for my phone is because i pay my bills via Giro and most of the time I don't check the amount deducted. However, I was recently packing through my things and started going through my stack of phone bills with my previous Telco and noticed I've been paying a lot more than i should.


    The new SingTel Youth Plan is not only the cheapest in town, but it’s also the only telco that offers you the most amount of GB at the cheapest price. I believe youth these days are even more reliant on the internet than I am a few years back!

    As a blogger/social media influencer, I am always on my phone checking out my various social accounts for the latest update on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. I definitely need a plan which offers me more than 2GB. I also love streaming videos on my phone and that really uses up a lot of data so i do need a plan with more data!

    When you sign up for a new line using this link (, you get to enjoy additional perks which includes: 

    $50 off all handsets (excl iPhone) on Youth Plan sign ups
    FREE 2GB additional data on Lite and Value Data


    If you are a student above 18 years ago, there's no need to trouble your parents! Don't have to wait for them to take time out of their busy schedule to go to the mall with you to get your phone. Wish they had it during my times!

    If you are still unsure about purchasing a phone online and still wanna go for the traditional method of purchasing it at a physical SingTel store but still want the voucher, do feel free to drop an email to with your Name and Contact Number and Gushcloud will proceed to mail you the voucher to use in store!

    Quick get your hands on the latest LG G3 together with the latest Youth Plan and sign up now to get all the exclusive perks you can as a youth!(:

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  • 08/15/14--00:26: Confinement (What You Need)
  • I posted a post on the Rules of Confinement previously and after tons of e-mails from experienced mummies, i have decided to heed their advice and follow some of the rules to a certain extent.

    But in order to do my confinement, there were some things i needed to prepare. I was totally clueless on the stuff i needed for the confinement period but thanks to Mummamia Confinement, i have it all settled! It's said that the products will help me recover faster and i think it's better do confinement after so many experienced mummies suggested i follow the rules a little because well, it is better to be safe than sorry? Like i mentioned, i don't really believe everything but ay, i'm sure so many people went through all that for a reason!

    About Mummamia Confinement...
    Mummamia Confinement (妈妈密友)is local company focussing on pregnancy care and post natal recovery. With us, we have a team of dedicated personnel who focusses on bringing confinement joys by introducing simpler yet beneficial products to save lots of hassle of a new mom and of course, walk-thru the journey together with them.

    All our products and services are under supervision of our own TCM Physicians. 

    Our products can be found at our retailers namely...
    ROCHOR CENTRE BLK 2 #01-586

    Apart from the retailers, our products and services are also available online, creating more convenience for mom-to-be or new mummies to have their purchases reach their doorstep.

    Here are the stuff you will need to have for Confinement Recovery!


    Professional prescribed by our physician, the herbs are packed for confinement recovery via 5 stages, (排,祛,调,补,通), namely, Expel, Remove, Rejuvenate, Recuperate and Tonify.
    The herbs are packed in accordance to suit most new mother, be it caesarean or natural birth. Not only as such, the herbs are also suitable for the vegetarian consumer.
    Each pack are numbered for easier reference and simple cooking suggestion is indicated on each box. With this, mummies can prepare their herbal soup every day without hassle.
    It is really as simple as pouring herbs in to hot water and boiling it for 1.5 hrs (optional: add 250 gr of meat) and it’s ready!

    (Healthcare guide book enclosed with numbering for your easy reference)

    *Mom Herbal Bath
    Packed in sachet form, mummies only need to soak it in hot water for 5 mins before use. It consists not only the common DAFENGAI, but also other herbs like lemongrass and BUJINZHI that helps with blood circulation, calming effects and expelling wind that soothe mummies’ discomfort during confinement. Mummy can use this to bath daily.

    *Zhui Feng Su Ho Pill
    Processed from selected herbs, su ho pill is consumed to help mummies expel wind internally, reduces nausea feeling, giddiness, improves appetite and also reduces bloated-ness discomfort.
    It is consumed twice a day with ginger tea or red dates tea/ warm water. Recommended consumptions: half an hour before meal

    *Ginseng Plus Pai Gong Pill
    Commonly used to tonify women body, especially after birth or after menstruation. It helps to regulate menstruation, insomnia, pale and weakness.
    Consumption: after 12 days or after menstruation ends (whichever is later), one pack per day

    *Zhui feng Su Ho Oil
    Extracted from Su Ho plant, Su Ho Oil is beneficial for after birth massage, reduces water retention, promote healthy blood circulation, reduces backache, wind-like symptoms.
    As it is non-spicy, it may be applied on baby’s tummy, to reduce bloated-ness and discomfort. Avoid open wound area
    All the above are suitable for vegetarian consumer and it is also halal certified.


    Packed for daily consumptions, just boil the red dates for 45 mins – 1 hr with 2 litre of water.
    Our red dates and other herbs combination are packed not only to enrich blood and Qi, but also tonifies spleen.


    Baby herbal bath cleanses baby skin in mild manners, helps to reduces heat rashes, toxicity and jaundice at early days after birth. Packed in sachet form, you only need to soak it in hot water for 5 mins before use.

    For mummies to be who do not wish to leave home, ya'll can buy it all online and get it delivered right to your doorstep! How convenient! :)


    Mummamia Confinement Pte Ltd
    190 Woodlands Industrial Park E5
    #04-11, Woodlands Bizhub
    Singapore 757516

    T: +65 6659 4104
    M: +65 8498 8989

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  • 08/16/14--05:30: Maternity Photoshoot

  • Woohoo! Big thank you to Fiona @smittenpixels for doing this maternity photo shoot for me! :)

    Check out her work at...

    Contact Fiona:
    Honestly, it was really not easy for me to show anyone my current body because of all the weight gained and stretch marks. I was very worried I wont look good in the pictures but I'm really happy it turned out nice! The good thing about a shoot like that? It is is a photo shoot where I need not suck in my tummy. Lol! 

    I think every mum-to-be should do a maternity photoshoot to remember the moment! The pictures would remind you that you once carried a life in you for 9 months and what a strong and powerful woman you are during this period (pregnancy is not easy man!!!!).

    For those who are looking for inspirations and photoshoot ideas, hope this was helpful! :) Check out my other Maternity Photoshoot with Multifolds too!(And if you don't know my baby's name yet....)


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  • 08/18/14--21:33: Vanity Trove x Tammy Tay
  • Have been really excited to launch this alongside with Vanity Trove and I can finally reveal it to everybody!

    It's my own customized .. 


    Here's a sneak peak of the box! It contained an exclusive 13 products hand-picked by me just for you! 

     Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer!

    This moisturizer is a perfect blend of skincare and make-up that hydrates skin and softens fine lines with a sheer hint of colour for a healthy, dewy glow, Laura Mercier created this product to give skin a healthy 'no-makeup' look with a soft hint of colour that evens and enhances without hiding the skin!

     This lightweight formula provides ideal protection from the sun's harmful, damaging rays with broad spectrum SPF 20 sunscreen. It's perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Moisturizing formula contains sodium hyaluronate to hydrate skin, soften and ease fine, dry lines, and features an antioxidant vitamin complex of Vitamins C & E that acts as a free radical scavenger to protect the skin from even the most aggressive effects of the environment. I applied it using my fingers and it feels very thin. Once applied  the texture completely transforms and it no longer feel watery and I really enjoyed how it felt once it had set.

    2. SKIN INC Serum

    Received it in my favoruite shade of pink!

    The Skin Inc’s award winning - My Daily Dose features encapsulated technology from Japan, which contains active ingredients encased in capsules to maintain freshness and effectiveness. The caviar-inspired capsules burst upon contact with the skin, dousing skin with high-performance active ingredients. 

    My Daily Dose will offer multiple benefits to give you younger and healthier skin with minimal fuss!
    It’s a super anti-oxidant 350 times more effective than Vitamin C and 170 times more powerful than Vitamin E. It is combined with EGF, a protein found naturally in skin that increases DNA synthesis and cell growth that moisturises the skin and reduces the signs of ageing skin. It helps solve stressed and sun-damaged skin especially in Singapore we really need the extra protection!

    How to use:

    3 drops twice daily before applying moisturiser.

    This is retailing at SGD 136.00 in stores. For only my readers, you can quote my name 'Tammy' at any Skin Inc concept stores in Singapore and receive a complimentary Pure Deep Sea Hydrating Mask 20ML or Pure Snow White+ Mask 20ML (worth $40, whilst stocks last) when you purchase your My Daily Dose Serum. Promotion is valid from now until 31 Oct 2014.

     For more details on how to customize your own serum: !

    3. Z.A Killer Volume Mascara

    Big big fan of this mascara. It has a big brush with great amount of mascara liquid instantly creates long-lasting, separated and upward volume lashes without clumps. On first coat, it already volumnized my lashes quite alot and it separates them perfectly without any clumps.The mascara holds the curls and stays all day long till removal so in another words, no smudges throughout the day!

    You have to try it for yourself!

    4. Carantion Cracked Heel Cream, Exfoliating Foot Scrub and Intensive Moisturizing Foot Cream

    Cracked heels, also known as fissures, are a common cosmetic problem. If untreated, it can be very painful and the skin may bleed easily. Walking may often increase the pain. For all woman like us, the culprits are none other than all our high heeled pointed shoes that force the toes to the front and crowd them for more than a couple of hours each day. Now your legs too can get the necessary treatment with Carnation. It revives rough, dry and cracked heels and the peppermint leaves the feet smelling fresh and feeling cool all dayyy ~

    Here's a picture of all the products that you will be getting in full sized if you use my special promo code!

    Vichy Normaderm Night Detox 

    NORMADERM Night Detox is the first detoxifying and purifying night moisturizer that transforms mornings for oily and imperfection-prone skin. This lightweight oil-free gel provides targeted care that’s even suitable for sensitive skin, is ideal for both teenagers and adults with skin imperfections whose skin produces too much sebum at night, which can lead to blemishes and greasiness.

    How to use:

    Apply nightly to clean, dry skin. Avoid eye contour area.

    Too Cool for School : McGirly Come Clean Cleanser and Jean George Llong

    The Jean George Llong Sunblock is is very long-lasting and non-greasy. And you will not have to worry if it will make your face oily as it is resistant to sweat. .

    Texture of the Jean George Llong Sunblock is smooth, creamy, and light. It has a nudy beige colour which suits most of the asian skin tone. 

    The McGirly Come Clean  Cleanser is coming clean on the secret to soft and clean feeling skin! 
    With rich foam that cleanses deep down to the pores without stripping the skin of its moisture, Come Clean is perfect for dry skin. It controls excessive sebum secretion to maintain soft, clean and moisturised skin!

    How to use:
    Lather up and use it directly, or use with facial bubble net!

    EmerginC Scientific Organics Phytocell Detox Mask and Scientific Organics Peeling Pad 

    The Phytocell detox mask is an effective French-green-clay-based “detox” mask designed to draw out impurities, nourish, soothe, brighten, fight free-radical damage and improve tone and texture and is suitable for all skin types and it is recommended to use 1-3x a week! 

    Results: Leaves skin looking bright, healthy and detoxified with a radiant glow after leaving on for 10-15 minutes and then removing it thoroughly!

    Moving on .. 

    Other than the normal mask you use, This is a new breed of at-home facial peels made from all natural and organic ingredients, saving you the trip to any expensive dermatologist or spa! They use a combination of natural acids and compounds found in fruits and botanicals to exfoliate the skin and cleanse the pores, without the use of harsh chemicals for the same results. Instant glow on skin!

    Application Tips:

    Apply peel pad on clean, dry skin avoiding eyes and mucous membranes. Leave on for 2-5 minutes.  Remove thoroughly with cool, wet cotton or cloth, or rinse off. Follow up with emerginC Scientific Organics phytocell detox mask to draw out any further residue on pores!

    *(Retail size item comes with clarifying kit. Apply clarifying pad after the use of peel pad to nourish and clarify skin. Do not rinse off. )


    Rapidly improves skin tone and texture, minimizes appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and large pores, brightens complexion, clarifies, soothes and nourishes.

    POND'S Flawless Light Whitening Day Cream

    I will recommend to use this every morning after cleansing your skin. Smooth cream over entire face and neck with your fingertips. For best results use every morning and evening after cleansing your skin. It comes in a good white and pink tub packaging. Pond's Flawess White Visible Lightening Daily Cream with Multiple UV Protection lightens visibly the skin, gives it a natural, flawless radiant look. The VAO-b3 complex fades away dark spots and blemishes. Extremely useful!

    Silm Secrets Daily Fibre Power Bar with Seeds Coji 

    Love this on days when I feel like snacking but have to keep my weight in check. This power bar helps to pump a healthy dose of daily fibre into your day! It helps atisfy your hunger and buy you some energy before your next meal. It also helps to gently keep things moving smoothly in the body with loads of wholesome seeds and ingredients, including psyllium husks.

    Available at the following health food stores: GNC, SuperNature and Brown Rice Paradise and it's retailing at S$3.90! 

    All 13 items for only $35 and I personally feel it is a super good deal that you really won't want to miss.

    What's even better?

    The 1st 50 readers who purchase my box using the promo code "TAMMYTAYVT" will receive FULL SIZED ITEMS too!!! Awesome much ?

    So remember to check out with the promo code "TAMMYTAYVT"! 
    Hopefully you can be the 1st 50 readers! :) 

    Use code "TAMMYTAYVT" to get it at $35. 

    *psst: sales of box ends this sunday so faster finger first!!

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  • 08/19/14--06:00: New In
  • A new collection launched over at!

    The new team has been doing such a great job on ShopOhsofickle and i'm so happy with the selection of clothes! It's going to be so much fun for me after i've given birth, i get to shop on OSF and receive surprises weekly. Hehe. 

    Am IN LOVE with the silver and black sliders! Something i can wear now too. Hehe. And just look at how pretty the new model is?! Feel so happy looking at the pictures! :)


    Happy Shopping!

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  • 07/09/14--18:03: AntiClockwise
    Check out their new launch tonight at 8PM!


    Want to get these items at their discounted price? 

    Remember to check out their new collection at 8PM-9PM SHARP to get 20% off your total bill!

    Backorders have also been opened for these popular items!

    Don’t like waiting? Check out these BACK IN STOCK Items!

    (Valid from 10th June – 17th June 2014)


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  • 08/24/14--02:53: Hmmmmmm
  • I hate how my mind works sometimes. Sometimes things aren't as serious and bad as it really is but my mind just chooses to complicate the situation. Now I'm put in an awkward position but I don't know if it's REALLY an awkward position or if I'm thinking too much. May this phase be over soon.

    On a side note, I'm thankful for the company of those friends who worry I get lonely during this "waiting" period. I can't do much and go out as much so my days can get really boring if no one visits or go for a meal with me nearby. It is also such an eye opener and a shocker to see the friends whom I thought would stay close but ended up drifting away. And those whom I thought wouldn't care, cared so much more. The time I need the company most is the time they just don't give two fucks anymore. You know, it won't hurt to just drop a short message? But yknow's ok, I keep telling myself if I don't matter, then you shall not matter to me too. Just don't categorize me as a "very important friend" if I'm not important. It's pretty stupid giving someone a "title" when you don't mean it. 

    Baby E should be here in around 2 weeks time? I am so looking forward to it! I look forward to a noisier and more crowded house hehe. Life is going to be so different! And may it be filled with much more happiness :) 

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  • 08/26/14--18:09: Week 37

  • Im 37 weeks preggers and I feel MISERABLE! Well, the good thing is that I am considered Full Term already so...ANYTIME NOW!

    I have had a pretty smooth pregnancy but in the last few weeks, all the horrible things are happening to me. I've been having massages soooo frequently because of my aching back. It does help for 1-2 hours then it'll ache again. Some days I go to sleep crying because I feel so uncomfortable. :( it's like the last part of pregnancy is really the worse!!!

    Since I'm full term now, from this week onwards, I've to see my ob/gyn every week to check on my progress. I really hope I'll give birth soon so all this discomfort would end. Next week would be great!! But I'm young and this is my first baby, so it's more likely for me to give birth at 40 weeks? Then again it's different for everyone. My mum gave birth to me at 36/37 weeks so I'm wondering if I would give birth early! It's scary though! Really wonder how painful the contractions are?? People tell me that it feels like intense menses cramps but I'm not one who feels cramps during my period so I'm not really sure how that would feel. I also have heard so many different labour stories this few weeks. Wonder how mine would be like!

    Felt a weird vibration on my belly one evening when I was lying down watching tv. Thought my baby was having fits or something in my belly (ya I'm damn paranoid)!?! I got worried and googled and a lot of people said it's just my baby stretching and it's normal. Like sometimes when we stretch we'd quiver?Such a weird feeling though, really like a vibrating phone in my belly. Lol.

    Week 37
    Current Weight: 68kg
    Started At: 51kg
    Total Weight Gained: 17kg

    Ok it's mad!!! I didn't expect myself to gain so much during my pregnancy man haha. Actually, I have been eating the same amt before I got pregnant but the reason why I gained so much is because I have stopped exercising as much. And I guess during pregnancy my body also chooses to store more fats. Shows how effective my pre-pregnancy work outs are in keeping me from and fit! Can't wait to resume!!! I miss my 10km jogs!!!

    Have been having diarrhea since last night. Been in and out of the toilet all night and now I'm feeling so shitty. Must be last night's dinner at Haidilao. Oh did I mention how often I've been going to HDL?! It's crazy! I go at least twice a week! Been 2 months already. Haha. Anyway, seeing the ob/gyn in a bit. Read so many stories that diarrhea could be a sign of labour? Hmm.... We'll see! I highly doubt so for my case though...could be an unfortunate case of eating undercooked pork (but also don't think so leh cus i am very careful and always cook my meat super long during steamboats).

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  • 08/30/14--03:26: SnailWhite
  • I've been using this moisturizer for almost a year and am now at my third tub! Which means, IT WORKS FOR ME AND I LOVE IT!!! 

    You can purchase SnailWhite locally from! (quote Tammy for free normal postage)

    Check out my first post on SnailWhite here.

    What is the SnailWhite cream for?

    It is a lightweight snail secretion filtrate moisturizer focusing on the 5Rs’;

    Have you guys heard of how beneficial SNAIL SECRETION FILTRATE is?

    Just this ingredient alone is a combination of 6 other natural ingredients which treat most of the skin problems most of us are facing everyday! To name a few, Collagen, Elastin and Glycolic Acid can be found in Snail Secretion Filtrate! It enhances the regeneration of our skin cells turnover rate and strengthen skin barrier against harmful pollutants!

    With Snail Secretion Filtrate and other main ingredients, it makes the cream rich but yet easily absorbed onto skin!

    To add on, it makes application easy! Easy and Convenient when it comes in a vacuum pump tub which dispenses only sufficient amount you need! Gone were the days of messy and hassle experience from digging into your moisturizer! As it's an air tight container, it protects the cream from getting in contact with bacteria and germs, ensuring it's fresh at all times. This reduces the likelihood of contamination of product.

    Get your SnailWhite from


    To purchase, email


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  • 09/02/14--09:30: New In
  • Here are the stuff which are up on!


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  • 09/02/14--10:38: Week #38
  • So close...SOOO CLOSE. 

    Not knowing when my baby will come is making my brain go crazy! I even had thoughts of getting myself induced but then my doc said no cus I'm totally healthy and baby will come when he is ready. I'm going cray cray though! Every night I've been talking to my belly and telling Baby E how excited I am and how I wish he'd come out already!

    Baby seems to be moving lesser and lesser as the days pass. Always makes me super worried when I don't feel his movements! More and more contractions this week. I find it hard to "time" it though because it doesn't hurt at all and it can be so easy to ignore. But I guess when actual labour begins it'll confirm be painful and strong and I'll definitely have no problem recognizing it right? Or it's different with everyone? Wonder if it's possible for it to not hurt and not be aware?

    Week 38
    Current Weight: 68kg
    Started At: 51kg 
    Total Weight Gained: 17kg

    Appetite is smaller but I gained weight because I guess I've been really inactive. Been lying in bed so much because Baby is so heavy it's painful to walk. A lot of people recommended me to walk more though? The more I walk the faster baby will come? Not sure how true that is but as much as I wish to be all active and exercise, my body just wants to be glued to my comfy bed. 

    Had my Week 38 check up this morning and baby's head is now "engaged". 

    You may be wondering what it means to be told your baby's head has engaged. As you journey through the third trimester of your pregnancy you may experience a feeling of being 'full up' and find it more difficult than usual to breathe deeply. This is thanks to baby now pushing up into the space where your lungs and stomach are! However, as your due date approaches you may feel these symptoms ease, or feel a heaviness in your pelvis - this is known as your baby's head engaging, and essentially it means that your baby is in the correct position for birth, so that their head has moved down to sit in the pelvis.

    However that isn't an indication as to when labor will start :( my doc is super pro natural so he will not induce me unless he really has to. Eg. at week 42 Heard people getting induced at Week 38 onwards but my doc discourages that as he said baby will definitely come when he is ready...our bodies are made to do this!

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