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because im fickle like that.

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  • 03/25/13--09:00: KLM X Amsterdam
  • This is my 2nd time working with KLM! One of the best companies i've worked with in all my years of blogging because thanks to them, i got to visit Bali and now, Amsterdam. My first trip to Bali can be read HERE and HERE.  :D

    This time round, i was given the opportunity to travel to Amsterdam with Brad, the guy behind Ladyironchef (One of Singapore's Top Food Blogs) and his lovely girlfriend, Melody.

    We got on the plane at 1+am and travelled 13 hours in the KLM plane. The 13 hours passed pretty quickly as it was 1am and that's bed time for me so when i woke up 10 hours later, i spent the other 3 hours later watching movies on board. The in flight entertainment system is pretty awesome! Lotsa movies, new and old...and not to mention TV shows like How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, Two Broke Girls...etc! Oh and i also spent the last hour listening to KPOP music!

    Food was served on board and it was yummy. Was really tired so i didn't snap pictures but the food's pretty tasty. Despite how tired i was, i finished it all. :)

     photo AMS4of170.jpg

     photo AMS5of170.jpg

    I did not expect Amsterdam to be SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! It was reeeeeally cold (around 1 degree) when we landed but i kinda enjoyed the cold cus it is really too hot in Singapore.

     photo AMS7of170.jpg

     photo AMS8of170.jpg

    Checked into the WestCord City Centre Hotel! The location of this hotel is SO CONVENIENT. Next time you're in Amsterdam, i highly recommend this hotel. Lotsa restaurants and cafes around the area and not to mention, the shopping street is just a stone throw away from the hotel.

     photo AMS13of170.jpg

     photo AMS14of170.jpg
    Jacket from YoungHungryFree (HERE) and Dress can be found on my webstore (HERE)!

     photo AMS15of170.jpg

     photo AMS17of170.jpg

     photo AMS20of170.jpg

     photo AMS21of170.jpg

     photo AMS22of170.jpg

     photo AMS24of170.jpg

     photo AMS25of170.jpg

     photo AMS28of170.jpg

     photo AMS34of170.jpg

     photo AMS35of170.jpg

     photo AMS36of170.jpg

     photo AMS36of170.jpg

     photo AMS38of170.jpg

     photo AMS31of170.jpg
    When you visit Amsterdam, it's best you get this Iamsterdam card! It also includes a card for you to take public transport. For more information, check out the Iamsterdam website HERE.

     photo AMS39of170.jpg

     photo AMS40of170.jpg

    First we went to get on the Canal Cruise. The Canel Cruise is a MUST TAKE when you're in Amsterdam. You'll learn a lot about the History of Amsterdam, the Buildings and etc. It's a 90min ride bringing you through the many dams in Amsterdam. Exploring Amsterdam without walking much - great for lazy travelers who hate to walk. Hehe.

     photo AMS41of170.jpg

     photo AMS43of170.jpg

    Do you know how Amsterdam got its name? The name is a derivative from Amstel dam pointing to the city's origin: a dam on the river Amstel. The city was founded in the 12th century as a small fishing village.

     photo AMS45of170.jpg

     photo AMS46of170.jpg

     photo AMS47of170.jpg

     photo AMS49of170.jpg
    P.C Hooftstraat for branded shopping!

     photo AMS50of170.jpg

     photo AMS51of170.jpg

     photo AMS52of170.jpg

     photo AMS54of170.jpg

     photo AMS55of170.jpg

     photo AMS57of170.jpg

     photo AMS61of170.jpg

     photo AMS64of170.jpg

     photo AMS65of170.jpg

     photo AMS65of170.jpg

     photo AMS70of170.jpg

     photo AMS71of170.jpg
    He is HUGEEEE! Can't really tell from the picture but he is reeeeally BIG! Oh and fat and fluffy! :D

     photo AMS72of170.jpg

     photo AMS73of170.jpg

     photo AMS75of170.jpg

    "Amsterdam could be considered the birthplace of LGBT rights. The first legal gay and lesbian nuptials were officiated here, the first monument constructed here and it's the only city in the world to celebrate Gay Pride with an elaborate boat parade! Your guide to Gay & Lesbian Amsterdam includes a history of gay rights in Amsterdam,major events, areas to find the best restaurants, bars & clubs and a helpful list ofresources for the LGBT community."

    Carmen and I spent HOURS walking around Amsterdam. We got to places by walking, with the help of my Google Map because we were clueless on how to take the trams and buses. It was nice and beautiful! And despite how tired i felt at the end of the day, IT WAS SO WORTH IT.

    We told Brad and Melody about our day and our superrrr long walks and they taught us how to take the tram and told us how easy it was to get around Amsterdam by the tram.

     photo AMS76of170.jpg
    The croissants we had for breakfast at the hotel was SO GOOD. Carmen and i had like 3 croissants a day? Hehe.

    Day 2: We visited the Hermitage Museum to look at Van Gogh's art works!

     photo AMS94of170.jpg

     photo AMS80of170.jpg

     photo AMS81of170.jpg

     photo AMS83of170.jpg

     photo AMS84of170.jpg

     photo AMS93of170.jpg

    We then met Brad and Melody for Lunch at De Kas.

     photo AMS95of170.jpg

     photo AMS96of170.jpg

     photo AMS98of170.jpg

     photo AMS99of170.jpg

     photo AMS101of170.jpg
     photo AMS104of170.jpg

     photo AMS103of170.jpg

    We had lunch in a pretty glass house! Can't go wrong following Ladyironchef's recommendations. Hehe.

    After that Carmen and i went to Nine Streets to do some shopping...

     photo AMS106of170.jpg

    Here's a shop i kinda like called New Yorkers! The prices are really reasonable, ESPECIALLY THE SALES SECTION!

     photo AMS110of170.jpg

     photo AMS107of170.jpg

     photo AMS112of170.jpg

     photo AMS114of170.jpg
    Burger vending machine!

     photo AMS116of170.jpg

     photo AMS117of170.jpg
    Was flipping thru a book and saw this quote!

    Mid Afternoon Snack was yummy, thick and crispy fries from Manneken Pis.

     photo AMS118of170.jpg

     photo AMS119of170.jpg

    And after a long day, we met up with the couple again for a nice dinner at Haesje Claes.

     photo AMS121of170.jpg

     photo AMS123of170.jpg

     photo AMS124of170.jpg

     photo AMS125of170.jpg

     photo AMS126of170.jpg

     photo AMS127of170.jpg

    Day 3: Carmen and I visited the Albert Cuyp Market!

     photo AMS128of170.jpg

     photo AMS129of170.jpg

     photo AMS130of170.jpg

     photo AMS131of170.jpg

     photo AMS132of170.jpg

     photo AMS134of170.jpg

     photo AMS136of170.jpg

     photo AMS137of170.jpg

     photo AMS138of170.jpg

     photo AMS140of170.jpg

     photo AMS142of170.jpg

     photo AMS143of170.jpg

     photo AMS144of170.jpg

     photo AMS145of170.jpg

     photo AMS146of170.jpg

     photo AMS147of170.jpg

     photo AMS148of170.jpg

     photo AMS149of170.jpg

     photo AMS150of170.jpg

    It's like a looooong street with tons of shops. There's like everything there. Clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, food, bed sheets, home decor...etc! The long street kinda reminded me of Hong Kong's Ladies Market!

    Suddenly, we saw like some white stuff falling from the sky. I was telling Carmen it could just be dust. Then it got heavier and heavier...
     photo AMS153of170.jpg

     photo AMS151of170.jpg


     photo AMS154of170.jpg

    We stood there, in the middle of the street while everyone was seeking shelter, to camwhore. Totally loving the snow!

     photo AMS157of170.jpg

     photo AMS159of170.jpg

     photo AMS162of170.jpg

     photo AMS163of170.jpg

     photo AMS164of170.jpg

     photo AMS166of170.jpg

     photo AMS168of170.jpg

    Omg Carmen and I were SOOOOOO HAPPY! It was our first time seeing snow!

    I can finally say i have seen Snow! :)

    This is gonna be one trip i'll NEVER forget because i saw snow for the first time in Amsterdam!

     photo AMS169of170.jpg
    After standing in the snow we went to Kyoto Cafe for Japanese Buffet. For 22 Euros we got to eat all we can!! IT WAS REALLY GOOD! Beats A LOT of japanese buffet restaurants in Singapore! :)

    After that we headed to the airport where the rest went to London/Paris and i went back to Singapore. If you're planning a trip, i would suggest you to fly KLM to Amsterdam, then from there fly to London or take a train to Paris! Amsterdam is really worth a visit, it's really such a beautiful, peaceful and laid back city.

    Got to visit the KLM Lounge at the airport! 2 hours passed SO QUICKLY. The lounge was huge and very comfy!

     photo AMS170of170.jpg

    Flight back, i had a special meal in the plane! It was a pre-booked meal called the Bella Italia. I felt so special cus my meal looked and i am pretty sure tasted the BEST. People around me just looked at me with envy as i gobbled down my yummy cabonara, hehe.

    Thank you KLM, I cannot be anymore thankful for this great opportunity! :D

    For more flight information and deals, CLICK HERE!

    Oh and thank you Carmen for being such a great travel buddy and for helping me snap so many beautiful pictures! :D

    In celebration, KLM will launch the “KLM Says” campaign on April 1st where for 30 days various challenges will be posted daily on To take part participants can login using their Facebook or Twitter account. Once logged in, participants can type in the answer to the challenge or if the challenge is picture based upload a photo from a desktop, mobile phone or instagram. Prizes will be given away daily and 10 Grand prize challengers will be chosen every week to go into the main draw to be held at the end of the campaign, where they can win two economy class return tickets from Singapore to any KLM destination in the world.
    To celebrate Mother’s Day, which also falls in the month of May, KLM will import 2500 tulip stalks to be given out to at Raffles Place on the 7th of May as part of the ‘KLM Loves Mum Campaign’.
    The KLM orchestra is set to serenade and entertain visitors of Singapore Botanic Gardens for free on 11 May. Whilst on 12th May, Music enthusiasts can enjoy a performance of the KLM Orchestra at the School of The Arts (SOTA) Concert Hall. This concert will see the KLM Orchestra perform with the Singapore Winds Symphony. Guest will be the famous Dutch composer; Johan De Meij.

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  • 03/28/13--05:00: Le Noir
  • Yesterday, thanks to Gushcloud, i got to watch Le Noir at MBS.

    If you don't have any idea what Le Noir is about, watch this!

    Some pictures i took inside the theatre...

    Because we were seated in front, my boyfriend was one of the 3 who got picked to go on stage to keep us entertained. COULDN'T STOP LAUGHING!!! TOO CUTE!!! Haha.

    Shanice, Joanna and Chloe!

    Gushcloud Bloggers!

    It was REALLY GOOD! I rwas reeeeally entertained. Lotsa OMGs came outta my mouth during the show! Lol.

    I highly suggest you catch it this weekend! It closes on 7 April so ACT FAST! :D

    More details can be found here:

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  • 03/28/13--19:00: DIDD


    From 1st April 2013#shopdidd will be available at MIYOC JCube.
    The 1st 100 damsels to buy ANYTHING at #shopdidd x MIYOC JCube will get a free gift. No lousy minimum spend gimmicks!!!! So Hurry and Chiong down !!! Strictly one per customer !



    & thank you for all your support. We really appreciate it & we love you all very much.

    Your Knight in shining armour

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  • 03/29/13--23:55: MAYBELLINE CAT EYE
  • A few weeks ago, Beatrice, Eunice and I visited the Zoo to find inspirations for our next look.

    Here's a video of what we ended up choosing and also showing ya'll how we achieved the look in just a few minutes!

    Which is YOUR FAVOURITE LOOK? :)

    I reeeeally cannot pull off strong and thick eye make up...but i really like what i did! If you can pull it off and wear this look out, GOOD FOR YOU!!! Super jelly cus i wish i could!

    Close up of my eye make up:

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  • 04/01/13--18:37: Woohoo! Week
  • Dress from UrbanChicStyles

    Denim X Leather Jacket from Ohsofickle

    Yummy wonton mee from The Wild Duck (at Katong Plaza). I was quite shocked to not be able to find any reviews of it online! The wonton mee is good! Noodles are springy and the chilli is yums. 

    Just one of the many cam whore picx in the cab. Lol.

     Pretty glitter screen protector i got from Toy Box(?) at i12 Katong. I think that's the name of the shop? Haha. Yknow those shops with all those boxes where people rent and put their things for sale? Yeah.

    Because i failed my driving test.

    My favorite tattoo on my arm!

    Cake Pops Caxs gave me for Easter! So sweet one that girl!

    Camo Shirt from ShopJenith

     Python Shirt from ShopEquilibrium

    Aww...Stingray Face!! Christelle took this pic at the SEA Aquarium!

    My favorite prawn mee, the only prawn mee i can eat everyday and not get sick of it, hehe! @ Beach Road Prawn Mee

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  • 04/01/13--18:38: Feet Haven
  • I went for a reeeeally good Foot Reflexology in the East last week! I live in the east and have always been on the look out for good and cheap massage places. :) For Body massages, i usually go to the one at Siglap called House of Traditional Javanese Massage and for Foot Reflexology, i highly recommend Feet Haven which is located at Katong (right opposite Awfully Chocolate)!

    I have done TONS of foot reflexology in Singapore and NONE, i repeat NONE, was as good as Feet Haven's. I dare say the foot reflexology at Feet Haven's the best in the East!!!

    Benefits of Foot Reflexology

    -Induces a state of deep relaxation by opening neural pathways
    -A reflexology session stimulates more than 7,000 nerves, encouraging the opening and cleansing of neural pathways,
    -Increases circulation, improving blood flow throughout the body
    -Cleanses the body of toxins and impurities
    -Stimulates the central nervous system
    -Stimulates energy work throughout the body
    -Balances the whole system thus revitalizing the body's natural energy flow

    The healing power of touch is instinctive in human nature &; when we formalize that instinctive touch into massage, it becomes a powerful healing tool.

    When muscles overworked, waste products such as lactic acid can accumulate in them, causing soreness, stiffness & even muscle spasm. Massage improves circulation, which increases blood flow, bringing fresh oxygen to body tissues. This can assist elimination of waste products, speeds healing after injury, and enhance recovery from disease.

    The basic goal of therapeutic massage is to help the body heal itself and to increase one's health and well-being.

    Here's what the price list at Feet Haven is like...

    Foot Massage
    30 min $25
    60 min $35

    Shoulder & Neck Massage
    10 min $10
    30 min $28

    45 min Foot 15 Min Shoulder $38 (MY FAVOURITE!)
    30 min Foot 30 Min Shoulder $52

    Feet Haven
    136 East Coast Road
    Singapore 428821

    Contact: 63447311

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  • 04/03/13--18:04: FASHMOB

  • 2013 is going to be a fantastic and awesome year for Fash Mob! 

    Check out their website ( for their latest collection which comprises of two new manufactured designs under their Bridge by Fashmob label and two massive sale sections which consist of so many goodies! Spend $80 in a single invoice to be entitled to free registered postage!

    From 1st April onwards, Fash Mob will also be housed at KissJane @ Bugis Junction #03-13A with a rack full of weekly new designs for your retail shopping needs! Browse their manufactured label designs, bestselling items and also designs exclusive at rack! In addition, Fash Mob's products will also be available for your online purchase at!

    Subscribe to their mailing list to stay updated with their latest news and collections! Shop also at their other rack at FirstDay at Plaza Singapura #B1-19 with new designs stocked in weekly! 

    Like their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter/Instagram or read their Blog for more behind-the-scenes!

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  • 04/05/13--20:17: New In
  • My week has been crazy hectic! Parents went back to the US for visiting and i am handling the house with my 2 fur kids alone as well as the operations in the office. So tiring and crazy i fell terribly sick but  could not get proper rest. :( I'm so glad i'm all better now though! Miraculously. Can't wait for them to be back and for my life to become "Normal" again. Hehe.

    I also realised i've been so busy that my hair and nails have been neglected so i am gonna book an appointment for it next week! Must always ensure your hair and nails look in tip top condition because it says a lot about you.

    Also haven't been exercising much....maybe that's the reason why i'm falling sick so easily. Went for a 7km run last night but couldn't jog the whole 7km cus my nose kept running. We all know how difficult it is to breathe with a runny nose don't we?! Plus i was jogging and panting and....gosh it felt TERRIBLE. Came to a point was so desperate to blow my nose i used my jogging towel. It was so! Why am i even telling ya'll all this?! Hahaha.

    I hope today the boy and i will do something interesting so i can come back home with pictures!


    New Arrivals up on my webstore tomorrow!
    7 APRIL // 7PM

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  • 04/06/13--22:33: Weight


    Was what triggered me to write this post.

    Does that person mean i've to be under 50KG to look good???

    Well if you're wondering what's my weight, it fluctuates between 50kg-52kg. I'm not your usual "under 50KG girl"- which most girls think is the ideal weight to LOOK GOOD.

    Am i affected by it? Being "heavier" than most of my friends? Do i aim to be under 50KG?

    Nope, not really.

    I'm standing at 167cm and if i'm 47kg, i'd be too skinny, i feel. Plus, i eat too regularly to be at such a weight. I eat whatever makes me happy, then go for a jog if i feel Guilty. If i choose to eat Mcdonald's today, i better make sure i go for at least an hour jog after. But if i feel lazy today and don't wish to go exercise, i will avoid eating Mcdonald's and choose something healthy and light so i won't have to go jog it off!

    There's really no short cut in achieving your ideal body. I exercise to get to where i am today and have never been happier. My weight on the scale shows otherwise. I used to be 52kg and now, still am! Ok it fluctuates but yeah i still have my 52KG days. However, now when i'm 52kg i look a lot better. I look leaner. I have muscles!! A lot on my legs especially (maybe too much for a girl, not proud of it but hey, beats fats anyday right?) and we all know this already, muscles weight heavier than fats. If you look at five pounds of muscle and five pounds of fat side by side, the fat takes up more volume, or space, than the muscle. That’s important when you’re on a diet and part of your goal is the lean look of muscle, not the flabby look of fat.

    So honestly, WEIGHT IS JUST A NUMBER!

    Put 2 girls of the same height & weight together - Girl A is 50kg, works out weekly and eats normally. Girl B is 50kg, does not exercise and always having irregular meals. I can tell you, Girl A will look A LOT better despite them being the same weight!

    Over the years, I’ve learnt that my weight doesn’t really tell me anything about my progress. Sure, in the beginning it can be helpful to know whether you’re gaining or losing too much weight too quickly, but it soon becomes more trouble than it’s worth.

    I’m now losing weight and getting fit until I feel I’m at my happy "weight", not at what the scale tells me. Now I go by how I feel!

    I'll leave you with a quote i strongly believe in...


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  • 04/07/13--03:07: Jelly Masque

  • Developed by the renowned Dr.Yulong Moy from USA, ePure Membranous Jelly Masque is the first-of-its-kind facial mask with ACF (Active Cellular Factor), formulated for intense hydration, increasing the skin moisture by 30%-50%. 

    It works to restore and balance the skin by removing impurities like blackheads/whiteheads effectively and instantaneously. It also inhibits melanin synthesis, which lightens pigmentation, balances uneven skin tone and leaves your skin brighter and supple with dewy fresh vibrance.

    Do you have uneven skin tone? Dark and Dull skin? Freckles and Pigmentation? Sagging wrinkles skin? NOT ENOUGH TIME TO GO FOR FACIAL? 

    All you need is just 30-40 mins! 

    Your skin will be more hydrated, more refined and brighter!

    Instant results in 40minutes:
    • Fairer skin
    • More even skin tone
    • Pores refined
    • Lifting & firming of the cheek
    • Laugh lines decreased
    • Pimple spots & redness lightened
    • Less blackheads

    For those with acne prone skin, your skin will feel less oily the next day after only 1 application.

    Meawhile, for those who apply make-up everyday, your make-up will tend to last longer after using ePure.

    For mature skin, you can see a reduction of fine lines after the 2nd application and your skin will become firmer plus more elastic.

    In short, this mask is an all-benefit-in-one mask that is suitable for all skin types, even for sensitive skin, 8 years old to 80 years old, male or female, can solve all skin's problems except deep scars.


    It is recommended to use 1 whole sachet per session but i actually don't use the whole packet in one session. Instead, i use half a packet, store it in my refrigerator and use the balance half the next day again. It still works really well for me! Oh and i really like storing my face masks in the fridge cus when i apply it, it's super cold and refreshing! :)

    For more information/orders: Pls email OR VISIT

    FREE SHIPPING LOCAL ORDERS : (6 x 30gram) per box SGD69.90
    WITHOUT FREE SHIPPING First trial try : ONE piece @ SGD11.65 (which is like less than $6/session? where to find so powerful face mask for such a price?!)

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  • 04/07/13--07:00: S.O.S
  • Pretty Pink Top from Seeds of Sarah. GET IT HERE!

    Seeds of Sarah is an online store based in Singapore. 

    SOS was founded with the vision of injecting fun into the latest fashion!

    SOS has a wide range of designs, specially picked and brought in to cater to every lady. SOS are also moving towards having their own range of exclusively manufactured items.

    Simply like SOS on Facebook page, and follow SOS on both Instagram and Twitter to enjoy a 10% discount!

    Shop now!

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  • 04/07/13--18:00: Akashi
  • Have found a new favorite Japanese Restaurant - Akashi!

    They recently opened a new outlet at VivoCity!

    You choose your food and place your order using an IPAD! Say no more to days of waving at waiters/waitresses who take forever to get to your table. Or feeling "pressured" when they come take your order when you're not done choosing. Hehe.

     Sashimi is SO FRESH AND GOOD!!!

     I had the Chasoba Sushi Set Meal. BEST CHA SOBA EVER. The noodles are hard and chewy! I'm very particular about the texture and doneness of my noodles (be it cold or hot!) and this was just PERFECT. I also liked the sushi a lot! 

    The boy had the beef tenderloin set. He has been to Akashi a lot of times and said he just cannot not go to Akashi and not have this. :) They were really generous with the beef! It was also cooked to perfection, not over cooked and all.


    1 Harbourfront Walk
    #B2-07-09 VivoCity
    Tel: 63769972

    1 Tanglin Road
    #01-01 Orchard Parade Hotel
    Tel: 67324438


    Black Dungarees (
    Striped Top (Forever21)
    Shoes ( - old collection OOS already!)
    Bag (Celine)

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  • 04/08/13--19:00: ShopEquilibrium

  • Shop Equilibrium, founded by Beverley and Sherman, is a Singapore-based online boutique providing a variety of apparel & accessories for both MEN & WOMEN!

    Every single item has been hand-picked & screened by them so you don't have to worry about quality. They strive to bring you the most fashion-forward & quality products.

    Shop Equilibrium launched their first collection on 1st January 2013 with guest model/fashion blogger Willabelle Ong. To date, they have released 5 collections & have launched their latest one on their website yesterday, 8 April.

    They will be updating regularly every Friday at 12NN with new arrivals subsequently, so do check our their new items weekly.

    Shop Equilibrium will be participating in the Chic Fashionista Flea on 13th of April, from 5-10PM at 3, Jalan Kledek together with 20+ other online web stores. 

    They will be bringing new and unreleased items as well as items on sale from previous collections!

    Equilibrium has collaborated with the popular beauty box brand, Vanity Trove, & will be giving away April's trove to 2 lucky winners! All you need to do is the following:

    1. Like their Facebook page

    2. Like and Share the EQUILIBRIUM006 Lookbook x Giveaway album

    3. Leave a comment "I love Shop Equilibrium x Vanity Trove! "

    Giveaway ends on 13 April at 10PM.


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  • 04/09/13--19:35: SHOPJUNKYARD

  •  Join the mailing list to be entitled to free normal postage and be 
    eligible for the giveaway during every launch!
    Quote my name, "tammyosf" at check out for a dollar off total bill!

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  • 04/11/13--05:56: Pandora
  •  photo pandora1of56.jpg

    Top and Shorts were old OSF collection stuff! Love it so much! :D Floral headband from Bangkok Platinum Mall.

     photo pandora2of56.jpg
    Today, a few Gushcloud bloggers - (who are all Pandora owners too) and I were invited to the preview of the Pandora Spring Summer 2013 collection!

    Pandora is popular for their bracelet and charms! The best thing about Pandora bracelets and beads is that there are so many choices, each bracelet becomes an individual statement for the wearer. There's a charm for almost every occasion, so lets say you travelled to some country like Paris, you can get the Eiffel Tower charm to remind you of Paris! Or if it's your birthday, you can get yourself like a 21st Birthday charm.

    Donna actually influenced me to get my Pandora bracelet and i never regretted it! It is so fun collecting charms! I have a 3/4 full bracelet now and i am quite excited to fill it up! AND THEN GET A 2ND BRACELET....HAHA. #CharmsAddict.

     photo pandora4of56.jpg

     photo pandora5of56.jpg

     photo pandora7of56.jpg

     photo pandora8of56.jpg
    Camwhoring cus she misses owning a Samsung EX2F. Poor baby lost hers in Zouk. Whoever the thief  is, PLEASE JUST MAIL HER MEMORY CARD BACK TO ZOUK CAN?! I totally understand how losing tons of pictures feel like. :( It's like you can buy a new cam, no problem, BUT U CANT GET BACK THOSE MOMENTS IN PICTURES AGAIN!

     photo pandora9of56.jpg

    We all went on a Yacht at One Degree 15 Marina for the preview. It was so fun getting to set sail with all the beautiful bloggers and not forgetting, getting a chance to see all the pretty charms! I was quite sad we couldn't buy it on the spot but it's okay, now i know what to save $ for to get once it's launched. Hehe.

     photo pandora10of56.jpg

     photo pandora11of56.jpg

     photo pandora12of56.jpg

     photo pandora13of56.jpg

     photo pandora14of56.jpg

     photo pandora15of56.jpg

     photo pandora18of56.jpg

     photo pandora19of56.jpg

     photo pandora20of56.jpg

     photo pandora21of56.jpg

     photo pandora22of56.jpg

     photo pandora23of56.jpg
    With Jamie!

     photo pandora24of56.jpg

     photo pandora25of56.jpg

     photo pandora26of56.jpg

     photo pandora27of56.jpg

     photo pandora28of56.jpg

     photo pandora29of56.jpg
    Pretty Tricia!

     photo pandora31of56.jpg

     photo pandora32of56.jpg

     photo pandora33of56.jpg
    Reiee and Jamie!

     photo pandora35of56.jpg
    Freda baby!

     photo pandora36of56.jpg

     photo pandora37of56.jpg

     photo pandora38of56.jpg

     photo pandora40of56.jpg

     photo pandora41of56.jpg

     photo pandora42of56.jpg
    Forever excited when there's food lol!

     photo pandora43of56.jpg

     photo pandora44of56.jpg

     photo pandora45of56.jpg
    Photographer is

     photo pandora46of56.jpg
    LOL LOOK AT THE 2 JOKERS BEHIND?! They knew freda was trying to take a pic for me and started posing! HAHAH TOO CUTE LAH?!

     photo pandora47of56.jpg

     photo pandora48of56.jpg

     photo pandora49of56.jpg

     photo pandora50of56.jpg

     photo pandora51of56.jpg

     photo pandora52of56.jpg

     photo pandora53of56.jpg

     photo pandora54of56.jpg

     photo pandora55of56.jpg

     photo pandora56of56.jpg

    Thank you Gushcloud for this opportunity! And not forgetting, all the pretty faces from Gushcloud and Pandora who made this such an enjoyable experience. X

    GO GET YOURSELF A PANDORA IF YOU DONT ALREADY OWN ONE!!! It's the best accessory to own hehe.

    Pandora outlets in Singapore:








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  • 04/12/13--20:02: FAIRE BELLE

  • FAIRE BELLE celebrates the launch of their new e-commerce site with a special Facebook giveaway!

    YOU can be the lucky winner of this Prada card case worth $250!!

    Hop over to their Facebook page now to find out how you can win this awesome giveaway in 3 simple steps!

    FAIREBELLE is the blogshop to look out for for all comfort dressers!
    They specialize in stylish casual apparels for the weekends and special girly frocks for your special dates!

    They will be updating with a new launch, tomorrow morning, 14th April 11am on their spanking new website: !

    A beauty that you must not miss from their latest collection is this beautifully made, self manufactured dress by FAIRE BELLE:

    *Receive a $5 shopping voucher from us when you sign up a new account with us at !*

    Specially for Tammy's reader!

    For the month of April; key in "OSFXFB" during checkout to enjoy $3 off total bill !*

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  • 04/13/13--09:00: BEAUTI INSTINCT
  • Recently visited Beauti Instinct for 2 facial treatments! I always make it a point to go for treatments at least once a month...or every 2 months. It's good to pamper and fix your skin by a professional from time to time!

    ( Black/ White Heads, Open Pores, Uneven Skin Tone, Acne Skin)

    Usual Price: S$ 239.00 Great Deal Promotion: S$ 59.00

    Soft laser photo therapy is the newest phototherapy equipment where the PTF light penetrates through the skin and it enhances the elasticity of subcutaneous connective tissues. It increases the enzymes that help reduce acne and accelerates the synthesis of collagen protein, improves skin condition thus offers effective treatments for ACNE. Once the acne starts to dry up depending on every individual skin, a normal skin will appear and leaves a smoother skin surface. Patients with severe sun damaged skin, tone changes and skin laxity will also see improvement in the quality of their skin

    After 6-10 sessions

    After 4 sessions

    Oxygenating Ampoules ( From France )

    Usual Price: S$ 100.00 Great Deal Promotion: S$ 50..00

    Boosting and oxygenating effect giving skin radiance
    Activates cell renewal and cellular breathing
    Skin cells are regenerated
    Maintains skin hydration on the superficial layers

    ( Radiance and Cell Repair )

    Usual Price: S$ 269.00 Great Deal Promotion: S$ 149..00

    Honey Oxygen is a treatment that helps to eliminate the dead cells and give more radiance, moisture and regenerate the skin. It also helps to softens and make the skin even smoother.

    This treatment is best recommended for:
    Dull and tired skin., Smokers Skin, Dehydrated Skin, Matured Skin, Uneven Skin Tone

     Brighten, revitalize dull and toneless Skin

    Here's my bare face without foundation!

    My skin is still far from perfect but i believe one day it'll be if i continue taking good care of it! 

    Beauti Instinct Pte Ltd
    545 Orchard Road
    Far East Shopping Centre
    Singapore 238882
    Tel: +(65) 6733 9149
    Fax: +(65) 6738 4759

    Mention "Ohsofickle" to enjoy the above treatments at the discounted price!

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  • 04/15/13--05:27: Dottie

  • This polka dot dungaree is going up on the webstore on 23 April (to be confirmed)! 

    At the meantime, do check out what we have up for SALE here. :)

    Gonna be away for work this week so this space is gonna be pretty dead. Sorry!

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  • 04/15/13--05:28: Kwerkee

  • I cannot stop shopping on Kwerkee while working on this post, cause everything on their site
    is just so freaking “kwerkee”!

    If you haven’t heard of them, you’re really missing out in all the queer, interesting and fun stuff
    for the last “almost” one year!

    They are a website by Reebonz, dedicated to design for home and lifestyle products. And
    trust me, their stuff are really unimaginable. Best thing is, they’re constantly updating their site
    with cooler products *I honestly can’t stop shopping* !!!

    Here’s some of the stuff I like and thought I should share you with guys…

    1. All Gold Steel – a quirky and interesting accessory I’d love to have on my wrist!

    2. Tin Toy Little Soldier Cymbal – I love vintage toys/ figurines. It gives a classic cute touch to
    my furniture and even in Choop’s cooper!

    3. Ladyland JC12 Necklace – If you’re too lazy to dress up, this chunky yet classy piece
    should help you make a statement to your outfit in less than 5 minutes!

    4. Loop Cable in ZigZag – No more ugly and dull looking cables to charge my phones (iPhone
    and Blackberry). This comes in other designs, and is compatible with android smartphones

    5. Portable Retro Radio – only FM and AM, functions compatible with iPhone. Something I’d
    bring with me for shoots, to the office and gatherings!

    6. Beer Monster Bottle Opener – “He fears no beer! Devours bottles and cans!” My favorite
    tool and accessory to bring around now, not that I drink a lot but he’s so cuteee~!

    But before you get too excited and bounce away, here’s one more piece of good news for you!

    What’s more, Kwerkee recently introduced their Badges! The more active you are, the higher
    level you reach for the badges.

    How cute are these badges?! I’m working my way towards earning the Eagle badge!

    Hurry sign up or sign in to become Kwerkee’s member as a Freshie! Start your journey early,
    and enjoy their complimentary credits and birthday discounts!

    One more thing, quote my “TAMMY15” code to enjoy a further 15% discount from now till 26
    April, with NO minimum purchase.

    Shop awayyy~~~

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  • 04/18/13--19:00: Clubpets
  • A few days ago, Hiro & i did a shoot for clubpets!

    ClubPets is a quarterly lifestyle pet magazine that caters to the large and passionate pet community in Singapore since 2002.Singapore’s longest running lifestyle pets' magazine, it is dedicated to the full spectrum of human-pet interaction and features stories about pet breeds, plus in-depth features on health, trends and style.

    Here are some picx of the Behind The Scenes...

    Baby Hiro gets to be a model for the first time!

     Joey my stylist from Essensuals Bugis did such a great job with my hair! :) ESSENSUALS BUGIS IS ALWAYS AWESOME!

    Tons of kisses every time i put my face near Hiro.

    Sure wasn't easy shooting with a dog cus he gets distracted so easily! Hehe.

    Break time! Hiro gets some treats!

    Make up by me! All using Maybelline products! :D

     The photographer interacting with Hiro! He did quite a good job getting Hiro to stay still and look into the camera! :D 

    And then Hiro got tired halfway through and could barely open his eyes. Tried so hard to wake him up!  Haha.

    Coco, the Clubpets Furry Ambassador popped by the studio for a visit! 

    Hiro and I will be featured in June's issue of Club Pets so do grab a copy! I hope the pictures turn out great!!! :D

    Facebook Giveaway for your Fur Kid! A doggie hamper worth $250!


    1. Like clubpets’s facebook page.

    2. Share this post:
     on your wall and comment, "I LOVE CLUBPETS MAGAZINE". Do remember to set the post to ‘public’!

    1 random winner will be picked on 26th of April. 

    Also, 1 lucky reader will be entitled to a 1-year subscription (4 copies) if they upload the cutest photo of their pet on instagram and tag @clubpetsmag. Winner will be chosen on 26th April. 

    Clubpets Magazines are available at all leading pet shops, bookstores, newsstands, supermarkets and other lifestyle outlets.)

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