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because im fickle like that.

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  • 10/14/13--22:52: 22nd Birthday
  • Today I TURN 22! 



    Celebrated my birthday on Saturday with a bunch of friends at Roland's Restaurant.

    Roland's Restaurant
    89 Marine Parade Central #06-750 Singapore 440089
    (At a Multi Storey Carpark)
    +65 6440 8205

    Despite me suffering from food poisoning from my breakfast earlier that morning (still unsure what exactly caused the food poisoning though), i am glad i still managed to get a good rest and managed to walk! I remember it was an extremely torturous afternoon of me shivering and puking like mad. I am a warrior because i even managed to make it to Zouk! Haha. But i left shortly after and didn't really get to have fun. :( Felt terrible for leaving everyone there but well, i really didn't want to be in anymore discomfort....or FAINT.

    A lot of people asked me bout my dress. My mom bought it for me from HongKong like 2 years ago! I finally decided to wear it! But it was terrible though, i was suffering from food poisoning and my tummy was super duper bloated and huge and it was not possible to suck it in cus i would experience even more discomfort. :(

    Anyhow, i really enjoy my birthday dinner every year cus it's the one time i get to gather all my good friends together. I get the whole "CNY" feeling....yknow? HAHAHA. Daryl was telling me how my birthday feels like a huge important event and DX was telling me how she only meets some of my friends once a year. 


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  • 10/17/13--23:17: Heineken

  • Heineken had its iconic Heineken Green Room last Friday at Gillman Barracks. Known for pushing music boundaries, Heineken Green Room is a ‘by-invitation-only’ series of innovative music events established since 2002, allowing music aficionados to explore new music dimensions & progressive sounds, long before they become fads. For this year's Heineken Green Room, Heineken pushes the envelope on innovation once again by taking over revelers on a multi-sensorial journey – aural, visual and now smell.

    Upon registration, partygoers were also issued with mini zero blasters to create their own smoke rings in synchrony with the party beats. Starting at 9pm, over 700 party revelers surrendered themselves to the mastery of Dean Chew's fingertips as he manipulates the decks and the ScenthesizerTM, sending signature scents, attuned to the highs, mids and lows of the music at the by-invite only party. Dean Chew a.k.a DJ Funk B, the trailblazing local DJ who is one half of duo Cosa Nostra and co-founder of the Darker than Wax label worked in tandem with Terry Jacobson, an scent expert to bring to multi-sensorial Heineken Green Room to reality.

    Music mavens and Green Room fanatics continued to experience how the bass heavy sounds of DJ Pinch, one of the pioneers that defined 'Bristol sound' and London-based DJ cum producer Mosca were married together with the scents produced specifically for Heineken Green Room, leaving party revelers an epic Green Room experience.

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  • 10/20/13--02:13: NOLIPSERVICES
  •  In love with this pleated top from

    NOLIPSERVICES celebrates the launch of their new e-commerce site with a special Facebook giveaway!

    YOU can be the lucky winner of this $30 TOPSHOP giftcard AND HELLO KITTY SWEATER!

    Hop over to their Facebook page now to find out how you can win this awesome giveaway in 3 simple steps!

    At NOLIPSERVICES, shop with ease with our brand new shopping cart function with instant confirmation!

    More than 30 new designs in our weekly arrivals! Shop to your hearts content with us!

    Check out whats in store for you!

    Check out NOLIPSERVICES now for weekly arrivals of trendy street fashion!

    *Receive a $5 welcome voucher from us when you sign up a new account with us at !*

    Join our mailing list and key in "OSFXNLS" during checkout to enjoy $3 off total bill !
    *Valid til 5th Nov 2013.

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  • 10/20/13--11:25: Pictures

  • If you don't have Instagram or you're not following me, here are some pictures taken the past few days! :)

     LaVitaAlta event with Donna and Kimmy

     Tokyo Bananas for me!!! From baby sis!

     The day i finally got well and manage to gobble down food in seconds. Gained all the weight i lost back in no time hahaha.

    Some random pic i took while waiting for my flight back to SG. I really love my double eyelids when it's swollen hahaha. Also, a pic to remind me of how i look now....before i do some major changes. Hehe.
    Awesome dinner at Jaan!! Not cheap at all though but a good experience dining with such a beautiful view. :) Thankful!

    SquidInk Rice! Something new to me! This was at a restaurant called KILO. It's pretty difficult to find your way there but food's good!
    Thursday night with Kimmy and Daryl~~~ Love random nights like that. Always fun haha.
     A lil birthday treat for myself~ which i've been wearing a lot cus i am in looooove w it.

     Dining at Jaan and camwhoring cus well, you have to do a lot of waiting when having fine dining. It's like i got full eating air while waiting hahaha.

    Friday night's face before the party.


    Korea tomorrow for my surgery! Oh man, it's so fast! I'm still kinda unprepared but but but I'M EXCITED. 

    I am kinda afraid of swelling and walking around with a big fat pig face though....hahaha. I think i'll enjoy Korea though! The weather's really nice now! And my friends cannot stop giving me places to go. 

    Will update this space as much as possible when i'm there! Hopefully snap some nice pictures on Instagram too. :)

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  • 10/22/13--11:27: PL

    Quote "tammyPL" to enjoy $2 off with purchase from

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  • 10/27/13--05:26: FAIREBELLE
  • I'm in Korea now recovering from my surgery! I cant wait for the swelling to go down. It's not easy looking at myself this swollen! It doesn't exactly hurt but i'm in so much discomfort :(

    Anyway, here's a Advertorial!

    Where i got the parka i wore in Korea...


    FAIRE BELLE is pleased to announce that we are stocked in at Blogshopping @ BUGIS starting 1st Nov.
    Expect to find our stylish casual apparels for the weekends and special girly frocks for your special dates!

    New launch every Sunday at 11am!

    Fresh new in today!!

    Nastygal inspired premium parka! The perfect outerwear for your year end trips!

    How about a pair of cutesy daisy high waist jean??

    Or a pair of classy maxi dresses for dinner dates?

    Specially for OSF readers!

    From now til 5th Nov,
    Key in "OSFOCT" during checkout to enjoy $2 off total bill!

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  • 10/29/13--01:20: NEW IN
  • New Arrivals on tomorrow (30 Oct Wed) at 7PM!

    All items in this small collection is exclusively manufactured by OSF.

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  • 10/30/13--20:29: Short Update
  • Sorry for the lack of updates!

    I've been doing short updates on my surgery progress on Twitter so follow me if you are interested to see how i am doing. :)

    I cant wait to recover so i can start cam-whoring and blogging regularly! My blog has been pretty dead for the month of October man.


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  • 11/01/13--23:37: Random
  • I miss blogging OMG

    The moment i saw this box my heart started beating very quickly cus i felt this need to update this space with some words, AT LEAST.

    It was Day 10 yesterday. I ditched my sunglasses cus and the doctor told me by Day 10 i am allowed to put on make up so I DID. Then, i went out to a birthday party where I met so many people and received great compliments on my eyes but a lot of people said my nose looks damn huge and pig-like cus it's still pretty swollen. :( I think it'll take another 1-2 weeks to look "normal" and another 3-4 weeks to look the way i want it to look. Still, i think my recovery is really quite speedy already and i am not gonna complain but instead, be thankful. My 5 important stuff to recovery - Arnica, Pineapple, Pumpkin, Ice Pack and Face Massages.

    The past week i have been spending most of my time in the West side of Sg and oh how different it is from where i live!!! BUT YKNOW WHAT....I really like it leh?! Hahahahaha. I am so weird. I look forward to checking out all the different malls in the west. Totally enjoying my Journey to the West.

    Anyway, i'll try to start taking pictures now since i can put make up already and hopefully i can get this space updated with something interesting soon! :)

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  • 11/04/13--15:30: Surprise
  • My 3 year rship ended months ago and oh boy the emotional roller coaster I went through throughout the 3 months was crazy. I was strong...then weak...then happy...then sad.

    I told myself to "hang on, I can surely get him back". I thought to myself, there's no reason I can't get him back since I know he loves me. I tried and I fought and for once I really put my pride down. I was confident it'll all turn out well. He did stuff  I never thought he would do to me but I sucked it up and held on still hoping we could work things out. Everyday I was thinking of ways to get him back but I couldn't do too much or say too much cus I didn't want to appear as a creep or crazy. While in the process of fighting to get him back, I also had people trying to win my heart. Using them to distract myself on days I feel depressed. Such a bitch but well it did help. And of course me being me, always made it clear that I'm not over my ex so ok la I'm not such a big bitch. Honesty is super important! Said "if you want to go out with me you must know you are FRIENDZONED". Most of em wouldn't say No cus they think they can still have a shot. Then the more I started hanging out with diff people the more I was pampered by them, I realised I didn't want to be in that relationship with D. I was too independent in that relationship. At times I didn't feel taken care of which was something I really wanted out of a relationship cus I grew up in a family with very little love and attention which is probably why I crave a lot of that now. Of course I still love him in my heart but day by day as I start finding happiness in doing other stuff the urge of wanting to talk to him and see him just slowly disappears. I still find it hard to believe's 3 YEARS DUDE. So maybe this is just a phase...I might fall back into the "I need D I only want D" thing. Who knows...

    Today I have people trying to sweep me off my feet. Today I have people telling me I'm beautiful and loved. I should be happy. I am happy. Been awhile since I felt this happy. :) and it is funny how life works...remember I have this boyfriend checklist post a month (or 2) ago? The people who make me happy are not even close to those descriptions and points in the list. A far cry, a complete opposite of My Ideal Guy. Then there are those who fit the list, most of them don't even make me feel that happy?! It's weird it's really weird.

    P.S arrrrrghhhhh soooooo damn pissed off. wanted to approve and reply comments so i marked them all but i accidentally clicked the "delete comment " button which deleted over 30 new comments. I AM SO SAD AND SORRY TO THOSE WHO TYPED LONG COMMENTS :( I read them all though so yup!

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  • 11/06/13--04:04: La Strada

  • A few days ago i was craving for Carbonara and i remember Chevonne telling me that her work place has really good Carbonara so i decided to head down to give it a try!

    I was told that the chefs changed the recipe several times to find the perfect taste.


     Mushrooms + Parma Ham + Poached Egg

    I don't remember the name of this but it was good!

    The Carbonara, what i went to La Strada for.

    I really liked the unique taste of the carbonara but i thought it was a lil too salty and couldn't eat more than half the plate on my own. Chev said it doesn't always taste THAT salty though. But the pasta had a unique texture which i liked a lot, some what like "mee kia" (the noodles i usually eat like ba chor mee with)

    The Tiramisu was really good!

    I heard the Flour-less Chocolate Cake is not bad either.

    And Chev also brought me Macaroons from Canele (also part of the Les Amis group) to end my meal. Awesome!

    If you're in Orchard Road and craving for good Italian food, do try the food at La Strada. It's worth the visit!

    La Strada
    #01-11, Shaw Centre, 1 Scotts Road


    Opening Hours
    Daily: 12:00 - 14:30
    Daily: 18:30 - 22:00

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  • 11/06/13--04:19: Essensuals Bugis Promotion

  • Get $30 off when you Cut + Do Hair Treatment @essensualsbugis! Come between 11am-3pm on Monday-Thursday and get an additional 15% on top of the $30 off!

    Essensuals is located just above the Burger King at Bugis Street! Super easy to find!

    For rates and services, feel free to give them a call!
    (Call to book an appointment! Remember to mention "Ohsofickle/Tammy" to enjoy the special rates!)

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  • 11/06/13--04:22: Asia Grand Restaurant

  • Last Sunday saw me at my one of my favorite Restaurants for Dim Sum. I really like going to Asia Grand especially in big groups because of the VIP rooms. There's much more privacy and you can make a lot of noise without being or "shh"-ed at. Haha.

    My favorite dim sum dishes at Asia Grand are the Century Egg + Lean Meat Porridge, the Siew Mai and  Baked Custard Bun. 

    This time i went with just one friend so i couldn't order a lot but still, it was a satisfying dim sum date cus the food just never disappoints.

    Asia Grand Restaurant
    #01-02, Odeon Towers, 331 North Bridge Road


    Opening Hours
    Mon - Sat: 11:30 - 14:30
    Mon - Sat: 06:30 - 22:30
    Sun & PH: 10:00 - 14:30
    Sun & PH: 18:00 - 22:30

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    WOOOOOOHOOOOO! I am back in Tokyo after 2 years. Japan (Tokyo) is my favorite country of all the countries i've visited. The food is just super awesome and the country is so clean.

    Didn't expect myself to be on a holiday and snapping pictures of myself this quick cus i only had my surgery done 15 days ago and am still quite swollen! A lot of people think my current look is the "final" look but nope, i have another 15-30 more days of recovery to see more results, hopefully better results! My nose is still pretty swollen but my eyes have more or less healed though! :) For more plastic surgery enquiries you can contact IVY:+65 91999621 She is the "middle man" between me and the surgeon in Korea! If you are keen on getting surgery done in Korea, you can contact her and she will arrange everything for you like hotel stay....etc.

    Anyway, back to my holiday! So yes, it was such an impromptu decision to go to Tokyo but i am sooooo glad i did because I LOVE IT HERE. :)

    The first thing i had to do when i reached Tokyo was to...


    To me it is the best lah....hahaha. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT AND I MISSED IT SOOOOOO DAMN MUCH!

    Order from the vending machine!

    Select the hardness of noodles and richness of soup base etc!


    How to get to Ichiran Ramen in Shibuya?

    1. Alight at JR Shinjuku Station - Take the Hachiko Exit

    2. At the Junction, spot Tsutaya, then walk to the Starbucks at Tsutaya. 

    Credits: x

    3. From the Starbucks you should see OICITY or a Huge Zara Store.

    4. You should see the Red Ichiran Signboard! Ichiran is in the Basement. :)

     Freshness Burger~

     Cute grey toy poodle with purple highlights~

    The next morning we woke up at 5am and went to Tsukiji Fish Market. We missed the Tuna auction but that's okay cus the main aim was to go get our tummies filled with fresh sushi!

    You should go early to avoid queues! It sounds crazy early but i remember the previous time i didn't go so early and had to queue pretty long!

    There are quite a number of restaurants around the market. The more well-known and popular ones are Sushi Dai and Daiwa-Zushi. I decided to try something else instead and went to Sushi Zanmai this time round and it was pretty good as well eh! But i'm seriously contemplating to go back later in the morning to Sushi Dai hehe.

    Super fresh Chutoro (medium fatty tuna) and Ootoro (super fatty tuna) sushi!



    How to get to Tsukiji Fish Market?

    Tsukiji Market is just above Tsukiji Shijo Station on the Oedo Subway Line. 
    Alternatively, it can be reached in a five minute walk from Tsukiji Station on the Hibiya Subway Line. The closest JR station is Shimbashi, from where you can walk to the market in about 15 minutes.

    From Tokyo Station
    Take the Marunouchi Subway Line from Tokyo to Ginza (3 minutes) and transfer to the Hibiya Subway Line to get to Tsukiji Station (3 minutes). The fare is 160 yen.

    From Shinjuku Station
    Take the Oedo Subway Line directly from Shinjuku Station to Tsukiji Shijo Station. The one way trip takes 20 minutes and costs 260 yen. 

    Ok and that's my top 2 favorite place in TOKYO i've been wanting to go back to for 2 years hehehe.

    Back with more pictures soon~~~

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  • 11/10/13--14:39: My Plastic Surgery Journey
  • Today is DAY 20 of my Plastic Surgery Journey and i must say i am pleased with what i see so far! Full Recovery for eyes take about 2-3 months and for nose it might take as long as 6 months but it all depends on your body and how disciplined you are.

    Recovery for Daryl and I has been pretty quick and our results are looking pretty good! I am really happy that by DAY 10 i looked "normal" and was ready to put make up and go for events. Although still swollen, i didn't exactly look "bad". A lot of my friends were amazed at how speedy my recovery was and yes, so was i! I will give you some tips on how to recover quickly at the bottom of this post.

    On 21 October, Daryl and I flew to Korea to get some work done on our faces. I did my surgery on 22 October at SM Plastic Surgery clinic in Seoul, Korea. Despite it being a newly opened clinic, Dr Lee is not new in this industry at all! He has worked at the most reputable Plastic Surgery clinics in Korea and has now decided to set up his own clinic cus well, i'm sure he'll make a lot more $ this way. My face is extremely important to me so i won't let a lousy doctor work on my face. Dr Lee has worked on a few people i know and i've met them and liked what i saw. 

    The SMPS Singapore team helped me arrange everything from the flight, to the accommodation to transport etc. It is best to have a "middle man" to help arrange everything for you. Saves you a lot of time researching on how to get to the clinic and where to stay. What the SMPS team usually do is arrange for a group to travel together so they can travel with you and bring you around. It sure isn't easy getting around Korea. Most people don't speak english and the taxi drivers can't read the address if it's in English (most of the time). Plus a lot of people i know of want to get surgery done but have no idea how to get started. With the SMPS Singapore team around, all your questions can be answered by them (or via Video Conference with Dr Lee) without you traveling all the way to Korea to consult the doctor. 

    I am thankful for Ivy from the Singapore SM Plastic Surgery team for arranging everything and ensuring everything runs smoothly. Without her, i can't imagine how Daryl and I would get around Korea. Daryl and i went to explore Korea and went shopping one day and it's like nobody seems to understand us there?! There were times we got so frustrated and stressed up trying to find a certain place. 

    This is our "lets do our ugliest faces before we become chio" shot hahahaha

    A week before the surgery, i met the SMPS Singapore team to do a video conference with my doctor Dr Lee. He advised me on what procedure to do and i had a week to carefully think about what procedures i wanted to do.

     At the SMPS Korea Clinic

     SMPS Surgery Room

     SMPS Recovery Room

     Dr Lee and I meeting in real life for the first time

     Marking my face 

    Entering the surgery room and saying goodbye to Daryl and Ivy!

    Contact the SM Plastic Surgery Singapore Team for more information...
    Ivy: +65 91999621 

    A lot of you must be curious to know what procedures i did so in this post i will share what i did!

    Fat Graft on Forehead and Temple.

    My forehead is pretty flat and there's some dents on my temple so Dr Lee suggested Fat Grafting. It is one of my favorite and i really highly recommend you to get Fat Grafting done on your Forehead if you want the "korean look" or if you have a flat forehead like me! It only lasts around 6 months though as fats get burn away by your body. :( I WISH MY FOREHEAD REMAINED AS FAT AS WHEN IT WAS SWOLLEN. I loved it so much!

     I did Magic Epicathoplasty (cutting the inner corner of my eyes) and 3D Lateral Canthoplasty (cutting the outer corner of my eyes).

    Reason why i did those 2 surgeries was because i did not like the shape of my eyes. I have always wished for wider eyes as my eyes are pretty round. I didn't lengthen it though, cus if i did, my eyes would be too close together and i'd look so weird! 

    I also did Non-Incision Double Eyelid Surgery. I already have double eyelids as you can see but Dr Lee recommended i make it more defined. He wasn't a fan of too high eyelids so my double eyelids height remained the same but the line is more defined now.

    I have done Alarplasty (reducing the size of nostrils) when i was 17 if you don't already know! This time with Dr Lee, he recommended i do Rhinoplasty. Instead of using silicon implant like most people, i used Dermis Graft to make my nose bridge higher. It is actually taking skin and fats from your tailbone area and putting it into your nose to add height. I actually really did like my natural nose bridge and am pretty lucky to have a nice side profile thanks to my nose. Dr Lee also used my ear cartilage to raise the tip of my nose so my tip will look sharper cus it's pretty round from the front.

    My cheeks were really fat and it was very difficult to get rid of the fats there so i did Face Liposuction. Dr Lee didn't really recommend it cus he said when i grow older i will regret it but i really really wanted the fats off! I'm always taking pictures from good angles (knowing your best angle is super important) so not many people can tell my face has that much fats haha. 

    And yes, this is my Before face. No Photoshop allowed in this post.

     Now time for some pictures which will make you cringe...

    The surgery was painless as i was sedated. It took 4 hours long and i felt nothing!

    Woke up looking like this...

    Looks painful but i really felt no pain! Everyone kept asking me if it was painful and when i said no they all said i was confirm lying but i really really didn't think it was painful at all despite looking like that.

    It just felt really uncomfortable cus my whole face was swollen and felt heavy? And i looked crappy every time i look at myself in the mirror which made me feel sad all the time.

    No but seriously, not pain lah!!!!

    You know what's painful?

    REMOVAL OF THE STITCHES. Especially on my eyes. DAMNNNNN. That really really hurts but other than that 10 torturous minutes removing stitches, everything else not pain one. Lie to you guys also no money to take so i really am not lying hahaha.

    Or...maybe my tolerance for pain is pretty high? I don't know la haha 

    The next day i went to clean up the wounds and remove the plaster on my forehead. I LOVE HOW FAT MY SWOLLEN FOREHEAD WAS!! It has subsided but i really wished it remained that fat! Haha.

    And the following images would be my day to day recovery progress. :)

    It certainly was a mood lifter receiving such a big bouquet from a friend. :') Lucky me!!!!

    I remember crying a whole lot on Day 5 because looked crappy and it really really made me super emotional! I don't know why but thinking about how depressed i was that day makes me wanna laugh now. Did i seriously think i'd look like that permanently? LOL!

    I am now at DAY #20 and this is how i look with make up!!

    I've been receiving a lot of comments on how i look better Before surgery but but but looks are really subjective so maybe i think i look better but you beg to differ. Anyway, this isn't the final results yet!!! I still have another month for my eyes to fully recover and maybe another 3-5 months for my nose to fully recover? Of course i'm praying everything will be faster la so i'll continue working hard by taking my anti-swelling medication and putting ice/hot pack as frequently as possible. 

    My nose is still very swollen especially at the tip so it looks pretty big and my eyes are asymmetrical cus one side is more swollen than the other. Also my jaw line is still a little swollen so my face still looks rather wide. I must say for DAY #20 post surgery, it is considered very good already leh! I will do a post on how to speed up the recovery process after Plastic Surgery soon!

    Do follow me on Instagram to watch my progress k? 

    If you are interested in getting Plastic Surgery done, you can contact the SM Plastic Surgery Singapore Team for more information...

    Ivy: +65 91999621 

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  • 11/11/13--23:30: New Arrivals

  • My model Lin couldn't make it for today's Shopohsofickle shoot so i had to model myself. I actually really enjoyed today's shoot :) Despite a swollen nose and face, i think the pictures turned out OK!

    Photography by Donna

    For Studio Booking/Outdoor Photography...

    Contact: 94768004 (Text only)

    Check out the collection on the webstore on 13 November (tomorrow) at 5PM!

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  • 11/13/13--09:23: My Heart
  • I don't think I felt this pain in a long while. I felt my heart break. I felt breathless. I really didn't see it coming.

    Today he told me he moved on and I just replied "happy for you :)" dropped my phone and tears just streamed down my face. I was getting a foot massage and the guy stared at me in shock, ran out of the room to get me a box of tissue. The tears just couldn't stop. I'm usually a pro at controlling my emotions after many years of training but that very moment, i lost it. I felt this pain in my chest it really really felt like I could feel my heart break. Am I weird or have y'all ever felt that kinda pain? I felt lost, I didn't know what to do. 

    Ya we broke up so long ago but I didn't feel this much pain till that very moment. Maybe all along I've been living in denial. I thought he still loved me and just wanted to enjoy singlehood at the moment. That he will be back in my life when the time is right. But today i had to face it, my 3 year relationship, it is really Over. We are never ever ever getting back together. 

    Maybe if it was with another girl I wouldn't feel this sad but it's with a girl I know is a very nice girl and that they'd last a long time together. I'm truly happy for him but...yeah I'm also sad I lost the love of my life. 

    So it's been what...4 months since i broke up? I don't know, I didn't bother counting how long either. I've tried to move on...I've had rebounds to make me feel better. The guys whom I went out with were really great guys but he was all I wanted...nobody could make the cut. I always dropped him reminders from time to time telling him I still love him and care and will always be around when he needs
     me. I was willing to drop any guy I was seeing for him because he was nothing but the best in my eyes.

    I won't lie and say I've been sad, crying and alone all this time because I've been dating and keeping myself occupied so I wouldn't go insane. There were times I forgot all about the break up and felt happy. Call me selfish, call me whatever you wanna call me, I just knew what I had to do to "be ok" and "be happy". Not the wisest thing to do if I really wanted to salvage a relationship with a guy I really love but he really didn't want to be with me and I didn't want to force him to. I have this problem with being alone too....I just need someone. I need to have someone there who would say good morning and good night to me and cares for me and is willing to look after me all the time. My family doesn't have time, my friends have their own relationships. So I turn to the boys who like me - even though I know it's impossible with some of them I still try to give it a shot. It's like I didn't mind "leading them on" just so I feel less sad about my life. Selfish bitch.
    Sometimes it's feels like I'm taking advantage of them in a way but of course I make it extremely clear to them I'm not over my ex lah. Quite honest right? I'd use the "take it or leave it" since you like me and wanna bring me out for a meal, I'm willing to use u to distract myself even though I know I won't like u, take it or leave it. Some actually ended up getting hurt cus despite all the effort they put in, I don't feel a thing. Even if I spend a lot of time with someone, I really don't get attached to people easily unless I allow myself to but my heart was with someone else so yeah, I never had "real feelings" for the guys I went out with. I've been thru break ups and going thru it all alone is just really too damn painful so everyday I have someone around for me, whether it's my best friends or a guy who asked me out on a date. 

    I'm really damn sad but at least now I know it's over and have found some kind of "closure".

    Now there's no more trying to get him. Instead, ill try to love again. Give the potential guys a chance...right? No "using" ppl to distract myself from him. No more being that selfish bitch. 

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  • 11/13/13--09:23: The Downtime
  • Which part of "i'm still swollen" do people not understand? I'm only at Day 22 today......

    Sure, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I am not completely sure I'll look better than Before however what annoys me now is the amount of people who think this is my Final Look. I didn't bother much about replying or explaining myself to the many people who left comments but I hope they'd see this post...

    It obviously isn' hasn't even been a month since the surgery. People expect me to instantly recover? There's sure to be a downtime after surgery guys. I can choose to stop posting pictures of my swollen face and only do so after I've recovered but that will mean months of a dead Instagram account and blog. Which will be bad for me cus I'm a Blogger and this is like my almost full-time job.

    Btw those asking for Before & After picx...when I've fully recovered ill do a side by side comparison of my Before and After k?

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  • 11/15/13--18:25: SassyDream
  • Get this Blue Floral Romper from

    Sassydream offers a huge range of apparels and you will definitely find something that you like here!

    Here are some of the new arrivals!

    A sneak peak of their latest outdoor shoot launching on 16th Nov (Sunday) @ 12pm.

    Do check out their retail spaces as well with over 100 different designs updated weekly.

    KissJane @ Century Square: #01-03
    Far East Plaza @ Blogshopping: #01-35
    Jem @ Blogshopping: #04-07

    Simply quote "tammynov" to enjoy $1 off your total purchase.

    Instagram: @shopsassydream

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  • 11/16/13--19:29: Tokyo 2 (Ten-Ichi, Kozue)
  • Tokyo Visuals

    In this post i'm also sharing 2 restaurants you cannot miss when you're in Tokyo!

    Tenichi Ginza Honten
    6-6-5 Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo Prefecture 104-0061, Japan

    The place for the best tempura! I really really really liked it. We sat by the bar and the chef would cook each dish individually in front of you and place onto your plates immediately and the tempura served so hot and crispy.

    Nishishinjuku | Park Hyatt Hotel, Shinjuku, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan

    Kozue - a very nice restaurant with an amazing view. The perfect place to bring a date you want to impress.

    I thought the food was amazing! Chose the 9 Course meal and by the end of the meal i just went into a food coma.

    Around 22,000 Yen/person. Worth the splurge though! You won't find a restaurant with a better view in Tokyo.

    Tokyo is really my favorite country and i can't wait to go back again! I love the food, the people, everything!

    The most fun part about Tokyo is walking around and getting lost. I can't really do a proper guide cus most of the time i just walk wherever? Haha. And most of the time there i'm lost but it's fun getting lost in Tokyo!!! The usual places i like to walk around at is Harajuku, Shibuya, Shinjuku and Ginza!

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