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because im fickle like that.

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  • 09/04/14--00:50: Cleaners in Singapore
  • Recently, I spoke with an elderly cleaner aunty at a hawker centre. She seemed to be in her 70s, shrivelled skin and her hands were shaking as she held the food-stained tray with one hand and wiped the table with her other hand. 

    There have been quite a bit of news recently about this thing called Progressive Wage Model being legislated within the cleaning sector, and i wondered how it has impacted cleaners like herself in Singapore. 

    She shares that she now earns $1,100 each month, since the Progressive Wage Model was lobbied by NTUC in recent years (compared to a stagnant $800 monthly salary). She also hopes to earn more also as finances are tight for her, with medical bills and rental take up the bulk of her salary. It is crazy because looking at the amount of work she does everyday, she deserves so much more. And what makes it worse, most people don't even appreciate the work the cleaners do. I can't say I do a lot for them but well I do hope to brighten their day by smiling more and talking to them. 

    With PWM being legislated as of 1st September, cleaners can now expect a career path where there is a built-in progressive wage structure to be adhered by cleaning companies who used to pay cleaners low wages, to maximize profit margins. So instead on cost and headcount, companies now compete, based on productivity instead.

    The new legislation for PWM which cleaners can look forward to includes:
    ·      Increase to a base wage of at least $1,000
    ·      Acquire new skills (e.g. operating cleaning machines which makes work easier)
    ·      More ladders implemented for career progression for all cleaners, both outdoor and indoor
    ·      Wage increase each year with added productivity and value to the company (no more stagnation of wages)
    From the Progressive Wage Model shown below, you are able to see the wage rate given to the following industries:

    Something that NTUC Secretary General Lim Swee Say mentioned recently that struck a chord with me: “We believe that, starting from today, we should no longer look at our cleaners as cheap labour. Starting from today, let us look together to treat our cleaners as a manpower resource ... just like the way we treat other (types of) manpower.”

    Indeed, these are the people we should appreciate because without them, we'd not be able to enjoy a clean environment. 

    How often do we get to thank them and show them how much we appreciate their work?

    I do hope that the relevant employers would take into consideration the pay adjustments of hardworking individuals, so that they are able to enjoy a better standard of living. In fact, PWM should be applied to all other sectors too and not just limited to the cleaning sector.

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    This week i am 39 WEEKS PREGNANT! Ok, only 1 more week to my due date. Great? It's really soon. BUT THEN MY DOC LETS HIS PATIENTS GO TILL 42 WEEKS SO WHAT IF BABY DOESNT COME OUT. Ya, my doctor is great and everything, he wants the best for his patients and all and believes in the "natural way" but this last few days have been so torturous I feel really REALLY depressed. I hate to keep complaining but I really am miserable.

    I really want this baby out of me ASAP! My mood has been pretty bad lately because of all the pain I'm feeling all over. I can barely walk because of the pressure in my pelvis.  Everyone is like "it's only a week or so only already went through 9 months". Easy to say! Wait till you're pregs, you'll understand how tough the last few weeks are. I can't "enjoy pregnancy" anymore. I hate how I'm feeling everyday. I wake up extremely disappointed everyday cus I haven't gone into labor. I have started trying a lot of natural ways to induce labor and well, some do give me rather strong contractions while I'm at it but none works because as you can see, I am still here with a baby in my belly. 

    Here are some Natural and Safe Ways to Induce Labor. Please don't try it if you are under Week 38 as it might be too early!

    1) Eat Date Fruit

    It is concluded that the consumption of date fruit in the last 4 weeks before labour significantly reduced the need for induction and augmentation of labour, and produced a more favourable, but non-significant, delivery outcome. The results warrant a randomised controlled trial."
    Just bought a packet of dates so imma munch on them later!
    2) Sex
    Sex is a commonly suggested method of natural induction due to semen containing prostaglandins – which help to ripen the cervix. 
    I did not try it because I am absolutely grossed out by my body I can't feel sexy :( i feel uncomfortable being touched and cuddled. It's really quite sad whenever I look at my expanded body filled with stretchmarks. My stretchmarks situation is getting from bad to worse. I don't know of anyone with a worser case than mine. What makes me even more annoyed is that I have been religiously applying the best stretchmark prevention oils and creams throughout but nothing works!
    3) Nipple Stimulation
    Nipple stimulation produces oxytocin and can produce some strong effects, so you can try stimulating your nipples (including your areola, as a baby would when sucking) with your fingers, massaging one at a time. An alternate option is if you are still feeding a toddler, let him attach and the sucking action will do the same thing.
    Massage the first nipple for 5 minutes (when there are no contractions), then wait to see what happens (around 15 mins or so) before doing more. It’s a good idea to take your mind off things by getting on with your usual duties than sitting and waiting for something to happen – so try and keep busy!
    This was something I did almost everyday since I hit Week 38. I did feel contractions every now and then! Sometimes it gets so strong I'll get all excited cus it might be it! Then I'll go to sleep in hope to wake up in labor but sadly, it hasn't happened yet. :( 

    4. Eat Pineapples

    Pineapple, mango, and kiwi contain en enzyme called bromelain that is supposed to work like a prostaglandin, ripening and softening the cervix.

    I ate a whole pineapple (small one) one day and had cramps thinking it's gonna happen. Then that night, I had diarrhea and was in and out of the toilet all night. Plus they said diarrhea was a sign of labor too so it got me so excited! Sadly, it didn't work for me but i actually think it might work for some people!

    5. Eat Spicy Food

    It didn't work for me though and I'm not surprised because I eat spicy food everyday. Not even Mala Xiang Guo or Steamboat would work on me. My body is too used to extremely spicy food. But if you aren't such a die hard chilli lover like I am, it might work for you!

    6. Raspberry Leaf Tea

    Raspberry Leaf is a uterine tonic, which also has added benefits after the birth for breastmilk production.
    Some women like Raspberry Leaf tea, however if you don’t like the taste or want a specific, stronger dose, you might like to buy some from your health food store. It’s generally recommended anytime after 12 weeks in a healthy pregnancy – make sure you check with your medical carer and a naturopath for doses and to see if it’s appropriate for you.
    Haven't tried this but am on a hunt for this! No idea where I can get it in Singapore. 

    7. Sweeping Membranes (done by doctor)

    Sweeping the membranes involves your medical carer separating the membranes from the cervix by vaginal exam. This may be a little uncomfortable for some women and on the other hand, some have said they didn’t feel much at all. Some spotting or bleeding may occur as a result and some find they have irregular contractions after a sweep, which may be uncomfortable and still not progress into labour.
    A sweep can be performed on women who are at term and have no other complications.
    Ideally though this method is more of a last resort of all of these methods, as it is invasive and not really natural. You also give bacteria the opportunity to grow when you have things unnecessarily inserted into your vagina, right up to your cervix.
    As mentioned, my doctor is extremely pro natural. He doesn't even check if I'm dilated or not and do any vaginal checks on me. So there's no way I can get this sweep done but you can try your doctor! I have read forums of people doing the sweep in the morning/afternoon and then going into labor at night!
    8. Acupressure Treatments
    Try self-applied finger pressure. Firmly press the "webbing" located between the the thumb and index finger for about one minute and release. Press or rub the large muscle located between the neck and the shoulder. Another pressure point to try: the area on the back above the buttocks and lower back. Finally, find the pressure point inside the leg above the ankle or the one on the outside of the ankle just behind the bony 
    Tried. Didn't get any contractions or feel any different though.
    9. Walking
    If your body is ready to give birth, walking can help induce labor or encourage stronger, more regular contractions once labor gets underway. Walking uses the force of gravity to pull the baby down and to put gentle pressure on the cervix, which encourages dilation. Walking also helps to move the baby into the correct position for birth
    Haven't done much walking because of the pressure in my pelvis but everyone highly suggests I do it to get labor started faster. 
    Although none worked for me YET, I'm going to keep trying most of it till this baby is out! Hope this post was helpful for you. 
     Baby Boy, when will you be ready to meet Mummy?!

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  • 09/10/14--17:44: The Last Week? (Hopefully)
  • Hello Week 39! Still no baby in my arms. Sadly.

    The most asked questions now are...

    "Where's your baby? Why still no baby? Can you feel if it is happening soon? Are there signs?"
    I also want...haha. Can you imagine how the last 2 weeks have been? I'm due next week and have been experiencing stronger contractions now but it's all irregular. Had so many false alarms but nope, labor hasn't happened! I also read many labor stories, it usually happens when you least expect it to? Many times in the middle of the night. But after reading that it usually happens in the middle of the night, I keep going to sleep expecting it to happen which will then keep me up all night. And I end up not sleeping well. Zzz. 

    Had a check up yesterday. All is good! And when I asked the doctor if he had any idea if it was gonna happen this week or not, his answer was "I wish I knew too! My job would be so much easier if it could be predicted.". 

    So yeah...I have to just keep waiting...

    I also dare not make plans to go anywhere now because I'm so scared it'll happen when I'm out. So I'm just really bored now. Which explains why I'm so quiet on social media (kinda?)...which led to a lot of people assuming I gave birth already. Haha. The wait is killing some of my friends too. Yeah I know many of you are as excited! :) 

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  • 09/11/14--19:37: CarrisLabelle
  •  Carrislabelle

    Carrislabelle is a young, cheerful and sophisticated brand that caters to young ladies and adults. The idea of the brand Carrislabelle came from it's owner named "Carris" and a French word La Belle, which means "beautiful or lovely woman" in English. Every woman deserves clothing that best represent their style, and we hope you will find yours in Carrislabelle.

    Besides apparels, Carrislabelle also offers bags and accessories at affordable prices! 
    Statement necklaces starting from just SGD$14.00

    Missed the chance to purchase the item you had your eyes on a long time? 
    Fret not,
    these items are what they have restocked recently!
    All of them are best-sellers on the website and now they are back in stock, there is no reason you should miss this chance again.

    Start shopping now at

    The most flattering yet comfortable skater tube dress are restocked in several colours!

    Glamourise your outfit by pairing it with a statement necklace! 

    Accessories can be found here:

    New arrivals launched a few days ago at

    Shop New Arrivals:

    Carrislabelle offers free normal mail within Singapore
    Ships to Malaysia at just SGD$3.00 (non-registered) and SGD$6.00 (registered)
    Ships to other countries starting from SGD$5.00

    Sign up for mailing list here to get the latest updates and promotions just for mailing listees:

    Besides that, my readers get exclusive discounts!
    Enter "TAMMY5" during checkout to get 5% off your cart

    Like the Facebook Page at
    Follow us at Instagram Address

    Shop at website 

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  • 09/14/14--21:33: VanityTrove x Tammy Tay
  • Have been really excited to launch this alongside with Vanity Trove and I can finally reveal it to everybody!

    It's my own customized .. 


    Here's a sneak peak of the box! It contained an exclusive 13 products hand-picked by me just for you! 

     Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer!


    The one I am holding on my left hand is the sample size that comes in the box! The one on the right is the actual size of the product and I strongly recommend you guys to try this product out!

    This moisturizer is a perfect blend of skincare and make-up that hydrates skin and softens fine lines with a sheer hint of colour for a healthy, dewy glow, Laura Mercier created this product to give skin a healthy 'no-makeup' look with a soft hint of colour that evens and enhances without hiding the skin.

     This lightweight formula provides ideal protection from the sun's harmful, damaging rays with broad spectrum SPF 20 sunscreen. It's perfect for all skin types, including people with sensitive skin. I applied it using my fingers and it feels very thin. Once applied, the texture completely transforms and it no longer feel watery and I really like how it nicely sets into my skin

    SKIN INC Serum

    Received it in my favorite shade of pink!

    The Skin Inc’s award winning - My Daily Dose features encapsulated technology from Japan, which contains active ingredients encased in capsules to maintain freshness and effectiveness. 
    The caviar-inspired capsules burst upon contact with the skin, dousing skin with high-performance active ingredients. I did my skin check online ( and got the following serum mix customised in My Daily Dose - Pycnogenol, Placenta, and Vitamin A - to target all my skin needs.

    My Daily Dose will offer multiple benefits to give you younger and healthier skin with minimal fuss! Those who get my box will receive a Skin Inc Pycnogenol Serum worth SGD $136.

    It’s a super anti-oxidant 350 times more effective than Vitamin C and 170 times more powerful than Vitamin E. It is combined with EGF, a protein found naturally in skin that increases DNA synthesis and cell growth that moisturises the skin and reduces the signs of ageing skin. It helps solve stressed and sun-damaged skin especially in Singapore we really need the extra protection!

    How to use:

    3 drops twice daily before applying moisturiser!

    The My Daily Dose customised serum is retailing at SGD $169.00 in stores. For only my readers, you can quote my name 'Tammy' at any Skin Inc concept stores in Singapore and receive a complimentary Pure Deep Sea Hydrating Mask 20ML or Pure Snow White+ Mask 20ML (worth $40, whilst stocks last) when you purchase your My Daily Dose Serum. Promotion is valid from now until 31 Oct 2014.

     For more details on how to customize your own serum: !

    Z.A Killer Volume Mascara

    Big big fan of this mascara. 

    It has a big brush with great amount of mascara liquid instantly creates long-lasting, separated and upward volume lashes without clumps. On first coat, it already volumnized my lashes quite alot and it separates them perfectly without any clumps.The mascara holds the curls and stays all day long till removal so in another words, no smudges throughout the day!

    You have to try it for yourself!

    4. Carantion Cracked Heel Cream, Exfoliating Foot Scrub and Intensive Moisturizing Foot Cream

    Bet you all have never really paid attention to your feet!

    Cracked heels are a common cosmetic problem. If untreated, it can be very painful and the skin may bleed easily. Walking may often increase the pain. For all woman like us, the culprits are none other than all our high heeled pointed shoes that force the toes to the front and crowd them for more than a couple of hours each day. Now your legs too can get the necessary treatment with Carnation. It revives rough, dry and cracked heels and the peppermint leaves the feet smelling fresh and feeling cool all dayyy ~

    Left : Carnation Intensive Moisturizing Foot Cream

    Provides intensive re-hydratetion to soothe, soften and condition dry and rough skin. Love how the peppermint oil leaves my feet smelling fresh.

    Middle : Carnation Exfoliating Foot Scrub

    Foot scrubs are the best! Never forget to indulge your leg with some well-deserved pampering. Apricot seed and walnut shell effectively remove rough, hard skin while mineral oil moisturises the treated area. This Carnation Exfoliating scrub helps sooths dry and hard skin.  

    Right :Carnation Cracked Heel Cream

    Itchy, cracked, and dry feet can be painful and even lead to infections and other problems if they aren't treated properly. There are thankfully several products in the market that help hydrate and heal. Like I mentioned previously, can’t help but to place emphasize on the importance on foot care.

    It is an important part of your beauty regimen, even if you don't currently have issues with dry or cracked skin on your feet. Carnation Cracked Heel Cream is a product with a unique formula to treat and restore cracked heels to soft, healthy skin.

    Vichy Normaderm Night Detox 

    NORMADERM Night Detox is the first detoxifying and purifying night moisturizer that transforms mornings for oily and imperfection-prone skin! This lightweight oil-free gel provides targeted care that’s even suitable for sensitive skin, is ideal for both teenagers like us with skin imperfections whose skin produces too much sebum at night, which can lead to blemishes and greasiness.

    Too Cool for School : McGirly Come Clean Cleanser and Jean George Llong

    The Jean George Llong Sunblock is is very long-lasting and non-greasy. And you will not have to worry if it will make your face oily as it is resistant to sweat. .

    Texture of the Jean George Llong Sunblock is smooth, creamy, and light. It has a nudy beige colour which suits most of the asian skin tone. 

    The McGirly Come Clean  Cleanser is coming clean on the secret to soft and clean feeling skin! 
    With rich foam that cleanses deep down to the pores without stripping the skin of its moisture, Come Clean is perfect for dry skin. It controls excessive sebum secretion to maintain soft, clean and moisturised skin!

    How to use:

    Lather up and use it directly, or use with facial bubble net!

    EmerginC Scientific Organics Phytocell Detox Mask and Scientific Organics Peeling Pad 

    The Phytocell detox mask is an effective French-green-clay-based “detox” mask designed to draw out impurities, nourish, soothe, brighten, fight free-radical damage and improve tone and texture and is suitable for all skin types and it is recommended to use 1-3x a week! 

    Results: Leaves skin looking bright, healthy and detoxified with a radiant glow after leaving on for 10-15 minutes and then removing it thoroughly!

    Moving on .. 

    Other than the normal mask you use, This is a new breed of at-home facial peels made from all natural and organic ingredients, saving you the trip to any expensive dermatologist or spa! They use a combination of natural acids and compounds found in fruits and botanicals to exfoliate the skin and cleanse the pores, without the use of harsh chemicals for the same results. Instant glow on skin!

    Application Tips:

    Apply peel pad on clean, dry skin avoiding eyes and mucous membranes. Leave on for 2-5 minutes.  Remove thoroughly with cool, wet cotton or cloth, or rinse off. Follow up with emerginC Scientific Organics phytocell detox mask to draw out any further residue on pores!

    *(Retail size item comes with clarifying kit. Apply clarifying pad after the use of peel pad to nourish and clarify skin. Do not rinse off. )


    Rapidly improves skin tone and texture, minimizes appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and large pores, brightens complexion, clarifies, soothes and nourishes.

    POND'S Flawless Light Whitening Day Cream

    I will recommend you use this every morning after cleansing your skin. Apply cream over entire face and neck with your fingertips. It comes in a good white and pink tub packaging. Pond's Flawless White Visible Lightening Daily Cream contains multiple UV protection lightens visibly the skin, gives it a natural, flawless radiant look. The VAO-b3 complex fades away dark spots and blemishes. Extremely useful and super pocket friendly! 

    Silm Secrets Daily Fibre Power Bar with Seeds Coji 

    Love this on days when I feel like snacking but have to keep my weight in check. This power bar helps to pump a healthy dose of daily fibre into your day! It helps atisfy your hunger and buy you some energy before your next meal. It also helps to gently keep things moving smoothly in the body with loads of wholesome seeds and ingredients, including psyllium husks.

    Available at the following health food stores: GNC, SuperNature and Brown Rice Paradise and it's retailing at S$3.90! 

    All 13 items for only $35 and I personally feel it is a super good deal that you really won't want to miss.

    What's even better?

    The 1st 50 readers who purchase my box using the promo code "TAMMYTAYVT" will receive 1 BONUS FULL SIZED ITEMS too!!! Awesome much ?

    So remember to check out with the promo code "TAMMYTAYVT"!

    Fingers crossed you can be the 1st 50 readers! :) 

    Use code "TAMMYTAYVT" to get it at $35. 

    *psst: sales of box ends this sunday so fastest finger first!!

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  • 09/19/14--14:23: Baby Elroy: Birth Story

  • Welcome to the world, Little One! Finally, the wait is over!!! No more kicking inside more giant more nights I wake up to pee over 10 times...I am SO IN LOVE WITH HIM. I am so obsessed I cannot stop staring at him. The day he was born, i requested he sleep in my room with me so I could stare at him. And I did....I just couldn't take my eyes off him!

    If you don't already know, Baby Elroy was born on 19/09, weighing 3.46kg & 51cm length.

    He was born via C-Section. The initial plan was to deliver him vaginally but I was feeling extreme discomfort and pain in my pelvic region for weeks. It was driving me mad. Since Week 36, I've been feeling the pain and it has been getting worser and worser at days go by. It was making me feel extremely miserable and depressed because i just couldn't do anything. I don't deal so well with the whole "depressed" feeling which explains why at 40 weeks I decided to opt for an elective c-section although many (including Dr Paul) discouraged me from doing so. The decision for Caesarean Section was made less than 48 hours before.

    Went to Thomson Medical Centre at midnight to check in. We went at midnight because my bf wanted to be deliver the baby at an "auspicious timing". Time passed so quickly at the hospital. Was busy w paper work and etc. Before I know it, I was wheeled into the operating theatre. I chose to do epidural C-Section meaning only half my body is numb so I can see my baby the moment he is out. My body had such a bad reaction to the epidural it scared me!! The moment the epidural kicked in, I held the metal bar at the side of the bed to keep still. I couldn't breathe, I felt so weird...I felt like I was going to...die. The doctor asked how I felt and I was just shaking like mad?Seriously, I was so scared but I thank God for Angelyn & my mom's support. My mom and Angelyn entered the operating theatre with me. Angelyn is my Doula from ParentLink. She has been extremely wonderful helping me throughout this whole pregnancy. If you do need a Doula, feel free to contact Angelyn for more details +65 9008 6556. Many would think my bf would be the one entering with me but due to it being "inauspicious" according to a FS master, we arranged for a doula to enter to give me the support I needed. 

    It's not true when they say you can't feel anything because I could feel the tugging and all? I can't describe it though. It was not painful but painful...? Especially at one point where they part they pressed my tummy super hard. Good thing is, your baby will be out in 10-15 min from the time the Surgery begins. And then your doctor will take another 30-45 min to stitch you up and clean up. Once the baby is out, you'll be so distracted that the 30-45 min where he is stitching you up will pass by so fast. 

    So that was easy. Right? But sadly, there ain't a painless way of giving birth. You'll suffer someway, somehow.

    The first night I couldn't move at all and was bedridden. I felt great though. No pain or whatsoever. However 18 hours after my surgery I was made to get outta bed to start walking. So I did and that was when I realised how DAMN EFFING PAINFUL it was. When I asked someone who went thru both vaginal and c section deliveries, they said the vaginal one was sooo much easier and I finally understand why.

    No regrets though! It really doesn't matter what method you choose to deliver your baby. It is a personal choice and there are pros & cons to all the different birthing methods. I am super happy he is very healthy. All the nurses who came to see him at diff shifts all go "wow he is so big and healthy!". :) 

    I'm recovering slowly but the pain is worth it whenever I look at how beautiful he is. I think he looks like a clone of his daddy! Seeing daddy hold and kiss Baby Elroy is such a cute sight because they look so alike it's crazy adorable! Some said the bottom half of his face looks exactly like me though? Hehe.

    He has been a pretty good baby in the hospital and the nurses love him! He is pretty quiet and easy to handle So far. Most babies are quite well behaved in the hospital things might change when he goes home. I hope not!! I have another 2 more nights here at the hospital. Man, c section recovery is much longer so my stay here is longer. I am extending another night because the confinement nanny can only come on Tueaday. I'm breastfeeding him and wow, it ain't easy! I've to feed him every 2-3 hours which means I'm extremely sleep deprived. It feels amazing to be able to sleep 3 hours straight...I just did that and it felt so good like I slept a whole 10 hours? This is gonna be my life for the next few months! I can do this. Good luck to me.

    Welcome to My Life as a New Mom!

    Btw, remember to subscribe to my Bump to Mum videos on YouTube! It is gonna be an educational series of videos for people who are new to Motherhood or just curious to know what it's really like to be a mommy!

    Link here:

    Can't wait to share all the cute pictures of him on this blog!! 

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  • 09/21/14--15:55: Bye Hospital!
  • Day 3 of being a Mom

    Baby is in the nursery now because i wanted to get a good 3 hour sleep just now. Which I did and am so so glad. I feel energetic now! Getting 3 hours of sleep for new moms is like getting 8 hours of sleep for normal people. My eye bags are surely going to get worse and my complexion too. :'( 

    It is 7am now...3 more hours to Check Out!

    Today we head back home from the hospital. Which I kept calling a Hotel. LOL. That goes to show how much I enjoyed my stay at Thomson Medical Centre. My room is the Premier Suite (Newton). Im not sure if it's as comfy and awesome in the other rooms but my experience with the nurses sure was wonderful. 

    I also discovered I have a hidden talent. I must've been a cow in my past life. My breast milk supply came in quick (some more I delivered via C Section), by only the second day, I could express 150ml from one breast in around 30min? That's like 300ml every 2 hours. I could go on and on and on but I didn't have enough bottles for storage. I had such an amazing and good supply of milk. Plus, it was yellow (better than white) + opaque which was "the best" milk according to the lactation expert and nurses. All the nurses who came in to check with me were like "I've never seen someone with so much milk before! You can already start to donate! ". It made me feel like a proud mama seeing how amazed they were and going "Your baby is so lucky!!!". I'm sure I'm a topic discussed in the nurses' room lol! My jugs are humongous though. It probably went up to an F. Pretty sick! 

    I think I have Hyperlactation, oversupply of milk. I am feeling engorged and full all the time. Even after feeding. So I have to pump or I'll be in pain. Oversupply is actually a problem. Just not as common as people who can't produce enough milk. It can get pretty bad as I read about it online but the lactation consultant told me to just monitor myself first. This is super good for my baby though, he has more food!! 

    Wonder how baby will be like when he goes home later! So glad the nanny I engaged could make it today so I have someone at home to look after both baby & i. I hope she is a good cook! The hospital has been feeding me so well and I hope I can still enjoy the food at home as much. I also hope to be able to take more afternoon naps and start "recovering". My bf nagged at me yesterday cus I couldn't stop moving around and entertaining my friends. Haha. It's like a party in my room when I should be getting plenty of rest and recuperating from surgery. So I promised him no more visitors and I'll be good and rest well at home. His parents are sooo worried for me cus everytime they came to visit me id have plenty of guests and I refuse to sit down. I am happy my friends distract me from the pain from the c section wound though! Plus, moving around means blood circulation which means faster recovery right?

    Oh and it's day 3, i still haven't washed my hair and taken a bath. The last time I did so was 18 Sep at 7pm. I can't wait to do that at home but am worried my wound would hurt. Maybe I'll only start bathing after I feel the wound is better? Would love to wash my hair later at home though! That is, if the confident  lady allows me to. I hope she's flexible and not strict. Hair is starting to feel oily and eekie already. 

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  • 09/23/14--01:16: Exclusif

  • Exclusif aims to quickly acquire a large beauty presence through its unparalleled assortment of prestige beauty products, commitment to excellence in quality and customer service, and to its well trained and dedicated employees. It features an ever-increasing amount of classic and emerging brands across a broad range of product categories including skincare, makeup, fragrance and body care.

    Here are some of my favorite cult products which can be bought from Exclusif - online store for make up, skincare, hair care and fragrances! 

    I love how convenient it is to be able to get my stuff online. For myself and for gifts for friends' birthdays! Great website because when i'm too busy to go out to shop for a gift, i can just order and deliver it to my friends' add. I've received my products and they are definitely authentic. No more going out to hunt for products. Just order online and wait for it to be delivered right at your door step. Only problem i have with this website is the navigation isn't easy so it's not easy to find products. But i love that it is a Singapore based company and they have a huge range of products.
    Below i'll recommend some good stuff i swear by! (but of course, do understand what works for me may not work for you.)

    Here are my Top 5 picks you can buy online from Exclusif...

    (This list is pretty short and random but this post is an introduction to Exclusif! There are so many products i love so i would definitely do another Top Picks post from the website in future! :) Look out for it!)

    1. Deadsea Salt Softening Butter Salt Scrub

    I am a scrub junkie and this is AWESOME! Skin is soooo super soft and smooth after exfoliating. The scrub rinses off easily and skin smells very nice and clean after.

    2. NARS Sheer Glow Foundation – Ceylan

    I like liquid foundations with light to medium coverage and a natural or dewy finish. I can't due matte foundation at all because my skin is dry, and while I love dewy finish some brands go a little crazy and get into the shimmer and glimmer territory. This looks great on and doesn't look caked on of heavy, ymmv but for me it's the perfect level of coverage and finish. Not too heavy, not to light. Not to matte, not too glimmery. Sheer Glow is just right.

    3. KOSE Sekkisei Liquid Face Wash

    A little bit of this goes a long way. 1 pump is enough for the whole face and a bottle lasted me for 2 months! The liquid foams easily and Smells wonderful too - like the other KOSE products.

    4. NARS Blusher – Super Orgasm
    One of my favorite shade for blusher!

    I love that Exclusif carries NARS! I have like 6 NARS products in my shopping cart now waiting to be checked out! Hehe. (Some products I haven't tried before but I just love how NARS products look hehe)

    5. Marc Jacobs - Daisy Eau de Parfum
    I've been using this for a year already! :)

    Exclusif also offers many of the world's leading designer brand cosmetics including Chanel, Chloe, Clinique, DIOR, Estee Lauder, Giorgio Armani, Givenchy, Gucci, Hermes, Lancome, Marc Jacobs, NARS, Tom Ford and Yves Saint Laurent, and over 8,000 products from cult classics to the latest in beauty releases.

    It's dedicated customer care team is available to assist you with all of your needs. From discovering Exclusif, checkout to delivery, to post-sale care, Exclusif customers can enjoy an effortless and convenient shopping experience. Not only that, Exclusif is also strongly committed to providing the ultimate in luxury, authentic and superior quality products, advice and customer care.

    The customer care team is available to assist you with:

    Detailed product information
    Find an alternative for a discontinued product
    Delivery questions
    Exchange and return queries
    Placing order

    We do free worldwide shipping for all products except FRAGRANCES, and free domestic shipping for ALL products.

    Skincare/Makeup usually take not more than 7 days, while Fragrances usually would take not more than 3 days to reach the customers. 

    The FragrancePromo is a limited time promotion!

    Exclusif Instagram: @ExclusifSG

    Like Exclusif's Facebook page/follow on instagram account to be updated of the latest promotions and any new brand arrivals. 

    In addition, they can also @ExclusifSG upon receiving their purchases and stance a chance to win a perfume and be featured on the Exclusif gallery.

    My readers are entitled to a 5% discount off the total bill only for perfumes.

    Use discount code: TAMMY5


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  • 09/23/14--03:47: Breastfeeding Mummies
  • (If you are a guy, I suggest you not read this post!)

    WALAU? Like that also Stomp? Got so desperate for the $50 voucher meh.

    Anyway, I don't see what's wrong with sharing that I've an oversupply. It is true and I am convinced it's awesome because the nurses were rly shocked but happy for me. I like to share my journey as a new mom and my experiences. I am a new BFing mummy! I don't think ppl would understand till they start BFing - Being able to provide more than enough for my baby (and also in time to come, helping other babies) is something I should be happy about.

    Oh and then the Breastfeeding Mums FB page had a discussion and I can't believe some people think I'm "bragging" and being "insensitive" when I blogged about how much I could pump. Some even doubt it's possible. Seriouslyyyyy? :/ why do you see someone in such a negative light!?! Can't we be happy for each other since we are all proud Breastfeeding mummies? We are all made differently and how much each of us can produce is different. Obviously mine is quite rare but it's true and it's possible. Why would I wanna make something like that up to show off? I just wanted to share......don't see what's wrong w that, really. And if u are still in doubt and need picture of my milk as evidence pls refer to a tweet I posted ytd. Can't believe I have to resort to doing that but I hate being called a liar.

    My nanny suggested I give it away to mummies who need it or donate my milk to the hospital and I will!! Have already started to pump and store and freeze. Will do so for the next few months and see how much I can accumulate. To be able to help those who can't produce enough will also be a wonderful feeling. 

    Oh and having an oversupply is good for baby but not exactly great for mummy. I'm always leaking and soaking up my breast pads. No matter how much I pump, I just can't seem to stop leaking. My boobies are extremely sore and hard all the time and it really really hurts. Oh and I went up from a C to now probably an E/F cup...filled with so much milk it's so heavy. It is not easy!!!

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  • 09/24/14--13:44: Post-Partum Day 6
  • I can't sleep! What's happening?!?! Haven't had over 3 hour sleep for the past 5 days. I'm still feeling ok actually. Like Not THAAAAT tired? Weird. I am having a massive headache now though! Could be because I washed my hair. I couldn't take it! The oiliness was driving me nuts. I also took a nice herbal bath. Much needed after 5 days. 5 days without washing my hair is like whoaaaa. However, I'm really wondering if I made a mistake by breaking the confinement rule of washing my hair....cus the headache doesn't seem to be going away. *worried* My body especially my neck is all achy too. 

    Gonna go out for a lil while later to get Baby Elroy's birth cert done! A bit afraid to go out for long hours because of my boobies leakage. And also the uncomfy feeling of a boob full of milk. Hopefully it'll be a speedy process.

    Saw this somewhere and after giving birth and being a mom, I completely agree!
    "I look at postpartum as a time when moms and their new babies spend three weeks cuddled up getting to know each other," she says, "not a time to see how fast they can get themselves back into the gym or the real world."

    Now that I've given birth and am a mummy, getting my figure back is the least of my concerns. I refuse to weigh myself right now!! I gained 18kg this pregnancy, baby is 3.46kg which means Im probably around 14kg above pre-preg weight. Which is weird because when I was pregnant, I was googling so much on how to lose weight and I was so worried about all the weight I've gained. But now I'm just like, super ok with my ugly tummy and fat thighs after seeing my healthy baby boy. It is pretty sad to look at how my body has transformed but losing weight can wait. I want to eat well and have a good supply of milk for Elroy. I also became more health conscious. I switched to brown rice cus I want to be healthier. I was never really a healthy eater and this change is shocking to me. Hopefully, I might drop some pounds from breastfeeding since if burns around 500 calories? But then again, my confinement nanny is such an excellent cook. I will finish up whatever she cooks for me. I've read stories of how mummies lose weight effortlessly through breastfeeding even when they eat a lot. I also hope that will be the case for me!!!

    Every time I would stare at Elroy and be like, "I can't believe I gave birth to you". I love how quiet he has been at home so far! Only cries when he is hungry which is every 2-3 hours. Pretty easy to handle! Hope it stays this way. He is so so adorable yknow! It is true when they say every mother would think their baby is the cutest. Haha. In love with his fat cheeks, tiny hands and super ultra soft feet. My doula dropped by today and said his feet are one of the softest on a baby. Hehe.

    Im thankful my nanny is here so things are easier for me. In fact, super easy because she doesn't let me do anything. I love her already! Wish she could stay for a very very long time. She is super good at everything! And I am amazed at how much energy she has despite not sleeping for long hours. Such a tough job! She definitely deserves a big big pay check at the end of the month :) 

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  • 09/25/14--16:18: Birth Registation
  • Baby Elroy is 1 week old today! Can't believe how fast 1 week passed?! Feels like i gave birth only just yesterday haha. Sometimes i still think there's a baby in my belly? Lol! I would unknowingly place my hand on my belly and rub and then realized it's just soft flabby skin now. Also, when i lie on my back to sleep at night (which i haven't done so for 5 months) i feel weird cus now i can do it again. Also when i lie down, there's no more crazy kicks and punches happening inside.

    Got the Birth Certificate done at ICA and am so happy it was so fast and there was no queue. Oh a few have asked if i put daddy's name in the Birth Cert. Yes, you can register birth registration without marriage certificate and have both the Father and Mother's name on the Birth Cert. Both parents have to be present. You can only do it at ICA and they will make you take an oath in front of the officer. Surname would follow Daddy's. Pretty simple process, nothing complicated.

    Regarding excess breast milk supply, if you are facing that issue, do donate your milk to babies in need at

    Today we are bringing Elroy to the paediatrician for a check up. Praying his jaundice got better! He also has super sensitive skin, hopefully it is getting better too. 

    Oh and some have been asking who my Gynae is. I see Dr Paul Tseng at TLC Gynaecology Practice (Clinic) AT Thomson Medical Centre. I went to the clinic wanting to see another doctor at first but then she was not in when i went down so i decided to just see Dr Paul Tseng. Am so glad that happened! Very nice guy andons of great reviews on him on lotsa forums. My appointments with him are pretty straight forward and quick. He isn't the talkative kind. Oh and funny story, I met my Doula Angelyn (ParentLink) months after. When she asked me who my gynae was and when i told her, she was so happy! He was also the Dr who delivered her child and she has quite a number of clients who see him too. What a small world right?! I also mentioned before in a few posts, he is one doctor who is super duper pro natural. If you do want to give birth naturally, i highly recommend him! Definitely going back to him if i have another child.

    Dr Paul Tseng
    339 Thomson Road #03-02
    Thomson Medical Centre
    Singapore 307677
    Tel: 6254 2878

    Baby Paediatrician
    Ang Ai Tin
    Thomson Paediatric Centre
    339 Thomson Road, #03-06
    Thomson Medical Centre
    Singapore 307677
    Tel: 6258 3353

    Doula (ParentLink Singapore)
    32 Robin Close
    Singapore 258311
    Tel: +65 9008 6556

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  • 09/26/14--18:54: Hungry Monster
  • I thought I was eating a lot during my pregnancy and would stop after I've given birth because "eating for 2" would no longer apply. Well... after giving birth, I AM WORSE?!?! I am hungry ALL THE TIME. It really is true that breastfeeding makes you hungry. VERY HUNGRY. I have like 6 meals a day and all the meals are all full of carbs. For breakfast this morning at 8am just now, I just had half a long baguette + sugar & butter, an apple, a raisin bun, a bowl of cornflakes and a cup of milo and now, I feel like I haven't eaten - it is only 9.45am and still a long way to lunch. :'(

    But my nanny said she thinks I should have managed to lose at least 5kg now cus she said I look much slimmer than the day I was discharged. So happy to hear that! If it's true, it's really effortless and must be the beastfeeding! To be able to eat so much and still lose weight is A DREAM COME TRUE.

    Maybe I should go weigh myself today! Kinda curious after she told me that. Hehe. Must not be obsessed w my weight since it shouldn't be a priority at the moment though. Need to Breast Feed baby boy.

    This morning I think Elroy's jaundice got worse. He looks rly yellow and "dark". Time to leave him under the sun for 10min. Please get better!

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  • 09/28/14--07:44: Bump to Mum
  • Have you checked out my Bump to Mum videos?

    This 2nd episode captured an extremely beautiful moment in my life...seeing and touching Baby Elroy for the first time.

    If you haven't watched the first episode of Bump to Mum, here you go...

    Please do subscribe to the channel if you enjoyed watching it and wish to see more! :)

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  • 10/01/14--07:45: Post-Partum (Week 2)

  • Went to change my dressing and when they removed it I got to look at my wound and it actually healed up nicely and it does not look as bad as I thought it would! It is almost not noticeable? I thought it'll be like caterpillar looking. Think too much. Haha. Can wear bikini la! But after I settle my stretchmarks and loose skin problem first. Have some treatments planned out to help me resolve those issues thanks to a few wonderful companies! Looking forward to that. :)

    I also stepped on the weighing machine after 2 weeks of not doing so. I am now...60kg! Still 9-10kg away from my pre-pregnancy weight. Baby weighed around 3.4kg when he was born and I must've lost quite a bit of water after. Haven't been active and have been eating A LOT because I'm always hungry after pumping milk. I can eat every single hour! Crazy hungry monster! I secretly hope I'll be 55kg by the end of next week...and wishing it will be super effortless thanks to breastmilk pumping hehe. Then I think I'll look "normal" by then? And might fit into some of my old bottoms! My hips are a lot wider though so maybe I'll only be able to fit in skirts. Wondering if my hips will go back to normal size or stay this wide?? Have lotsa curious people asking how my body looks like now....Well, it is so horrible i don't even wanna show pictures of it but i will once i start on my treatments + exercise so my body looks ok and i can do a Before and After.

    Baby has been easy to look after this week. He sleeps soundly at night without waking up. Have to wake him up to feed him. Hehe. Yay to no crying at night! In the afternoon he wants quite a lot of attention though but it's ok! Everyone at home is more than happy to shower him with it hehe.

    My oh my, no one warned me how tiring BFing is. I'm actually exclusively pumping now because my milk flow is too much when baby latches on he would choke. I have to do it every 2-3 hours. When I try to go 4 hours, I'd be engorged and I tell u man, IT HURTS SO BAD.Tried putting cabbage but it doesn't seem to be reducing my supply. Starting to drink Sage tea now hoping it'll work otherwise i don't know what to do already. What's even worse than breast engorgement? THE MASSAGE TO RELIEF IT. Oh my g...the massage was SOOOOO PAINFUL. Possibly as painful as going into labour - since some ppl said so (I wouldn't know cus I did a csect). I can't imagine how it'll be like to stop pumping. Read and heard so many horror stories about the pain people experience when they want to stop. My nanny and breast massage lady said it'll be super duper hard for me cus of my excess milk supply and I'll probably suffer a week. I DREAD!!! :( no milk people complain, but when you have too much milk you will also complain!!

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  • 10/07/14--18:00: Clarisonic
  • Have you heard of the Clarisonic Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush?

    It is one device which has saved many people's skin! Including mine! I remember having very congested skin at one point and decided to give it a try. My bad skin was caused by not cleansing the make up off my face properly. I usually use an oil based make up remover, followed by my facial wash. I was not aware it was still not clean enough as it did feel clean when I touch my face. It caused me to have a lot of clogged pores and blackheads. After adding the Clarisonic device to my skincare regime, I could see an improvement in my skin as soon as 3 days!

    The Clarisonic brush goes beneath the skin's surface to beautifully transform its texture, reducing the appearance of pore size and creating a softer, smoother, more radiant complexion.

    I was given the opportunity to try the Clarisonic Deep Pore Decongesting Solution Set recently. It consists of the Deep Pore Daily Cleanser and the Decongesting Clay Mask. I don't really have problematic skin anymore so my skin isn't really congested at the moment to be able to see a huge difference after using the set but my skin did feel super nice and clean after cleansing my face with it using the Clarisonic device.

    How to use?

    Step 1

    Cleanse and Refine
    Flush pores and control oil production daily with the deep pore brush head and deep pore daily cleanser

    Step 2

    Absorb and Detoxify
    Detoxify twice weekly with the Decongesting clay mask and remove with the deep pore brush head

    After cleansing your face with your Clarisonic brush and deep pore daily cleanser, use the Decongesting mask to absorb excess oil. Use it only 2 times a week. After the mask has dried up, wash it off with the deep pore brush head. This helps exfoliate dead skin cells and rid the pores of damaging pore clogging toxins.

    This set reduces pore appearance by 25% after just ONE use. 93% of users saw increased skin clarity within 3 days.

    The set retails for $270 and is available at all Sephora, TANGS Orchard, and ROBINSONS Raffles City.

    Clarisonic will be giving away 3 x Deep Pore Replenishment Kit!!

    How to win?

    1. Follow @ohsofickle and @clarisonicsg on Instagram.

    2. Click on the link below to fill up your details and answer one of the two questions :

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  • 10/09/14--09:29: Post-Partum (Week 3)


    Baby turns 3 weeks old today. One more week to his full month party and to the end of my confinement! Because my nanny is experienced and so awesome, I actually follow most of the confinement rules cus I don't dare defy her. Haha.

    My nanny will stay an extra month though cus I really need her help until the new helper arrives in mid Nov. So so so thankful and grateful for her that i even book massages for her weekly. Hehe. Happy employer happy employee! I'm praying the new help will be as good.

    I feel so good this week like I've fully recovered?! Hehe. But my doctor said I can't go back to intense running and training till after 6 months? That's so long!!! Cus even though my wound looks healed and ok on the outside, there are many layers under which are still healing. :( this is one reason why a vaginal delivery is better than a c-section...cus u can get back to exercise waaaay faster. I miss running sooooo much :( I feel so flabby all over and am dying to work out at the gym leh.

    BabyE started to hold the bottle on his own last week, so cute. Hehe. No my baby is not on formula, yes, I'm an exclusive breast pumping mummy. :)

    I've also been pretty worried about getting back to work in mid November though. How do breastfeeding mummies do it?! Do yall have to still wake up every 3 hours to express milk? If so, how do you find the energy to survive a full day at work? And during work you have to express milk too or you'll be engorged right? How do people manage??? I will also have to travel overseas soon and wondering how soon I can bring baby along with me...well if he can go for trips with me then it'll be so much easier for me to continue breastfeeding.

    I am also glad to share that my milk supply is more or less stable now. I had an oversupply since Day 3 and it is a rare case I don't expect anyone to understand. Some found it hard to believe and I don't blame them because after all, even doctors and nurses and my nanny with 20 years of experience found it weird too. Anyway, I tried the cabbage method and it didn't work for me even though it worked for many. So I tried drinking a cup of sage tea 3 times a day to help with the oversupply and I now have lesser milk but still more than enough for Baby E! Happy! I don't get HUGE clogged ducts and face engorgement everyday now. U know I once had lumps which got as big as an EGG!! MILK EGG! Not quail egg size ok...quail egg size is normal! Mine is just slightly smaller/as big as the chicken egg! And it went all the way to my armpits I couldn't put my arm down. Super duper scary right?! The masseur was shocked it only took a day to become that big. She was the one who gave me the worse 15 min of my life trying to soften the big "egg". THE PAIN CAN FIGHT MY LASER TATTOO PAIN. Maybe even more painful?! I am breaking out in sweat just picturing that moment. I also have one last boobs went from 32C to 34F. Will it ever go back to normal Size? I can't imagine living with such huge jugs. And confirm damn saggy one. I dread looking at em! Mine is siao!!! I think im carrying 3-4kg on my chest. My back hurts all the time and I hunch like mad it's so ugly haha. I had to show em to my girlfriends who probably got the shock of their lives cus the boobs just look off on my frame? I'm not exactly small build but the boobs look insane! 


    Lotsa stuff to settle for Baby E's first party! He will be having 2 parties - a casual and a formal one. Haha. My prince Elroy! :)

     Mummamia sent me Confinement stuff which i have blogged about (here) - go check it out.

    I found the following products super useful and i highly recommend. You can get the 20 or 30 day confinement package here or you can buy the products individually.

    Packed in sachet form, mummies only need to soak it in hot water for 5 mins before use. It consists not only the common DAFENGAI, but also other herbs like lemongrass and BUJINZHI that helps with blood circulation, calming effects and expelling wind that soothe mummies’ discomfort during confinement. Mummy can use this to bath daily.
    I have been bathing with this every 3 days! I do feel great after bathing :)

    It is really as simple as pouring herbs in to hot water and boiling it for 1.5 hrs (optional: add 250 gr of meat) and it’s ready!
    Although my nanny is cooking "better" herbs and stuff for me because i received a lot of expensive stuff and have to use it, we tried the prepacked ones one day and it was great! She also looked through the ingredients and said it's good.

    Packed for daily consumptions, just boil the red dates for 45 mins – 1 hr with 2 litre of water.
    Our red dates and other herbs combination are packed not only to enrich blood and Qi, but also tonifies spleen.
    For people who do not have a nanny and dont know how to prepare this, this pack would be so easy! Add fresh red dates so it's sweeter because the prepacked red dates are not as sweet.
     Also, if you do not have a confinement nanny and no one can cook for you, i suggest you order confinement meals from them! Eating well during confinement is a MUST!!!! It will benefit you long term. 
    More details on Confinement meals...

    Get your confinement stuff from (direct link to post natal products click here!) or head over to...

    1. Mount Alvernia Hospital Retail Pharmacy
    2. Thomson Medical Centre (Parentcraft Shop)
    3. Blk 2 Rochor Road #01-586 Rochor Centre
    4. Mom Essentials KK Hospital Retail Mall #01-22
    5. Mom Essentials Square 2 #02-74


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  • 10/13/14--00:51: Ninth Store


    It’s the final quarter of the year! I’m sure this is usually the favourite part of the year for most of you. As Black Friday, December, Holidays, Vacations, Christmas, Parties, New Year’s. We’ve SO much to celebrate for and with celebrations, we’d need a perfect outfit right? From Casual to Formal, Sexy to Feminine, I’m pretty sure Ninth Store has you covered! 

    They’ve just launched another New Collection if you haven’t seen them yet, you better HURRY! Cause they are running out by the minute hahaha, here you go : WWW.NINTHSTORE.COM

    And, don’t forget to join their mailing list before you start shopping because they will be giving out EXCLUSIVE discount codes to ALL MAILING LISTEES on a monthly basis so you can shop and SAVE MORE during the festive season!

    They’d also be having POP UP STORES at various locations from now until the end of the year so be sure to keep yourself updated with their latest whereabouts, news & SALES on their Instagram(, Facebook( & Twitter(!^^

    Get your Favourite Blogger’s look today!

    Shopping has now been made more fun as they gift you with EVERY PURCHASE!^^

    What are you waiting for? 
    Hop over to now! 
    (Don’t forget to join their mailing list for exclusive monthly discount codes ;))

    Instagram : NinthStore

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  • 10/15/14--19:32: Happy 23rd Birthday

  • My first birthday spent with my newborn son! Had a nice dinner with the family he night before and thought that was it. I was all "aiya just another normal day! Mother already la, don't need to plan anything liao". Didn't expect my birthday to actually be a busy day? Was pleasantly surprised when DX and Donna kicked start my interesting day when they came into my room with a balloon this afternoon! And my day just went uphill from there. Actually intended to sleep in all day after my nails were done by Jaezy.  Surprises when you least expect it to happen are the best!

    A busy day for Elroy too because everyone who came by had to play with him. He didn't want to take his afternoon nap and lasted till evening time! He did get super duper cranky and kept crying at the later part of the day though. 

    I am so thankful for the awesome dinner spread by my mother and my nanny too! Stuffed my face silly with sweet treats all day. Sinful but oh so good! Been awhile since I ate so unhealthily. Lol. Just burped and I can still taste the durian cake :X

    How happy I am to spend this day with all the important people in my life. How thankful I am that they remember my birthday and set time aside to visit me cus they knew I was still doing my confinement and stuck at home. I really cannot ask for better friends and I promise to always love and treasure each and everyone of you. I am truly blessed. To my wonderful family, lover & friends, Thank You so much for loving me and making me a very happy girl! 

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  • 10/16/14--20:20: Post-Partum (Week 4)


    Oh my!! A month just flew by *like that*?! Baby E looks so much bigger now. He is now around 4.2kg (Was 3.46kg when born 4 weeks back)! Babies grow pretty fast man.

    Baby Elroy's 2-Day full month party happens this weekend and I AM EXCITED. Excited because I get to see many of my friends on Day 1 and the good food selection for the formal dinner happening on Day 2. Baby E won't rmb anything's more like a celebration for his parents haha.

    This year my birthday ain't the same. I am a mummy this year! I don't want to receive gifts for myself at all? When my friends asked what I want for my birthday this year, I'm like, nothing for me but if you do wanna get something, get it for Elroy! Ayy actually, everyday is Elroy Day! I just wanna buy stuff for him ALL THE TIME. Mummy doesn't want anything anymore now that she has you hehe!

    My baby boy is suffering from a serious case of rashes/acne on his face though. Read online and this is what i found...

    What it is: Infant acne is just what you think it is — pimples and whiteheads on baby's (once) pristine skin. About 40 percent of babies develop infant acne, which commonly begins at two to three weeks of age and is usually gone well before your baby is six months old (which happens to be a terrific time to schedule those professional pics!). Luckily, infant acne does not bother your baby a bit, and it does not leave permanent scars, as the grown-up kind can.
    What causes it: Hormones are a prime suspect. In this case, it's Mom's hormones, which are still circulating in baby's bloodstream and stimulating baby's sweat glands. What's more, the pores in a baby's skin are not yet fully developed and therefore clog easily.
    What you can do about it: Unfortunately, there's not much you can do about infant acne except to wash it, watch it, and wait. Cleanse the area with water only, two or three times a day, and pat it dry gently. Resist the urge to squeeze or scrub it, wash with soap, or use any lotions or potions meant for bigger people. (Be aware: You notice it more than anyone else!)  

     It looks so scary. Super worrying because it doesn't seem to be getting better. :( The doctor kept reassuring me that it is fine and it will go away on its own. She didnt prescribe him anything to apply cus she said it's normal.

    Speaking about skin...Can I also share my recent skincare regime?

    Using a 100% natural product produced by my body? Haha.


    The very powerful...


    I had a pimple one day and remembered my nurse telling me how wonderful breast milk is and so I dap some milk on the pimple and the next day it was GONE?! I was so happy!! Then since it worked, the following night I decided to pour some on a cotton pad and apply it all over my face, like a toner, and pat the goodness in. I swear I woke up with skin so clear and bright! It has to be the breastmilk because I didn't apply any other products on top of it. So it looks like I'll have better skin till I stop breastfeeding?? Another reason to breast feed and keep me going!

    Some people may think it's "disgusting" but hey, you're willing to use and drink milk from a what's so gross about using your own milk which you feed your baby and he ingests. It's weird some people think it's gross!

    So many other benefits of breastmilk besides keeping your baby full and healthy!

    There are SO many benefits and i recommend every new momma to breasfeed if you can.

    Here are some reasons why...

    Breastfed Babies are healthier. 
    Lesser visits to the doctor! Save $

    Breastmilk is FREE!

    It decreases your risk of breast cancer

    Shrinks mother's uterus and help you regain your figure quickly
    "The uterus of the non-breastfeeding mother will never shrink back to its pre-pregnant size. It will always remain slightly enlarged."

    Allows you to eat more without gaining weight
    "Breastfeeding requires an average of 500 extra calories per day"

    Besides feeding your baby, there are other uses for breastmilk too!

    Clears Ear Infections
    Just “put a few drops of breast milk in the ear canal every few hours.

    Heals Cuts and Scrapes
    Breastmilk is actually a natural antiseptic, and it can be used to soothe and promote healing of cuts and scrapes.

    Reduces Itching from Bites
    The antiseptic and antibacterial properties of breastmilk can reduce itching and promote healing of insect bites and stings.

    Relieves Sore Throat
    Gargle with breastmilk to help fight off a sore throat

    Can be used as Contact Lens Solution
    Did you get something on your contact, but you don’t have saline solution handy? Clean it with some expressed breastmilk!

    Get Rid of Puffy Eyes
    If you don’t have cucumber slices for your puffy eyes, saturate two cotton balls with cold breastmilk.

    Moisten Chapped Lips
    If you run out of lip balm and need instant relief, rub some breastmilk on your lips.

    Clears Acne
    Use a mixture of breastmilk and coconut oil on a cotton ball to help clear up acne in teens and adults.

    &&& MANY MORE!
    Last update, I told yall I was hoping to be 55kg this week. Well...IT DIDNT HAPPEN. Hahaha. I'm stuck at 60kg. That gives me a BMI of 21? Which is in the normal range lah so im not fat! But kinda on the high side for me which i still need to accept and get used to cus most of my life I've had a BMI of 18. Guess I'm eating way too much that breastfeeding ain't helping me lose any weight. So if you didn't read my previous post, I gained around 20kg and have already lost 10kg at the end of Week 2. I was kinda disappointed to not see a change in the numbers after 2 weeks but I also kinda expected it? After all I'm BFing and it won't be good to lose too much. My friends think I don't look 60kg though! Which I think is a great compliment. My face doesn't look bloated anymore and my nose looks smaller. When I was pregnant I had a super bulbous nose and a swollen face! Was so worried I'd forever stay that way but thank goodness I'm looking norm now *happy* :)

    Appointment for my treatment for slimmer thighs happens next Tuesday! WOOHOO! Never really believed in such treatments so we'll see if it really works or not since I'm bigger now and would be able to see an obvious difference if it works. I wish I could exercise (missing my long runs) cus I know for me that's the fastest way to shed the extra weight. Just went for my check up today and the doctor said i can start doing light exercises in 2 weeks time. My c-section wound healed up so nicely btw! Looking forward to step into the gym! My arms, thighs and butt are in need of major toning up! The tummy has to wait though. :(

    Done with "Post-Partum" for updates now! Will do the next Post-Partum update next month!

    0 0


    This weekend went by so quickly as i was really busy with Elroy's Full Month Celebrations!

    "Full Moon" (滿月, which literally means "Full Moon"), signifies the new born baby’s attainment of a full month's survival in good health, which calls for a celebration.

    In Chinese culture, proud parents introduce their new born baby by holding a celebration during the baby's first month birthday. Traditionally, the baby's name is also announced at this time.

    Credits: x

    Day 1 was done at the clubhouse downstairs with my friends! My bf and i decided to split the celebration into 2 days as i invited around 40 friends on my side and on his side he has around 120 (ya quite mad i know haha).

    Had really beautiful decoration for his party thanks to a few people!

    Have a party coming up? This post is going to be useful for you! Hehe.

    Balloons were done by Kristine - LittleRedBalloon.

    Check out some of her works at...
    Instagram: @thelittleredballoon

    Contact No.: 81618448


    Ordered the Red Eggs + Ang Ku Kueh + Cheesecups gift packages for my guests from JaraPetit

    Why Red Eggs and Ang Ku Kueh you ask?

    Red Eggs
    Life's Moments Red EggsDyed red eggs are an integral part of the full month celebration as it symbolizes happiness and the renewal of life, as well as announce the arrival of a newborn baby. Parents may also use the brightly colored eggs to announce the sex of the baby; an even number of eggs are sent out for a boy, and an odd number to announce a baby girl.

    In recent years, however, some of the traditions surrounding the custom of passing out red-dyed eggs have been modified. Nowadays, in modern Singapore, the more hip parents give out chocolates or soft toys instead.

    Ang Ku Kueh (“Red Turtle Cakes”)
    Life's Moments Ang Ku Kueh (“Red Turtle Cakes”)The dough of the "red turtle cake" is dyed red for good luck. This kueh also signifies longevity as turtles have long lives. Thus, the “ang ku kueh” is made to resemble a turtle's back.

    In the olden days, the design on top of the “ang ku kueh” will signify the sex of the child. A turtle and two marbles is the sign for a boy while a girl is represented by two peaches and Red Eggs. Nowadays, to simplify things, a ‘pointed’ “ang ku kueh” signifies a boy while a ‘flat’ one a girl.

    THE CHEESECUPS FROM JARAPETIT ARE SOOOO YUMMY! I would totally place orders for it for my next party because everyone loved it!

    Check out some of their works here:

    Visit them at...
    #B1-35 Dhoby Ghaut Xchange

    Place an order or ask them questions at

    We also had a pretty candy bar done up by PixieDustEvents!

    Chocolates, Jellybeans, Lollipops, Marshmallows, Popcorn...etc!

    So well decorated right? Hehe.

    They specialize in party decors! Oh and besides a Candy Bar, you can get them to do Dessert Tables and Photobooth Stations! They are a pretty new start up but i was soooo impressed with their work! Many of my friends said the candy bar was really pretty.

    If you need help with planning your party, contact them here.

    Check them out...


    I didnt take pictures during the party as i was too busy entertaining my friends.  :/ Haha i am a bad blogger liao....

    Oh and i ordered food from Neo Garden Catering and IT WAS SO GOOD. One of the best catering companies i must say. Every dish was yummy especially the curry chicken! If you are looking for a good caterer, check them out.

    Baby Elroy is probably the most energetic baby most people have ever seen. He refused to sleep and kept his eyes wide open from 4pm-9pm? It's like he knew it was his party!!! Super cute. Where got baby so full of energy one right?! Haha. And he sure loved being carried around by everyone! Super well behaved that day.

    My house after Day 1's party...can you imagine how many things we have now after Day 2? How blessed and loved you are my baby boy. :)

    p.s i paid for some services above so it's not fully sponsored. and and i only blog about things i like and not because i'm being sponsored! if i ain't please with it, i wont share it so rest assure! :)

    Had to wake up really early on Day 2 to pack stuff to bring to the hotel and was soooo tired! However, my baby boy was WIDE AWAKE ah...i wanted him to sleep longer in his room but he refused to be alone so i put him infront of a mirror and maybe he thought he wasnt alone anymore and stopped crying. So i managed to pack my stuff in peace. Haha.

    Checked into our hotel room at Capella to rest and get ready for a big night! 

    The arrangement by the management was really excellent! Walked into the room and saw a baby cot and bed prepared for my nanny.


     The Superstar of the night!
    Little Superstar and His Mommy!

    Little Superstar with his mommy and her mommy.

    Day 2 for a more formal dinner with the boy's side. Couldn't invite too many of my friends cus my boyfriend had a guestlist of over 100 people. Like wedding lor? Haha.

    I thought Baby Elroy would sleep throughout the dinner because of the long day he had the day before but..nope! He refused to sleep and again, just wanted everyone to carry him. Again, he just kept his eyes open throughout and kept looking around. When we put him in his pram, he would sleep for maybe 5 min then start crying cus he wanted to be carried and meet people. He is damn impressive leh! More energy than me, an adult. I was super drained after Day 1! Looks like he is going to be someone who loves parties and meeting people - like his mommy and daddy? Hehe.

    What an awesome weekend it was! Super happy everything went as planned and went so smoothly.

    I really look forward to 2015, so many people getting married and giving birth. I haven't attended a friend's wedding before and i look forward to doing so! Excited. Confirm gonna cry one. :)

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