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because im fickle like that.

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  • 05/19/14--22:45: Week #23

  • When they said your boobs will become bigger during pregnancy, i thought it'll be like before my period when it becomes hard and swollen. However, that isn't the case at all! I used to be a B75/C70.  Now...i can no longer fit a C cup bra. I tried a C80 that day and the cup can't cover my aerola? Which means i'm probably a D now...and i wonder if it's going to get bigger when it's filled with milk? Or is it already filled with milk? Haven't done much research on pregnant boobies yet so i guess the next few days i'll be busy reading up on it! I guess during this period i'll just wear my padded tube bras. 

    I always thought it'll be damn sexy and awesome to have D cup breasts but...IT'S REALLY NOT EASY FINDING CLOTHES THAT FIT. I do kinda love them at times but then, I have to wear L size now because of the boobies. Oh and one thing, no one told me about bigger and darker areola - they look like cookies now......chocolate chip cookies HAHA. 

    Thank goodness the tummy is bigger than the boobies so people know I'm preggers and i get excused for showing 'em big boobies right? Do i? Or still slutty? Hahaha. I asked my boyfriend what if my boobies remained this big till after i give birth and he's like.."huh...the go get reduction lor". Guess he is one of those rare breeds who doesn't like huge breasts. :/

    Recent Food Cravings?


    I've been addicted to White Rabbit Sweets, Soya Milk with Pearl (especially the one from Mr Bean), Milk Tea with Pearl (KOI), Frozen Yogurt and ICE CREEEEAM (Haagan Dazs's Pistachio, Macadamia Nut...).

    Is it because my boobies needs milk so i'm craving all things milky? Haha.

    This weekend was great. It was the "soft launch" of the new place. Still no cable tv, internet so we can't do a proper house warming. So happy to receive so many compliments about the new place. All mommy's and my hard work - mostly mommy's haha! Had my close friends over to help me pack stuff and cooked a feast for them. One more week till the fibre optic guy comes to get my internet service and cable tv up. When they told me i had to wait almost 2 weeks i was kinda upset cus it means the next 2 weeks the beautiful apartment is still gonna be vacant. Unless my friends bring DVDs over lor.  The best part about this condo is definitely the pool - it is Awesome. It's so big! I usually have to do 20 laps to feel tired at the pool at my parent's place but at the new place it's 10 cus it's longer distance.

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  • 05/20/14--09:50: LeChicSG

  • I really love the details on this crochet shrug! Been wearing a lot of basics recently and outerwear like this is light-weight, comfy, suitable for the hot weather in Singapore and most importantly, makes my outfits less boring. :)


    Quote 'TAMMY' at checkout to enjoy 10% off storewide!
    (Only for members who sign up at their website)

    (Read until the end for a giveaway of this shrug!)


    LeChic, which is pronounced as 'Luh-Sheek', simply translates to The Chic in English.
    As their name suggests, they bring in simple and chic everyday styles that are fuss free and very wearable.

    Their products are all exclusively imported from abroad, and new arrivals are updated weekly on their website!

    To be updated on their latest news, and get exclusive previews and updates, do follow them on their various social media platforms:

    IG: @LeChicSG

    LeChic also announces special discount codes in their weekly mailers so subscribe to their mailing list if you don't want to miss out!

    Here are some of their latest launches!


    Despite being new in the fashion scene, the LeChic team is dedicated and committed to bringing an unparelleled shopping experience
    and aspires to one day be able to have their own label.  Do lend them your support!  Here are some of the things they offer for that seamless shopping experience.

    Self Collection at their retail rack

    LeChic provides self collection from their retail rack, which is conveniently located in Bugis!
    New arrivals are stocked in on a weekly basis on their retail rack and offers another option for those who prefer to see, feel and try before making a purchase.

    To provide greater safety and assurance to customers, they also provide a year-long, any day, any time promotion of free registered mail for orders above $60!

    Shop risk free with LeChic as well, for they offer a very flexible and fuss free returns policy.
    Customers are welcome to return items bought in exchange for a credit note, for any reason they wish to, as long as item is in original condition.  You can read more about their exchange and returns policy here.

    They also ship worldwide to anywhere in the world, and international shipping starts from as low as SGD5!
    Simply select the country you're mailing to at checkout and shipping rates are automatically calculated!

    With so many offers and so many reasons to shop with them, why wait?  Go to their store now!

    They've also managed to shorten their backorder waiting time to just 1.5weeks.  Here are just some of my picks from their backorders:


    Photo: We have opened backorders for the Moustache Pants in Navy!  Thank you for your support and response for this piece!  We would be offering additional sizes L and XL for backorder due to feedback  and demand from everyone!  Waiting time is just 1.5 - 2 weeks as we've managed to shorten the waiting time!  Very, very limited pieces left instock for the pants in khaki!  Other pieces  that we have also managed to secure BO for are the Evette Garden Florals Frock Blue and Celeste Lace Frock in Midnight Blue!  Also just a 1.5 week wait!  What are you waiting for?  Order now so you get them faster: SPOTTED: Yvonne Lim in Astral Rainbow Speckled Knit Shrug in White!  Such a perfect match with her beautiful translucent skin!  Take your fashion inspiration cue from the newly engaged Mediacorp actress, get yours here:  Picture credits to @stylexstyle and @8daysmagazine
    Get this shrug as seen on Yvonne Lim from their current backorders now!


    LeChic is giving away one McQueen Crochet Shrug to one lucky winner!  Here's what you have to do to win:

    1. 'Like' my Instagram post here,

    2. Follow LeChicSG's Instagram here @LeChicSG,
    3. 'Like'LeChicSG's facebook page here,
    4. 'Like' and 'Leave a comment' of your Instagram username on this post on LeChicSG's facebook page!

    Sounds easy enough, isn't it?

    This contest runs from now until 22nd May, and the winner will be announced on LeChicSG's facebook page!!

    Good luck!!!

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  • 05/21/14--19:00: Ellysage

  • Ellysage is a familiar name
    among all of us, providing affordable fashion-forward apparels. I love
    the fact that there is daily new arrivals, removing the need to camp
    by the site for the launch. On top of that, the Ellysage team believes
    in running their business with sincerity and hardwork, so as to bring
    you a better shopping experience! 

    Every order at as well as
    their 3 retail racks
    Space invasion - The Cathay, KissJane - Century Square & Bugis
    will receive 1 My Beauty Diary Mask and a sachet of White Forumla
    Super Moist Toner!

    **Only valid till 31 May 2014, shop away at!**

    Love giveaways? 3 gift hamper worth $150 each with products from White
    Formula and My Beauty Diary! To win, either be the top spender on
    Ellysage, or winner from
    Ellysage Facebook
    (like & share), 
    as well as a winner from Ellysage Instagram (up
    on 22nd!).

    **Winners will be announced on 1st June**

    Backorders are now open for their Persis Woven Tunic Jacket ($26) and
    Joaquina Moto Jacket ($26)!
    Quite a number of bloggers chose this piece for the quality and fit! 

    Keep your eyes peel on their instagram and facebook to keep up with
    their new arrivals and features!

    Ellysage is also stocked in at Space Invasion (The Cathay) and 
    KissJane Bugis Junction and KissJane Century Square!

    **Self collection is allowed at Space Invasion!**

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    Came back from my visit to the ob/gyn holding this picture from the scan. Aww so cute it's like he is sucking his thumb? So cute so cute!!! I feel so much love for him already!!!

    Look at my baby boy from the scan in week 16 vs week 24! He has definitely grown so much hehe!

    I looked at my Instagram timeline and oh boy has my body changed drastically! I am surely not looking my best but it's okay as long as I'm having a healthy and smooth pregnancy! In fact, i can choose to hide all my fat ugly pictures and not expose the bump or weight gain but I know this is the "biggest" period of my life. I want to look back at my pictures of my first pregnancy and see how I looked while pregnant. :) My entire body expanded. Most of the weight went to my butt and thighs! My thighs are touching like never before. I think I've a double chin too...haha. Well, love it or hate it, this is my pregnancy body. I may not love it but I still want to remember what I looked like pregnant with my baby boy. Haha. Well that is if I do lose all the extra pounds gained during this 9 months....which I should be able to since I'm young and love to run so yay! :)

    Weight Gained: 11kg
    Baby's Weight: 830g

    I know I shouldn't be eating for 2 but my appetite is just too good?! Sometimes I secretly wished I suffered a little bit of morning sickness so I won't eat so much leh. Hahaha. :X Have decided to start exercising 5 times a week instead of 3 so I can keep this weight gain in control. Doctor said it's ok as long as I am comfortable and don't over exert myself. Also, read that it is good to exercise more because I'll give birth easier since I'm gonna opt for Vaginal Birth.

    Vaginal Birth VS Cesarean-Section

    Initially, I wanted a C-Section but my doctor highly recommended I go for V Birth as the recovery time is shorter. I wanted a C-Section to escape the pain... because I watched soooo many videos and was so freaked out! :( C-Section does look like the easy way out because you don't feel anything at all during the process. Sleep, wake up, baby in your arms - YAY? However the doctor said the pain I'll feel after the C-Section ain't that wonderful either and the downtime is pretty long. There ain't no "easy way out" in Child Birth. Whatever method a woman chooses, she has to go through some pain.

    Plus the wound from a C-Section would feel raw for pretty long so I can't move around much and I won't be able to bind my belly immediately after giving birth (which is highly recommended so my belly will shrink faster). And I was kinda worried about the part where my V will expand if I had a Vaginal Birth and sex with my partner will no longer feel the same...will it be super loose down there since a baby came out of it? It is a lie if they said it will go back to normal because no, it won't be the same, ever. However, my doctor said it doesn't really affect most couples and sex still feels good but if it really does affect my sex life, I can always go for Vaginoplasty? It's a surgery to fix my down there and make it as good as new! Haha. 

    Here are some Pros and Cons of Vaginal Birth and Cesarean-Section

    Vaginal Delivery Pros
    This is the more natural way to give birth. Your body is naturally equipped to give birth vaginally without medical intervention. Labor starts with your cervix dilating, and it ends with a newborn baby.

    Women have a sense of empowerment and accomplishment after a vaginal birth. They are active participants in the childbirth experience. They must push to help move their baby through the birth canal and into the world.

    Shorter hospital stay after a vaginal birth. (You are in the hospital for 24 to 48 hours after delivery).

    You have a quicker recovery time with a vaginal birth, and you will have less postpartum pain.

    Vaginal deliveries reduce the likelihood of TTN, because the pressure of going through the birth canal helps squeeze this extra fluid from your baby's lungs. 

    Infants born vaginally are less likely to develop asthma, food allergies, and lactose intolerance later in life. This may be due to being exposed to beneficial bacteria in the birth canal.

    In future pregnancies, labor may be shorter and move along quicker.

    Mothers who deliver vaginally are able to breastfeed immediately and more effectively, than women with c-sections.

    After a vaginal birth, it may be easier to bond with your infant because you can have immediate contact with him or her.

    You are at a decreased risk of maternal hemorrhage, blood clots, and damage to your internal organs.

    Vaginal Delivery Cons

    Fear of childbirth may cause anxiety and emotional turmoil for some women.

    Though most vaginal births are uncomplicated, unforeseen complications can occur during labor and delivery, including maternal hemorrhaging (bleeding).

    You are at risk for perineum tearing from a vaginal delivery. This can range from mild tears to fourth-degree lacerations that tear into your rectum. This can add to your healing time.

    Your baby faces the risk of oxygen deprivation, if there are cord compression or other problems during labor and delivery.

    Your baby may experience physical trauma while passing through the birth canal, including bruising, swelling, and in rare cases broken bones. The risk of physical trauma increases in an assisted vaginal delivery (forceps or vacuum extraction).

    Planned Cesarean Section Pros

    Planned cesarean sections (c-section) may be more convenient for women. Because the baby's delivery date is usually scheduled ahead of time, mom may have less stress and anxiety about labor.

    Women may feel more in control, because they know when their baby will be born and they can better plan for work leave, their baby's nursery, etc.

    You can avoid post term pregnancies with a planned c-section. Most c-sections are typically scheduled between 39 or 40 weeks of gestation.

    When compared to a vaginal delivery and an unplanned c-section, scheduled cesareans have a reduced risk of postpartum hemorrhage. Uterine atony (the uterus does not contract normally after the baby and placenta are delivered), which is the most common cause of postpartum hemorrhage, is minimized in a planned c-section.

    Compared to emergency c-sections, a planned cesarean has slightly lower risks of complications, including infection, accidental injury to abdominal organs, lacerations to the baby, and anesthesia-related problems.

    You are at lower risk of birth trauma that occurs in a vaginal birth, such as swelling or bruising.

    You may be at decreased risk for pelvic floor injury. Women with planned cesareans have fewer cases of urinary incontinence (inability to hold urine) in the weeks following birth. 

    Planned Cesarean Section Cons

    A c-section is a major abdominal surgery that comes with surgical risks and complications from anesthesia. Anesthesia side effects may include severe headache, nausea, and vomiting. Anesthesia may also affect the baby, causing him or her to be sluggish or inactive when born.

    Women with planned cesarean sections have longer hospital stays and a longer postpartum recovery period than women with vaginal deliveries.

    You are at an increased risk for serious health complications after a cesarean delivery. When compared to women with vaginal deliveries, women with planned cesarean deliveries are at a higher risk for:

    Heart attacks
    Wound hematoma - mass of clotted blood underneath the site of the c-section incision
    Puerperal endometritis infection - inflammation of the tissue lining your uterus that is caused by a bacteria infection
    Blood clots in the veins
    Hemorrhage (bleeding) that requires a hysterectomy (surgical removal of the uterus)
    Opening of the wound
    Numbness or pain in the area around the scar
    Postpartum infection

    In a planned cesarean delivery, you face possible pre-term delivery if your estimated due date was not correct.

    In a complicated c-section, you face a risk of the surgeon accidentally cutting your bowels or bladder.

    You lose more blood in a cesarean section than a vaginal delivery. Two to three percent of women who undergo c-sections require a blood transfusion. You lose approximately 1,000 mL (or 1 liter) of blood with a c-section.

    You may have decreased bowel function after a cesarean.

    Respiratory problems are more common in babies delivered via c-section. Problems include transient tachypnea of the neonate (TTN) and respiratory distress syndrome.

    If you plan on having a larger family, you may want to think twice about a planned cesarean section. After one or more c-sections, in future pregnancies, you are at increased risk for developing placenta previa (your placenta grows low in your uterus and covers either partially or fully the opening of the cervix) and placenta accreta (the placenta embeds itself too deeply into the wall of your uterus).

    Having a previous cesarean increases your risk of uterine rupture (a tear in the wall of uterus, which commonly occurs at the site of the c-section incision).

    Breastfeeding is more difficult after a cesarean delivery. Women are uncomfortable after surgery, and they do not have immediate contact with their baby.

    C-section babies are at higher risk for persistent pulmonary hypertension.

    An elective cesarean is more expensive than a vaginal birth. Not all insurance carriers cover planned c-sections.

    Oh yeah, one thing, I hate it when some people think there's a Right and Wrong choice. Like some people think all women should go through a Vaginal Birth because that will make her a better Mother as she has gone through the excruciating pain knows the real pain of child birth. Oh bullshit...some mothers who gave birth naturally still end up abandoning their child and all. The choice of your child birth does not determine what kind of mother you will be. Whatever method you opt for, you will
    Still go through a lot of pain. It's just which pain you'd rather go through. A pain which will only last a day or 2? Or a pain which will last a week or so. 

    I'm still really really scared of the day but well, this is something most women have to go through so yup, I CAN DO THIS!!! And I'm sure all the pain would be worth it once baby is in my arms. :)

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  • 05/30/14--19:00: OHSOFICKLE MID YEAR SALE



    DO DROP BY!!!

    Happening for 5 days!
    Date(s): 1/06 (Sunday), 5/06 (Thursday), 6/06 (Friday) , 7/06 (Saturday),  8/06 (Sunday) 2014

    Venue: 2A Hoot Kiam Road (Walk Up) Near Spize at River Valley Road...Shop house with a pet shop downstairs. Nearest Shopping Mall is Great World City

    Contact: 91120425 for more information!

    It's a 5 days Sale if we have sufficient stocks! There will be other bloggers clearing their items at the place too so if all the OSF Sale stuff are snapped up, you won't be making a wasted trip there as there are still other stuff to see. :)

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  • 06/02/14--01:00: Week #25
  • Are you bored of my Weekly Pregnancy Updates already??? I hope not because i have approx 15 more weeks to go! Hehe.

    Here is a picture of my Week 25 Baby Bump...

    It seems to have really grown quite a bit since last week! I can't seem to hide it as well as before...haha. And i am starting to buy XL clothes because the bottom part of my T-Shirts are getting tighter. I love wearing super loose clothes but everything which used to be super loose on me is damn tight now thanks to the growing belly and...MY HUMONGOUS BOOBS. I think it's DD size now leh?! HAHA. It's damn siao i just wear a sports bra everyday now. HAD TO BUY A SIZE L SPORTS BRA. 

    I have been applying Clarins Body Oil and Bio-Oil on my tummy everyday since Week 12 to prevent stretch marks on my tummy. I apply Bio-Oil in the morning and Clarins Oil at night. I don't know which is better so i'm using both as there are tons of good reviews for both products. 

    I REGRET NOT APPLYING ON MY BOOBS AND MY BUTT AND MY THIGHS THOUGH!!! I think if i were to lose weight next time, i'd have really ugly stretch marks on those areas cus i THINK i can see it forming already? Is that possible to see the stretch marks when my skin is stretched??? My boobs are ALWAYS damn itchy too. Could be the stretching. I'm going to start applying oil on my boobs, butt and thighs now....BETTER LATE THAN NEVER RIGHT?

    I started at 51kg (my usual is 48-50kg but then it was like Christmas period so i was on an eating spree during that period haha).

    Week 25
    Current Weight: 62kg
    Total Weight Gained: 11kg

    My mummy came over with a lot of persimmons for me!!! My all-time favorite fruit. Super heart pain because each one costs like $5-7's so expensive in Singapore! And i always eat like 2 every night after dinner...there goes $14 for supper. Haha.

    So fortunate to wake up in this beautiful room :)

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    Sharing the recipe for...


    Have the recipe below for the Baked Pasta because this is super easy to prepare. Oh and IT IS YUMMY! I don't always share recipes because i always try and test as i cook so i really don't know how much i'm adding in etc haha.

    Baked Pasta

    What you need:
    -Any kind of pasta (i used the elbows below but i personally prefer penne!)
    -Pasta Sauce (i'm using Prego Traditional)
    -Chopped Garlic
    -Minced Chicken/Pork/Beef
    -Mozarella Cheese
    -Chilli Flakes and Parmesan *optional

    Boil the Pasta till soft (approx 5min)
    Drain the water and leave it aside

    Cook the minced meat with garlic and oil
    Add the pasta sauce in till it boils
    Add the cooked pasta into the sauce and mix well

    In a metal tray, put all the cooked pasta and sauce in
    Cut the sausage and put it on top
    Cover the the top with mozzarella cheese

    Put it into the oven to bake till the cheese is all melted and slightly brown (approx 5 min)
    Keep checking to make sure it's not burnt!

    I also made...

    Creamy Mushroom Baked Rice

    What you need:
    -Campbell Canned Mushroom Soup
    -Frozen Corn (or frozen mixed veg)
    -Minced Chicken/Pork/Beef
    -Mozarella Cheese
    -Chilli Flakes and Parmesan *optional

    In a rice cooker, cook the rice
    Once the rice is cooked, add in butter (one tablespoon of butter), cut onions, corn and the minced meat. Mix it well in the rice cooker and let it cook inside.

    In a metal tray, put the cooked rice in
    Put a thick layer of canned mushroom soup mix on top (don't need to add water)
    Cut the sausage and put it on top
    Cover the the top with mozzarella cheese

    Put it into the oven to bake till the cheese is all melted and slightly brown (approx 5 min)
    Keep checking to make sure it's not burnt!


    Let me know if you liked it!

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  • 06/02/14--01:30: Single Parent in Singapore

  • I am already in Week 25, which means i am already almost 6 months pregnant. Time is really passing really quickly!

    A lot of people wonder how i'm really coping with this pregnancy, especially since i'm not married and all. Well honestly, at this point of time, i am pretty contented and lucky because i have all the help i need from my friends and family. Also, my boyfriend has been such a dear so far so i'm really thankful he is still by my side.

    However, if say, one day my boyfriend decides to leave me and not marry me...i do have to be prepared. After all, we are not legally married and hmm....yeah...:( Of course i do hope we will get married in time to come so i don't have to raise my baby boy all by myself but life is indeed full of surprises....full of ups and downs. I don't want to think of the worst but if anything f up does happen, at least i know who to turn to and what help i can get. It is good to be mentally prepared for the worst. If you are one of those strong women raising a child on your own, kudos to you too!

    Everyone wish to raise their child in a complete and happy family to give them the best but sometimes, not everything would go as planned. There are so many reasons why people end up being a Single Parent. It's not easy but it's life so it has to go on no matter what. With the help around Singapore, it will definitely help ease the worry!

    Change is part and parcel of life that can take place for anyone at any time. These experiences can come with much conflict, dilemma and pain, and parents and children can go through major changes in the way they live.

    Single parents may identify with these questions:

    I am a single parent. I need to know how to cope.
    When divorce or death of a spouse takes place, you and your children may experience a loss of identity, relationship and lifestyle. These losses may lead to mixed feelings; you would also have to make adjustments. Your children may not know how to express and cope with their feelings that come with the loss. Some may act out their feelings through improper behavior; some may choose to keep to themselves. How well you manage your loss plays a part in how your children handle their feelings and adjustments.
    This is also a good time to redefine the roles and expectations of each family member. You may want to prioritize your roles and duties, and draw realistic expectations of yourself and your children. Try to minimize changes and build stability in your family.
    You need to take good care of yourself too while taking care of your children. Take time out to do what you enjoy. Self-care will give you the confidence and strength to face the challenges as a single parent. Support from friends and family plays the most important role in providing pillars of strength.

    My husband left me a few months ago. People tell me that I should be strong for my kids. I miss him and cry all the time. How can I move on with my life?
    It is a difficult time of grieving for an important person in your life. Crying is a way of expressing grief and getting in touch with the feelings arising from the loss. When you allow yourself to grieve, you will gradually be able to accept the loss and move on with your life.
    Handling the emotional aspects of divorce or death alone may be overwhelming. You may want to join a support group to meet other single parents who are going through a similar situation.
    If you need someone to help you and your children get over your emotional difficulties, please seek a counsellor’s help.

    What financial help is there for families in need?
    For your family’s day-to-day needs, approach the Community Development Council (CDC) in your district. The CDC will assess your family’s needs and, if you qualify, will recommend a suitable assistance package. The CDC also has several schemes to help needy households pay their rent, utilities and service and conservancy charges. You can also approach your HDB Branch office, Town Council or SP Services Limited for advice on schemes or alternative payment plans.

    Other grassroots and voluntary welfare organisations also run free or subsidised services like tuition for disadvantaged families, while others may provide food, books and so on. Find out more from the Family Service Centre in your area, your local Resident Committee and Citizens’ Consultative Committee, and the self-help groups, that is, the Singapore Indian Development Association, Yayasan Mendaki, Chinese Development Assistance Council or Eurasian Association.

    For schooling expenses, approach your child’s educational institution.
    If you have a child who should be attending preschool, check with the childcare centre or kindergarten if it can help you to apply for help to pay the fees.

    If you have older children, in primary or secondary school or junior college, approach the school for help to pay for your children’s school fees, books and other schooling needs. The school may have some schemes to help needy students.

    Only women can get maintenance for themselves from their ex-husband but any party (whether man or woman) can get maintenance from their ex-spouse for their children.

    What if I cannot afford to buy a flat?
    Under the Public Rental Scheme, families including widowed or divorced persons who are at least 21 years old and with children under their legal custody, with a monthly household income of $1,500 and below can rent a one- or two-room HDB flat at subsidised rates. The scheme seeks to help families who cannot afford to own HDB flats.

    If you just went through a divorce or like me, you are pregnant but not married and have a million questions in your head you don't know who to ask, you may also find this guide useful. It covers topics from divorce, finding a place to live, looking for a job, making arrangements for your child and moving on.

    Remember, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. 
    When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

    Single parents take on added roles and responsibilities that are normally shared by two parents. This is a demanding and stressful task, but you are not alone.

    Many face challenges juggling both work and family single-handedly. The NTUC Women’s Development Secretariat (WDS), which represents women at workplace, are pushing an initiative for Flexible Work Arrangements (FWA). This would mean that a working mother can arrange with her employer to work 4 days a week from home, for example. Ms Cham Hui Fong, Assistant Secretary-General of National Trades Union Congress (NTUC), said about 15 to 20 per cent of unionised companies are now having flexi-work arrangements. In my opinion, this is only a small fraction of working mothers who are entitled to this arrangement, but it would make a world of difference for them. This could also be the very reason why the labour movement is pushing so hard for companies to implement flexi-work arrangement within their organizations as well. Ms Cham previously mentioned, “Our challenge is that we can’t legislate mindsets”, so it is important for supervisors and employees themselves who need to buy-in to FWA for it to become successful.

    At the end of the day, how acceptable are employers towards such arrangements in Singapore?

    While it is a real feat to bring up a family alone, I have seen many powerful women raise their children into wonderful human beings single-handedly! Many of them are so beautiful inside out. They are so appreciative of things around and so kind. I believe many Single Parents are #betterworker #betteremployer as they have a huge responsibility and won't want to let their kid(s) down. 

    Many are struggling to survive or are hoping to earn more for a better life so they are definitely much more hardworking. These days, no one would look down on Single Parents. Instead, they should look at them with respect because they are so much stronger and hardworking. 

    Not everyone can do what they do so big big applause to those powerful Single Parents out there!

    Here are some useful contacts for those who want to get some help...

    HELP Family Service Centre
    Block 570 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, #01-3317 Singapore 560570
    Tel: 6457 5188
    Fax: 6457 5343

    NTUC Women’s Development Secretariat (WDS)
    1 Marina Boulevard
    11-01 NTUC Centre
    Singapore 018989
    Tel: 6213 8270 or 6213 8591 (Back2Work Programme) 6213 8384 (WeCare For U Project)

    As-Salaam PPIS Family Support Centre
    Block 322 Ubi Avenue 1, #01-591 Singapore 400322
    Tel: 6745 5862

    Community Rehabilitation And Support Service
    Block 267 Bukit Batok East Avenue 4, #01-206 Singapore 534194
    Tel: 6562 4881

    Chinese Development Assistance Council (CDAC)
    CDAC Building
    65 Tanjong Katong Road Singapore 436957 Hotline: 6843 5599 Website:

    CDAC@Bukit Panjang (Multi-Service Centre)
    Block 270 Bangkit Road, #01-22
    Singapore 670270
    Tel: 6465 4411
    Offers various programmes and services for students (Community Tuition and Student Services), seniors (Active Ageing) and jobseekers (job placement and skills training).

    Wicare Support Group
    9 Bishan Place
    Junction 8 Office Tower, #08-01 Singapore 579837
    Tel: 6354 2475
    Fax: 6354 1941

    Marine Parade Family Service Centre
    Block 53 Marine Terrace, #01-227 Singapore 440053
    Tel: 6445 0100
    Fax: 6446 0100

    National Council of Social Services (NCSS)

    Ulu Pandan Community Building 170 Ghim Moh Road #01-02 

    Singapore 279621
    Tel: 6210 2500

    Singapore Ministry of Social and Family Development

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  • 06/05/14--02:43: Anticlockwise

  • Grey Cardigan from

    Remember to check out their new launch tonight at 8PM!


    Backorders have also been opened for these following items!
    All backorders will be arriving in less than a week, so reserve your slots soon!

    Anticlockwise is looking for two girls for a SIX MONTHS APPAREL SPONSORSHIP!
    Email them at to apply!

    (Valid from 5th June – 12th June 2014)

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  • 06/07/14--02:08: Hover Finger
  • There's a huge problem with me - I am a victim of the Hover Finger disorder.

    Every time I shop online, especially on websites I have never shopped on before, all I do is add items into the cart....



    I just can't seem to get my finger to click on the CHECK OUT button.

    No wait, actually, I do click the Check Out button but when it comes to inputting my credit card details and clicking on the final "PAY NOW" button… my finger just CANNOT seem to do it. My finger and the "PAY NOW" button are like two repelling magnets.





    I am a person who only shops at websites my friends shop at. I only feel completely safe when I see them press the CHECK OUT button in front of my very eyes. Most of the time, I chance upon websites that I'm totally unfamiliar with selling a whole lot of products at very cheap prices. It definitely makes me happy finding cheap deals online and i do see myself spending hours adding items to cart. I love shopping online because there is no need for me to leave the house and i get everything SO MUCH CHEAPER when compared to getting it from a retail store at a nearby mall. Most of the best deals are found online.

    I always encounter situations where I could've gotten an item at a fraction of the original price if only I had clicked on the CHECK OUT button and paid! I could've probably saved THOUSANDS of dollars shopping online instead out buying from retail stores. Thousands leh... could've bought a new Chanel with that. Lol.

    Have you experienced all of the above too?


    Hover Finger can strike ANYONE.

    Come and share your thoughts and experiences with me! If I find anything interesting related to the Hover Finger disorder, I will definitely share them as well!

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  • 06/08/14--20:00: Carrislabelle

  • Carrislabelle is a young, cheerful and sophisticated brand that caters to young ladies and adults. The idea of the brand Carrislabelle came from it's owner named "Carris" and a French word La Belle, which means "beautiful or lovely woman" in English. Every woman deserves clothing that best represent their style, and we hope you will find yours in Carrislabelle.

    Wearing the Aurelia Necklace from
    Shop here:

    Carrislabelle also offers affordable and pretty statement necklaces that starts from only $14.00. (No more burning of pockets just to get your hands on these pretty pieces!)


    Sign up for mailing list here to receive the latest updates and exclusive promotions just for mailing listees.

    Besides that, my readers get exclusive discounts!
    Enter "TAMMY5" during checkout to get 5% off your cart

    Like the NEW Facebook Page at
    Follow us at NEW Instagram Address
    Shop at NEW website

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  • 06/10/14--00:49: Relish
  • Been awhile since I blogged about a restaurant because I haven't really been exploring. Sorry! Pregnant me is always too lazy nowadays.

    Was craving for a good burger and I usually go to Omakase Burger for my burger fix but this week I decided to try somewhere different. Somewhere preferably near my new place.

    Did some research and found Relish located at Serangoon Gardens! Super awesome because my new place is soooo near gardens :)

    We went on a weekday at 12pm and there was hardly anyone there. Which was awesome because our food was served pretty fast.

    For appetizer we ordered spam fries which was good! The lime mayo was pretty good.

    The boyf ordered the Mushroom & Cheese Beef Burger and I had the Bacon & Cheese Beef Burger. Portion was perfect for 1. Maybe a lil bit too much fries but I'm sure if I didn't order the spam fries it'll be just nice for one. 

    Price was around $20/person. 

    Totally worth it! Wonder if they combined the word Really Delish to get their name, Relish! Ha.

    I can't wait to try the Char Siew Burger and Blue Cheese Burger the next time I'm there! Heard great stuff about it.

    RELISH is located at...

    Address: #02-07/09, myVillage at Serangoon Garden, 1 Maju Avenue 
    Phone: 66343422 

    Address: #02-01, Cluny Court, 501 Bukit Timah Road 
    Phone: 67631547

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  • 06/11/14--19:59: Paktor

  • Had a good laugh watching the latest NOC video "Mr Wong's Hokkien Word of the Day – Paktor". I don't know why but every time I watch a video with people speaking in Hokkien i just find it funny cos all the words are so interesting and well, clearly I don't speak Hokkien at all that's why. Haha.

    If you did not know the meaning of "Paktor", I hope Mr Wong taught you guys well after watching it. In any case, Paktor means Dating!

    Mr. Wong ended the video with this app called “Paktor”, so I downloaded the app to try it for myself as it looked pretty interesting.

    It is the solution to all those single people out there who are ready to mingle!!!

    I was quite shocked to know that anonymity is the key feature of this app! While you swipe through the list of people located near you, you remain unknown...Until you meet someone who feels the same about you – then you can start a conversation with them! So if you like him and he likes you too, a chat opens!

    How to use Paktor?

    It is really simple and fun to use!

    Simply Swipe Left if you don't fancy the person

    Swipe Right if you do like the person.

    When a mutual like is made, the person would then receive a notification and he/she can either choose to continue the conversation by replying you or ignoring you. Nobody would know if you got disliked so there isn’t a need to feel embarrassed! Yay for shy people! ;)

    Oh and if you don't want anyone of your friends to know that you are on Paktor, even though I honestly think there's nothing wrong, you can go to Settings to hide your profile from your Facebook friends on Paktor! Pretty cool huh? You can even choose the age group you want to see, and even people from other countries that Paktor is in. 

    How amazing is that?!

    Make sure you choose the best picture of yourself for your Profile! If you don't have any, spend some time to take some nice pictures! It'll be worth it!

    There are a lot of people on Paktor so you can see all kinds of people. The Skinny, The Buff, The Fair, The Tanned, The Geek...and most of them look pretty decent in fact! You can always chat with them to see what kind of person they are before going on a date. Plus, it kills time when you are free and bored. Who knows...the next person you chat with on Paktor might turn out to be your future Husband! ;) Hey, it has happened before!!!

    I hope you find a date if you are looking on Paktor!:)

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  • 06/12/14--10:41: Week #26 + Sassy Lashes

  • Baby Bump at Week 26
    I didn't know my bump grew so much bigger in just a week! Amazing?!?!

    This has been my breakfast for 4 day straight! Can't believe I make the effort to go buy it from Mr Bean every morning! The soya pudding is like Lao Ban's Tau Huey :)

    The work of my trusty air fryer. Everyone should own it!!! It's just SO EASY to use. Perfect for lazy ppl. And the best thing...NO NEED TO PUT OIL so it's "healthier". Ok la frozen food ain't healthy to start with but cooking it using an air fryer is still much healthier than deep frying it. Oh and if you are wondering how it tastes? It is almost as crispy and tasty as deep frying it. I can't live without an air fryer!! Using the Panasonic Air Fryer I think it's $300-$400 from Harvey Norman/Best Denki?

    My super yummy onion sausage omelette!!! I've been pretty weird lately. All I wanna do is cook for people! It's like my fav past time now. I love it when I see all the food get wiped out and everyone's satisfied after a good meal face! :) I might start trying out baking soon!!! Anyone wants to share the perfect recipe for sticky chewy chocolate brownies??? It's my FAVOURITE!!!

    Week 26
    Current Weight: 63kg
    Total Weight Gained: 12kg
    My weight gain is out of control leh! Was following a fellow blogger's pregnancy journey and she's about to pop and only gained 7kg. Almost double her weight gain already and still 10 weeks away.

     A lot of people told me how much weight i should gain but no one told me how easy it is to gain weight during pregnancy! At the beginning of my pregnancy, i thought i could be one of those who would gain 10kg however, looks like the numbers will be doubled haha. Everyone's pregnancy is different! Some gain it slowly and well others....not so. For me, gaining weight was sooo easy, fast and totally effortless. I hate it when people comment about how fat i am now...some people think it's ok but it is hurtful! I do think it's kinda insensitive to give someone "that look" when she tells you her current weight gain. Makes me feel like i'm damn disgusting for gaining that much weight. But it's not like i don't want to lose any of it right now....I can't! I do exercise and have cut down on nonsense (ok i still have processed food etc but most days i eat as clean as possible) but the weight just won't stop going up. People need to learn to be more understanding. Just because i had a good body before pregnancy doesn't mean my body would stay the same during pregnancy. Some people store more fats than others. Some people don't lose their appetite and lose weight before gaining weight during pregnancy (some can lose 8kg during their 1st trimester and slowly gain it back in the 2nd and 3rd due to morning sickness).

    All I wanna do is stay home nowadays! Stay in my comfy marshmallow bed all day if I can. I feel so big already?? I just don't feel like moving around cus I feel so heavy. My back is starting to hurt already. It's only Week 26 and I already feel sooo big. Wonder how much bigger I'll be?! Kinda dreading it but I want baby boy to be fat and chubby!! I don't think I'll be as active as I was a few weeks back anymore. Not till the end of the pregnancy. I thought I could exercise more, like say 5 days a week but I doubt I can!!! I did so 3 days this week and oh boy i really had to draaaaaag my lazy ass out to the gym/pool. I walk much slower now too. I get tired SO easily. It's only gonna get worse right? :(

    Recently got eyelash extensions done...AT HOME!!!

    Now i can look chio 24/7!

    The only reason why i stopped doing lash extensions is because i don't really like traveling to the place to get it done. However, recently i was contacted by Yuki - Sassy Lashes who does house visits to help you do your lashes! Of course, the house visits will cost more because you do have to pay for her traveling costs (depending on where you live) but OMG, it is SO awesome to get to lie in your own bed while someone prettifiy you. Plus Yuki is truly an Eyelash Expert and is very dedicated to her job! It's always nice to meet people who love what they are doing because when they love what they're doing, they do a really good job.

    I am super pleased with what Yuki did for me, it's like i've never had eyelash extensions this pretty before! I won't say her prices are exactly cheap, however quality of her lashes and work is definitely better than most places out there! Actually, THE BEST i've had done so far and i've tried a lot of different places! The lashes are so soft and comfortable too. I didn't want a too natural look so i got Yuki to do it a lil bit thicker than usual, WHICH IS FANTASTIC. Am not a fan of the "barely there" lash extension look, i do like it a lil bit more dramatic...but not too much, still good for day time. This set is perfect for me! In the pictures below, you can actually tell how fine and pretty the lashes Yuki used are! Doesn't feel uncomfortable and pokey.


    Here's my lashes by Yuki - Sassy Lashes...


    Top Lashes
    80 lashes and below (40 x 2) $68
    100 lashes (50 x 2) $78
    120 lashes and above $88
    In-fill (Repair up to 40 lashes) $48
    Colour Lashes
    $2 per colour lashes

    Bottom Lashes
    Bottom lashes extensions 10 lashes-$20/20 lashes-$30/30 lashes- $40

    Removal of lashes (done by sassylashes) $15
    Lashes done by Other Salons $20

    Deposit $20 is required to secure your appointment.

    Strictly Cash Payment Only.


    Japan Eyelash Extensions (Top and Bottom Lashes)
    Make Up
    Hair styling
    Eyebrow trimming

    PS: All services by appointment only.



    Shop: Singapore Shopping Center #03-23 (Dohby gaut *Beside Parkmall- Near Fish n Co.)
    Home-based: Buangkok Cresent
    House-visit (Services at client's place.Top up additional $20-$50 for transportation)


    Name: Yuki
    Contact: +65 8364 2423

    Instagram: mysassylashes
    Facebook Page:



    Thickness: 0.12mm, 0.15mm or 0.20mm are available.

    Curl: J-Curl, C-Curl, D-Curl.

    All Products from Japan. Techniques from Japan. Lashes of Premiun Quality. Glue is painless, non-irritation (good for sensitive skin users too!)


    Readers from OSF can enjoy $8 off (excluding promotion prices) for their eyelashes extensions services *$68~$88*on their first visit. Just have to quote "tammy/OSF" :)

    For appointments,
    Contact: +65 8364 2423

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  • 06/12/14--19:27: CureHoverFinger

  • Does anyone remember my post ( about #HoverFinger?

    Have you taken the #Hoverfinger quiz yet?

    Here is the Outbreak Map, #HoverFinger is happening ALL OVER THE WORLD!

    In case you’ve never heard of Hover Finger before - it’s that moment of hesitation right before completing an online transaction. Think about all the great deals you have missed out online thanks to #HoverFinger!

    Here's help for people to overcome their fears and be cured of Hover Finger. We want you all to Pay With Confidence.


    The simplest and surest way to cure Hover Finger is to use Visa. That’s because you don’t have to worry or hesitate when you shop online with Visa. When you pay with Visa you are protected everywhere – so you can pay with confidence.

    Visa’s global, secure network (VisaNet), employs multiple layers of security to protect our personal details and prevent fraud. So there isn’t a need to worry when making online payments!

    When the bank has issued your Visa card, remember to sign up for Verified by Visa! Doing so will prevent fraudulent transactions and give you true peace of mind while online shopping. When you shop at participating online stores, you will be required to key in a Verified by Visa password which authenticates your purchase.


    Behind every credit card, there is a 3-digit security code aka the Card Verification Value 2 (CVV2). When you make online purchases, this CVV2 is need to process online payments. Yet another way Visa protects us from online fraud!

    Ever been stuck in a situation where you received damaged or defective goods from an online store? I sure have! Whenever this happens to me, I will always try to contact the person who sold the goods to me. But what if the owner doesn’t try to resolve my issue???? With Visa, if we are ever stuck in such a situation, we can dispute the transaction by simply contacting the bank which issued our card!


    Thanks to Visa, I am CURED from #HoverFinger! I can now purchase all the items I want online without having to worry if the store is “legit” or “safe”. When I pay with Visa, I know I’m protected no matter what! Goodbye to hesitating before making transactions on unfamiliar websites! Now I won’t ever miss a good deal online!

    For more information, visit

    I am a Visa #hoverfinger #protectedeverywhere influencer.

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  • 06/14/14--18:48: New In
    Dates: 13-15 June and 19-22 June (Thur-Sunday, do take note!!)

    Venue: 2A Hoot Kiam Road (Walk Up) Near Spize at River Valley Road. Nearest Shopping Mall is Great World City

    Contact: 91120425 for more information!


    New collection on at 5pm (15 June).

    POSB SAVINGS 105158831

    Because we know it's troublesome to re-add us as payee...
    here's a $2 discount code you can use when you pay via I-Banking :)

    p.s please take note that we will only process orders with this discount code if you check out with i-banking and not Paypal!

    We are so in love with our new OSF Face, Eunice Annabel! She is soooo beautiful and is such an awesome model to work with. :)

    The Ohsofickle Cape Blazers, Flare Long Pants and Flare Bottom Dresses in this collection are sooooo fab! They are not to be missed. :)

    Happy Shopping!

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  • 06/16/14--19:00: 10 Don'ts: First Date

  • Sometimes, when we see a friend who is single for a pretty long time, we'd go "Why still no boyfriend?" and the standard answer? "Nobody wants me lah!".

    Well, that is because a lot of Single men/women out there are shy and do not know how to make new friends. I know how much courage it takes for someone to walk up to someone to talk to them. Rejection aint a wonderful thing. Also, there's another group of people, people who hold 9am-5pm jobs. Especially if you are a guy and the industry you are in lacks of girls. Because they are hardly around girls, they don't know how to approach girls when they are out. Plus, most of them don't go out after working hours so they can go years without making new friends.

    But when one day, you finally find the solution to meeting strangers and getting the chance to go out with them...HOW WILL YOU FAIR?

    Below this post, i have shared the solution for shy singles ready to mingle! So in this post are 10 THINGS YOU SHOULD NOT DO ON A FIRST DATE.

    Try to be 5 min earlier than the time agreed if possible. Some people think girls are allowed to be late but guys aren't allowed to. Who teach you one? Don't go 10 min beyond the agreed meeting timing because no one likes waiting. Guys say they don't mind waiting for girls to get ready but do you really think they enjoy waiting?? Nobody does - they'd rather not! It is important to start the it off in the right mood.

    Sometimes we go on dates when we're still heart broken and mending a broken heart but this is one thing we should not do or we will never be over the ex. If you honestly wish to get over your ex, then DO NOT TALK ABOUT HIM/HER. You should be more interested in knowing more about your new date than your ex. Instead of missing the one who got away, try focus on what you have at the moment. Do not say things like "My ex and I... used to come here all the time"...what do you expect your date to say???

    And i do not mean you should under dress too. Wear something simple and appropriate. Look presentable, neat but not too over the top. Doing "too much" can make you look intimidating or makes you looking like you're "trying too hard to impress". Try to look as effortless as you can (but how long it really took you to clean up that well...only you know!). This reminds me of the times i really regret putting too much make up when i'm out with a guy i like. I'd try a new way of drawing my eye liner hoping it'll make me look prettier. I wished i didn't slap so much make up and tried so hard to make myself look perfect because i always end up looking like a big mess when i try too hard. However when i go simple and go for the "barely there" make up, i get more compliments. It's like a reverse effect.

    This is a very important tip for the boys. Most of the time, you'll hear "Don't know? Up to you?" when you ask the question so DON'T EVEN BOTHER ASKING. Girls like guys who put in effort in planning and girls love surprises! When you put in effort in planning a nice date full of surprises for her, it becomes a date she'll not forget. You want to make an impact and be different from the rest. Remember to always come up with Plan B in case Plan A fails!

    Yeah, you know girls like cool guys. What most girls want are guys who look bad but are in actual fact softies by heart! So smile more!! Smiling may help her feel more comfortable and lifts the mood. Not too much though, or you'll look like a creep.

    This actually applies to both genders. I know many girls think that guys should be the one paying. So you think you deserved it?!?! If it's a first date, as a girl i usually offer to split the bill. Some guys accept it and some reject it. Either way, it is fine with me. Some guys dare not accept because they are afraid they'd look "cheap skate" but i have came across guys who accept it too because they are afraid of saying no to me? Haha. And they are in fact very generous guys after i know them better but just timid and didn't want me to feel offended by rejecting the money i placed in front of him. So yeah, do just let this one point be the "Deal Breaker". Like if he doesn't pay for your share, you think he ain't a gentleman because that's not always the case. If he offers to pay for the meal, that is great too. At least you offered to pay for your own share instead of sitting back and waiting for him to take his credit card out. I am sure that you will leave a good impression!

    We turn to our phones when we feel bored and awkward. During a first date, try to not touch it at all even if you feel bored and awkward because it puts your date in a difficult position and he/she would end up taking our his/her phone to use too. This might turn into something uncomfortable after awhile. Sometimes when we're out on a date and our bestie texts us things like "so how's everything going?!?!" we'd be so excited to reply and keep him/her in the loop. Well that can wait till when you get home!

    It's a first date, try to keep the mood happy and uppity all the way! Be graceful and patient about everything. Even the waiter who took a long time to take your order or the one who spilled water on your precious shirt. Or even your date who accidentally said something insulting. Take everything with a pinch of salt. TOLERATE SHIT HAPPENING AROUND.

    It is a get to know each other better session but remember to always end your sentence with "what about you?" after you have answered a question about yourself. Sometimes you might have a lot to say about a certain thing but always remember not to get too carried away. Make sure your date is listening and not drifting away by asking her questions! From her answer and tone, you can easily tell if she's interested in what you are saying. If it doesn't sound so good, change the topic.


    Do not walk too fast. If you want to lead the way, always remember to look back and back sure he/she is no more than an arm length away. I have encountered this before and i really HATE walking behind and worst, if he does not look back to check on me. Sometimes i feel like a dog following him around. :/ I know sometimes it isn't intentional but i really can't help but to feel that way. If you are a guy you are usually the one "leading the way" and walking faster so that means you have to open doors for her. Be it the door of the restaurant, or the car door. Shows that chivalry is not completely dead and you score brownie points.

    Now that i have shared some the things you shouldn't do so you can have a great date and some chance of progression! :)


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  • 06/17/14--10:17: Bugis Essensuals
  • Bugis Essensuals will be having a GSS Promo from now till 31st July

    - 15% off all hair services
    - 20% off on additional hair services
    - first 100 customers entitled to free membership cards
    Terms and Conditions may apply

    Membership Benefits:
    - Future visits: 15% off
    - Birthday month: 30% off
    - Hair products: 10% off
    - Member (15%) + New (15%) Bring a Friend

    Mention "tammy/ohsofickle" to enjoy the discounts!

    Contact: +65 63330039 

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  • 06/19/14--10:06: Week #27 (Stretch Marks)

  • Baby Bump at Week 27!
    Am i huge already or what?!
    Started doing some pre-natal yoga! There are a lot of videos on youtube! 

    Here are some i've done... 

    My butt looks like it got scratched like crazy by a vicious cat! The stretch marks on my butt is so bad. It looks purple. :( I've been applying a lot of Bio Oil on my butt and I'm praying it won't get any worser. Weirdly, still none on my belly. Hoping I won't get it since I apply Clarins Oil and Bio Oil on my belly so religiously.

    Being pregnant has been great so far but I really really miss dressing up :( I miss all the stuff I could wear pre-pregnancy! I miss wearing my heels. I miss taking OOTDs. It's another 3 months more till baby boy is out and Hopefully I drop the baby weight fast since I'm still young hehe

    Week 27
    Current Weight: 64kg
    Started At: 51kg
    Total Weight Gained: 13kg

    A few days ago I went for a 5km brisk walk and boy was it exhausting! I used to jog 10km to feel that exhausted! I always feel out of breath lately. Am forever yawning! 

    Despite how tired I am, I do have difficulty falling asleep nowadays. And when I finally fall asleep at night at say 3am, I always wake up at 9 in the morning? Maybe it's cus I can hear hiro running around the house cus he is super energetic in the morning or maybe i just can't sleep more than 6 hrs :/ and then right after having lunch at say 2pm, I NEED TO NAP. Without the nap I'll have headaches and all. 

    My whole body is aching :( I managed to find a great masseur who specializes in pre and post natal massage! She came over to give me a good full body massage and I had such a good sleep that night! However by the 2nd day my body ached again. 

    Received some stuff from 

    I was really really happy that they sent me so many items! I've done my research on all the different items to get and was super happy when sent it to me without me having to ask for it?! Am a lucky mummy! :) Plus, all the items are really one of the best in the market! :) 

    It's kinda tough for mummy-to-be to go out to shop for baby items as a lot of items are pretty bulky...and walking around looking for stuff can be exhausting! Shopping online is SO EASY and convenient. Just add all the items in your cart and have it delivered to you in a few days! Most of the items you can find on are very highly raved about products.

    The most compact stroller EVER! Age 0 years old till my baby is - 15kg!

    Mummies who have used this swear it's the BEST breast pump ever! It's an electric breast pump which is super efficient and easy to use.

    To make it more comfortable when breast feeding my baby. 

    Honestly, when i saw the picture of this product, i wasn't very impressed. However, when i received it i realized what an awesome product this is!!! It's 3-in-1! You can change it from a stationary cot, to a rocker, and to wheels?! So i can wheel this all over the house! I can easily move it to the living room, to my room and back to my baby's room.

    (click on item names to link to the product on their webstore)

    Can't wait to use the items!!!

    Excited to go for my Week 28 scan next week! :) I love seeing the ultrasound scan pic of my baby. 

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  • 06/19/14--10:06: BlogShopping

  • Visit BlogShopping pop up store at TheStarVista this opening weekend for awesome opening deals! 

    Featuring 28 of your favourite webstores, you would be spoilt for choice !

    Members get 20% off your purchase, non-members get a 10% discount. You also stand a chance to BUY ONE GET ONE FREE, simply be being the 28th daily shopper! One winner per day, EVERY SINGLE DAY! See you lovelies at #01-28 at The Star Vista !

    Far East Plaza #01-33/34
    Jem #04-07
    Bugis Junction #03-12A
    The Star Vista #01-28
    Plaza Singapura #B1-28/29

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