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because im fickle like that.

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  • 12/27/13--20:21: Girlfriend Code
  • There's one thing I absolutely cannot stand. That is good friends sharing the same boy. How is it possible for them to sleep on the same bed (assuming the girls sleepover at the guy's place which is most likely the case)? How is it possible for them to kiss the same lips? 

    Recently heard about this rather popular blogger who slept with her good friend's boyfriend. Really Wrong. (If you get it *thumbs up*) 

    It's disgusting, no? No matter how nice the guy is to you, if it is your friend's bf, you should keep a distance. It's like an unspoken rule? To not be too close to your good friend's bf?

    I don't know if many practice this but I do and I know my close girlfriends like DX and Donna do too. Which I am thankful for. Plus, there is absolutely no way I'll give them up for a guy. The guy might only be nice to you in the beginning but in time to come, things will change. Never be over confident he will stay nice forever. Of course he is nice la....every guy can be nice if they want to get in your pants? But so what if he is nice? Boundaries my dear BOUNDARIES. He is your friend's. Don't even go near! There are so many other guys out there who will be nice to you. Youre so pretty, difficult to find meh? I will never do what you did. I love my friends so much because no matter what, they never leave - they stick to me through thick and thin. How can one betray the trust and let go of a friendship over a guy who might turn out to be unworthy? Good friends are hard to find and once you lose them, you might never ever find another one like them.

    What makes the whole situation worse is when this blogger actually gave up a relationship which was over 2/3 years long? For her friend's bf? Totally unacceptable?! Ok they may be having problems in the relationship and it's fine to break up but let go of a 2/3 years rship just like that and get together with another guy in just a few days. This would mean during her relationship before the break up, she was already talking to the guy her bestie was seeing. Poor ex bf of hers is still in army some more. No explanation can make up for it. Love? What love? One should never set eyes on their good friend's bf in the first place. Your gf's bf should always be FRIENDZONED. Even if he shows interest in you, as a girl you need to know the unspoken rule!!! I don't know how her friend feels but I feel angry and sad for her friend. What an absolute disappointment! Seriously, I will never have the heart to hurt my best friend like that. Ever. "I chose happiness"...*roll eyes* only a heartless friend can say that??

    It's really none of my business but it really pisses me off for some weird reason. If you know who the blogger is and who she got together with, you might think I'm feeling bitter cus the guy happens to be my ex. BUT IM NOT BITTER AH....I don't love him that way anymore! It's the actions of the girl I think is inappropriate and disgraceful. She may be blessed with good looks and all but seriously, a heart like hers is undeserving. You can't spare a thought for your best friend - one who has always been there for you. What a selfish act. Looks are SO deceiving. I can really conclude you ain't a nice girl after seeing how you handled things on so many different occasions with different people. The people who chose to leave you and talk behind your back, I totally get it now. Don't you ever self reflect? Why aren't you treasuring your close friends even after seeing some leave your life? What's the meaning of friendship to you I wonder? Quit always acting innocent and all self-righteous. Please. Oh please. 

    I'm so KPO but this is an issue I have to address. A mistake we should avoid making.

    p.s I don't give a damn about what material items you own and so please, don't compare with me. I'm the last person you should compare material goods with because I'm not from a well to do family and I cannot afford a lot. Im sure you will own a birkin before I do! This whole blogging thing should be a friendly competition. Need not be so competitive's so annoying cus I don't even do that. I've been in this industry for damn long and never have I ever "competed" with another blogger.  So what if someone "overtakes" you or if you "overtake" someone? You are so hungry for fame you forget the word "friends". Well girl....Fame is not forever. Remember that.

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  • 12/28/13--08:39: Anticlockwise

    29th December 2013, SUNDAY (8PM-12AM)

    As this is a Members Only Event, be sure to join their Mailing List if you would like to join in the fun with them!

     With up to 80% OFF STOREWIDE, this is definitely an event you won’t want to miss!!

    VVIP: 8PM – 9PM (Priority Shopping + Additional 10% OFF all purchases!)
    Normal Members: 9PM – 12AM
    1. Find these two photos (as shown below) on their Instagram page (@anticlockwisesg)
    2. Like & Repost any of these two photos with the shoutout “I want to attend @Anticlockwisesg Year End Member Sale!” & hashtag (#acwsale)
    3. Comment with your email on their picture once you have completed the steps above!
    *Cut off Time – 29th December 7PM*

    Don’t miss this event! x

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  • 12/28/13--23:30: Oops
  • The post sparked more views than I expected but all I can say is OOPS. 

    "Bloggers are humans too, they feel the same as we do, why couldn't they express their horror and disgust at something unethical?"

    I'm quite kpo la but it's my blog so I have every right to post what I feel about people/things! 

    As girls, we gotta always remember this important line "SISTERS OVER MISTERS"!!

    Some people make it sound like I'm defaming an innocent party. There are so many issues to address, why this?

    Have you wondered why of all people? I've never participated in most online dramas or addressed issues like that concerning other bloggers before. Even if I do, I won't drop obvious clues. But why is this an exception? 

    I have actually given her the benefit of a doubt and never spoken ill of her despite knowing not so nice stuff about her from "victims". I even said it to her once "you should change yourself cus you can't survive in this industry if you don't know how to Zuo Ren". Not only have I heard stuff from other bloggers and my good friends, I heard stuff from sponsors I recommended her to. It's like I felt bad for introducing her to them. 

    My impression of her hasn't been good at all and I know she's nothing like the angel she portrays to be.

    I admit though it's bad of me since I kinda did use this opportunity to expose her by leaving a clue which could've been left out but I chose to do it instead of protecting her identity completely. But why? Cus I don't like how she handled things. I don't like that she thinks she can get away scot-free when she does wrong. Plus it really goes to show the kinda person she can be, a friend many wouldn't want to keep if she doesn't change herself.

    Call me a busy body call me whatever you want. This whole issue has nothing to do with me and I'm fully aware by choosing to blog about it and "exposing her", I am gonna get flamed. What do I gain? Nothing much, really. But I'm actually quite relieved I did it though. I've said my piece, voiced out what most people feel about the incident. That's all!

    All along I've blogged about my views on certain issues and no one has said it was childish to give my views so what's so different now...? Anyhows, I really cannot tolerate such acts and it is something I have a lot to say about whether or not it involves her. It just made it more interesting since the person involved is her! Just bad luck it has to be her and I have to find out through her friend's friend. Before I actually blogged about it, I made sure it was true - to a certain extent. Obviously things I hear might have been exaggerated and all but I'm sure there's truth in it. Singapore is so small I would think this issue only happens on TV shows but since it's happening to a person most of us know, that makes it an interesting topic to discuss. 

    Well if she was really "in love" with a guy she shouldn't be in love with (ya I know how stupid girls can be), the least she could've done was to talk to her friend before things got serious. Instead of hiding everything and doing things behind her back. It will still be wrong but it makes it "not so bad" cus at least she's "honest" and not a liar. People make mistakes. I understand. But when you do some things, there are consequences. This, I guess, is what you have to face. You think you can get away with wrong-doings so easily all the time...and then act like an angel? Nah-uh not this time. Your record ain't so clean anymore.

    And this is a comment I extracted from someone on her blog...I totally agree. 

    I do not know the first hand account of what has happened but I truly feel that your actions are wrong and shameful.. how can you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend even while he was still together with your friend.. you said you would give anything to change the timing, you regretted not being the first to tell your friend the truth. So why did you hesitate telling her the brutal truth in the first place and instead took to twitter to post elusive and indirect tweets about the guy.. tweeting how you have found "an angel, a rare gem" and its so disgusting that you still didn't tell your friend when she saw your tweet and asked you who. Tweeting things like you wouldn't mind breaking your heart a thousand times just so you could "live in the white hot heat with the guy" isnt it quite obvious what attracts you to the guy is mostly lust and sexual desire? What makes it love? Do not taint the sanctity of love by using it as a justification for your unreasonable and selfish actions. Sure, I completely understand you since certain feelings are unavoidable and uncontrollable, but you shouldn't have slept with your friend's boyfriend even knowing she was deeply in love with him. You could have tell her your feelings for him first.. anything better than that. Can you even imagine how your friend would feel hearing about how her supposedly best friend is screwing with her boyf behind her back. And no dont give the excuse that he is available because "they were not together". You know that they are more than friends yet you chose to do that, just because you want to be happy. Is your happiness much more important than others? What makes you think that only uou deserve your happiness but others are okay with being deprived of their happiness because of your selfish act? Even if the act was done you should have waited for the storm to be over before posting a photo of your new boyf on instagram. Whats the use of blurring the photo? Are you trying to make a stand using that photo, to prove to them that you have done right in "fighting" for your happiness? No you didnt fight for your happiness, you obviously gethapiness by backstabbing others. The worst part is, you don't even repent. You dont feel sorry at all. Sure, you are sorry for not being the first to break the news to your friend, like what you have stated in your post. But, clearly, there is no mention of the remorse you feel for sleeping with your friend's boyf and its something you dont regret and would still do it even if given a second chance. Even your remorse and guilt are self centered. You are sad to lose a companion in the form of your ex. You are sad to lose a best friend. At the end of the day, you are distraught to witness people leaving from your side, but there is no mention of their feelings and the betrayal they felt.

    P.s I'm not perfect. I'm no angel either.  I've made mistakes in life and paid the price for it. This is not a post of me trying to portray a goody two shoes image of myself cus I know I'm not. 

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  • 12/29/13--07:28: Ristorante Da Valentino
  • When i think of Italian food, i think of Ristorante Da Valentino

    One of the best Italian Restaurant you can find in Singapore. This is one place i love going back to. Good food, great service and beautiful ambience.

     Food Pictures!

    I love the Ciabatta bread! Couldn't stop at one and had like 4 before the main course was served.

    Appetizer. Parma Ham with Sweet Melon! Such a good combination. Salty + Sweet.

    Mushroom Soup & Beef Soup. I think the mushroom soup was really good but the beef one was so-so wish it was more tasty.

    Braised Veal Shank
    Very tasty and soft.

    Grilled Lamb
    So perfectly cooked. Not too tough.

    Squid Ink Fettuccini with Crab Meat
    I wanted to order the Squid Ink Pasta but was told i had to "preorder" it so i ended up with this but it was really good and i had no regrets!

    Definitely the place to be for Italian Cuisine and i look forward to my next visit to Valentino's. I will make sure i don't have too many Ciabatta Bread so i have space for desserts hehe.

    I rate this restaurant 8.5/10 stars.

    Ristorante Da Valentino
    #01-19 The Grandstand
    200 Turf Club Rd Singapore, 287994

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  • 12/31/13--19:00: Happy New Year

  • It's a brand new year and i am truly thankful for everything that has happened in 2013.

    I am thankful to have met another boy this year. I am thankful i coped well with the break up. It was definitely sad to let it go but maybe this is better for us both and i am thankful to be able to spend 3 years with that wonderful boy. Both of us found happiness in someone else in a short time but i'm sure we both won't forget the great times we once shared.  I wish him all the happiness in the world and am glad things didn't end on a bad note.

    I ended the year with a blog post which wasn't very nice. The choice I made to do the post, I understand the consequences for me. Some people choose to "fake it to make it"...sorry, I broke it. One thing though, how come some would rather  not know about this incident and live life being lied to by an "angel". Anyway, now that all's said and done, life goes on.  Lessons have been learnt. Sorry I had to do it.

    In 2013, I have met the nicest people and I know they are people whom I want to keep for the rest of my life! Thankful for those people! I love that I didn't lose any friends this year and even after quarrels we did salvage the friendship!.

     I also got diagnosed with something which made me extremely sick and worried for weeks but I'm glad that I'm still alive, healthy and kicking! This makes me wanna start being more health conscious in 2014.

    I look forward to the adventures and opportunities waiting for me in this brand new year! May this year be filled with peace, love and happiness. Oh and abundance or wealth and good health too!

    Happy New Year Everyone!

    Launching a new collection on at 1pm! 
    See you there!

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  • 01/03/14--23:49: Blazer

  • My blazer craze is back and I am slowly gonna take the blazers hiding in my closet out to play! I'm quite a hoarder and times like these, I am thankful that I am. Hehe.

    p.s many still entertaining me on my comment box regarding the "Really Wrong" issue. Since my sources are reliable enough, regardless who backs her up, I choose to stick to what I believe. Plus, the other party involved  who is so magnanimous and respectable has a way better tell all post. it is directly from the source ok, not from a kpo like me hahaha lovin the "sometimes it sucks to be pretty" response to blame it on her looks for something which has happened #reallywrong

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  • 01/07/14--01:24: Stronger Than I Was
  • Cause this morning I finally stood up
    Held my chin up, finally showed a sign of life in me for the
    First time since you left me and left me with nothing but shattered dreams
    And a life we could've had and we could've been
    lyrics: stronger than I was, eminem

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  • 01/07/14--01:30: Alone
  • I have been sitting here in the bus for the past 1 hour. I don't even know where I'm gonna alight cus I just took a random bus to waste time, enjoy the scenery and listen to good music. I love the Spotify app so much. Can't believe I only started using it now. I love alone time. Reflecting on myself, my life. Thinking about how to improve myself, my relationship and my business. Thinking of new stuff to try cus maybe I have a hidden talent. Lol. My ass is starting to hurt now....maybe I should get off soon. Oh the weird things I do when I'm free.

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  • 01/09/14--05:35: Abs Exercise
  • Here are some pretty good ab exercises you can try at home!  

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  • 01/09/14--05:35: Holding On?
  • We’re all on different rides, but they all end the same way. You do not need somebody else’s love to be whole. You do not need their permission to go on with your life. What you do need is your own love. You need to let yourself go on. Their love isn’t stopping you, because that love doesn’t exist. It is only you who is holding onto what you believe should be. And what you will realize, sooner or later, is that most of your life is defined and chosen by what you compel yourself to believe should or shouldn’t be. Release yourself from the cage you built. You hold the key to your own freedom. 

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  • 01/10/14--08:17: Carrislabelle

  • Wearing Underwrap Bralet from

    "Rebranded from I Love Cupcakes to Carrislabelle, not only to give users a better shopping experience, but also to establish a strong brand my incorporating the owner's name so that customers to feel more connected with the brand and owner herself."

    Carrislabelle have restocked most of the hot on demand items such as the Nastygal Inspired Dress, Chiffon Sleeve Off Shoulder Top, Back Cutout Peplum Top in Tiffany Blue and many more.. Price

    Chinese New Year is around the corner but have you started shopping for your CNY clothing? If you haven't, fred not! Because Carrislabelle has prepared a wide range of oriental apparels for the coming CNY.

    Expect to find lace dresses, and colours of RED in this collection.
    Carrislabelle did not bring in any Cheongsam dresses or Tops because i always believe that you should spend your money on clothing that you can wear again, not just for CNY.

    This collection are carefully handpicked by me to ensure that they could fit the CNY theme and yet you can wear it over and over again even if CNY is over.

    Agree? Start your CNY shopping at Carrislabelle now!

    Sign up for mailing list here to receive the latest updates and exclusive promotions just for mailing lists.

    Tammy readers get 5% off! Enter Coupon Code TAMMY5 to enjoy the discount when you checkout

    Shop at NEW website 

    Like the NEW Facebook Page at
    Follow us at NEW Instagram Address

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  • 01/11/14--04:30: NEW IN
  • Ohsofickle will be launching a new collection on 12 January 2014, Sunday at 5pm!

    Have you girls done your CNY clothes shopping?

    Here are some stuff we think are suitable for CNY!

    And more stuff!

    There are shoes in this upcoming collection too!

    There will be over 35 new designs in this upcoming collection. Most items in this upcoming collection are specially manufactured and designed by Ohsofickle.

    Items are available at our racks at KISSJANE (Century Square) and MIYOC (JCUBE) from 14 January (Tuesday) onwards.

    Visit the boutique if you wish to try on the items!

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  • 01/11/14--06:53: Hai Di Lao
  • Everyone's favorite place for steamboat. Well, i think so because the queue is mad crazy. EVERYDAY. Have to wait for an hour till you get a seat. While waiting, you get to munch on fruits and nuts. You can even get a manicure done IN THE RESTAURANT. Pretty cool. Service is really top notch. I'm not one who would be willing to queue an hour for food! Usually by the 30 min mark i'd be all

    The food served is super fresh and of good quality! However, i wasn't exactly a huge fan of the soup base, have tasted better elsewhere. But it was still pretty good...just not The Best to me.

    LOL LOVIN THE PHOTOBOMBERS AT THE TABLE BEHIND. See if you can guess who they are??

    Still, there's no place with better service than Hai Di Lao and i would surely go back. 

    9/10 Stars

    Hai Di Lao


    #02-04, Clarke Quay, 3D River Valley Road


    Daily: 10:30 - 03:00

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  • 01/11/14--21:09: Sinderfurlla

  • Sinderfurlla is a newly started online store which will be launching their 2nd collection - SIN.02, CNY specials. Launching on 12th Jan at 2pm! Be sure to hop over as they have their best seller Off Shoulder Body Con One-piece in RED! 

    Quote TAMMYXSIN10 for 10% off order!

    Shop online: 

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  • 01/11/14--21:24: WhiteClothes

    It's White Clothes again!

    This time bringing more festive clothes to you!




    Their Chinese New Year Collection which is also their debut launch for 2014

    will be launched tonight at 8PM!

    You should totally check it out as there are tons of new arrivals (more than 30 designs)

    with affordable prices for you to choose from! ;)

    Wearing Cut-out Strappy Camisole in Black as seen on model below!


    Here are the featured products of this collection that I think are really adorable and suitable for CNY too:

    They are also selling bags suitable and compact enough for visitings and angbaos!

    Remember to quote 'tammy' for $2 off!

    Like them today on Facebook for their first hand updates

    & giveaway which is ongoing!

      Join their mailing list for promos and discounts and follow them on their social platforms too!

    Instagram: whiteclothes

    Twitter: whiteclothesco


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  • 01/12/14--06:09: Fairebelle
  • Dress up in style this CNY with FAIRE BELLE.

    Garner praises from loved ones with our extensive selection of exclusive apparels.

    Specially made, tastefully done. Only at Faire Belle:

    Faire Belle updates every Thursday 8pm & Sunday 11am.

    Remember to bookmark their page and you're in for your weekly doses of pretty clothes!

    Specially for OSF readers!

    From now til 18th Jan 2014,
    Key in "OSFJAN14" at shopping cart to
    enjoy 5% off total bill with min $50 spent!

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  • 01/12/14--19:00: Twirling Pastels

  • Established in 2012, we absolutely have the hots and passion for fashion. We try our best to bring in fashionable clothes at absolutely affordable prices for all. We aim to share our love for fashion to all fashion lovers. In the near future, we would be manufacturing our own pieces for all. Besides manufacturing, we will be doing international shipping shortly :)
    With the love and support of our customers, we aim to go global in time to come. With items handpicked by us, we assure the quality of our items. We hope to bring the best to our customers and thus, quality control will not be compromise at all.

    We look forward to bringing a better and bigger Twirling Pastels (TWP) to all our beloved customers in the near future. We strive to make our website hassle-free and easy navigation for all customers!

    To better improve and serve our customers better, TWP has placed their items in several outlets at BlogShopping. Self-collection has also been collaborated with staff there so customers can opt for self-collection at the store. Besides self-collection, we restock the rack every week to ensure that there is novelty in our products and to give customers a wider variety :) We would also be launching exclusive items there, so do keep a lookout ;) 

    BlogShopping outlets:
    Far East Plaza
    Bugis Junction 

    Quote "TAMMYXTWP" for 10% off all purchases!

    In addition, don't forget to join our FaceBook giveaway :) 
    Instagram: @twirlingpastels to view our New Arrivals today :)

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  • 01/12/14--21:50: CNY Hair

  • Essensuals is located just above the Burger King at Bugis Street! Super easy to find!

    (Call to book an appointment! Remember to mention "Ohsofickle/Tammy" to enjoy the special rates!)

    For rates and services, feel free to give them a call!

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  • 01/13/14--21:31: SHOPDIYGALORE

  • Shopdiygalore is always keeping their customers in mind while designing clothings. They aim to be the store where customers can turn to when attending important occasions.

    Be it a first date, casual outing, parties, festives, valentine's day and meet the parents sessions, there is always something for everyone.

    They are always open to feedbacks and strive to improve their brand constantly.

    Its finally the seasons of RED again so do expect to see even more wine red apparels coming up!

    This Twist of fate maxi is a Zara inspired design with a slit on the side of the dress. One of the perfect dress for Lunar new year and valentine's day because its semi formal, sexy and elegant. It is available in 3 colors and 2 sizes.

    This manufactured sweet Fairytale lace romper also another great choice for CNY and you can even go clubbing in this outfit after visitings.

    I think the quality of the lace is fantastic! Not those cheap-kind. However, i think it fits girls who are more petite like 160cm and below cus this romper was showing my butt cheeks lol. Times like this i wish i was petite!

    Self Collection is now available every Saturday after 2pm at Humblebones Shop, 2 Orchard Link, Scape, # 02- 19.

    Like their Facebook Page and follow them on Instagram to stay updated with their latest collections and previews.

    Do hashtag #shopdiygalore when wearing their apparels and stand a change to win $10 vouchers!

    Instagram: @shopdiygalore

    Quote "Tammy" to enjoy 8% off your purchases. Discount Code is valid 14 Feb 2014!

    *Discount exclude postage charges and sales items.*

    Do bookmark this webstore because there will be a second CNY collection launching in mid January.


    So what are you waiting for???


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  • 01/14/14--09:53: New In

    Launching on 17 Jan (Friday)
    Time: 5pm

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