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because im fickle like that.

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  • 09/05/13--06:44: Putting Up A Front
  • Putting up a front when i'm sad is nothing new. Most of my friends are unaware of my break up (unless they are my really close friends) because i don't behave any different around them. Sometimes i feel super sad, i'd use an excuse like "i'm sleepy, i wanna go home now k?" to get away if i feel like i'm about to burst into tears.

    I can't remember the last time i cried in front of my friends. I just don't want them to be in a difficult position whereby they don't know what to do. We have been through situations when one is crying and you say things like "i love you, don't cry, don't be sad!" they cry even harder? That's exactly what will happen to me so if i cry, i hide in my room, turn off the lights and cry till i get so tired and my eyes get so sore then fall asleep.

    Don't get me wrong, i have no issues with people doing that to me. In fact, i actually love being the shoulder people cry on, i love consoling people. When my friends come to me with a problem, i love talking to them about it and playing Aunt Agony. So putting up a front on my part is because i always want to be the "strong" one. Breaking down in front of them would make me look weak and not strong enough to be their pillar of strength. I

    When i say i'm sad, i really wish some people would understand i really am sad despite how i appear to be. I am really good at putting up a front that sometimes i appear so strong, people tell me things like "you know i don't think he loves you that much anyway, great that y'all aren't together anymore i'm so happy for you.". I'd nod my head and agree and smile but deep down THOSE WORDS ACTUALLY HURT. I mean when i'm going through a break up, the last thing i want to hear is "he does not love you anymore" or anything along those lines. I think those are things i will figure out on my own eventually. So please, sometimes, be sensitive with your words to friends going through Break Ups. Even if they appear to be OK, it could be just a mask.....

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  • 09/05/13--09:16: Antic1ockwise

  • Wearing a White Chiffon Top from Antic1ockwise (
    I LOVE IT! It's super light, pretty and not to mention, very suitable for the hot weather. 

    Antic1ockwise is an online webstore based in Singapore. Their First Instock Collection will be launched on 6th Sept 2013, Friday. Besides their Instock Collections, Antic1ockwise updates their preorders with new arrivals weekly! Expect a wide variety of shoes, bags and snapbacks which are exclusively imported just for you!

    Quote Tammy to enjoy $1 off your total bill, valid till 30th Sept 2013.

    Join their Mailing List for their latest updates and promotions!

    Also, Like + Follow Antic1ockwise on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to receive exclusive sneak peaks!

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  • 09/07/13--03:29: PearlMilkTeea

  • Wearing Polka Dot Bustier from PearlMilkTeea (

     photo 1-1.png
     photo 2-1.jpg
     photo 3-1.jpg
     photo 5-1.jpg
     photo 7-1.jpg
     photo 8-1.jpg

    All these items are now available at! :) 

     photo 9.jpg

    You can also find Pearlmilkteea stocked at Blogshopping Far East Plaza (#01-34) and JEM (#04-07)! 

    Racks are topped up weekly with new arrivals for those who wish to try on their apparels!

     photo 10.jpg

    Wanna win an apparel for yourself?

    Join their giveaway over at their Facebook page and you might just be the lucky one! :)
    Don't forget to follow them on Instagram for future giveaways too!

    P.S: Quote "PMTXTAMMY" for 10% off your total bill!


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  • 09/07/13--22:57: Alone V.S Having Company
  • After all the partying for 2 months (yes the break up has been that long and I only came to terms with it recently cus I've been living in denial), I realized how much I miss alone time. Sure, all that "fun" did help distract me from the pain I was feeling but there were too many times I had to "fake it" because as mentioned in my previous post, I like to "act strong". Last night i went home and everyone went to party, it was something new and i'm proud of myself because this morning i woke up FRESH!!! :) After this i'm gonna get ready to go to church too. I must always remember despite it all, I AM STILL #BLESSED.

    These few days I enjoyed it better being all alone or with the company of "new friends" - those friends who don't really know much about my life cus they aren't active on social media and yeah, I don't talk to them much about my personal issues. It's weird but well, see, when I'm around my closer friends or actually, around most of my friends who do follow my blog/twitter account, they'd care for me. When they care, they show concern by asking if I'm ok if I am too quiet....and stuff life that. And the standard reply? "I'm fine! Really!" in the most convincing way when in actual fact, I'm really not. Then, if they don't ask, because maybe they know I don't really want to talk about it, I'd secretly wonder if they cared for me and it will make me slightly worried if they don't show me that bit of concern. Maybe even start feeling sad about it and feel unloved etc. Then there, another problem in my head. Lol.

    Gosh I'm just....really complicated am I? I feel a need to explain this because recently a few people asked me out (closer friends) and I told them I didn't feel like going out but then the following day I went out with friends from another circle who asked me out (i dont think they read my blog or even follow me on Twitter so i doubt they are unaware of my brkup) and im not even that close to them. They must be wondering I think the post will explain why and well I hope they read this. To me there are 3 different type of friends, 1) Friends who are like Family...those i will stick to for the rest of my life 2) Friends i like  hanging out with but can only have small dosages of 3) Friends you party with & hardly see them in Daylight! (Maybe one day i'll do a post on the 3 types of friends i have.......haha.)

    But of course, i will need proper company soon, i can't possibly always be all alone and not say a single word to my friends who care. In life i have learnt you must always have a balance to keep your mind stable! So yup sometimes i'm thankful i've been through a lot and have learnt a lot. :)

    My recent wordy posts sure allowed the world to see a different side of me huh?


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  • 09/07/13--22:58: Shopaholic September
  • For the month of September, you will find tons of Blog Shop Advertorials on my blog because i am calling this month....


    I don't know why but last month, i didn't do much shopping so i think i'm using this month to do all the shopping i didn't do in August. LOL! 

    And so happened that a lot of blog shops approached me for features too. IT WAS REALLY WEIRD. But i ain't complaining since i am earning from it! From my knowledge, last month was Awfully "Bad" August for businesses and well for me, my heart as well. They say it's the "Ghost Month" that's why? I don't know but never mind because this month will be Super. I JUST KNOW IT. :)

    I am also gonna focus on ShopOhsofickle designs so i'll be traveling a lot to source for fabrics and get inspirations! Planning for a revamp in 2014...and i need to start planning now! 

    What kind of designs do you girls like? Most of my readers have grown up with me and no longer wear  most of the stuff i sell cus most of them have entered the corporate world? So do you girls want me to bring Corporate wear for ShopOhsofickle? I will need a lot of suggestions!!! 

    There'll be a ShopOhsofickle launch tonight at 8PM so check it out later!!! :)

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  • 09/08/13--22:00: SandyJoy

  • White Skorts from SandyJoy
    I really love this pair of Skorts soooo much! I have the Black as well and i've worn it to death!


    SandyJoy ship internationally to almost everywhere in the world! 

    We only believes in comfort clothing and we bring in the latest fashion at the most affordable price. 

    There will be new launch every week, so do subscribe to our newsletter to receive first hand updates and exclusive deals!

    Look out for our next launch on 9th Sept - 9PM

    Current Promotion:

    Purchase $150 and enjoy $25 OFF

    Current Contest:

    Follow us on Instagram now to win 20 X $15 Shopping vouchers

    Participate in our Instagram contest:
     Screenshot, Post, Tag

    Screenshot our photo on our instagram, post it, tag us.
    Comment: @sandyjoysg #sandyjoy
    We will be giving away 20 X $15 Shopping voucher

    Contest ends on 9th Oct 2013
    Winners will be announced on 13th Oct on our FB

    Want to touch and feel our apparels? 
    Head on to Kissjane at Citylink to try them. We stock our racks with new arrivals, exclusive, popular restocks every week! 

    One Raffles Link
    CityLink Mall #B1-39

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  • 09/09/13--04:39: TigerAir

  • Happy 9thBirthday Tigerair!

    This month is Tigerair's 9th Birthday and we’re in for a treat!

    If you’ve missed the 9-cent promo last week, don’t fret! There’s more to come. Tigerair will kick off a series of new promotional activities, with a new treat to be launched nearly every week!

    Plus, all participation in any of Tigerair's birthday activities will automatically qualify you for a grand lucky draw, where three lucky winners will each walk away with a set of tickets for nine to Boracay, Phnom Penh or Yangon. Sounds good?

    Around Asia in 9-Minute

    This 2nd treat for you guys will be happening from now to 15 September where you will journey “Around Asia in 9-Minute” with Tigerair.

    This is how it works. Every minute for nine minutes, Tigerair’s Facebook page ( will feature a photo of a city that Tigerair flies to.

    All you need to do is correctly guess all the nine cities featured within one minute each and you’ll stand to win a holiday to Boracay, Phnom Penh or Yangon, for a party of nine. There are three sets to be given away!

    Rounds 1 and 2 have taken place last week. Round 3 is starting tomorrow 10 September at 8.29pm and Round 4 on 12 September at 8.09pm. There will be a total of 6 rounds.

    Stay tuned to Tigerair's Facebook page to get the latest scoop on Around Asia in 9-minute

    9-hour Fare Roulette

    The 3rd treat runs fromtomorrow 10 to 13 September.

    Three destinations will be on offer each day. Attractive fares will be offered every hour for nine hours a day starting from 9am- 6pm. Book a flight at a fare you're most happy with and hopefully you get the best price! Fares starting from as low as 99cents to Bandung, Boracay (Kalibo), Hanoi, Hong Kong, Hyderabad, Kochi, Medan, Perth, Phnom Penh, Surabaya, Yangon, and Yogyakarta.

    Surprise sale
    Check back at for details of this surprise sale on16 and 17 September.For every booking, you’ll automatically stand to win a holiday to Boracay, Phnom Penh or Yangon, for a party of nine. There are three sets to be given away! Stay tuned for this. 

    And last but not least, this 4th birthday treat starts 19 September and will go on indefinitely every Thursday.

    At the stroke of midnight, you will have 24 hours to grab the best fares for immediate travel to the destinations on offer.

    Every purchase made through Tigerflash on 19 September only will automatically qualify you for the grand 9th birthday grand lucky draw.

    Please mark down the dates for the promotions! You wouldn't want to miss the great deals you can get from Tigerair! Fares you can never find with any other airlines.

    Customers who participate in any of these four birthday activities mentioned above will automatically qualify for the grand 9th birthday lucky draw at the end of the month!

    Three lucky winners will stand to win a set of nine tickets to Boracay, Phnom Penh or Yangon.

    For more details on Tigerair’s 9th birthday bash, please visit

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  • 09/09/13--20:19: Amore Fitness
  • If you follow me on Instagram/Twitter,you'd realize that i go to Amore to work out now!


    I go to the Bugis and Tampines outlet pretty often! The Tampines outlet is HUGE and there's also a swimming pool! I also like the Bugis one a lot because it's small but has all the machines i need for a good work out and the best part? IT IS AN ALL FEMALE GYM. I feel SOOO comfortable working out in an all female gym! I used to go to the gym near my place and there were a lot more guys in the gym. So every time i entered the gym and did my stuff, some guys just won't stop staring? I'm not saying i'm super pretty or anything but it's because i'm one of the only few girls in the gym so i guess they just can't help it. Many times, i don't stay longer than 45 min and i don't even dare be in some stretching positions cus some positions look pretty....suggestive. LOL.

    Amore Fitness is the leading fitness gym in Singapore providing unique state-of-the art gym equipments specially designed for women.

    Many people have been requesting for me to do a post of my workout and i will! Once i get someone to help me take photos/videos though....? Haha. But anyway, at Amore, you can engage a personal trainer to help you achieve what you want to achieve faster and better. With the help of an Amore Personal Trainer you stay motivated and see results faster than training alone. Personal Training can guide you with accurate exercise techniques thereby increasing your training efficiency while minimizing risks of injury. This will ensure your constant progress and in achieving your fitness goals.

    Besides Personal Training, there are 300 fitness workout classes a week to choose from!

    Here are some of the classes i personally think looks fun and good!

    Pump it up with stylish and unique cardiovascular conditioning and rhythmic dance moves to spice up your workout! Perform movements in various directions coupled with exciting choreography, which is specially designed by Amore’s fitness team! Gear up for an intensive workout to lose that flab while having loads of fun!

    StretchFit® fuses unique multi-regional stretching exercises and regular breathing techniques to develop a serene mind, a flexible and strong body. Achieve a better range of motion for daily activities, improving coordination and strength, creating a sense of balance.

    A highly intense form of physical and mental conditioning, focusing on the body's powerhouse, abdomen, back and rear. Flowing movements are executed as one focuses on the centering of the body. Achieve a firmer and sleeker body, increased physical agility and improved body alignment.

    A high-intensity workout that draws inspiration from martial arts. Kicks and punches are incorporated to integrate both the upper and lower body in a total workout. Improves muscle strength, tone coordination and reflexes.

    A highly intensive but slow-paced conditioning workout that uses bar bells, body bars, plates and dumbbells. Expect a combination of aerobic techniques and muscle training moves, excellent for both fat-burning and muscle toning!

    All fitness workout classes are facilitated by a pool of highly qualified and experienced instructors.

    There are a lot more classes! Go to for more information! :) I have yet to try any of the classes because i am pretty happy with my current work out routine but i would love to try the Kick Boxing and Power Pump Classes soon!

    Here's a deal for all of ya'll!!!


    $88 AWDO Deal (worth $249.72)


    · 2 Weeks Unlimited Fitness Pass (worth $94.16)
    · Botaroma Swedish Massage (45 mins, worth $94.16)
    · Body Composition Analysis (worth $21.40)
    · AWDO Entry Pass (worth up to $40)

    Valid till 13 October 2013

    For first time female customers above 16 years old only.


    All you have to do is answer the question below!

    Q: Name the 5 locations of Amore Fitness outlets

    Email your answers to with the correct answers! Remember to include your Name, Email Add and Home Address!

    Contest ends 27th Sept.

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  • 09/13/13--01:24: Boyfriend Checklist
  • I thought it'll be pretty interesting to share the type of guy I like. Over the years, I've met a lot of different guys so by now, I've seen all kinda of guys and I am pretty sure I know the kind I like!

    I  pretty different from most girls which means, the type of guys I fall for are the "not so sought after" guys. 

    I like guys who are a lil bit shy. The more quiet type. Not too loud and outspoken. A bit mysterious. He has to be smart. Because I've been through a lot in life, I think I know quite a lot. I may not be smart academically but i think im pretty smart in many other areas. My boyfriend has to be pretty knowledgeable because I don't want to feel "smarter than him". He has to hold a stable job and have to be hardworking. Not the type who takes MC and leaves all the time. I can't date boys with no job aka Bummers. Id not be able to see a future with him. Even if he looks like TOP or Daniel Henney, I still cannot overlook the fact he is lazy.  

    I like funny and witty boys....but not so much of the joker of the group kind. You know those guys who aren't afraid of making a fool outta themselves and let their friends laugh at them? Nope not that type. He only has to be funny enough to make me laugh and not the world. He has to act cute with me. We have to do a lot of stupid stuff together....sing the stupid songs I put together all the stupid actions and But on the outside, he has to maintain, act like he won't do such stuff. I do like boys who keep it cool. Haha.

    He has to speak good English and articulate his words well. My step dad is "ang mo" so in order for him to be able to hold a conversation with him, my bf has to be able to speak well. You know some people have a change of accent when they speak to "ang mo"s and they sound like they are trying very hard? I hate that, if my bf changes his accent like that, id be quite turn off. Really. 

    My boyfriend MUST LOVE FOOD. He must enjoy exploring interesting restaurants in Singapore and must be willing to drive from the East to the West of Singapore in search of good food. He must be able to eat as much as me BUT he cannot be FAT. Which is quite difficult because I really eat a lot everyday sooooo it means he must exercise quite a bit too. Best if he enjoys jogging so we can do evening jogs together. 

    He doesn't have to be good-looking or have a super good body. But but but he can't be fat. He has to have nice skin. I do like fair-medium skin boy rather than tanned. Also, he has to have a nice visible jawline. That's bout it? Haha. Well I say this (looks dont really matter to me) now because I've seen so many good looking boys who are so messed up and it's really REALLY difficult to find one who meets my criteria. If there's really that one guy who is good looking and fits my criteria, good for me! Also, you must know, good looking guys always have a lot of girls going crazy over them! I don't think I can handle that! I always compare myself to other girls and would feel so sad and inferior. I don't really like competition. But of course the feeling of winning would be nice but still.... I also hope my bf doesn't have a too-hot ex girlfriend cus I will surely talk about her non-stop. Been there, done that!

    He has to love animals! Love my dogs! Be able to play with my dogs, ask about my dogs from time to time. I always talk about the things my dogs do so my bf better love them or enjoy listening to such talks!

    Im not a clingy girlfriend so my boyfriend cannot be clingy! Cannot spam message or call me cus I hate it. Sometimes I'm busy and don't reply fast, he must be patient and not get paranoid. Maybe cus I trust my bf a lot, I hardly do such stuff anymore! So yes, trust is really VERY important. He has to give me space to meet my friends often. He must be able to trust me and not go crazy whenever I go party. Partying to me is a time I do a lot of PR and meet a lot of people. I like meeting new people - to know more about what people do and learn new stuff! Also it is a time where I spend catching up with my friends cus many have day jobs so we cant meet in the day time. So like he has to know that my intention isn't to cheat on him or whatsoever whenever I go party. We can party together but sometimes I do need to enjoy my girls night out without him there. 

    Last but not least, he has to be crazy in love with me. He has to be super caring and enjoy looking after me. He has to call me Princess and treat me like a kid occasionally. Buy me sweets and chocolates. Just those to surprise me occasionally and id be over the moon. Oh and like whenever we go to the petrol kiosk or something, say "Ok! Go get all the sweets u want!" and let me run around excited doing that. I just really like being a kid sometimes!!! Hahaha.

    And everyone asks me why I love my ex boyfriend so much? Because he is everything I want! So perfect in my eyes. :) 

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  • 09/14/13--04:55: Freja

  • Floral Peplum Skirt from This skirt has lovely vintage floral prints and will be a great skirt for work and play!

    Freja shares the love for fashion by bringing unmatched quality and a diverse product range that are chic to you girls. Their website consists of their latest collections specially imported from all over the globe suitable for all occasions.

    I like doing advertorials for shops selling very different stuff from mine so there's definitely a blog shop out there with a style you readers would like and be a fan of.

    Freja's style leans towards the more feminine side selling lotsa fun work dresses.

    Enter discount code 'TAMMYTAY' that entitles 10% off, valid till 30 Sept 2013

    Don't forget to check out their upcoming collection happening on 15th Sept (Sun)! Which is tomorrow! :)

    Instagram : @shopfreja

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  • 09/17/13--11:13: Laksa Steamboat
  • Last week i visited San Laksa Steamboat Restaurant!

    Laksa is not a very common soup base so it's quite hard to find it in Singapore although i do know about 3-4 places which has Laksa as a choice of soup base. San Laksa Steamboat still has the best Laksa soup base. It's really unique and tasty.

    Also, the ingredients were really fresh! A MUST at Steamboat restaurants.

    When i first heard about it, i thought it'll feel sick having so much Laksa soup but NOOOOOO....I COULDN'T STOP! It was really yummy.

    But yes, super duper sinful!! Hahaha.

    Here's the address if you wish to check it out!


    404 Telok Blangah Road
    Daily: 11:00 - 00:00

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  • 09/17/13--23:00: Ellysage

  • From now till 30 September, every order made on will receive a free My Beauty Diary mask! 

    Here's your chance to try the number one selling mask in Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong! Plus, if you're already a huge fan of My Beauty Diary masks, Ellysage is giving out a gift hamper on their Facebook page ( soon, so do watch that space for further details!

    Ellysage is also stocked at Blogshopping JEM, KissJane Bugis Junction and KissJane Century Square!

    0 0

    Launching on 19 September (Thursday) at 7pm 

    "It's $21 Only"is back with over 40 designs to choose from!

    A collection you won't want to miss! Mark your calendars and set your alarms. We will see you then!

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  • 09/19/13--20:00: The Sushi Bar
  • I visited The Sushi Bar a few days ago and I AM REALLY GLAD I DID.

    It's pretty new and there's always a queue and after trying the sushi there, I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND.

    The prices are super affordable. It's been awhile since i last visited a Japanese restaurant with food at such prices (been visiting Akashi a lot that's why). Yay to no GST and Service Charge!

    Salmon Belly Sashimi

    Oyster Shot

    The boys i went with kinda ordered the crazy expensive stuff though but i personally wouldn't orders those again cus the "premium" stuff like uni and all are not THAT good in my opinion.



    YOU MUST MUST MUST ORDER THIS! It will blow your mind. We had like x2 of this and the ebi tempura one. SO YUMMMMMMY.

    I think it's one of the cheapest and best Aburi Salmon Roll i've had in Singapore.

    For good and affordable sushi, The Sushi Bar is the place to be!

    The Sushi Bar

    14 Scotts Road ,Far East Plaza 
    #03-89, Singapore, Singapore 228213

    Contact No.: 9625 0861
    Opening Hours: 12:00 pm - 9:30 pm

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  • 09/21/13--05:50: Sian
  • It's Saturday, the F1 Weekend. The weekend i've been looking forward to all September. Sadly, i am in bed........

    3 days ago i found a lump on my neck and then yesterday i finally got it checked. It's about 5cm big now and the doctor said he doesn't really know what it is. Got some tests done and he contacted me this morning telling me all's good. The lump's still there and it freaking hurts. :( I can't seem to do anything properly cus the pain gives me a headache so all i wanna do is lie down. Praying hard this goes away on its own!

    Anyway, in exactly 1 month time, a company is flying my best friend and i to Korea for Plastic Surgery! It's gonna be an all sponsored trip and i am excited! I didn't think i'd actually get any work done because i have to save a lot a lot of $ for some stuff but since it's all free...why not right? ;) I've always wanted to find out more about Plastic Surgery in Korea but it's not easy as not many are open to sharing so i guess that's why the team is sending my best friend and i over so we can share more about our experience. I'm excited but also a little bit scared!! Really hope i look chio-er! Hehe. So it means have 1 month to enjoy my current face....CAM WHORE MORE!

    I rarely ever post a no filter/photoshop big face pic so here's one before doing stuff to it...

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  • 09/21/13--22:04: The Thrift Haul
  •  Wearing top from

    "TheThriftHaul, an online fashion boutique based in Singapore. Our aim is to bring in fashion apparels inspired by the world street-style to you. As most of our products are handpicked from across different countries, therefore every design is limited."

    TheThriftHaul will be launching grab-bags for $38 that comes with 2 brand new apparels, 1 cosmetic (from 3 Concept Eyes) and 1 random accessory. 

    Limited slots will be available on 24/09/2013 at 8pm, together with weekly new arrivals. Mark your calendar!! 

    More details over at the web-store on launch date, so stay tune! 

    Follow TheThriftHaul on Instagram: @thethrifthaul

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  • 10/12/13--19:58: Sighpie
  • It's been weeks of going to the doctor and back and still, I'm not diagnosed with anything because I need to undergo more tests and scans. It's a freaking waste of time and money and I feel myself getting more and more sick each day?? On thur I went to the hospital only to realise I was there for them to schedule another appointment for a CT scan and not to receive any medication or whatsoever. Pissed me off because I feel like shit paying the consultation fees just to schedule appointments after appointments. Now I have in total 2 appointments to go for before a final diagnosis?!? Another week of feeling lethargic and shitty to go through. Worst part, it's my birthday week!

    Last night I had a birthday dinner with tons of awesome people and I really enjoyed everyone's company but the worst part is I kept gg to the toilet to puke and couldn't enjoy the food properly. Then we went to Zouk Velvet and all I could do was sit down instead of drinking and partying the night away with everyone cus my head was pounding and my stomach kept churning. I felt like a complete ass for leaving everyone there to go home cus my body felt weak and tired. 

    I really pray I feel better ASAP cus I've been putting some work on hold due to this and I've the plastic surgery trip coming soon? So worrying. Sigh sigh.

    Oh and yesterday my friend gave me a talk on insurance, that I should quickly switch my savings insurance to a health insurance ASAP. And she said everyone should get health insurance regardless of age cus nobody knows when they would fall terribly ill! Kinda worried it's too late for me though but here's a heads up for the rest of y'all planning to get insurance or is alr holding savings insurance! 

    I look forward to doing my bday celebration post! Prolly going up tomorrow? :)

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  • 10/13/13--21:23: La Vita Alta

  • La Vita Alta is debuting this Sat at noon- a unique day party luncheon and the first of its kind! 

    La Vita Alta is a high society luncheon x day party that is going to be happening once every 1.5-2 months. The unique selling point is that it will happen at varying locations. Catching on the trend of day parties and indulgence in good food and alcohol. There will be press influencers, media personalities, young entrepreneurs, socialites and the a-listers of today's society.

    Join me there for an experience not to be missed!

    For bookings, please go to FB: La Vita Alta 

    #lavitaalta #thehighlife

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  • 10/13/13--21:24: HerVelvetVase Moodbox
  • Floral trousers from

    This online store needs no further introduction i'm sure! This post is gonna be about their newly launched HVV MOODBOX! I really like the idea of it. :)


    If you're into receiving an X'mas present every month, you definitely want to look out for this!

    First up, choose the type of subscription that best fits you! Then let us know all about your mood for the month (happy, edgy, sparkly or even confused?), color and size preferences.

    It gets really simple from here.

    You'll get an introduction email to get you started … and then, all you have to do is sit back and relax while we prepare an amazing HVV MoodBox with an outfit specially curated just for you!

    You also get a reminder email every month to select from a list of mood options. We change options pretty frequently to keep everything fun and very refreshing! On top of that, our team also works very hard to get partners and sponsors on board from time to time so you can be sure that each box is really, incredibly unique!

    I recently received mine and it was really exciting opening a package not knowing what to expect!!!

    Ok actually, i sorta knew what to expect but.....not really? LOL. 

    Because when you subscribe to the MOODBOX, you have to fill this up...

    In my MOODBOX, I received a blue train dress, a silver clutch, a beige bralet, leather long pants, some soap and shampoo! 

    It's really worth every penny and yes, it was a really pleasant surprise. :)

    Go get a MOODBOX of your own now!


    Win a mini mood box by following the instructions BELOW!

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  • 10/14/13--22:27: My Macaroon Tower
  • If you followed me on Instagram, you would see my awesome Macaron Tower!!!!

    The girl behind it is Hilary and she did my 21st Birthday cake (last year) as well!

    Being a HUGE fan of macaroons, the think the Macaroon Tower is the most AWESOME "cake" i can ask for! Plus, i didn't expect the macaroons to be SO GOOD?! I thought it'll not be fantastic quality but I THOUGHT WRONG. All my friends loved it and couldn't stop at one.

    More about aBite...

    aBite mainly does celebration cakes for birthdays & weddings or any special events. But Macarons are our latest addition, we only introduced them recently after a soft launch which was well received. *yay*

    There's a lot of work and so we only take Macaron orders through pre-orders and we will make by batches. The pre-order dates are not definite but we will announce them on our Facebook page if we are going to have one! There's be one for Christmas!!!

    Also, exclusively for OSF readers, aBite is offering a 5% off Fondant Cakes when you guys order through email! :)

    Check out the Fondant Cake aBite did for me last year HERE.

    Check aBite out...

    For Macarons flavors, we currently offer
    Chocolate, Red velvet, Earl Grey, Green tea, Pistachio, Salted Caramel, Madagascar Vanilla,
    Strawberry, Blueberry yogurt, Raspberry, Lime, Lemon, Rose, Jasmine & Lavender.

    I loved the Earl Grey, Green Tea & Chocolate best!!! (you can't see it on my tower though, because it was packed separately in boxes so my tower can stay pink and girly hehe)

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