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because im fickle like that.

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  • 02/26/15--18:33: Long Names
  • Random Stuff i found in my draft which i thought was quite wow (it's been in there since 2010 and i don't remember which website this was from haha)

    Long Names

    The longest place name contains 58 letters

    A little village in Wales boasts the longest place name at 58 letters:


    But New Zealand makes the same claim with a hill containing 92 letters:


    But after some further digging we found the winner to be Bangkok. OK, so that's only 7 letters, but the official ceremonial name of Bangkok is Krung Thep Mahanakhon for short meaning 'City of Angels'.

    The full name of Bangkok has many variations in spelling but we found what is believed to be the official spelling coming in at 163 letters:


    The translation here is pretty much the unabridged history of the city rather than a word.

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  • 02/27/15--18:00: KOSE
  • 2015 is a very special year for KOSÉ, as it is the 30th Anniversary of their best-selling SEKKISEI skincare range (yes, the blue-coloured one)! To celebrate, they have collaborated with Disney to release limited edition Cinderella-themed products! Really excited to watch the movie btw hehe..

    Pretty packaging fit for a princess!

    Check out Cinderella’s glass slipper emblazoned on the SEKKISEI Lotion bottle!

    Oh, there’s also my all-time fave SEKKISEI White BB Cream! Best part is, this special limited edition comes with a free travel-sized Cleansing Oil that comes in handy at the end of the day when I want to take off my makeup.

    Absolutely love how the SEKKISEI range helps to brighten my complexion, especially since the ingredients used are extracted from Oriental herbs used since ancient times for health and beauty. 

    The SEKKISEI Lotion has been KOSE's bestselling product for 30 years! Now that HAS TO BE REALLY GOOD 'nuff said

    I've personally tried it and love it! It hydrates my skin, is lightweight and feels really refreshing. Applying Lotion on your skin is very important, and I know that when I layer on my serums and creams after, my skin absorbs them better! It’s really easy to use too – I just use my palms to pat it on


    I've done a review before if you don't remember and i still love this product so much after so many months!

    SThis tiny tube of BB Cream has SIX functions… It's a Serum, Emulsion, Cream, Sunscreen, Makeup Base and Foundation all in one! Perfect for those days when you’re in a rush and have no time for your full skincare routine.

    It covers blemishes but don't expect TOO MUCH though. I personally feel that it gives light coverage, and definitely helps to brighten and get rid of skin dullness. I use this as a makeup base before my full make up goes on. Best thing about this is that it has SPF40/PA+++, so that your skin is protected against harmful UV rays!

    Wishing SEKKISEI a Happy 30th Birthday!

    Do also check out @kosesg on Instagram, as there’s gonna be an exciting contest with $10,000 worth of prizes to be won, including a trip for two to Japan!

    For more information, visit:

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  • 02/28/15--17:00: Carrislabelle

  • Outfits from...

    Shop over 100 designs of swimwear at our website

    Whether you are looking for sexy or cute bikini or monokini, we got you covered!

    Hop over to our website to view more designs now

    Prices starts from SGD$23.00

    Best Sellers are now all Back-in-Stock!

    Shop New Arrivals:

    Carrislabelle offers free normal mail within Singapore
    Ships to Malaysia at just SGD$3.00 (non-registered) and SGD$6.00 (registered)
    Ships to other countries starting from SGD$5.00

    Sign up for mailing list here to get the latest updates and promotions just for mailing listees:

    Exclusive Discount Code for Tammy's Readers!
    Enter "Tammy5" during checkout to get 5% off your cart

    Like the Facebook Page at
    Follow us at Instagram Address

    Shop at website 

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  • 03/01/15--17:00: My 10-Step Skincare Routine

  • I haven't had problem with my skin since i started on my new Skincare Routine. Some days i do get lazy but most days, i'm quite disciplined as i saw great results! Why so many steps? Well, it used to be just 3-4 steps for me and occasionally i would break out here and there. I have always loved the Korean and Japanese skin and always wondered "WHY IS THEIR SKIN SOOOOOO FLAWLESS?" Must be their food, must be their weather, must be their genes! Yeah, it may be true but also, THEIR SKIN CARE ROUTINE PLAYS A BIG PART. I heard that it is around 10-12 steps! So...I decided to give it a try and add more products to my skincare routine.

    It was kinda scary to pile on SO many things on my face as i was afraid of breaking out. So i did i slowly, from my usual 3-4 steps i slowly add in a new product and see if i break out. Surprisingly, i didn't even break out as all the products i used were suitable! I went crazy buying Korean and Japanese skin care products and every alternate day i switch the products here and there.

    I really recommend everyone to try adding in more products to your skincare routine for better skin! This is by far THE BEST skincare routine i've ever tried and i promise myself for the sake of beauty I WILL USE THIS MANY PRODUCTS EVERYDAY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. Haha.

    So here are my recommended products for 2015! 
    It's just a small fraction of the products i But this are all my favorites!

    Step 1:

    Wash away my make up an Oil Cleanser, using Shu Uemura Ultim8.

    Step 2:

    I like to double cleanse so after the Oil Cleanser i use the KOSE Sekkisei White Liquid Wash. Instead of applying the product directly onto your skin, i suggest u add water and lather it. When it's foamy then put it on your face and gently wash away. Do not rub. The koreans always remind me to be as gentle as possible on my skin - oh man, if they saw the way i used to rub my eyes and wash my face they'd be shocked.

    Step 3:

    I use Bioderma Micellar Water to remove any excess make up (usually my face would be ultra clean already so this is pretty unnecessary but i still do it. sometimes there'll be a lil bit of mascara left and this removes it very well)

    Step 4:

    Lotion time! I use either Albion Skin Conditioner (can only get it from their counter at Takashimya) or KOSE Sekkisei Lotion (doing a post for them soon - SO HAPPY because i've been using KOSE since my previous ad with them and think they have very good stuff). 2-3 Drops on my palms, warm it up and then gently pat it on my face.

    Step 5:

    MASK TIME! This step is only done every alternate day because some nights i just don't have the time to wait 30 min for my skin to absorb the mask etc. I don't really know which is THE BEST because i always use different masks every night. I think masks from Leaders Clinic and My Beauty Diary (both brands are available at most Watsons) are the most affordable and both brands worked well for me! In the series of masks below, I have tried the Arbutin, Hyaluronic and Black Pearl and think it's not bad!

    Step 6:

    Apply Serum.
    I use Serums from Skin Inc. My serum is the My Daily Dose Custom Blend Serum - made to suit my skin type. I have also tried several of their serums and i like it!

    Another serum I like is the Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum! Plus that one is really affordable. :)

    Oh and one more affordable serum is the La Roche Posay Hydraphase Intense Serum (I think this one is easy to get as it's available in most Guardian and Watsons).

    Step 7:

    Apply an Essence - i am using Shu Uemura - Tsuya Youthful Radiance Generator. I know, i'm young and don't know why i'm using an anti-aging product but this works really well for me! I tried the tester once and loved how radiant my skin became after using it. Maybe can delay aging too? I HOPE! Hehe.

    Step 8:

    Moisturizer! I have sooo many moisturizers but my all-time favorite has got to be Snail White. Some people don't really like the stickiness of Snail White, well in the morning I usually use the Rose Hydrating Moisturizer from Atlas Medical (you can just go there to buy it even if you don't go there for treatments).

    Step 9:

    For my eyes, i use Clarins Super Restorative Eye Concentrate. I don't want wrinkles so fast so a lot of my older girl friends suggest to start using an eye cream young, even when you don't NEED it yet.

    Step 10:

    Slather a good night cream! I use Innisfree Orchid Night Cream. Sometimes get a lil bit lazy for this step as Night Creams tend to be thicker and seems to take quite a while to get absorbed so at bed time i have to wait for it to dry otherwise i can't sleep on my side with it on without it transferring to my pillows. Still, it'll be good to use it because well, if the koreans can do the 10 Step Routine everyday, SO SHOULD YOU. Just look at their amazing skin! You want also right?

    If you are lazy to travel everywhere to get all the products for your 10-Step Skincare Routine, i personally think Innisfree is a good place to get 'em all as their products are very affordable and the ingredients used are mostly natural. I do like the stuff there a lot :) Especially the Green Tea range.

    Hope you will have better skin after trying products i recommended for your 10-Step Skincare Routine!

    p.s This ain't an advertorial and i am not being paid to write this post by any of the brands above all the products are products i use daily at the moment. Also, i am very selective of adverts from skincare brands and will not immediately accept ads unless i've tried the product and liked it so you can trust my reviews ok! I won't wanna recommend a shitty crappy product to ya'll just so i can earn a few hundred dollars because then you won't trust my reviews anymore.

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  • 03/02/15--07:59: VivreActiveWear


    The more calories you consume, the more weight you will gain. I do not recommend you to STARVE though. So to lose weight, you can still eat! But make healthier choices and EXERCISE. 

    Have discipline and determination. 
    If i can do it, you can do it too. 

    Stop asking people how to lose weight because there's no short cut except to eat lesser and healthier and exercise. You can ask and ask and keep asking different people, the answer will not change and neither will your body if you don't do anything about it.

    Ask yourself, how badly do you want to lose the weight?

    Vivre Active Wear has just sent me another set of apparels for my workouts! Pretty sportswear makes me so much more motivated to head to the gym. And with the in-built bra support, there is no need for me to wear an extra sports bra inside! The crops hugs nicely onto the waist, and covers up the tummy (if any). Absolutely love this.
    All the apparels are specially crafted and manufactured, so you won’t see any other stores carrying the same piece! There are lots of other prints and besides the one I’ve picked!

    What I like about that is that they never compromise on quality and workmanship even though it’s priced much lower than the branded labels out there. The premium fabric is so comfy I can even sleep in them.
    Picture of you in Vivre’s apparels (My picks: Inter-Cross Tank Top and Hoopla Active Crops)
    Their return and exchange policy is very flexible too, so you can have a worry-free shopping experience with them. Should you need advice on your sizing before purchasing, you can email them at with your stats and they will give their experienced advice accordingly! 

    Remember to quote TammyTay to get 10% off, minimum. $50 spent!

    Shop online at:

    Follow them at: @vivreactivewear (Instagram) or search Vivre Active Wear (Facebook)

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  • 03/06/15--10:04: Busy
  • I want to blog as frequently as possible but with a baby at home, time passes soooo quickly everyday?! Like there were a bunch of stuff I wanted to do this week so I could blog about but I didn't even do it and the week is over already! It's scary how some days I don't even have time to eat. I can actually forget if I've eaten or not. It's never happened before I had a baby. Missing a meal would never be the case, ever! Maybe that's why I'm still not gaining weight (in fact losing?) despite not hitting the gym as often as before. It's not a bad thing though. I've finally hit under 50kg after such a long time! Hehe. 

    Hopefully I get to get that blog post I wanted to do up for yall by next week on some post prego issues I faced! Think it'll be useful to many new mummies who are facing the same thing (or going to).

    Also, perth trip is happening in a week or so! Thank you all for the suggestions! Hopefully we don't get lost and everything will go smoothly as planned!

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  • 03/09/15--02:05: Hair Loss
  • During pregnancy, some people asked me if i faced hair loss and i wondered why because i didn't lose any hair but instead, my hair was thicker than ever. Post-Pregnancy hair loss was something i didn't expect to make me depressed as i assumed that if i were to drop hair, i would just lose all that extra hair grown during pregnancy.

    Little did i expect...

    Imagine scrolling through my pictures and seeing SUCH A HUGE BALD SPOT.

    Seriously got the shock of my life! Btw, that was a really nice picture of me and my bf, which my freaking bald spot had to RUIN. Pfft. 

    Omg, i'm only 23 and facing hair loss already?!?! So sad lor. But i did my research and i am reminded that it's a rather common post pregnancy issue. 

    Honestly, before i saw that hole, I didn't even feel like i was losing hair excessively. I've always been losing hair since forever because my hair is so long so finding hair on my brush was not out of the ordinary. 

    It was absolutely depressing seeing hair drop after that yknow! Plus, i can't change my hair parting due to the huge wound my recent surgery left on the right side of my neck. I even wanted to go to Beijing 101 to see if i can do anything about this horror.

    Definitely took awhile for me to calm down and patiently try recommended products so...

    Here are the stuff which i have tried...

    1. Natur Vital Hair Loss Shampoo 

    Someone sent this to me quite a while back with my pre-natal package. I passed it to my helper because i assumed i would never have to use such a product. Then i took it back because i was DESPERATE one day. Haha. 

    This did help a little bit but it was extremely drying though. Detangling my hair could've caused more damage actually. But if you do not have severely damaged dry hair like me, maybe this would work.

    2. Dove Therapy Hair Fall Rescue
    Defenitely preferred this way more than the above as it did not dry out my hair. Lesser hair got stuck to my brush one week after so yup it works!

    3. Yohmo Hair Tonic
    A reader recommended i try this and i must thank her as i think this has been helping my hair grow!!! I put a few drops on the bald spots on my scalp and massage it. Has a tingling sensation after application. I always imagine little baby hair sprouting out as i sleep haha. The smell makes my bf cringe though. He hates it when i use this so i can't use it all the time as i do have nights i want to be attractive lol lol Got this from qoo10, not sure where else you can find it.

    4. Dr GL Hair Loss Solution
    This definitely smells way better than the above so i use it in the day time! A bit pricey so i alternate between this and Yohmo. 

     Honestly speaking, i'm not sure which product is doing its magic but i am going to continue using all of the products above until i don't see any more results. I think the most effective should be the Yohmo Tonic and Dr GL Hair Serum.

    So far, it's been good and i am pleased! Hello new baby hair!!! The spot is still rather bald but SO MUCH BETTER THAN A MONTH AGO RIGHT? 

    If you are facing hair loss too, you might want to try the products i'm using! Hopefully it'll work for you. :)

    I'll continue trying more stuff and do a better hair loss solution recommendation post once my hair loss problem is resolved. Hehe.

    If you have any products to recommend, feel free to do so, i'd love to give it a try!

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  • 03/10/15--02:16: So Competitive
  • Oh how Instagram has changed throughout the years! 

    What used to be a photo diary has became like a gallery instead. Gone are the days I can look back at my feed and remember "good times". I'm not complaining, it is still a joy browsing through Instagram and definitely a great platform which has helped a lot of pretty girls and photographers get noticed! However it saddens me that it isn't as "personal" as it used to be anymore. Well, to many it still is but to many "bloggers" it's not. Especially since many of us are making money from doing ads. Instagram has became our portfolio. I'm one of them, even though my pictures aren't impressive. You can really tell it's not as personal as before anymore. It's getting more fake as time goes by. I know.....

    I feel pressured to take good pictures and many times I have to think if a picture is worthy enough to go up on my feed. Sometimes I even have to choose a slightly more expensive place to dine at for lunch or dinner just so I can snap a nice food picture to post. I do have lazy days where I'm like "aiyah whatever la I will just post whatever I want!" Then a few days later regret and take it down. Lol. In the past it was really like, hey let's take a pic, then add a filter then post.  Now must QC like F! Oh and also find the correct time to post. Which means saving the pictures In my album and posting it at the "right" time. It's not "real time" for most bloggers anymore. Many times I take a picture on like thur afternoon and reserve it for like say Sunday morning and have to act and say something like "It's a happy morning, have a great Sunday!" Just so I can post it on Sunday when views will be the highest. Even though the pic wasn't even taken on a Sunday and I could've been having the worst hungover morning ever. Lol. AH THERE OUR BLOGGERS SECRET IS OUT! Haha. And some more must make sure it is sharp enough and bright enough. Most bloggers don't even shoot from the iPhone anymore! Almost every blogger has upgraded to a DSLR or at least a semi pro camera but those also still lose unless you have a good lens. 

    Many people call themselves bloggers now because of the popularity they gained from Instagram. Which means clients can choose from more people to advertise with which means people like me will lose clients if I don't keep up and my numbers don't go up. The whole blogosphere is so different from when I first started. It's like you take nice pictures, you can be popular already and can start taking ads.  You don't need to work as hard and write and create drama to be popular haha. Honestly though, there are a lot of bloggers in Singapore who have over 10k followers but say real one a lot of them I hardly remember or know much about besides the fact they take nice pictures. I don't know what they do or anything about them. Unlike in the past when you ask why a certain blogger is so popular, there'll be an answer that will not be "because her pictures Chio". Wait, actually a great photographer is all one needs to be popular to help them take good pictures. Also they need a good eye also la but got eye but no photographer also no use. Sometimes I feel that the photographer most "bo hua"...doubt the photographer makes as much money as the blogger despite the fact the photographer took all the Chio shots to make the blogger popular.

    I'm SO fickle though...I just can't make up my mind on how I want my feed to look like. First I wanted it to be all colorful and happening...then glowy and all pretty (like those TR girls - cus of the casio camera effect lol)...then all white and bright...walao I just can't make up my mind! It's damn hard to keep up with it! How do people do it sooo well!!! Haha. So well, I decided on a style recently and I HOPE I'll stick to it. Let's see how I do in a my Instagram feed @ohsofickle haha

    And again, why can't I just be me you ask? Why must I change? Well, it's just so difficult to "be myself" because of the pressure to improve so I won't be behind everyone around me in the industry. If everyone's followers are increasing rapidly because of their great pictures, if I don't step up my game, I'm just going to fall. My rice bowl is going to get taken away. If I really refuse to upgrade myself and change and insist I have to "be myself" and continue taking random pictures from my phone then good luck to me man. That's just what I feel la. If everyone's pics are so nice and clear, then mine is all grainy and dark, people would say I don't put effort in my work blahblah.

    Again, this is my blog and I like to just say what I feel so yeah. TOTALLY RANDOM POST. I just do such posts to let the world hear how I feel and if you feel it has became very pretentious, I also feel it too! But well, that's how it is. And it will still continue to be even after I publish this post but at least you know you're not the only one feeling this way about the industry.

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  • 03/10/15--23:49: Pet Expo 2015

  • Pet Expo 2015, Singapore Largest PET-ducational Fair, is back again! If you are looking to spend time with your furry pets, a great way is to use this opportunity to bond with them over 3 days of workshops, seminars, contests and competitions. Plus, you can get your hands on quality products and services to pamper your pets!

    Hands-on Workshops at Pet Expo
    Pet owners can gain helpful tips from the trainers when they participate in the hands-on sessions at Pet Expo. Workshops include basic grooming for dog and rabbit; agility and obedience for dogs; as well as dog massage and dog dental care.

    Dog owners can also learn about the importance of dental care for their furkids and pick up techniques to ensure proper oral cleaning techniques in Dog Dental Care Workshop.

    Do you know that the common areas of tension in dogs? Participate in Dog Massage Workshop to learn more on how different massage techniques can help their dogs with joint, muscle and aging issues.

    For more information, visit

    Pet Expo Seminars
    A series of seminars has been planned to educate pet owners and lovers on various topics of interest including diet & nutrition, food allergies, senior pet care, common orthopedic conditions in Singapore dogs, basic care for small animals as well as dog behavioral and obedience. Participants can meet pet experts to gain insights and tips about caring for your pet.

    For more information, visit


    Pet Expo 2015 will be holding not just one, but FIVE different contests this year! Top entries who qualify for the finals will proceed to the onsite voting round on event day at Pet Expo 2015!. Find out more, visit

    The PAWFECT match - a speed dating adoption event by Agri-food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore & Pet Expo! We will be presenting to you Singapore’s most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes! Looking for a soulmate with soft brown hair and ocean blue eyes? Make your way to AVA booth at Pet Expo on 21 & 22 Mar to meet these gorgeous furry friends and you may just find the next love of your life! 

    Visit us at
    Follow us on Facebook page: /

    Instagram and Twitter: @petexposg 

    See you at Pet Expo on 20 – 22 March 2015 at Singapore Expo Hall 8!

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  • 03/13/15--03:45: Agneselle

  • Agneselle has been a really well known web store in Singapore since the day i first started online shopping. I have always had a secret crush on the model (also the owner btw haha) because she is soooo pretty! Also, she's been modeling for her own brand for years! Hehe. Being able to do this ad made me happy and i was also impressed with the skirt!

    Eileen skirt is a specially designed maxi bandage skirt with bandage skirt inner layer and flowy maxi skirt outer layer.

    It is available in Grey , Black and Navy .
    Limited pieces are available.

    Enter code TAMMY during check out to enjoy 5% discount off NEW ARRIVALS .
    Code ends 20th March 6pm.

    Shop now

    Facebook Page

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  • 03/13/15--04:01: Contact Lens (DazzleMe)
  • Almost every year, i get a new sponsor for contact lenses but for the past 2 years, i haven't had one so when i don't, i usually get 'em from Platinum Mall Bangkok since i'm always there. A lot of my girlfriends buy it from the same shop too and so far (cross fingers), our eyes are fine. I always advice people to buy from a certified reseller to be safe though!

    Reason i am doing this post is because everyone keeps asking me where i get my contact lens from and since the owner of the shop wanted me to help her advertise, i thought why not right? 

    But really, buy at your own risk. If it feels uncomfortable when worn, throw it away. To me, the lenses from DazzleMe are super thin and comfortable and so far hasn't given me any problem which is why i don't mind sharing where they are from. Plus, i've been wearing it waaaay before this advertorial. They probably know about me because of people showing them my picture which lens i wear. They say i can wear it 6 months but i play very safe and wear it max 2 months. Moreover, it's sooo affordable so i always buy a lot to stock up.

    I also wish to find a certified reseller in Singapore who carries similar designs but so far i can't find any and only know this one shop in Platinum Mall which has it.

    I'm totally over the black rim contact lenses as it looks too fake and even though i do like large eye balls, the current lenses i wear are more suitable for everyday usage.

    Here are some images of the lens i'm currently wearing.

    1: In Bottle
    2. Close Up without Sunlight
    3. In Sunlight
    4. Normal Lighting

    I will share more favorite lens in upcoming blog posts/instagram posts! I have about 3-4 favorite designs from DazzleMe. 

    They have soooo many Singaporean customers that they now provide a delivery service to Singapore

    Available both 00 and power lens (-0.50 to -10.00) in more than 150 models. 

    Quote '​tammylens' for a FREE cute lens casing

    How to order?
    Line: pan0802​
    Whatsapp: (+66)894626179​
    Facebook message:
    Instagram: @dazzlemelensDazzleMeLens
    Address: ​Unit ​Room 441, Oxford 2, 2nd floor, Platinum Fashion Mall, Bangkok, Thailand 10400

    For the price of lens;
    If you buy 1 pair, it will cost 2​0​0 baht (~SG$​8​)
    If you buy 3 pairs, it will cost 180 baht each (~SG$​7.2​each)
    If you buy 5 pairs, it will cost 170 baht each (~SG$​6.8​each)
    If you buy 10 pairs, it will cost 160 baht each (~SG$​6.4​each)
    **SG$​1​is approximately 25 baht
    The more you buy, the cheaper it is

    Moreover, you can get the same price of the first order in the next order even it is only 1 pair!

    For example, if you buy 5 pairs this time, you get 170 baht each
    Next time you buy only 1 pair, you can get 170 baht per pair automatically

    For the shipping cost;
    There are 2 types of shipping (by air)
    A tracking number is available in both shipping

    1) EMS (reach SG within 2-3 working days)
    For 1-10 pairs, the total shipping cost will be 550 baht (~SG$22)

    2) Registered (reach SG within 7-8 working days)
    For 1-5 pairs, the total shipping cost will be 250 baht (~SG$10)
    For 6-10 pairs, the total shipping cost will be 400 baht (~SG$16)

    If your order is more than 10 pairs, the shipping cost per pair will be cheaper

    Quote '​tammylens' for a FREE cute lens casing!

    How to order?
    Line: pan0802​
    Whatsapp: (+66)894626179​
    Facebook message:
    Instagram: @dazzlemelensDazzleMeLens
    Address: ​Unit ​Room 441, Oxford 2, 2nd floor, Platinum Fashion Mall, Bangkok, Thailand 10400

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  • 03/16/15--11:00: Carrislabelle

  • Latest Swimwear Collection:

    Shop over 100 designs of swimwear at our website

    Whether you are looking for sexy or cute bikini or monokini, we got you covered!

    Hop over to our website to view more designs now

    Prices starts from SGD$23.00

    One of our hottest selling swimwear in our latest collection:

    Mesh Sports Bikini

    New Arrivals

    Shop New Arrivals:

    Carrislabelle offers free normal mail within Singapore
    Ships to Malaysia at just SGD$3.00 (non-registered) and SGD$6.00 (registered)
    Ships to other countries starting from SGD$5.00

    Sign up for mailing list here to get the latest updates and promotions just for mailing listees:

    Exclusive Discount Code for Tammy's Readers!
    Enter "Tammy5" during checkout to get 5% off your cart

    Like the Facebook Page at
    Follow us at Instagram Address

    Shop at website 

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  • 03/16/15--22:01: Planning for the Future
  • What's been said, has been said. Now that my views on it has been read I guess I don't have to leave it here already. Yes I know to some im stupid to not go #teamxiaxue till today...but I do know stuff most of you don't (and probably never will sigh). So don't ask me why. 

    Not all fights have to happen online for all to see and many things are better left unsaid to protect others.

    I've been pretty busy with plans to start work in a brand new industry and of course, spend as much time with baby Elroy before i jet off to Perth, followed by a secret destination (to be confirmed) after. I look forward to a new environment! After Elroy, and being with my current partner, my life priorities have changed so much. It's really true that once you are a parent, EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE. I don't think i would ever think of changing my industry if not for the birth or Elroy! Thank you E for making me a better person. The few i hate also must thank E because i don't want to hate you so much anymore. Haha As much as i try to be myself, there are some things i will never ever do online anymore. 

    I will not exactly quit-quit but maybe only then will i be able to afford to do more unpaid reviews, of products i bought using my own money and i can also say how much i dislike some products without being afraid of not being able to get clients "related" to the brand. And i don't have to feel pressured when numbers drop or aren't going up, woohoo! I wish i could blog without squeezing in ads all the time just so i have enough to pay the bills. No, not all ads posted are LIES. I am kinda selective of my ads...especially now. It upsets me when people now see us bloggers under a different light and label us as "liars". Sigh. :( Being a blogger for so long, you also dont know how many times i got advertorials from brands i LOVE man. So yes, many times, our reviews may be paid but it's genuine too. Also the opportunity to be paid to try new brands which i end up loving in the end is awesome~ Ok fine, not EVERY blogger has been honest especially those who just started out (yeah you've read some shit) who don't know how ugly things will get if they are dishonest. Now with all the drama guess all Influencers will now be more wary about what they write and no one will would take up an ad they don't believe in and lie or else will get exposed someday and it will surely not be easy to deal with. Oh man, just think about the influx of hate comments you will find all over your social media platforms. All that will just be so mentally and physically draining. SO YA, hey....well that may mean ads from now will  more or less be more honest hor? Haha. Anyway, please don't lose faith in all Influencers just like that. I believe somehow we have entertained you, taught you something and introduced a great products somehow. We are also here to share great deals and promotions you won't hear about without us. Am sure you have once bought something which worked from you after hearing it online right right? So come on, chill out with the whole thinking we are a bunch of stupid dramamamas who earn money the easy way. It is quite an easy job compared to many jobs out there i must say, but many of us did work hard to get noticed. That is "working hard" to get there too. It doesnt happen in a day. :) Not all reviews are crap leh. And....not all GC bloggers are liars. At least work wise i THINK i've been preeetty ok.....................

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  • 03/17/15--21:04: Unfortunate
  • Another day has passed and it looks like things are looking even worse than yesterday. What a series of unfortunate events.

    Anyway the post written for N, we've both settled it offline and we are totally OK. No hate no drama no nothing. I understood things a lil more, managed to explain my part and apologized. It was settled amicably. It was nice. Sorry guys. So yeah, don't make a mountain out of a molehill. 

    Too bad this portion has to be taken down. Oh well. Shall stop searching for the truth if it will cause me more harm than good.

    Flying off in less than 24 hours. Peace is what my mind is craving for. All this negativity surrounding me is so unhealthy. My eyes were glued to my phone for the past 2 days arguing, questioning and sympathizing. Am done with it for now. Do not want to read anymore or follow this whole thing because everything is fucking with my mind. I do not want to have any more conversations containing the names "XX" and "GC". Let me enjoy my holiday! Bye bye SG!

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  • 03/23/15--21:30: Short Update
  • It's Day 5 in Perth and it's been pretty amazing! Although I REEEEALLY miss Elroy and can't wait to go back to Singapore at the same time. I am loving how laid back everyone is and it's really a good break from the stress and drama back home. :) thankful to be able to experience life in Perth and can't wait to share my journey with you guys! I'll try to edit pictures quickly so the post can go up soon! 

    Oh and yes, I do feel the sadness of LKY's passing. I teared so much reading articles and watching videos on him since yesterday. He is really one very powerful and respectable man. Who else can say they sacrificed their life for their country? He is the reason why I love Singapore so much. I can't think of a better place to raise my child in - safe environment with great educational system. Thank you for everything, Sir! I believe you're in a better place now with no more stress and pain. RIP Lee Kuan Yew. You will always be remembered for all the good you have done for Singapore and your legacy will live on forever. 

    "His vision to build a prosperous, meritocratic and multiracial Singapore defied expectations. When others doubted our chances of survival, he strove for excellence. Today, much that defines Singapore bears his influence: security and the rule of law, our cultural diversity and our economic progress, our public housing and our gardens. Without Mr Lee’s strong leadership and immense contributions, the Singapore that we know today would not have existed."

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  • 03/25/15--21:41:

  • Being able to write for a spa company i have been going to for such a long time is such an honour! I've mentioned before that i really like visiting because i personally think it's one of the more affordable spa places and also it is opened 24 hours!

    A lot of my friends were like "how come you like it so much and why do you spend so many hours there all the time?". Well..

    Here's what i do at

    Change into the robe which is in the locker and lock up my belongings

    Don't worry, you need not bring your own bikini, provides you with disposable bra and panties in the locker (i only wore my own as this is an ad).

    I'll go into the hot pool for 30 min.

    After the hot pool i'll use the steam room for 30 min.

    Then i'll sit around for about 5 min to cool down a bit before i take a shower.

    After my shower, i will enjoy a 90 min Full Body Massage (my favourite is the Gateway to Vitality). So far the masseurs that massage me are all very experienced and good!

    After my massage, i will have my lunch or dinner (meals are served till 10pm only but don't worry, after 10pm you can still order simple food like toast, instant noodles, porridge or eat bao).

    The food won't disappoint! It's really yummy AND THE BEST PART IS...IT IS FREE! You can order as much as you want!

    After a full meal, i will go to the entertainment area to watch a movie. There's a wide variety of Movies to choose from!

    And that is how i spend 3-5 hours at everytime i visit. Hehe.

    To be treated to a spa is great gift for EVERYONE. Plus at, you can go at any time of the day as they are open 24/7!!

    Gift/Treatment vouchers are available so if you are wondering what to gift your parents, spouses, friends...etc, a voucherwould be a great idea!

    Follow on FacebookInstagram and their website for more promotions and latest updates!

    Quote TAMMYTAY when you make a booking via email (email to with your name, contact and booking date and time) and get 15% off main treatment. 
    Not valid in conjunction with other promotions or packages. 
    Discount code is valid till 30th April 2015.

    102 Guillemard Road, #02-02, Singapore 399719

    Thank you for always pampering me and helping me feel rejuvenated!

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  • 03/26/15--20:32: HELPLING


    With just 24 hours a day, we find ourselves preoccupied with work, friends, families and festivities. Do you ever feel the mess at home is getting out of control and time is always against you?

    How about house parties? 

    Who is going to clean up the mess after everyone leaves?

    Helpling, a global online cleaning business recently launched in Singapore in February, will put your worries at bay at a flat rate of only $20 per hour with no additional third-party costs!

    Worried that inviting an external cleaner into your home might result in theft or damage of property?

    Don’t worry! Helpling ensures the best quality of legal cleaners through its strict and thorough onboarding process by personally interviewing cleaners who are either Singaporeans or permanent residents. There’s more – Helpling is the first and only on-demand cleaning service in Singapore to back every single cleaning made via Helpling with a $1-million liability insurance policy.

    Get rid of your cleaning woes and let Helpling clean it up for you. Save your energy and make time for the more important things in life – it’s going to be worth your money!

    How It Works

    Helpling serves as an online marketplace that matches consumers with independent cleaning providers. It takes only three simple steps to find a helper:

    1. Enter your postal code
    2. Make an appointment
    3. Pay securely online

    Helpling’s secure online payment method will ensure that payment will only be processed after the job is successfully completed.

    With just a few simple clicks, a trusted and qualified independent cleaner will be assigned to you in just 36 hours!

    Exclusively for all new Helpling users, Enter code TAMMYTAY to enjoy 25% off your first cleaning
    Discount code is valid until 31st May 2015.

    Visit us at now!

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  • 03/27/15--19:00: Things to Do in Perth

  • It was a good experience in Perth and I can't be more thankful I chose Perth as my destination. Quite a lot of Singaporeans studied here too and they told me how bored they were in Perth haha. After experiencing it myself, it was not as bad if you are here for a short while!

    So in this post I'm going to share about my Perth trip and hope you'd enjoy it more if you visit. :) here's a 4 day Perth itinerary! 

    First, to get around perth easily, you need a car and a GPS (you can just use your phone's Google Maps). You can rent a car by comparing prices online and booking first before you go there. When you are there you can collect your car from the airport counter. I think I paid $500 for 5 days? Everyone said I got it for way too expensive. Could be because of insurance as I'm under 25? Anyway, the thought of driving in a foreign land scared me at first but when i drove around Perth for the first time, it was a breeze! If you can drive in Singapore, you can definitely drive in Perth. I am considered a bad driver (according to my friends) because i'm always scared to cut lanes and i drive rather slowly so if someone like me can say driving in Perth is easy, i'm sure it's REALLY easy lah. Haha.

    Getting the SIM card from the perth airport is pretty easy and not expensive. Around AU$10 for 5 days of internet. Must have internet as it'll really help you get to places! Like finding the nearest Woolworth/Coles (supermarket) or eateries.

    Most places close at 5pm in Perth so be sure to wake up early if you can. Asian food however opens till later time. Donna and I aren't morning people so we only manage to wake up at 11am everyday so our days are pretty short. 

    Day 1

    We stayed at Cottesloe Beach on Day 1 at a airbnb apartment she chose.
    It was a nice little garden home located at Curtis Ave. $120/night link of airbnb apartment here it was an okay place but a lot of ants! So try not to leave food around the room as it is in a garden. I told her to find something low as I agreed to pay for all the expenses for the both of us. I think for this trip I spent $3k on lodging, car rental and our food. We didn't do anything fancy nor shopped so for a 5 day trip it's quite ex. That's excluding air fare too! Food in Perth is not cheap at all...have to spend at least $60/person for 2 simple meals a day. So if I include our supermarket shopping for breakfast, beverages and snacks that's prolly $80/person a day.

    Cottesloe Beach

    Spent Day 2 morning at the quieter part of Cottesloe Beach again...

    Ate at Bluewaters at Cottesloe Beach...

    We visited a friend's school at UWC and oh how it made me wanna study again! I haven't been to school since forever so the school tour was eye opening for me. The school is huge and looks like so much fun. I also wanna study abroad! Well studying in perth isn't cheap at all! You must be pretty well off to afford it man.

    After the beach we went to the famous Blue Boat House (Crawley Boatshed) , Swan River which was around the area to take some pictures. It's the most popular place in Perth for photography so we had to go there to take some OOTDs.

    And the sun went down so we had no choice but to head back as our garden home was very secluded and it's pretty dark and scary at night.

    Day 2 

    We went to Subiaco Station Street Market
    (Address: 41 Station StreetSubiacoWestern Australia6008Australia)

     There we had lunch. I had Pho and Donna had Ramen which I thought was pretty good! We also bought lotsa fruits there back home as it was so fresh! Nothing much to buy in the market but I would recommend you to check it out cus the food is good!


    We made our way to Fremantle as it was a weekend. The Fremantle market is only open on Fri, Sat and Sunday. 

    After walking around Fremantle we went for Fish n Chips at Kaili's
    (46 Mews Rd, Fremantle, Australia)

    When you're there you can choose between Kaili's and Cicerello's. I thought Kaili's was soso only so maybe Cicerello's is better! I was happier eating overpriced fresh oysters from Kaili's than the normal overrated fish n chips. 

    Oysters here are soooo good btw! You can save a lot of money if you buy em from supermarkets or fish markets rather than have it at restaurants which cost like 3x more.

    Day 3

    Found a room on airbnb and moved to a place at City Beach (click link to check out our room around $120/night). Love this area more! A lot of beautiful houses and the beach behind our place is so quiet there's hardly anyone! Like our own little private beach. 

    Lunch at the popular Nao Ramen 
    117 Murray StreetPerthWestern Australia 6000Australia

    Took a walk in Perth CBD.

    It's pretty small area but do check out the graffiti walls at Wolf Lane!

    At night you can have dinner at Chinatown. Got my bubble tea fix there and had a meal at Papparich (better than SG's according to my friend)! 

    San Churros is there too.
    132 James Street, NorthbridgePerthWestern Australia6003Australia

    Oh and my friend said Superstar Waffles nearby serves one of the best waffles :)
    8/189 William St NorthbridgePerthWestern Australia6003Australia

    Sunset watching with Donna

    Day 4 

    Visited some friends at the Caversham Wild Life Park
    Whiteman Park Via Marshall Rd | Swan Valley RegionWhitemanSwanWestern Australia 6068Australia

    Saw a Quokka! Unfortunately, can't take a selfie with the cutie as it is in the enclosure but if you want to see wild Quokkas and take selfies with them, Rottnest Island is the place to be! However, we did not go there as we didn't have time (or rather, we were kinda lazy to go so far lol).

    Happy to be able to hang out with kangaroos for the first time! 

    Approx $30/pax and yes, worth the visit!

    After that we Adventure World!
    Address: 351 Progress DriveBibra LakeCockburnWestern Australia 6163Australia

     I would recommend you to bring your bikini and towels here as it's a water theme park! We didn't want to play the water stuff as we didn't want to get anymore tan but when I was there I regretted it! The water slides look soooo fun.

    There weren't much rides we could take but the 4 rides we took were enough to drain us out. All that screaming made us so tired!!! We kinda underestimated the rides. Even though there weren't a lot of rides I would say it's worth a visit when you are in Perth. Entry is approx $60/pax

    We didn't do much on Day 5 as we were really lazy so we only had brunch, visited the City again to take more pictures and watched our last sunset in Perth together.

    It's Autumn now and the weather is perfect (ave. 21deg when we were there)! I wish it was like in Singapore! There's the warm sun but the wind blowing is cold! Also, it's not humid so my make up stays put.

    I didn't go to many places and missed out a few main ones like Margaret River and Kings Park because we didn't have time but I think those are worth checking out too!

    Hope you enjoyed my Perth post! :)

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  • 03/30/15--11:01: Talk Talk
  • On annoying anti-LKY videos and posts...

    People can say say say all the shit they want. And yes some of us do see and face the same issues but do you have a solution to all the problems you have raised? Can you resolve the problems better? You can be as observant as you are and have a super great command of english to put together in words all the unhappiness you feel but it's all pointless if you don't have a solution to it and share your thoughts on how things should've been handled. If you think LKY did not do a good job with running the country, we will not see progress and advancement in Singapore since the day he started running the country. 

    Be thankful for what you have and for all the good the powerful man has built for all of us. Not every single one of us may get by day to day comfortably and easily but no matter what your situation may be, there's surely one thing you can be thankful for. Clean water, safe neighbourhood, good education did all of that happen? 

    The world is indeed unfair and it is not possible to please everyone. There's a time to complain and express your unhappiness but now is not the time. If you want to be heard, maybe wait for a better time. Show some respect. Speaks a lot about you if you choose to blabber away at such a time. 

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  • 04/01/15--14:00: Better Mom
  • Having Elroy is the biggest blessing in my life and I cannot thank God enough for him. He has been nothing but a joy in my life! Only mothers know this joy and feel this love I feel. I just want the best for E and everyday I just keep thinking of ways to make life better for us. Finding something to do to earn more money, working on my temper and attitude towards my own parents, being a more smiley and happier person...well everything to set a good example at home and hope he grows up to be a fine boy. My views on life since being a mother is so much more different and I feel like a whole new person, a better person. I don't think there's anyone with this ability to change me so much. So hearing about a "big shot" walk into a place and when told i was also sponsored there, made insulting personal remarks about me being undeserving to get sponsorship cus i made the decision to not get married because that made me a bad person, that was hurtful. It's just sad how people choose to see me this way and judge me this way. I'm sure she isn't the only one. Or should I say, many judge mothers who chose not to get married this way. Yes, it is not "correct" and my life is nothing like your oh so perfect fairytale life you portray for the world. I won't say I'm perfect and I have indeed made some questionable life decisions but I'm sure so have you. How do I redeem myself in such a situation? Am I supposed to cry and feel sorry for myself everyday of my life? Am I supposed to sink into depression and be a complete loser for the rest of my life? If say, I slept around and got knocked up but chose abortion and kept quiet. Nobody would know! But what if one day, someone digs it out or if I fall out with a close friend and someone exposes me. Shit gets EVEN worse. I am pretty sure people would call me a murderer? So either way, I lose.  

    I have learnt that life doesn't always work out the way you plan it to go and it is always full of surprises. So to always make the best out of life is the best thing you can do! Oh how boring would life be if everyone leads the same life and made the same decisions right? It's just unfair why some people have more and some people have less but that's life. But even those blessed with the most perfect and easy lives have their own set of problems. And they may not even have the values and mannerisms of someone who has less. We should never be too quick to judge anyone. 

    Learning to deal with hard times in life gets easier and easier as time went by as I chose to remain as optimistic as I can. I sailed through tough times and got out of it stronger. Made mistakes, let people down and learnt from it. Been a real bitch before, whom the me today disapproves, so I am determined to never ever be that girl ever again. It's not so much about the age (not everyone grows wiser as years go by) but instead, it is the things one has gone through in life which moulds them into the person they are today. 

    With all that has happened in my life, I am thankful it made me a better person. All I ever want to be is nothing like the girl whom I was. I used to love the online drama, and bitching and well, saying things as it is but with all that has happened and knowing how haters will use this chance to insult me as a mother or even threaten to insult my child scares me. Now it's like, less attention the better. I obviously still need my numbers at the mean time and trust me, being a "real bitch" was probably the best way to get the numbers up up up but i will never want to be that bitch ever. I now fear the day i get into a big online drama so now i guess i'd rather keep quiet. As much as i want to say SO much about the recent events and how fake people can be on social media, i guess i will never do it ever again cus my priorities in life are different and i really don't think i can handle the insults. I handle insults directed at me well but should it involve my loved ones, i just don't think i'll be able to take it. I did voice out something about someone's post but i look back at the moment now and i kinda regret saying anything about it. I guess i have learnt to be nice to everyone...even if they aren't nice, only that way i can stay out of the drama i don't wish to be in. If i choose to be a bitch, people will be a bitch. The biggest thing i learnt from all the drama is you can't drive out hate with hate.

    Once you have a child, whether you are single, married or divorced, our ultimate goal is the same, to provide a safe environment for our child and teach them well is what all mothers aim to do. Protect him from all evil if we can and keep him happy. I also honestly think that letting my child know he was unplanned is totally ok too. I have quite a few friends who were "accidents" according to their parents and they really aren't very much different from "planned out well children". As long as i give my child all the love he needs, his life won't be too different or lack a lot compared to "normal families". We all hope for our children to grow up to be well-mannered, smart and successful. Nobody in the right mind would wish their children grow up to be rude and obnoxious, stupid and a failure in the future right? So for that to happen, us parents have to set an example. Which means every thing we do, we have to make sure it's ok for our child to learn that. Children are so observant and they'd usually behave how their parents behave. By judging mothers by their marital status is just plain unfair and stupid. Being unmarried doesn't make me bad at my job nor does it make me a bad person. And you of all people should know how motherhood transforms women. No one, not me, not any single parent out there deserves to hear snide remarks. Motherhood may be enjoyable but it is harder than you can imagine. I know i'm not a perfect mom yet but who is right? I'm trying my best to always be at my best to set a good example and also make sure i am enjoying this whole process of teaching my child stuff and watching him hit his milestones. I really don't want to let unnecessary drama and unhappiness affect my mood and time spent with baby E. Every minute is precious once you see how fast babies grow! When they go to like primary school, that's when you won't enjoy it THAT much already....haha. 

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