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because im fickle like that.

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  • 05/12/13--04:42: Pinnedupcloset

  • Shop now at now and 
    receive a free Maybelline Brow Pencil with every purchase

    Simply quote "TammyPUC" when ordering! Stocks are limited so don't wait any longer! 

    Shop at

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  • 05/12/13--18:00: Beanie

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  • 05/14/13--01:10: New Arrivals
  • Here are some stuff which will be going up on the webstore later at 7pm!

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  • 05/15/13--05:45: Tattoo Removal 2
  • It's been 2 months since my last update on my laser tattoo.

    I just visited NSC for my second session yesterday!

    Here are some pictures!

    Pic on the left was taken before i went for my 1st session - tattoos have not met the laser yet.
    Pic on the right was taken yesterday, fully healed from the 1st session - before i went for my 2nd session.

    As you can see it is lighter but just very slightly. Which explains why i need to go for at least 10 sessions. :'( 

    And now...the pictures of the day after my skin meets the laser.

    This was taken after my 1st session. LOTSA HUGE ASS BLISTERS! SO SCARY RIGHT?!

    It took about 3-4 days for the blisters to go down. About 1 week later it starts getting really dry and scabbing. Took about 3-4 weeks to heal completely. Which explains why i only went for my 2nd session 2 months later.

    This was taken today. After my 2nd session. Not lasering the owl tattoo as the brown and orange are very difficult to remove, according to the doctor. So ill just leave it there!

    Blister isn't as huge as the previous sessions. But still as painful and swollen though.

    So yup! Hope those pictures prepared you if you want to get a tattoo lasered away.

    You can check out my first post on Tattoo Laser here.

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  • 05/16/13--01:16: Outdoor Shoot
  • This post is gonna be filled with tons of pictures! WHEE~~~

    Did an outdoor shoot for my online store's new collection with Multifolds. It was such a joy working with him - he sure is one hardworking and talented photographer.

    Needed the pictures urgently so i edited them myself. Hope i did a good job and didn't ruin his great photography skills!

    This collection will be going up this coming weekend - Sunday 19 MAY at 7pm!

    There'll be many more items up on the actual launch date, not showing all the previews so you gotta see it when the collection is up! :P


    Then Donna did a shoot today for Lin for the webstore! She's a great photographer too!! :D

    More Pictures available on the Facebook Page:
    Also, on Instagram! (go follow if you're not! just created it not long ago :))

    SEE YOU AT on Sunday!

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  • 05/17/13--01:49: Eating Clean
  • You're on Instagram and you see someone post something like this....

    "Today i'm eating clean!"

    If you follow Fitspo instagram accounts, this term "eat clean" always pops out.

    So... What does Eating Clean mean?

    Think of it as eating non-processed, chemical-free, natural ingredients. Starting with whole food, clean eating incorporates healthy preparation methods and spices, single ingredient items for sauces, such as olive oil, balsamic or apple cider vinegar, and agave. A clean diet can also incorporate other natural products, like no salt seasoning blend, mustard and tomato sauce. Eating clean results in eating healthy, but it does indeed require a high level of discipline and planning.

    There is no direct definition for "clean eating". Clean eating is NOT a diet - it is a lifestyle choice. Clean eating is not a new concept, as a matter of fact clean eating has been around for quite some time. Those involved with health, fitness or nutrition from competitors to personal trainers and health conscious individuals have been practicing "clean eating" for years.

    Why do people Eat Clean?

    1. Fat Loss
    2. Weight Loss
    3. Increased Energy
    4. Clearer Skin
    5. Shinier Hair
    6. Better Sleep
    7. Increased mental well-being

    The basics of eating clean include - eating lots of fruits and vegetables. (Everyday i eat AT LEAST 3 different type of fruits!) These are straight from nature - the idea is to stay away from anything that may have been altered in any way.

    Include meats, however; "whole" meats that you have chosen straight from the butcher or prepared yourself.

    Enjoy whole grains - these are grains that are still complete and haven't been broken down in any form. Examples include: brown rice, whole wheat and other whole grains. You will have to get used to reading over food labels. Just because a product says its "whole grain" does not mean it is. It also does not mean they have not added a bunch of other ingredients as well.

    Simple Guidelines for Success:

    - Eating small frequent meals 5-6 times per day to level blood sugar and prevent hunger
    - Include lean protein, complex carbohydrates and heart healthy fats in each meal choice
    - Avoid ALL processed and/or refined foods (sugar, baked goods, candies, white flour, white rice, etc)
    - Avoid saturated and trans fats
    - Avoid sodas, high calorie juices and other drinks that give your body no nutritional value and lots of unnecessary (unwanted) calories
    - Avoid high calorie, non nutritious foods (i.e. junk food)
    - Drink at least 8 cups of water per day

    Here's a website for Clean Eating Recipes:

    Give yourself time - I promise you, your body will LOVE you and you will reap the long term benefits!

    I'm on DAY 5 of clean eating! It's really difficult to eat clean, especially if you don't have the time to prepare the meal yourself but i managed to do it for 5 days cus I've been having Subway for lunch everyday. 

    Not everything at Subway is under the "Clean Eating" category. For my sub, i'll pick the Oven Roasted Chicken Breast, i'll pick the Wrap or the Wheat bread. No Cheese. All veggies. A little bit of sweet onion sauce, just a little bit. But it's better if there's no sauce! And yeah, i've been having it for 5 days already. Lol. For dinner, my mom would prepare a healthy dish for me which consists of LOTSA veggies and for dessert, i'm so glad i've NOT BEEN EATING ICE CREAM THIS WEEK. Instead, when i feel i need something sweet, i'll have a kiwi, strawberry or watermelon. So proud of myself!!! :D 

    I've never been this disciplined until i did a few photo shoots recently and realize how much i really want a nicer body! Combined with a good workout plan (3-4 times a week), i really hope it'll pay off for my upcoming shoot in June. :D

    Source: x

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  • 05/17/13--01:53: TINT - SALE

    Follow TINT on FB & IG

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  • 05/18/13--09:57: Halia & Table at 7

  • Today's my Cheat Day from Clean Eating. I am trying to eat clean from Monday-Friday and on weekends i get to eat ANYTHING I WANT. :D

    So finally after 5 days for eating clean, today i REALLY CHEATED. I had 2 really awesome meals at awesome restaurants! Feeling happy!!! BUT MUST WORK OUT SUPER HARD ON MONDAY....LOL.

    READ ON!!

    In the morning, my boyfriend and i were invited for a food tasting at Halia - Raffles Hotel.

    The interior of the restaurant is sooo nice! 

    We got to try their new brunch menu!

    I LOVE THE DIPS FOR THE FRIES, especially the truffle tip. OMG SO GOOD I COULDN'T STOP!

    Grilled Breakfast with Any Style Eggs - for this we chose poached eggs. This is the most popular brunch dish at Halia! Super nice! Especially the mushroom and bread!

    Not everyone was a fan of this Iberico Chorizo Leek Stew - BUT I WAS!!! I loved it a lot! It was really tasty. Lotsa beans inside. LOVE BEANS.

    Grilled Salmon Fillet. The sauce at the side was nice but wish they were more generous with the sauce cus it's really yummy.

    Wagyu Rump Cap. This was everyone's favorite! Very VERY yummy beef and sauce.

    Pancake with Strawberries.

    Their brunch selection isn't wide but it's good! Plus i REALLY LOVE THE INTERIOR OF THE RESTAURANT. I couldn't stop looking around! I hope they'd allow me to do a shoot for Ohsofickle there! I think the pictures will look AMAAAAZING.

    Super cool cups i spotted outside. SO COOL HUH?!

    1 Beach Road
    #01-22/23 Raffles Hotel
    Tel: 96391148

    After Brunch, we went to watch Star Trek - ate a whole box of sweet GUILTY AS HELL NOW. I did not fall asleep SURPRISINGLY. I think it was quite good leh! I wasn't expecting myself to like it at all but i did! I've changed....haha.

    And after that was DX's birthday dinner at Table at 7.

    Super yummy mushroom soup!!

    Happy Birthday Bbygirl! LOVE YOU!

    I really enjoyed the food too! The restaurant was really nicely decorated and quiet. The staff was really helpful and food was served quick. Thank you Sofie!

    Table at 7
    7 Mohamed Sultan Road
    Tel: 68366362

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  • 05/18/13--22:00: Ashincans

  • Quote "tammy" for $1 off the floral romper and free normal postage off the bill for the month of May! From

    Ash In Cans has been launching weekly/fortnightly collections with very exciting photo shoots held outdoors for this new collection!

    They’ve just launched a new collection with exclusively co-manufactured floral romper with Sassy Dream! Floral dungaree , as well as some other pretty imported stuffs!

    What’s more, if you’re always on the lookout for affordable clothes to wear to school, Ash In Cans is the webstore to shop at!
    Their clothes are mainly priced at $20 to $25, which is super pocket friendly for students!

    Wanna be updated of the happenings and receive information about sales posts and more? Join their mailing list to be in the loop!

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  • 05/20/13--03:06: Cheap & Healthy

  • On Sunday, we made our own brunch! 

    Bought the wrap from Colds Storage! $8 for 20 pieces, SO CHEAP! A wrap in Subway costs $6 already. I can make 20 wraps for $8 :O

    Inside the wrap, seasoned the chicken breast with steak seasoning! Under the chicken and lettuce is melted cheese! Easy to make and very yummy!

    I also bought Edamame. I LOVE IT! I CAN EAT THIS EVERYDAY!!!! If I'm not wrong, it's cheaper at NTUC? 

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  • 05/20/13--22:13: New Arrivals + Giveaway

  • Here to announce a GIVEAWAY on the Ohsofickle Facebook Page!

    And here are some of the products which will be up tomorrow, 22 May! 7pm.




    OSF Lace Embroidery Dress in Black

    A lot of girls have been asking me to bring in stuff for "older" girls so i decided to manufacture this dress! Great for Work and Play! The details are SUPER PRETTY. Available in 2 colors, Black and White.

    OSF Lace Embroidery Dress in White

     All designed and manufactured by OSF! :D

    See you tomorrow at

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  • 05/22/13--02:54: Ellysage

  • I've something awesome to share today!!! Ellysage is having a HUGE GIVEAWAY! And they're collaborating with none other than the company founded by our very own Miss Singapore, Rachel Kum! Rachel K is best known for their CC Cream, even models around the world use it! And you know what? YOU CAN GET FREE SAMPLES OF RACHEL K'S PRODUCTS!!!

    From now till 31 May, purchase any item (sale items included!!!) from ELLYSAGE and you'll receive free Rachel K make up and facial care samples! And you can also win FULL SIZED PRODUCTS by joining their Facebook and Instagram (@ellysage) contests!

    And if you aren't already a huge fan of ELLYSAGE, you might be pleased to know that they're stocked at KissJane Bugis Junction, and Blogshopping at both Far East Plaza and JEM (from June 2013). They also allow for self collection at Far East Plaza and Jurong East, making it super convenient for customers who are urgent for their apparels! HAVE FUN AND SHOP AWAY!!!

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  • 05/22/13--07:41: Work
  • This week has been such a CRAZY week. Packed with tons of work before i go for a short getaway to Bangkok. Quite excited about it because it's the first time after a long time going to Bangkok just to have fun - not work! I hope i get to see more of Bangkok this time round and hopefully share some interesting new stuff about Bangkok instead of the same old thing over and over again.

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  • 05/23/13--10:22: Fitness Friday
  • Got 10 mins to spare?



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  • 05/28/13--10:15: Maybelline Bold Matt
  • If you follow me on Instagram (@ohsofickle), you'd see that some of my pictures have the hashtag #boldmatt!

    This is my FAVOURITE lipstick by Maybelline and here's a video of us rocking them!

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  • 05/29/13--01:49: Eating in Bangkok
  • Back from my short getaway to Bangkok! Gotta quickly get this post done before my next flight out of Singapore!

    I promised to share good restaurants with ya'll so this post will be filled with lotsa food pictures! My friends did a bit of research on the places to go to so most of the places i recommend in this post will not disappoint! It sure didn't disappoint me one bit. :)

    This trip we stayed at Urbana Langsuan, located at Chidlom. We got the 2 Bedroom Suite. More details on the hotel (here).

    The rooms were really clean and nice and best thing is it's not expensive at all!

    Now time to introduce the restaurants to check out when you are in Bangkok!

    1. Mama Dolores 
    20 Soi Yen Akat | Sathorn, Bangkok, Thailand

    They serve really good pizza there! There were like 20 of us so we ordered quite a variety of pizzas. ALL WERE REALLY GOOD!!! Oh and you have to try their lamb kebab too.

    No more pictures because we were all SOOOO hungry after our flight.

    2. Chicken Noodles at Chatuchak 

    THE SOUP IS JUST AMAZING. The serving is really small though but good because you will still have space to try more food at Chatuchak. :)

    3. Another Hound by Greyhound
    Siam Paragon 

    There's also the Greyhound Cafe (located at Siam Centre - the building beside Siam Paragon) which i LOVE!  Another Hound seems more "atlas".

     This is usually something i will not order cus of the rice crackers but Sofie kept raving about how good this dish was. So we tried and OMG the dip was SO GOOOOOOOD!

    The chicken wings are highly recommended too!

    4. After You
    Siam Paragon


    The toast is what most people would order when they visit After You.

    Go to After You for the best desserts in town! It is a really popular dessert place in Bangkok so be prepared to queue - we waited for 45min!

    5. Mellow
    16 Thonglor, Bangkok

    According to my thai friend, there are a lot of good restaurants at Thonglor (where a lot of bars and clubs are at too)! I haven't got to try any because i'm always lazy to get out of the Pratunam area.

    I really REALLY recommend Mellow for a nice dinner followed by drinks!

    Soju Jelly - Peach. SO YUMMY. I really wished my alcohol tolerance was better so i can enjoy a whole glass to myself.

    Smoked Duck Spring Rolls - MUST TRY!

    Chicken Wings - SO GOOD

    Braised Beef Ribs

    Tiger Prawn Linguine in Pink Sauce


    Sirloin Steak

    6. Pratunam Wanton Mee and Pork Leg Rice
    4/32-33 Soi Petchburi 19, Pratunam

    Something i have without fail when i'm in Bangkok. I usually stay around Platinum Mall and this is located just opposite Platinum Mall, the lane beside Shibuya.

    Not sure if it's popular among the locals in Bangkok but it sure is among Singaporeans because it is forever filled with Singaporeans. Lol.

    Portion is tiny so you can afford to eat one plate of pork leg rice and one bowl of this. Or 2 bowls of this because THIS IS JUST TOOOO YUMMY.

    7. Somtam
    392/14 Soi Siam Square 5

    For the best chicken wings in town!

    8. ISAO
    5 Sukumvit 31, Bangkok 10110

    For Japanese Food! The most interesting looking sushis - looks good and tastes good. :D

    I recommend getting the set meals and then some sushi to share! The Set Meals are so cheap - really value for money!

    Spicy Salmon Sushi

     Nigiri Set - i always order this at most japanese restaurants i visit. I love kappa maki (cucumber sushi). It's nothing special but it has been my favorite sushi since i was 5 - also the first sushi i ever tried. :D

     Sushi Sandwich!

     Jackie the Caterpillar

    9. Crepes & Co
    59/4 Langsuan Soi 1

    Located just beside our hotel, Urbana Langsuan is this beautiful quiet restaurant which serves really nice crepes!

    You can make your own crepe too if you don't like what they have in the menu!

     This was really good. There like bits of bacon, ham with cream!

    And a dessert crepe, chocolate ice cream + bananas - can't go wrong!

    Both the savory and dessert crepes are equally yummy. :D

    Ok! And that's all the food places i checked out this trip!

    Feel free to share this post with friends heading to Bangkok or bookmark it and check the restaurants out the next time you're there! 

    Will be flying off for work but can't wait to update this space again when i'm back. :)

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  • 05/31/13--18:14: BKK B&W
  • Just some picx taken during my recent BKK trip! :D

    Lovin the white dungaree from TheTinselRack
    Go check them out for super cute stuff! I LOVE THEM! :D

    New JCs! I can't believe i managed to find it at Siam Centre. I actually gave up finding it in my size and got the Mega MJ instead.

    0 0

    Mark your calendars on 8TH JUNE for a popup sales by Ashincans x Dirtybling x Jumpingaround
    Happening at Far East plaza! With more than 700 designs up for grab!
    Past collections item/ new arrival/ accessories / shoes all at sales price!

    Where: Far East Plaza #01-61
    When : 8 JUNE 2013
    Time: 12.30 PM- 8 PM (PRIORITY ENTRY AT 12.00PM)
    Mode of Payment: CASH ONLY

    Terms & Conditions
    - We will not be responsible for any personal damages or losses
    - There will strictly be no exchanges or refunds for items purchased from this sale
    - Please kindly check all the items before leaving the venue
    - Strictly no trying of apparel
    - Bags will be cable-tied to safeguard your belongings. We highly encourage you to bring small purses
    - Kindly note that we will NOT attend to any product exchanges liaised over emails at the sale venue

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  • 06/01/13--18:00: Twirling Pastels

  • Shop at 

    Twirling Pastels Giveaway happening now!

    Collection 22 Giveaway:

    Want to win an apparel of your choice?

    Here’s what you need to do:
    Step 2: Like Collection 22’s Sneak Preview Album.
    Step 3: Like and share as many pictures as possible to stand a higher chance of winning. Then, comment “Liked and Shared”.
    Step 4: Spend above $50 to double your chances of winning!
    Step 5: One lucky winner will be announced on 12th June 2013, 8pm

    Shop at 

    Quote TAMMYXTWP to enjoy a 10% total purchase price!

    Here's me in a dress from TwirlingPastels, the design is amazing! Makes me look like i have a super small waist. :)

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  • 06/02/13--11:54: MBS
  • Thanks to Gushcloud, my boyfriend and i got to watch Dirty Dancing at MBS!

    Here's a video on it...

    I just kept staring at Penny's (i think that's her name lol) legs...LOL.

    Tickets available here.

    The story between Baby and Johnny is quite nice, "There are people willing to stand up for other people no matter what it costs them." :)

    After the show, we checked into our room at Marina Bay Sands!

    Super cute polka dot dress which will be up on soon!

    We did a photoshoot for a Lovescapade with Melvin from Multifolds

    It was a real joy working with him once again! This talented photographer sure knows how to make people feel comfortable during a shoot. It was filled with so much laughing and i really had so much fun. One of my favorites shoots, EVER. I can't wait for the pictures to be out! :)

    Can you guess the theme for the shoot already? Hehe.

    Ordered Room Service! This is the 3rd time staying in MBS and i always always order the room service here cus the food's good! This time we ordered for Western Food - i usually order the Local dishes!

    Looks quite sad but the fish was really yummy and fresh! THE CURLY FRIES ARE AWESOME TOO.

    Mushroom soup. I must say this was the only dish which i wasn't a fan of cus it was too bitter. :( I usually love mushroom soups so this was disappointing.

    Caesar Salad!

    My beef burger was DOPE!!! I finished it all. The meat was cooked medium and slightly bloody - super tasty. The bacon was good - can't go wrong with bacon! The bun was crispy at the side and soft inside. I LOVED IT!

    Small cute bottles!

    Was such a good Saturday! :D

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