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because im fickle like that.

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  • 12/11/13--01:00: New In
  • A lot of people asked me recently if i've fully recovered from my face surgery. Well my eyes are more or less fully recovered already!!! Yay!!! However, i think the recovery of my nose is awfully slow! :( When people told me recovery of nose takes 6 months, i thought to myself "nah, can't be that long lah!" but sadly, NOW I KNOW THAT IT'S TRUE. It's 1 and a half months and my nose still looks kinda huge! Some days i wake up and it's small but some days it's big?! I don't know what's happening man....IT SUCKS. If this is the final result of my rhinoplasty, I'D BE SAD. My nose looks damn bulbous from some angles. 

    Anyway! Here are pictures from the recent ShopOhsofickle shoot!

    Shop away at

    I sure don't look like a sick girl huh? Just ook at how happy and healthy i look? And the amount of weight gained? Happy weight i call it....someone's feeding my well. ;) But well, y'know what they say "looks are deceiving".... :( ain't no healthy girl here! Won't deny i'm still quite happy cus i feel blessed having some people stick with me through the bad times.

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  • 12/11/13--07:43: Advertorial Overload
  • Sorry for the advertorial spam! It's December, the festive season so all the different brands want as much exposure as possible!

    If you enjoy it, YAY!!! Hope all the shopping makes you a happy girl!

    If you don't, bear with it, ok? Bo bian. :P

    I'll try my best to be back with restaurant reviews, tips and tutorials soon! First, i need to get my life together and carefully plan what i'm going to do for OSF since i can no longer fly out of Singapore for the next few months. Also very unfortunate because i had plans to go to Maldives and New York in the beginning of next year. DAMN. :(

    But everything happens for a reason....right? :/

    "Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle."

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  • 12/11/13--08:28: When I Create
  • Too busy to shop for Christmas presents for your loved ones? Don't you worry! You still have a week or so to do shopping online. You don't even need to travel and walk around town for others. It's amazing how much time you can save when you shop online.

    I received this accessories plate from whenicreate ( and i love it! I love interesting home decor like this. It makes my room/house look less boring. I'm always on the look out for interesting stuff like that to add to my house or get it for friends to make their room/work space look less boring.

    Also received this cute pillow~

    Here's an awesome thing about this pillow...


    when i create -- is a Singapore-based online Zakka store that features uniquely hand-picked, craft materials and lifestyle products. A humble, endeavouring platform to provides you what you need to transform your artful concepts into a hand-made reality,and to enable u to expand the boundaries of your creativity.Discover,experiment and bask into the quaint and whimsical world of Zakka.

    Instagram: @whenicreate

    Collection 3 Lookbook

     Amelia wooden display unit

    Olivia accessory tray bird

    Lexie accessory tray bird

    Heidi wooden shelving

    Madison Soap Holder

    Instagram: @whenicreate

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    ***This post is written by Daryl Yow sharing his Plastic Surgery experience!***

    Before I kick start on this post-surgery post, I’d like to thank SMPS for the absolutely wonderful experience they’ve given me. THANK YOU!

    How many of you have always wanted to get your eyes/nose/chin done? But only end up telling your friends about it and then shelving that thought aside because you’re too scared of pain or that the cost of the surgery is too high?

    Let me tell you now ok, IT’S NOT PAINFUL AT ALL AND ALSO, START SAVING UP! Serious. I’ve never thought that I’d actually say this, because I’m really quite stingy with my money (especially when it comes to vanity) but I really wouldn’t mind paying for my surgery, because it turned out so freaking well!

    2 hours post-surgery was done:

    I was spamming Vitamin C and other foods that promote healing such as (the extremely awful tasting) pumpkin and pineapple. I’ll talk more about my tragic experience with Pineapples in awhile…

    Pumpkin Soup:

    Tammy and I were daring each other to eat it LOL. It was soooo awful!!

    POINT TO NOTE THOUGH, below these are the things I did and did not do during consultation, which I believe helped me increase my chances of great results (you can more or less tell that the results already look promising, despite the swell)


    1) I told Dr Lee the overall feel that I wanted. I told him that I didn’t want a strong, masculine look (I really don’t see myself pulling off a masculine look very well) I wanted to go for a softer, less chiseled look, in other words, boyish.

    2) I gave him pictures of eyes/nose/chin that I DIDN’T want. (Read carefully, I gave him examples of WHAT I DIDN’T WANT)

    3) I made sure Dr Lee/the people in charge liked me as a person LOL, ok maybe I’m thinking too much, but I think that having a great relationship with your plastic surgeon/his people in charge helps. (I INSIST THAT THIS IS NOT CRAP!!!)

    4) I refrained from alcohol, second hand smoke for a week before I stepped into surgery. And also, no vitamin E!! VERY IMPORTANT.


    1) I DID NOT give him a celebrity’s face and go “I want Godfrey Gao’s eyes and I want Sen Mitsuji’s lips and I want GD’s nose!!!!” IT DOESN’T WORK THIS WAY. Common sense would tell you that it’s ridiculous! It’s like saying “I love Ben & Jerrys, OH and Ban Mian and and and MAYONNAISE!!! Let’s me mix them together on a plate and see how that works out!” You get a barf-worthy dish A.K.A SHIT.

    Actually, that’s just it. Just please, don’t give them a picture of a celebrity and tell them that you want their eyes/nose/chin. Because, it might not blend well with your other features- features that are yours. Let him advice you on what will suit you better, ok?

    Now, I’ll talk about pineapples. DO NOT TAKE TOO MUCH OF THEM. I took too much pineapples/pineapple juices and had SO MANY ulcers grow on my tongue. Tammy already warned me, but I was too stubborn lol. It was hell considering the fact that I had a chin implant surgery, which on its own, already restricted my mouth movements during meal time.

    Icing your face 3-5 times a day after your surgery for the next 30 days is extremely important as well! 
    I iced my eyes the most! And the swelling actually went down pretty quickly for that day.

    My eyes on Day 4:

    Note: It swells again the next morning for about a month or two, so you’ll have to be really patient during this period! Rest your head on at least 2 pillows to prevent major swelling the next morning! One last thing, don’t sleep for too long as well! 6-7 hours is ideal.

    Lol, I sound like some plastic surgery guru, but really, I have to thank the person-in-charge, Ivy, who took super good care of Tammy and I throughout the process. She was like a nagging mom, constantly nagging at us to eat this and eat that, and not eat this and not eat that. She even changed my bandages for me and applied antiseptic on my eyelids! Where to find! Hahaha.

    For those of you who have very low tolerance for pain, I’m being very honest with you k. The whole surgery was PAINLESS. Seriously, painless. Even the days after the surgery, there was very little pain.

    I would consider myself to have quite a low tolerance for pain, that’s  actually the main reason why I’ve always not had the balls to go under the knife. But it’s really painless!


    NOSE SURGERY: 1/10

    CHIN SURGERY: 1/10

    I was so happy that it was really painless!

    THEN came the day I dreaded since the start of the trip…. THE REMOVAL OF STITCHES. This one ah, hmmmmmm, is really quite something. Lol.

    It hurt. I’m not gonna lie, it did hurt.

    I think there were about 50 over stitches to be removed on me. I told the nurse, “Please please, go easy on me.” She told me that it’d actually be more torturous if she went slow and easy, which did not make sense to me at that time.

    When she removed the first stitch at the outer corner of my eyelid, I got a little scared because it stung. It was painful. I wasn’t crying, I think I was bawling. I started cursing and swearing lol, can’t imagine how much stress the nurse was under.

    The whole process lasted for 10 minutes.


    EYELIDS: 6.5/10

    NOSE: 5/10

    CHIN: 8/10

    It’s been almost 7 weeks since my surgery and I’m healing very well. I’ve been taking selfies on my Instagramaccount for regular comparisons each week. So far so good!

    My weekly progress:

    Week 2:

    Pumpkin Porridge was my best friend for the whole of week 2. It really DOES help with healing!

    Week 3:

    Look at how much the swelling on my eyelids have subsided! Vitamin C, Zinc, Pumpkin, Pineapples all played a part in helping! Icing too! I'm always icing my eyes!

    Week 4:

    Still a little yellow on my temples and forehead (due to the fat grafting), but I was told by many that I was healing extremely well.

    Week 5:

    The dreaded week- NS. Thank God I looked more or less “normal” already. People in my camp couldn't even tell that I went for surgery 4 weeks before I enlisted! Hahaha.

    Week 6:

    And now, the BEFORE & AFTER picture of myself!

    Most of my friends tell me that I don’t look that different from the front and that the huge difference lies in my profile view. That was EXACTLY what I wanted. An enhancement, NOT a transformation.

    Gotta thank Dr Lee and Irene once again for doing such a wonderful job!!!

    And now, this is how I look like:

    (Picture was taken last night)

    Words really cannot express how grateful I am towards SMPS. :’)

    If you have any questions at all regarding this surgery, you can ask me at! I’ll be glad to help!

    Also, you can keep up with my recovery process at (@darylaiden) on Instagram.

    If you’re interested in getting your plastic surgery done at the clinic Tammy and I went to, contact the SM Plastic Surgery Singapore Team for more information!


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  • 12/12/13--18:00: Q Spa

  • This is probably the only review on Q Spa you can find online because it is a super duper new company!

    I visited Q Spa located at the basement of Queensway Shopping Centre to pamper myself. I don't know why but i haven't done much vigorous activity because i'm sick and always feeling too weak to move but still, my body is aching like i ran did some intensive cardio. Zzz. I was so glad to be offered a trial at Q Spa as my body was really in need of a good massage.

    The lady who did my massage looked so skinny and small but when she laid her hands on my body, i was pretty impressed with the strength and technique used. She was a pretty serious masseuse...seems dedicated to her job. I don't know how to describe what "serious" actually means but yeah, not anyhow anyhow press press then finish. 

    The place was clean, quiet and comfortable. The 3 most important factors to me when i visit places like that.

    I like that the prices at Q Spa are kept low and reasonable. If you live nearby the area, lucky you!

    Q Spa Price List

    Foot Massage
    30 min $25
    60 min $42
    90 min $63

    Full Body Massage
    30 min $30
    60 min $55
    90 min $82

    Head and Shoulder Massage
    30 min $30

    Packages also available, call them (64711055) to ask for more information on that.

    Here's a good news for those who are interested in getting a massage done at Q Spa....

    All OSF Readers get to enjoy a 15% discount when they visit Q Spa. 

    Which means, 1 hour Full Body massage will cost you $46 (usual price $55) and 1 hour Foot Massage is around $36 (usual price $42). That's a deal you wouldn't want to miss! 

    This deal is only valid when you make an appointment with them so remember to book before going down to avoid disappointment.

    Contact Number: 64711055

    Q Spa
    1 Queensway Shopping Centre 
    Singapore 149053

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  • 12/16/13--06:44: Zouk Out 2013
  • Despite not being able to consume alcohol as i'm on medication (and will be for the next 6-9 months :'( ), i still went for Zouk Out! How could i miss the biggest beach party of the year right? 

    I went for both nights and am so glad to see so many chio friends.

    Not much to say so imma just post pictures i took with my pretty friends....and of course, all with my face :P too bad, it's ma blog.

    Sad thing was my phone's reception was so bad so i was left angsty as i missed out some fun with other friends cus i couldn't find them and my phone didn't want to cooperate. Still, i enjoyed the music from my room. Please try to book a room at Sentosa if you go to ZoukOut....that is if you can afford to because getting a cab back after the party can be a real pain in the ass! I heard so many stories of people waiting for hours to get a cab. One of my close friends had to even resort to...touting. So illegal in Singapore but some cab drivers can be bad asses when it comes to $$$.

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  • 12/16/13--06:50: SHOPDIYGALORE
  • Shopdiygalore aims to cater to girls of all styles. As the saying goes "Hot, Spice, Everything Nice!"

    SDG is always keeping their customers in mind while designing clothings. They aim to be the store where customers can turn to when attending important occasions.
    Be it a first date, casual outing, parties, festives, valentine's day and meet the parents sessions, there is always something for everyone.

    They are always open to feedbacks and strive to improve their brand constantly.

    To welcome you into this festive season where joy and happiness fills the air, Shopdiygalore have launched a fully manufactured christmas collection filled with lots of party dresses!

    Be the centre of attention as you walk into clubs or go for countdowns with this Aurora Sequin Party Dress which are available in 2 colors and sizes!!! YES, THEY HEARD YOU!!! All future manufactured items will come in sizes!

    Inspired by Topshop, this Matt Sequin top is a basic & versatile top which is definitely worth investing! Shopdiygalore is only selling this piece at $28.50 but if you were to purchase from shops like Topshop, it will definitely cause $70 and above! Try matching this top with velvet or leather for an interesting clash of textures.

    You can match the top with high-waisted pants, high-waisted flares skirts, midi-skirts, body con skirts, palazzo pants, trousers - pretty much everything and anything!

    Items launched in this collection are of boutiques quality under the SDG premium label. Remember, quality over quantity!!!

    Here i am in the SHOPDIYGALORE Strapless Sequin Dress! This eye-catching dress is perfect for X'mas parties! Super cute and definitely will get you tons of compliments.

    Don't forget to shop their sales because items are going as low as $8.90. -

    Also, self Collection is now available every Saturday after 2pm at Humblebones Shop, 2 Orchard Link, Scape, # 02- 19.

    Whats an advertisement without a discount code? HERE YOU GO... !

    Quote "Tammy" to enjoy 5% off your purchases. Discount Code is valid till end of 2014!

    *Discount exclude postage charges and sales items.*

    Like their Facebook Page and follow them on Instagram to stay updated with their latest collections and previews.
    Do hashtag #shopdiygalore when wearing their apparels and stand a change to win $10 vouchers!

    Instagram: @shopdiygalore

    Do bookmark this webstore because lots of manufactured items( eg: crochet, rompers, maxi, lace dresses) are coming up for Chinese New Year!


    So what are you waiting for???


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  • 12/17/13--01:00:


     They have just launched their Christmas collection with everything below

    $25, no regrets checking them out 'cause I promise you'll love em(!!)

     WhiteClothes sent me this really versatile pleated top which i absolutely am a fan of cus it's so easy to match! Definitely a wardrobe staple.

    Wearing Orion Pleated Camisole HTTP://WWW.WHITECLOTHES.CO

    It's not only chic but comfortable and real easy to match.

    What's the best part?

    They're having a Christmas promo and all of the 5 colors below are only going @ $19.90 each!


    They also launch clothes with varieties:




    Remember to quote 'tammy' for 10% off(not valid for promo items)!

    Like them today on Facebook for their first hand updates and giveaway which is ongoing!

      Join their mailing list for promos and discounts and follow them on their social platforms too!

    Instagram: whiteclothes

    Twitter: whiteclothesco


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  • 12/17/13--06:53: Quote of The Day
  • "Every day, think as you wake up, today I am fortunate to have woken up. I am alive. I have a precious human life, I am not going to waste it, I am going to use all my energies to develop myself, to expand my heart out to others, to achieve enlightenment for all beings, I am going to have kind thoughts towards others. I am not going to get angry, or think badly about others. I am going to benefit others as much as I can.

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  • 12/17/13--23:27: FaireBelle

  • The year end festive season is one full of excitement as we gather with friends to reminisce the past year and look forward to the brand new year!

    Faire Belle is excited to be there for you and dress you up in style this festive season !

    For party goers! Garner praises and flaunt those bodies with these amazing bodycon pieces:

    Dress up and spend time hanging out with your loved ones in style!
    Look effortlessly chic in our exclusively manufactured Mono Printed Skorts!

    Other exciting new arrivals! Specially manufactured by Faire Belle!

    Faire Belle updates every Sunday at 11am!

    Remember to bookmark their page and you're in for your weekly doses of pretty clothes!

    Specially for OSF readers!

    From now til 31st Dec 2013,
    Key in "OSFAD5" at shopping cart to enjoy 5% off total bill with min $30 spent!

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  • 12/18/13--17:00: NEW IN
  • NEW IN

    #1. Strapless Bustier Dress - Available in 3 Colors Hot Pink, Black and Cream
    #2. Thin Leather Strap Shimmer Top - Available in Dark Navy, Beige

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  • 12/19/13--07:20: Beauti Instinct
  • I haven't had nice skin in awhile because i've been sick and when i'm sick, my skin somehow gets "sick" too.  I've been unwell for quite a while now and have lost the natural glow. 

    The glow you see in pictures, it's either make up or an awesome filter. In real life, i've pretty bad, dull-looking skin.

    Not to mention, my skin looked very red, irritated and extremely sensitive. It was a very depressing looking at myself without make up.

    I went to Beauti Instinct for my 1st treatment a few weeks ago with skin which looked this bad...

    Hard to believe it looks so bad under all that make up huh?! But sad truth was....IT WAS SO BAD.

    But it's ok, Beauti Instinct helped me regain my confidence by fixing my skin!

    Today, i did my 3rd treatment with Beauti Instinct and this is how my skin looks at the moment!


    Here's a Before (no treatment) and After (3 treatments later) picture i put side by side so you can see the big difference:

    I asked for tips from a Thai friend who has extremely great skin and she suggested i do "laser". But not the laser which will leave you with bad skin for awhile before it gets better because i cannot afford to go through the "downtime". 

    I asked around and i swear i was in luck when Aunty Rita, boss of Beauti Instinct told me she has that machine. I've worked with her for YEARS but stopped last year as i was pretty lazy to go for facials and maintenance. I'm the kind who starts panicking when something starts to f up, then start being disciplined for that short period of time and once all is good, i stop going for treatments, lol. 

    I was put on 3 different treatments to help me achieve healthy skin! No more troubled skin!!!

    Of course results are best seen when you do all 3 treatments so if you can't afford to do all 3, i'd suggest you do the laser one! According to my thai friend, it should be done every 1-2 weeks to see results quick. I've been going back every 2 weeks! 


    Align yourself with the Hollywood A-list.
    The first step in your skin's transformation. Perfect for any skin type you will see instant visible results during this cooling, calming and relaxing session.
    Your skin will look....feel years younger, visibly lifted,
    Toned and hydrated. It stimulates cellular respiration thus improving its elasticity for a revitalized and radiance complexion.

    Promotion Price:

    3x  $299
    5x  $399


    Benefits Of Laser Treatment:

    • Visibly illuminated skin tone
    • Renewed, ultra-soft and smoother texture
    • Naturally radiant and glowing skin
    • Improved tone, texture and radiance
    • Reduction in the appearance of pores

    Promotional Price

    3x  $299
    5x  $399

    CO2 Mask

    Your Key to Instant Flawless-looking Complexion

    Our CO2 Mask features many powerful ingredients that repairs, revitalize and promote ongoing benefits for your skin lasting several hours after each treatment.

    By using CO2 extracts, your skin is nourished with the cleanest and most potent nutrients available from nature.

    A safe and effective Treatment Mask with it's many benefits......

    -Activates microcirculation
    -Boosts cell metabolism
    -Creates new collagen & elastin fiber cells, fights ageing
    -Increases blood flow by vasodilation
    -Stimulates fibroblasts for wound healing
    -Supresses inflammation ( acne, post-laser irradiation…)

    Promotion Price:
    3x  $244.00
    5x  $333.00

    For more information, please call the number below! :)

    Beauti Instinct Pte Ltd
    545 Orchard Road
    Far East Shopping Centre
    Singapore 238882
    Tel: +(65) 6733 9149
    Fax: +(65) 6738 4759

    Mention "Ohsofickle" to enjoy the above treatments at the discounted price!

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  • 12/19/13--17:00: Anticlockwise

  • Wearing the denim double V skorts from


    Popular Items from their past collections have also been restocked – Don’t miss your last chance of grabbing these hot sellers!

    A girl can never have too many shoes! The holidays are approaching which means you all need more shoes for the endless parties & outings!

    COMING SOON ON 29th December 2013, SUNDAY

    Join their Mailing list here!
    With up to 70% OFF STOREWIDE, this is definitely an event you won’t want to miss!!


    Receive a weekly discount code which will entitle you to 5% OFF STOREWIDE! EXCLUSIVELY 

    For this week, quote TAMMY to get 5% off your total bill. Valid from 18th December – 25th December 2013

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  • 12/21/13--07:58: Gushcloud X'mas
  • On Saturday, i had Christmas dinner at Overeasy with the Gushcloud family!

    It is amazing how much Gushcloud has grown over the years and the amazing people i've met in this community. It's so fun going for GC gatherings cus every time i go, i meet more and more fun people. Plus everyone is so good looking and interesting!

    Here are some pictures i took with the beautiful people from Gushcloud.

    My hair was supposed to look like this for dinner but then i decided to switch to a normal pony tail cus i was afraid it'll be too much. Haha.

    Thank you Bryan from Essensuals Bugis for this hair do! :)

     This is Eunice! One of the most hardworking blogger/model in SG! She is one girl who is really gonna make it big in this industry.

     This is Mae. The girl who gets to get upclose with a lot of celebrities. Young and hot and very lucky. Still, she remains very down to earth and humble...LOVE HER.
     And that's of my favorite girl since Secondary School! If not for her, i wouldn't be in GC! Hehe.

     That's Symone, my first time meeting her that day! And the very pretty and successful Zhou sisters!

    Little Miss Popular, Naomi Neo whom i really am proud of being friends with and my cute little Didi the Youtube star, Jianhao!

     Met Kife for the first time! Boy with amazing complexion!

    Berlin! Girl with very pretty eyes. 

     Girl who takes the nicest OOTD shots, Willabelle!

    Check out my amazing wedges i got from Solestruck :)

    Very happy and proud to be part of this family and i look forward to the year 2014! :) A new year with greater opportunities. Whee~~

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  • 12/23/13--00:54: THREE BLIND MICE FLEA

  • Three Blind Mice Flea - “Singapore’s Largest Fashion Gathering”

    Event details:
    Date - 28,29 December 2013 Location - F1 Pit Building #03-04 Time - 11am to 8pm

    Biggest blogshop brands festival ever seen in Singapore, last weekend of 2013

    First time ever that a flea is able to gather as many as 30 well known
    blogshop brands + 12 of your favorite bloggers 150 stalls packed with staggering steals for clothes, shoes, accessories and handmade nicknacks! It is extremely rare to find a blogshop line-up like this at any event, much less at a flea market. So be prepared for tons of fashionistas and shoppers who are looking to add purchases to their wardrobes!
    (2) Premium brands promotions

    More than just a flea, our premium brands have specially prepared deals for you. While some are off-season clearance, there will be new designs and past months launches at mark down prices. More importantly, they are brand new pieces and starting from just $2, nothing more than $20!
    (3) What’s more to expect?

    There will be food stalls selling pastries, finger food and drinks. Live performances by budding local singers and bands. Specially invited a caricature artist to give live drawings at just $8!
    Dermedex Giveaway!
    Local and international renowned skin-care brand, Dermedex, will be present at the flea too! They will be giving out 1000 gift packs which includes a bio’tox cleanser + refining cream. Simply spend above $30 at any premium booth and head over to the Dermedex counter to redeem your gift!
    (4) Raid my wardrobe section

    Tammy Tay, Melissa Koh, Dingxuan, Valerie Wang, Chloe Choo and Joyce Ng will be selling their sponsored and pre-loved items. Drop by to catch a glimpse of your favorite bloggers! More than 800 pre-loved items will be up for grabs from as low as $5
    (5) Premium passes giveaway!

    Each blogger is entitled to giveaway a total of 5 priority passes. Each pass allow the holder + 2 of her friends to
    (1) Priority access to the event on both days
    (2) Priority access to bloggers “raid my wardrobe” section
    (3) Stand a chance to win a vintage watch by Nakedglory

    Comment on this post if you would like to win a priority pass! Please comment "I WANT TO BE AT THREE BLIND MICE FLEA!" and please leave your email address so i can notify you if you have won.

    Instagram: @threeblindmiceflea

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  • 12/23/13--16:18: TPI Yacht
  • The Party Invaders had a Christmas gathering on a yacht on Sunday! We all had such a blast on the yacht and doing sea sports. 

    Despite being a few shades tanner and suffering from some bruises after being thrown violently into the sea while wake-boarding, i had a hell lot of fun and i really look forward to the next party. :) 2013, i am thankful to be part of TPI and it really is all made possible thanks to the great and powerful Sofie!

    Reached early so W brought us around his estate for a short tour!

    Saw the most beautiful houses in SG! So lucky to be living in there!

    On board with Manda!

    Karei, Audrey, Daryl and DX!

    Jacuzzi tub which we later soaked ourselves in with lotsa foam! Felt like a scene in the movies hahaha

    Pretty Sophia!

    My favourite people

    Pezzo Pizza! Look at all that pizza!!!

    Pretty Kalyn

    Eric with his signature sexy intense eyes.

    Sofie and DX!

    Min and Eugene

    Audrey, Daryl and Karei

    Blogger doing what bloggers do best

    WERK IT!


    Then came the most fun part of the day!

    All excited cus we're doing this for the first time!

    And off we go!!!

    However we fell off like after maybe 30 seconds? LOL!

    We each took around 10 min struggling to get out of the water and back on the float. Torturous 10 was SO DIFFICULT.

    Then we fell off again...

    And again...

    And then...



    This is definitely not our thing!

    Ended up staying in a room at One Degree 15 cus alcohol made someone do it. Lol.

    And that was my Super Sunday! I am super thankful and happy to be surrounded with so many spontaneous and fun people.

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  • 12/24/13--00:44: TOPAZETTE

  • Wearing Black Jo Ann top from Topazette

    TOPAZETTE (pronounced as “Toh-pear-zert”) is a fast growing online fashion label that offers competitive prices and pays attention to the needs of modern ladies without sacrificing style. With tops priced no higher than SGD30, it is the perfect place for shopaholics looking to fill their wardrobes with fashion forward apparels for both work and play!

    Worldwide shipping at SGD18
    Malaysia shipping at only SGD7
    Local delivery is completely FREE OF CHARGE.

    Studio by Topazette is just a humble place in Topazette's office where they do their indoor photoshoot for their online store: and they are opening this space to all new online stores who are looking for a low-cost studio to do your indoor shoot as well! Those who are new to photography and would like to find a place to explore more on photography/ product shoots are welcomed! Rate starts from $10/h

    Racks/ hangers/ changing room/ steamer/ accessories will be provided.

    For bookings, kindly email

    Studio by Topazette is located at 180 Paya Lebar Road.

    Follow them on Facebook & instagram for previews to their new collections! And don't forget to sign up for their mailing list to receive exclusive discount codes as well! :)


    instagram: @topazette
    twitter: @topazette

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  • 12/24/13--08:30: Fun Shots

  • Pre-X'mas with the fun pals resulted in a bunch of fun pictures! Love it!

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  • 12/25/13--03:41: URBANCHICSTYLES

  • Urbanchicstyles is a one-stop fashion destination, catering to those who lead a hectic lifestyle. We strive to bring the latest trends to the hard-at-work all with a click of a mouse.
    We believe in bringing affordable ready-to-wear pieces to you with the right price and take pride in our selection of designs. Being avid online shoppers ourselves, we understand that online shopping can sometimes be a harrowing experience. We are committed to ensure our clothing can be easily visualized online and quality should never be compromised.
    To enhance your shopping experience with us, we have a seamless check-out process in place and provide free local shipping (less registered post).

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    Wearing Checkered Pullover from
    Direct Link to Product:


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  • 12/26/13--10:00: JOLIEROBE

  • Featuring Paula Bodycon Dress from Jolie Robe (

    Made with feminine tailoring in mind, this soft breathable cotton blended piece flatters and flaunts your body form.

    Find this from new online boutique, Jolie Robe that brings in all things pretty. The words “Jolie” are defined as fine looking in French and “Robe” meaning frock in English – Jolie Robe features apparel which are up-to-update, fun loving and timeless wearability.

    Other pieces featured at the website include chic bright colourful pieces - neon coloured singlets, breezy chiffon tops, versatile dresses and more! A little something for everybody.

    Opening Specials of 15% off ALL APPAREL at Jolie Robe – Key in “15OFFJOLIE” during checkout to enjoy the discount!

    Like them on social media today to stay tune for upcoming discounts and promotions, and sneak peak previews to their subsequent launches!

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